WI Sheriff Signs Tea Party Leader Up For Gay Websites, Obamacare

Monday, July 28th, 2014 by Andrew Marcus


A Wisconsin Sheriff has been placed on leave for ‘stealing the identity’ of a local Tea Party leader and signing him up for gay websites, Obamacare, and other porn sites. From Illinois Review:

A feud between Campbell, Wisconsin, Police Chief Tim Kelemen and local Tea Party Leader Greg Luce started last fall, when Luce started organizing protests against Barack Obama on an interstate overpass.

Kelemen worked to persuade the city council to ban overpass signs. In response, Luce urged Tea Party and First Amendment supporters to deluge the chief’s phone and email with opposition.

Police Chief Kelemen then began signing up Luce on websites for federal health care, homosexual dating and pornography. Luce responded by filing a federal lawsuit, accusing the police chief of restricting his First Amendment right to free speech and stealing his identity.

The police chief told investigators he “didn’t think what he was doing was that big of a deal,” but Kelemen was put on paid leave.

Funny, nobody complained when anti-war protesters were exercising their free speech rights from overpasses when a Republican was in the White House.

wi police chief
Campbell, Wisconsin, Police Chief Tim Kelemen


FACE PLANT! Bong Dealing Candidate For Mayor Resists Arrest – Gets Tased On Camera

Monday, July 28th, 2014 by Andrew Marcus


Bong seller and candidate for mayor of Maui, Beau Hawkes, was tased in the middle of the street last week. The episode was captured on camera by a pedestrian.

Best line from the video:

Hawkes can be heard saying, “Come on cop. You can’t do this dude. You can’t do this.”

Um, yes he can, Dude. This all started earlier in the day when the officer pulled Hawkes over for talking on his cell phone while driving a car with no license, registration, plates or tags. Hawkes was quoted:

“I explained to the officer that I actually don’t need a license plate — that I’m a private individual here. … I also told him that I had a right to use my cell phone if I’d like.  That anti-cell phone law was enacted without the consent of we the people,” said Hawkes.

According to Hawkes, the officer asked him to turn off his vehicle, but Hawkes said he told the officer, “I’m late for a meeting. I have to go, at which point I drove off.”

Dude, you can’t just drive off when you’ve been pulled over, even in Maui.

From the NY Daily News:

The sun-bleached surfer makes bamboo water bongs for a living

Obviously his bongs work. With all of this publicity he should be able to sell a truck load.


Court Forces Government to Release Documents in Fannie/Freddie Suit

Monday, July 28th, 2014 by Carl Horowitz


The burden carried by the holders of stock in mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, each operating for nearly six years under federal conservatorship, just got lighter. On July 16, U.S. Court of Federal Claims Judge Margaret Sweeney, in a procedural ruling, held that shareholder-plaintiffs in Fairholme Funds Inc. et al. v. United States are entitled to know material facts that the government wants to keep secret. The shareholders are seeking compensation for foregone income resulting from the Treasury Department’s “sweep” rule of August 2012, which forced the companies to forward all dividends to the department in perpetuity. Government lawyers had filed a motion for a protective order on May 30 to inhibit discovery. The outcome of this case will have major implications for the future of property rights in this country.

National Legal and Policy Center has been following the situation at the Washington, D.C.-based Federal National Mortgage Association (“Fannie Mae”) and the McLean, Va.-based Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (“Freddie Mac”) following the federal takeover of the two publicly-traded companies in September 2008. The nation’s financial services industry at the time was in free fall. House prices were plummeting. Defaults and foreclosures were on the rise. And Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which now guarantee or hold a combined $5 trillion in U.S. residential mortgages – almost half of outstanding loan volume – had become dangerously undercapitalized. There was a real danger that the holders of their bonds, known as mortgage-backed securities, would not be repaid. An independent federal regulatory agency created by Congress that summer, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), used its authority several weeks later to seize the companies and place them under conservatorship. Conservatorship was intended as a temporary measure. The purpose was to keep Fannie and Freddie, as “Government-Sponsored Enterprises,” solvent, thus ensuring timely payments to bond investors. The arrangement was not permanent.

Over the next few years, the Treasury Department provided the companies with a combined $187.5 billion in loans. The money came out of government-held senior preferred stock representing 79.9 percent of shareholder equity. This bailout came attached with some heavy strings. Most significant was a requirement that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac had to forward 10 percent of their accrued dividends to the Treasury Department. As their share prices were depressed at the level of penny stocks, their earnings depended on dividends. But during 2011-12, the housing market, unexpectedly and for various reasons, made a comeback. The Treasury Department, seeing an opportunity to speed up debt collection, developed the “third” or “sweep” rule. Issued on August 7, 2012, it would supersede the 10 percent rule. It effectively barred shareholders from realizing any profits on current or future earnings. In the department’s own words, the sweep refers to “every dollar of profit that each firm earns going forward.” Investors were righteously angry. And given that hedge funds and other financial intermediaries held much of their stock, a spate of lawsuits seemed inevitable. Over the course of 2013, they materialized. One of the most publicized of these suits was filed by the New York-based equity fund, Fairholme Capital Management. The action sought to rescind the sweep amendment and to compensate shareholders. This case eventually incorporated similar ones.

On merit alone, Fairholme and co-plaintiffs have a very strong case, especially at this point in time. During Second Quarter 2014, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac already had sent more than $200 billion in profits to Treasury, a total that was set to rise to $213.1 billion by the quarter’s end - about $25 billion more than what the government had loaned them. To retain the rule would appear in direct contravention with the very purpose of the FHFA conservatorship. Forcibly diverting company profits to the government in perpetuity, argued the plaintiffs, was the antithesis of the intent of the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 (HERA), which authorized the conservatorship as a temporary measure. Indeed, this was little short of de facto nationalization. The Treasury Department has countered that the plaintiffs have failed to make a convincing case for a regulatory taking.

But there is a reason why the plaintiffs have had difficulties on this score: lack of access to information. The government over the years has kept secret its decisions regarding Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. And when details of that decision-making are made publicly available, they validate suspicions that the Treasury Department has never had any intention of abiding by the terms of the conservatorship. In late 2013, a New York hedge fund, Perry Capital, filed a separate suit to rescind the sweep rule. Unlike Fairholme, the plaintiffs in that case are not seeking financial compensation. Representing Perry Capital, the Washington law firm of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher somehow managed to acquire a Treasury Department internal memo, dated December 20, 2010 (see pdf), sent by Undersecretary Jeffrey Goldstein to Secretary Timothy Geithner. In discussing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the memo referred to “the administration’s commitment to ensure existing common equity holders will not have access to any positive earnings from the G.S.E.’s in the future.” In no way did the Treasury Department notify shareholders of this policy change. Had it done so, it is highly unlikely anyone would have continued to hold stock in these companies.


EPIC! Fearless Granny Confronts Radical Anti-Israel Protesters in Seattle (VIDEO)

Sunday, July 27th, 2014 by Jim Hoft

A small band of Israel supporters held a counter-protest at a pro-Palestine rally in Seattle this weekend.
The pro-Hamas crowd chanted,

“From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!”

Which is not so subtle threat of the genocide of Jews in Israel.
palestinian protester bird
A pro-Hamas protester flipped off the pro-Israel crowd and chanted, “F*ck you, Israel!”

This grandma showed no fear as she planted herself right in the militant looking, pro Hamas bunch.
Via Laughing at Liberals:


The Government is Now Coming For Your Bake Sale Brownies

Sunday, July 27th, 2014 by Kyle Olson

States are already standing up to the federal government after federal regulations kicked in which would affect bake sales in schools.

NationalJournal.com reports:

Barely a month after federal regulations for school cafeterias kicked in, states are already pushing back.

Specifically, they’re fighting nutrition standards that would considerably alter one of the most sacred rituals of the American public school system: bake sales.

Twelve states have established their own policies to circumvent regulations in the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 that apply to “competitive snacks,” or any foods and beverages sold to students on school grounds that are not part of the Agriculture Department’s school meal programs, according to the National Association of State Boards of Education. Competitive snacks appear in vending machines, school stores, and food and beverages, including items sold at bake sales.

Georgia is the latest state to announce an exemption to the federal regulations, which became effective July 1 for thousands of public schools across the country. Its rule would allow 30 food-related fundraising days per school year that wouldn’t meet the new healthy nutritional standards, which call for more healthy options and less junk food that could contribute to the nation’s child-obesity problem.

Read more here.


AW, NUTS! Meghan McCain turns down co-host position with The View

Sunday, July 27th, 2014 by Kyle Olson

meghan mccain

The View is struggling as it has lost a number of popular co-hosts in the recent year. Now their hope of bringing on Meghan McCain is also ruined.

Daily Mail reports:

The View chat show is in chaos after producers hopeful that conservative Meghan McCain might join the team turned down the offer.

The conservative pundit and daughter of Senator John McCain appeared as a guest co-host on The View earlier this month as part of a tryout to join the talk show.

After losing all their co-hosts except for Whoopi Goldberg, the show is in turmoil as they struggle to find suitable replacements…

McCain, 29, is currently a panelist on Pivot’s TakePart Live and had appeared on The View several times in the past few years, most recently as a guest co-host in 2013.

Read more here.




Leftie Kooks Protest SCOTUS at Western Conservative Conference (Video)

Sunday, July 27th, 2014 by Jim Hoft

Leftist kooks – pretending to be non-partisan – protested outside the Western Conservative Conference last weekend in Colorado.
kooks protest

They were upset that “conservative” Supreme Court justices had made rulings they disagreed with. The protesters also claimed the “conservative” justices were bought off by big corporations. And, so the left has started a campaign to banish the justices from the Supreme Court.

Progressives Today contributor Pat Kane was there to capture video:


PETA Makes a Deal for Detroit: Go Vegan and Get Your Water Bill Paid For a Month

Sunday, July 27th, 2014 by Kyle Olson


We are used to hear of PETA doing some crazy things, but bribing Detroit residents by offering to pay their water bill if they go vegan seems like it might top the list.

CBSDetroit reports:

The water shutoffs in Detroit have gained attention from around the country — including PETA. The organization is offering to pay one month’s water bill for 10 Detroit residents.

In return, those residents have to go vegan for a month.

The animal rights group PETA has joined the chorus of voices in protest of the shutoffs to Detroit residents behind in their water bills.

Lindsay Wright, with PETA, says that a member of the group has offered to pay one month’s water bill and provide a basket of healthy and cost-effective vegan food for 10 residents.

Read more here.


PETA To Pay Detroit’s Water Bills For A Cost…

Saturday, July 26th, 2014 by Pat Kane

peta protest
PETA Protest (MyUpperWest)

With jobs evaporating and city infrastructure crumbling, many Detroit residents are struggling to afford basic human necessities. It is estimated that over 10 million families in Detroit are struggling to pay for their water bills, and over 100,000 people behind on their bills have had their water cut off by the city.

In response to this crisis, an unlikely group has stepped up to help families in Detroit keep up with their bills. Animal rights group PETA has offered to pay the water bills for ten struggling families. The catch is that the families chosen must pledge to go vegan for a month, meaning that they can not eat anything made with animal products, including meat (obviously), cheese, milk, jello, and even most beers and wines.

According to the group’s website, a recent donation from an undisclosed member has given them the ability to pay for ten families’ water bills, and to provide them with a basket of “vegan foods and recipes.” The basket includes two week’s worth of vegan foods and snacks, including oatmeal, fresh fruit, and vegetables.

PETA claims that by doing this they are not only helping Detroit residents keep running water in their homes, but they are also helping to reduce their risk of “obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and strokes.”

While seemingly well intentioned, the group has come under heavy backlash by commentators on both sides of the aisle. Liberal publications such as Think Progress and Jezebel have criticized PETA’s promotion as “tone deaf” and “elitist,” arguing residents who can’t afford to pay their water bills aren’t likely to be able to afford posh vegan cuisine.

PETA officials claim that there is no system in place to monitor if the families chosen by the group actually stick to their pledged diet; they will be held only by the honor system.

Thankfully, other groups have stepped up to help struggling Detroit families without trying to push a political agenda in return. Turn on Detroit’s Water offers people a chance to donate directly to impoverished Detroit residents without any strings attached.

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