16 yr Trump supporter

In this EPIC DEBATE posted by Infowars contributor, Paul Joseph Watson, in Atlanta a 16-year-old black Trump supporter completely schooling a ‘Black Lives Matter’ supporting leftist who repeatedly claims that Donald Trump’s wife Melania is an illegal immigrant.

The clip shows a BLM supporter immediately confront the young black Trump supporter, claiming that Trump is “racist” and “he’s against you!”

“He wants to send you back to Africa, that’s what he said,” asserts the BLM supporter (Trump has never made any such comment).

The BLM agitator then calls the young man a “disgrace to America” before attacking his parents.

The BLM supporter gets schooled by a young girl when she points out that Trump has said he wants to deport illegal aliens, not all Mexicans.

He then claims that Trump’s wife is “not legal – she’s from Europe,” before the black Trump supporter points out, “She has a U.S. citizenship, just because she was born in another country does not mean she has illegal citizenship.”

YouTuber Red Pill Philosophy does an excellent break-down and commentary of the confrontation.

IMAGE SOURCE: YouTube Screen Grab

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  • Jim

    The left is known for not being too bright and they come complete with preconceived notions that are bizarre.

  • Hy Feiber

    That BLM guy’s a Dunce. How Boring to have his brain.

    • Amerikztan

      The sad thing is he doesn’t even realized he got owned! all that spit of his just wasted ! ( ;

      • Hy Feiber

        He’s too dumb to know he has no brains!

        • John Galt

          As much of that there is going on there should be a medical term for it!

          • Hy Feiber

            Terminal Tribalism?

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    That was a battle of wits and Mr. BLM was unarmed. What a moron. I imagine he is easily manipulated like all BLM, OWS idiots.

  • Drinky Crow

    There might be hope for this nation,yet.


    EPIC! What Amazes me is the Media, Obama, blacks, the White Liberals will have everyone believe the racism in this country is rampant and only coming from ‘white conservatives/republicans – however what we just witnessed via this video was full-blown racism and coming directly from the Liberals themselves….

    So, when Obama, his administration, blacks liberals and media spouts off about ‘Racism in America’ we know TRUTHFULLY where a Majority of it is coming from.— THEM —

    Liberals have been very successful at Projecting their own racist attitudes on i white conservatives and the republicans….

    • Amerikztan

      Trump/Quay 2016

  • Eric H

    Seems facts are an allergen to these liberals. Makes them break out in hysteria and emotional outbursts.

  • Amerikztan

    Big Quay fan now. He was on Hannity(radiio) with his Mom, and they were great. Quite a kid, man!

  • CruxAustralis

    That young man is just brilliant!! So articulate and what a sharp mind. He obviously did his research and made up his own mind. The world would be a much better place with people like him. Look at that group of young people, standing together, supporting each other and not falling into those politically correct traps that divide us instead of uniting us. Proud of a country with young people like them.

  • JoAnn

    I would like to meet this young man. He is awesome!

  • JunkYardDodge

    The girl has a young brain full of mush.

  • Sanityisrare

    This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the Democratic base….a very special kind of stupid.

  • darrell_b8

    B L M ….except in ‘ChIRAQ (Chicago)

    • Ursus_Indomitus

      CHICAGO is an old indian word for CORRUPTION.

  • Schmierr Nippel

    Messicans need go Messico!

  • Walknot

    That young man has been in other videos, he gets around and is improving his skills but truth is, he is arguing with the Brainwashed and they can not be reasoned with until they are deprogrammed. His efforts are exposing this though so I salute him and wish him a very happy, healthy, and successful life. I like the other kids around him who support him and look to him and the way he defends his position. These young kids are the future of the American Dream and should be nurtured and encouraged to speak to the virtues of the American Experiment.

  • Matelot1

    Sooo, the BLM gentleman thinks if you are born outside of US you are illegal?? Sigh.

  • Tali Whacker

    These are the people the media manipulate with passive headlines…. KKK leader supports Trump… Now all these Imbeciles think that makes Trump racist…. That is like saying because Charles Manson supports Trump, it makes him a murderer…. the I.Q of these ignorant minorities contribute to the @ss cancer of America, these are the idiots Democrats prey upon. Everything coming out of that fools mouth is based of media propaganda and he doesn’t even know the whole of it, he just thinks because he is black and he is gay he needs to be a part of something to protest……. we need a good old fashion nationwide cleansing of idiots… I believe every American should take an intelligence test at specific ages. based on failing scores, these individuals should sought out and erraticated.

  • Jessica

    These kids are so brave! Keep showing support for what you believe in. Any adult that would threaten you are just cowards and ignorant. These guys have renewed my faith in our youth!

    • Ursus_Indomitus

      Who’s afraid of a fat gay black moron?

  • Neil S. Morrall

    the young man refused to ‘black up’ and just hit him with the truth, which is that Trump is a unifier – as all highly-intelligent people are . . .as this kid is too . . .

  • vinagaroon

    One was a stupid niggar, the other was an intelligent Black Man

  • Ursus_Indomitus

    Foxtrot blm idiot. Barely smart enough to breathe. And that white bimbo? Unbelievable.
    OTOH, chanting is for morons.