Exclusive: Bernie Sanders Used Campaign Donations to Pay Family Members Over $150,000

Bernie Sanders constantly says that he wants big money out of politics, it’s one of the central pillars of his presidential campaign.

While it hasn’t been reported by any major media outlets during this election cycle, the fact is that Sanders has used campaign funds to enrich members of his family in the past.

This report appeared in the Vermont Guardian in 2005:

Nepotism crosses party lines

WASHINGTON —The news that House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-TX, paid his wife and daughter $473,801 as campaign staff members was just the beginning. At least 38 other members of Congress, including Vermont Rep. Bernie Sanders, have paid spouses, children, or other relatives out of campaign funds, or have hired companies in which a family member had a financial interest, according to news reports.

Since 2000, Sanders has used campaign donations to pay his wife and stepdaughter more than $150,000, according to records filed with the Federal Election Commission.

His wife Jane O’Meara Sanders received $91,020 for “consultation” and to negotiate the purchase of television and radio ads. Approximately $61,000 of that was “pass through” money used to pay for the ads, O’Meara Sanders told the Bennington Banner. She kept about $30,000 as pay for her services.

Her daughter Carina Driscoll, Sanders’ stepdaughter, earned $65,002 from the Sanders campaign between 2000 and 2004, records show.

A similar report appeared in the Times Argus of Vermont:

Sanders campaign paid family members

MONTPELIER — Rep. Bernard Sanders’ wife Jane was paid about $30,000 from 2002 to 2004 for work on his campaigns, while his stepdaughter Carina Driscoll got about $65,000 over a five-year period ending last year, a Sanders aide said Wednesday.

The issue resurfaced in 2006 and was covered by Roll Call:

GOP Hits Sanders on Wife’s Business

Sanders, who is seeking the Senate seat being vacated by Sen. Jim Jeffords (I-Vt.), is fighting back, saying that his likely Republican opponent, millionaire businessman Richard Tarrant, is lying.

The Tarrant campaign has resurrected news stories revealing that Sanders’ wife, Jane O’Meara Sanders — a former professional media buyer — was paid $30,000 for working on Sanders’ 2002 and 2004 House campaigns and his step-daughter, Carina Driscoll, had been paid about $65,000 over a five-year period.

What Sanders did is technically not illegal, but it’s astonishing that someone campaigning on the removal of big money in politics used campaign funds to pay large sums of money to members of his own family.

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  1. waitstill says

    these people who live in glass houses are running scared when they are forced to by out raged at this
    these people are desperate they have lost their minds over losing their power …..such scandle
    and they hypocrisy is astonishing these are the big money who have stolen our democracy because it is for sale ….they feethebern

    • WakeUp says

      1) This author doesn’t “own” another site.
      2) He’s not a “paid political operative”.
      3) *outraged, *scandal, *their hypocrisy *feelthe
      4) Who is “these people”?
      5) You’re being sold a bill of goods if you believe socialism is anything more than a ploy to steal people’s resources and diminish rights and shift control and assets to a few in control in govt.

  2. Valerie Wells says

    Please do the math, that means he paid his daughter around $5/hr to help with his campaign for 2 years, and he paid his wife $5/hr over a 5 year period. he pays his normal campaign people even more money! hillary clinton expects hers to work for free.

      • Valerie Wells says

        You do realize that they are being paid for their campaign work, just like all of his other campaigners? He is giving people a job, when other campaigners for example the ones on hillary’s staff, are expected to work for free! When we say we want money out of politics we are saying we want the big dollar corporations out of politics, the ones who influence what the person running for POTUS will do for them in favor for the money they gave them.

        • DMANDICINO says

          Hillary Clinton’s voting record is nearly identical to Sanders so obviously she isn’t paying off too well is she? Unless Bernie is bought as well. The myth of Hillary’s corporate servitude is starting to rival the myth of Obama’s birth and it’s just as ridiculous.

          • thenonsequitur says

            People keep throwing out that stat that “Clinton and Sanders voted the same 93% of the time” as if this is somehow an argument, as if the 7% difference can just be ignored. I mean, humans and chimpanzees share 95% of their DNA. Basically identical, right?

            Some of those votes where they disagreed are about the most important issues. Here are just a few examples:

            * Clinton voted for the Iraq War, Sanders voted against
            * Clinton voted for the big bank bailout in 2008, Sanders voted against
            * Sanders voted in favor of enhancing social security on every vote that came up for it, Clinton voted against it many times
            * Clinton voted for continued Guantanamo detention in 2007, Sanders voted against

            That’s just voting record, and just a small sampling of their disagreements — if you look beyond votes and take a look at the proposed policy differences and what they support or oppose, the divide between the two quickly becomes even starker.

        • DMANDICINO says

          Ah, understand the system but only when its working for Bernie. But because Hillary is smart and just as good or better than any male politician its a slam against her that she plays the game to win. People who don’t wind up back in Vermont blowing hot air…

          • ConflictTheory says

            Bernie is beating her in Iowa and NH. Keep using that sexism angle in your attempt to garner pity votes. See how far that gets ya. If she plays the game to win, she is a terrible player.

  3. Mike says

    Since 2000…His wife received just $30,000 for her services. Stepdaughter received $65,000 over a 5 year period. The rest was spent on advertising! Does $5-$10k per year sound like big money for a campaign staffer?

    • Sandite5 says

      Well what do you expect? These days it’s all about Ad Hominem when it comes to campaigning. “Let’s try to discredit and slander the candidate so that we don’t have to confront him on the points that he makes.”

        • IrishMutt says

          Uh, no, she deserves everything she’s getting, but this attack on Sanders is very lame. Overstating the $95K to $150K is dishonest, and “Aleister” should be taken to the editor’s woodshed.

          • backpackwayne says

            Yea when they do it to my guy it is wrong but it’s fine, but when they do it do it to anyone else it is justified. Too funny.

          • IrishMutt says

            Sorry to disappoint, but Sanders is not “my guy.” I just like accuracy and honesty; even when it comes to reporting on a guy, like Bernie, for whom I’d never vote.

          • JohannIvan says

            And Sander’s “corruption” amounts to 5k / year over 15 years for two family members.. hilarious.

          • IrishMutt says

            If only Bernie Sanders set the high water mark for political corruption. Were that the case I’d be a happier and freer man.

          • IrishMutt says

            Air ball! Couldn’t be bothered to read my comment from over two weeks ago, wherein I pointed out I could never vote for Sanders? It’s hidden way, way, down below; very hard to find; the second comment after yours here and directly before another of yours piously proclaiming yourself a decent person.

            FYI: what little remains in my tank of infatuation hormones is reserved for my six grandchildren. I don’t waste them on pols.

          • Mike Fague says

            “During the 11 years Hillary Clinton served as a U.S. senator and then secretary of state, she reported that her husband made $105 million for delivering more than 540 speeches, many for her husband. Bill Clinton’s fees rose over time. In 2012, her last year at the State Department, he earned more than $16.3 million for 72 speeches.” -Washington Post

          • patcee14 says

            Oh, she worked for him all right. She stood by her man when he lied to the American people and when he lied under oath and you can bet she knew he was lying. Their marriage has been for political expediency for years. I doubt they even sleep in the same house. Cut from the same cloth, they will do anything, make any deals and promises to win. It’s what they are, political animals. Ethics and convictions mean nothing to either of them.

          • R.a. Massey says

            There are a few articles about unusual campaign contributions negotiated by HiIIary. I doubt that they’re really anything dirty…like this story.

          • DMANDICINO says

            Oh, of course, she deserves to have vicious trolls smear her for 30 years until fools like you are brainwashed into believing the stuff. If he had a chance in hell and he actually won you would find out what the Karl Rove hate machine can do with stuff like this. Lucky for Bernie he won’t get to find out and since I’m a decent human being I won’t ever say he would deserve such hell. No’one deserves that.

          • IrishMutt says

            If a fool like me can immediately see right through “stuff like this” and call BS on it, then I’d say Turd Blossom’s hate machine (whatever that is) wouldn’t be able to do anything with it.

            I tell you what, since you know show much about Hillary, I’ll vote for her if you can convince me her cattle future trades were legitimate. Compared to her other “exploits”, that should be an easy one for you.

            If you’re guilty as Hell, you deserve such Hell.

        • JohannIvan says

          The difference is that the Clinton Clan has raked in over 100M in their foundation from Wall Street & Corporate interests. 5k a year to two family members doesn’t even begin to compare.

          • backpackwayne says

            The Clinton Foundation is a charity. Why do you not understand that? They do good things and save people thousands and thousand of lives. Why on god’s earth do you try to make that out as a bad thing.?

          • patcee14 says

            Are you really that naive? The Clintons have used their foundation for political and financial purposes that are more for themselves than any charitable gifts to others. No one seems to care that they accepted big money from foreign countries. Those countries would not be doing that for nothing – they expected favors in return. Some of those countries have horrible records on human rights, but they took the money anyway. Of course they returned it when it became public knowledge, knowing Hillary was going to run for president. If anyone else did this it would be a huge scandal, but because the Clintons call their money-making machine a charity her supporters glory in it.

          • DMANDICINO says

            I guess they didnt wait until they were 40 to get a job. They had dreams and goals and they set out to accomplish them. And please don’t try to play that Mitt Romney reversal because comparing people who grew up middle class and worked to succeed with a guy who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth isn’t going to work. So go play that in some hell pit of a trollfest echochamber. Bill Clinton was a poor kid with an abusive alcoholic father who worked hard and became President. Hillary Clinton is the grandaughter of miners and mill workers whose father was able to go to college and start a business. Its called the American dream and if you dont like that the President and the Secretary of state make money writing books and giving speeches then go bitch at George W. Bush who also had a silver spoon at birth.

      • Alan says

        Of course you completely missed the point.
        On one hand he promotes getting money out of politics, and on the other hand he and his family pockets campaign funds. HYPOCRITE MUCH?

        • patcee14 says

          Do you realize what a difference there is in these salaries for campaign work and the money in politics? Not the same category at all. Millions change hands daily for political favors. This is nothing but an underhanded attack on Bernie. When someone works for a campaign, they get paid. Period.

          • DMANDICINO says

            Of course if it was Hillary we’d be snickering behind our hands and making jokes about “sure, working for the campaign”. Funny how there are Clinton rules and rules for everyone else….

          • William Carr says

            Secretary Clinton is known for being constantly attacked by liars who have no evidence to back up their claims.

            That doesn’t mean a person is “corrupt”, it means their enemies are scared spitless of them.

          • Ghostdreams says

            Yeah.. ever notice how they’ll say “Clinton is known for ..” and we’re left wondering … exactly where is this stuff she is “known” for? I have actually gone and looked it up, the accusations of money corruption, etc …and what do I see? Nothing. People make an accusation and it’s looked into and she’s clean. Okay. So what we know is that people make accusations .. and they don’t pan out. So what? What I know for sure is Bernie’s pulled lots of stuff that if Hillary had done it, she’d be history because Bernie and his minions have a double standard as long as their arm. Yes, I am thinking of his support of Castro and the Sandinista’s because .. Castro was torturing gay people to death when Sander’s, ON CAMERA, bubbled praise for Castro and what he’s done for Cuba’s education system and MEDICAL system (Castro had gay people used as guinea pigs in his great “medical system”) …AND everyone knew what Castro was doing to LGBT people and dissidents when Sander’s was telling the public how great he was in 1985. SMH. If there were a video of Hillary saying the exact same things as Bernie, his supporters would try to crucify her with it. Doubt standard? How revolutionary is that? NOT! 🙁

          • McDinaldo says

            He was likely referring to their universal health care system when praising Castro, and it is unlikely he was referring to or even knew about human Guinea pigs etc. By corruption, Sanders supporters refer to her taking of millions of dollars in campaign donations in exchange for representing those donors in the Senate, and as president.

          • Ghostdreams says

            This is what I’m talking about. This is a gross misrepresentation of the facts. McDinaldo – the video of Bernie praising Castro (and I quote Bernie’s enthusiastic support) “giving them education and medical …He transformed Cuba!!”) was recorded in 1985 AND WE KNEW TEN YEARS EARLIER what was occurring in Cuba!

            As a matter of fact Jean Paul Sartre, the brilliant existentialist philosopher and author WHO, after WWII became an avowed SOCIALIST, went to Cuba in 1961 and immediately CONDEMNED CASTRO for the abuses and murders of of gay people! ALSO, Sartre made his comments at a time when “gay rights” wasn’t even a “concept” yet! Sartre said in the sixties what he witnessed when he went to Cuba in 61 and compared Castro’s regime to the Nazi’s and said, “In Cuba they don’t have Jews, instead they have homosexuals.” He was outraged by the situation he saw that existed there ..but you’re suggesting Bernie didn’t know about this issue in 1985?
            In 1980 the Muriel Boatlift crisis happened and 125,000 CUBAN REFUGEE’S HIT FLORIDA! ALL of them told horrific stories of their abuse for being gay, for belonging to a religious minority, for simply disagreeing with Castro…but you’re suggesting Bernie didn’t know about these issues in 1985??
            In 1984 A DOCUMENTARY WAS MADE: INAPPROPRIATE CONDUCT where dozens of interviews were done with Cuban refugee’s and ALL of them said the same thing – abuse, torture, rape, MURDER … endless crimes against innocent people yet you’re suggesting Bernie didn’t know about these horrific crimes against humanity in 1985?!
            Well…I think suggesting that Bernie Sander’s was unaware of these issues is ridiculous. I think he was aware of them but was thoughtless with his comments.

            I think he said some things without thinking them through very well and now those comments have come to haunt him ..
            It’s happened to all of us at one time or the other ..

            The two things that really bother me about this issue is that –
            1) ALL Bernie really NEED DO is apologize for his lack of foresight in making a thoughtless comment but NO! Instead he makes a load of bs excuses for why it was ok say what he did.
            2) Once again this nasty double standard that exists. Bernie has made mistakes and I can type out a pretty decent list of them ..however, who hasn’t made mistake? THE guy is 74 years old. It’s inevitable that he wouldn’t have stepped on someone’s toes during his life.

            I can accept that …
            So why is it that Bernie and his supporters hold Hillary to a higher standard?

            With her …she can NEVER make a mistake. It’s all some nasty conspiracy and she’s part of the evil doers of the rightwing only dressed up in leftie drag or something…
            WTH IS THAT ABOUT because it’s bogus and it’s hypocritical nonsense!

            Your candidate is beyond reproach (cough cough) …
            But Hillary is satan. This just gets so old and it’s absurd!

            When Bernie screws up by pushing to have Vermont’s nuclear waste dumped on a tiny Latino town (Sierra Blanca) .. it’s no biggie…a simple mistake (and he’s known for having no bedside manner so he stepped on everyone’s toes when he told them to bugger off).

            If so, why is it still happening and why is Bernie’s wife listed as a commissioner on the Texas low level radiation commission? She doesn’t have the qualifications for a job with nuclear waste and she’s in VERMONT, hello?

            BUT again.. who cares. It’s Bernie! His wife can do anything (he has repeatedly gotten her good jobs with the city/state/etc but if Bill Clinton speaks well for his wife during this election, she’s corrupt)..
            Hillary gave paid speeches so, unlike any of her peers who did the SAME THING (that includes Bernie btw) .. SHE needs to fess up and produce those speeches..


            One, the money she earned from those speeches went to charity 2) no one else has been asked to cough up their speech notes when running for public office..

            It’s a double standard and Bernie has made great use of it by never ONCE answering the charges regarding Sierra Blanca, Cuba, Sandinista backing, etc

            It’s just hypocritical nonsense and it’s not right.

            Just sayin..

          • HSans says

            Thank you for taking the time to write this litany of double standards towards Secr Clinton. I have noticed the white-male priviledge creap up on Sen Sanders during this campaign. He is very ambitious and so is Mrs Clinton. With her it is just not as seemly, it would seem.

          • Rose says

            Thank you for saying so many of the same things I have been questioning. How in the world if Hillary had done everything that they have accused her of, why has she never been found guilty of anything. She is a very strong woman to have had to endure these attacks for so many years and yet she holds her head up and moves forward.

          • lollardy says

            Being one of the most powerful women in the world with the most powerful husband in the world may have helped her along the way. She’s such a victim, it’s hard being corrupt as fuck, being behind so many wars and having a vagina all at the same time!

            Keep in mind that she and GWBush are not that far off in many respects. It isn’t feminism to vote based on gender identity. Actual feminism is about issues, not just identity politics. HRC’s policies will hurt many more women than Bernie’s, period, full stop.

          • Jose D says

            Fidel Castro has nothing on Henry Kissinger…

            but none of yall Hill bots wanna touch that subject.


          • Oligarchy_Is_$o_20th_Century says

            with you on that one, Jose. Kissinger, hrc’s mentor. Holy Sheit…

          • lollardy says


            “What Clinton did not mention was that her bond with Kissinger was personal as well as professional, as she and her husband have for years regularly spent their winter holidays with Kissinger and his wife, Nancy, at the beachfront villa of fashion designer Oscar de la Renta, who died in 2014, and his wife, Annette, in the Dominican Republic.”

            Care to lie some more ass hole?

          • cosmog says

            Damn Clinton FDTN paying you by the word. No way I would punish my brain with that idiocy. I will praise Castro for health care too. Michael Moore took twin tower workers to Cuba to get meds. 1300 here 39.00 there. Oddly enough these ppl had been forgotten. If it works who cares who is doing. WAIT. YOU CARE. SINCE IT’S NOT YOU NEEDING MEDS.

          • Alex Ocana says

            Your grasp of Latin American and Caribbean culture is non-existent. You should be ashamed of your post. The same homophobia was toxic all over Latin America even after the 80’s, and is still toxic in much of the Caribbean and Latin America, except the socialist countries. Cuba was in the forefront of LGBT rights in the 80’s. From Wikipedia (I am lazy tonight or I’d dig up some Castro speeches, which I understand) we find the following about Cuba at the time he made his comments on Cuba:

            “In 1981, the Ministry of Culture stated in a publication entitled “In Defence of Love” that homosexuality was a variant of human sexuality. The ministry argued that homophobic bigotry was an unacceptable attitude inherited by the revolution and that all sanctions against gays should be opposed.

            In 1986, the National Commission on Sex Education publicly opined that homosexuality was a sexual orientation and that homophobia should be countered by education.[21] Gay author Ian Lumsden has claimed that since 1986 there is “little evidence to support the contention that the persecution of homosexuals remains a matter of state policy”.

            In 1988, the government repealed the 1938 Public Ostentation Law and the police received orders not to harass LGBT people. In a 1988 interview with Galician television, Castro criticised the rigid attitudes that had prevailed towards homosexuality.

            Here check out Dominica where I am a resident. Its illegal with prison time and the actually arrest not only locals but tourists on their yachts.


            Or the close by to Cuba and culturally similar Dominican Republic to this very day.

            “The socially conservative mores of the Catholic Church and evangelical Protestant denominations hold significant sway in both public policy and prevailing attitudes surrounding LGBT rights. Recent reports suggest that signs of a visible, politically active LGBT community are often targets of a government crackdown, often with the support of religious leaders.

            In the summer of 2006, several gay clubs and bars in Santo Domingo were shut down as part of a program of police harassment.

            In 2012, members of the police department crashed the LGBT Pride Parade in Santo Domingo and arrested individuals at the parade on the ground that marchers were improperly using the Dominican Republic’s flag.”

          • Ghostdreams says

            Wrong era. You’re several years off the mark.
            It wasn’t until Cuba repealed the Public Ostentation Law in 1988 that anything improved for LGBT people.
            We got 125,000 refugee’s in 1980 and many of them were LGBT. They had been incarcerated and tortured. Tens of thousands of LGBT people were killed. There are books, films, documentaries out on this. Fidel CASTRO himself admitted he had persecuted gays for decades. He said, “It was a great injustice! A GREAT INJUSTICE!”
            This was all going on from the time he became dicatator to the repeal.
            Here’s a 1984 documentary and you can listen to the Cuban refugee’s yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcF5ubWiy5k
            Obviously, you didn’t read Reinaldo Arenas biography or see the biopic, “Before Night Falls.” I would suggest you do.
            PS My only point was that when Bernie made his comment in 1985 about how wonderful Cuba is, Castro most certainly WAS and HAD BEEN incarcerating and killing gay people for decades.

          • Alex Ocana says

            Sanders’ speech occurred in 1985.

            Castro was one of the first, if not the first, in Latin America and the Caribbean to denounce homophobia and change the laws.

            In 1986, the National Commission on Sex Education publicly opined that homosexuality was a sexual orientation and that homophobia should be countered by education.

            In 1988, the government repealed the 1938 Public Ostentation Law and the police received orders not to harass LGBT people. In a 1988 interview with Galician television, Castro criticised the rigid attitudes that had prevailed towards homosexuality.

            I defy you to find one pro-LGBT rights policy enacted, or one positive speech spoken by the Clinton’s before 1992.

            “In 1977, then-attorney general Bill Clinton endorsed modernization of the state’s homosexual and bestial anti-sodomy statute and as governor made no public comments calling for REPEAL of the law. Same goes for Hillary. When in 1991 courageous local Democratic politician Vic Snyder, who eventually served as a representative in Congress, attempted to erase the law from the books, neither Clinton offered him support.

            Newspaper accounts from 1991 [while the Clinton was still governor of Arkansas] offer details on how police entrapped men cruising for sex at highway rest stops and other locations, and after they were arrested and charged under the sodomy law, their names and home addresses were published for all to read.”

            A four-page policy assessment paper from the Arkansas Gay and Lesbian Task Force in February 1992 to the Human Rights Campaign about the state’s AIDS legislation and response to the epidemic offers said that in Arkansas, sodomy arrests and prosecutions continued with a complete lack of initiative from the Clintons. The task force noted that no state funds had been appropriated for AIDS: “Only federal money was spent here until 1991 to hire three HIV educators for community-based organizations for the entire state.”

            http://www.washingtonblade.com/2016/04/05/hillarys-arkansas-hiv-history-nancy-reagans-silence/ (AMERICA’S LEADING GAY NEWS SOURCE)

            So it seems like Castro was more than a decade ahead of the Clintons. Given the vicious homophobia in the Caribbean at the time and to the present day, I would say Castro in the 80’s was much better than either the US supported dictators or the Clintons.

            Hillary Clinton defended the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act whuich her nasty husband signed as law, and “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”.

          • Alex Ocana says

            In 1983, two years into Sanders’ run as mayor of Burlington, VT, local gay rights leaders planned the city’s first ever pride parade and called on the Board of Aldermen to designate June 25 Lesbian and Gay Pride Day. Sanders threw in his full support at the meeting, and the board voted 6 to 5 to pass the resolution.


            In 1985 (the same year then-president Reagan finally said the word ‘AIDS’ in public), he wrote:

            “It is my very strong view that a society which proclaims human freedom as its goal, as the United States does, must work unceasingly to end discrimination against all people. I am happy to say that this past year, in Burlington, we have made some important progress by adopting an ordinance which prohibits discrimination in housing. This law will give legal protection not only to welfare recipients, and families with children, the elderly and the handicapped — but to the gay community as well.”

            Sanders vote against the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996


          • lollardy says

            He didn’t make that comment you moron. Watch the video. All he said was that the US underestimated the animus his people would have for him in assuming there would be an immediate revolution. The reason? Healthcare and education were provided. End of story. Now shut up. God.

          • lollardy says

            Or the incredibly fascist policies of the Saudie elites donating to the Clinton foundation, to name another hypocrisy.

          • lollardy says

            On Cuba, if you stop typing for a minute and actually watch the video, you’ll see he was saying that ouster of their leadership was a bad idea. The point about healthcare and education was that people maybe didn’t hate their leader to the extent that was assumed by the CIA and administration at the time. This is a completely fabricated issue, shame on you for perpetuating it.

            And those weren’t paid speeches, she made a quarter million a pop or more on each. They were bribes and arguably a violation of campaign finance regulations because she had announced her candidacy in several public papers by the time she gave many of them. She’s corrupt, deal with it.

            I’m not even going to bother with the other stuff, it’s so patently absurd. Hillbot.

          • Steve Copeland says

            Bernie Sanders did not praise the totalitarian character thus crimes of the Castro regime – but was saying that in some areas such as health care – the Cuban people saw a significant, dramatic even advance in their lives – a human rights concern – yes alongside, in the face of the contradiction of human rights – in many horrible most major areas of human life, justice, dignity. Not denied by Bernie Sanders. ~ Don’t worry. But what he was saying is that while more than criticism, opposition to the Castro regime is imperative – that this kind of revolution stems from terrible grievances, injustices – & that some of what such a revolution brings about is in response to those injustices & that our society – democratic – rightly capitalist – but the excesses of capitalism – & to a significant degree capitalism in & of itself – involves some downsides that require what are essential democratic socialist or social(-economic-democratic correctives – in the form of legislation, programs – such as Social Security & – national health care. ~ Wnere the double-standard is big-time is rather in Secretary Clinton’s favor – in this current presidential clection – in the attitude of the Democratic party, in the mainstream media & from the financial & corporate powers-that-be – these latter two legitimately – for many or most of its constituents — all of which in the past & continuing in the present so tremendously effect if not downright/wrong(!) determine most of our citizens’ understanding —

          • Ghostdreams says

            Steve – Bernie himself has admitted he praised Castro .. His “defense” (if you can call it that) is that he didn’t like our foreign policy so that’s why he spoke up for the monster Fidel…

            It’s a ridiculous reply to the charge..
            The double standard I have seen, ongoing, in this election is from Bernie people. Bernie makes a horrid statement in 1985 praising Castro … Bernie pushes to have Vermont’s nuke waste dumped on a tiny town in Texas (Sierra Blanca) and when they send reps begging him to stop …he tells them, rudely, to bugger off … Bernie was a draft dodger (i served during the Vietnam war and Bernie is the very definition of a draft dodger – first he gets married.. then he jumps into school…then he pulls out a bogus conchi claim knowing full well he’s not a conchi BUT it will take up enough time for him to then be too old to be drafted) .. and TA DAAA.. he doesn’t get drafted even though HIS NUMBER topped the list. That’s a liar and a cheat in my book.

            The draft dodging issue alone is enough to thoroughly thrash Vietnam veterans and Vietnam era veterans… We saw too many of our fellows DIE while fools like Bernie refused to do their bit but NOW he wants to be commander in chief?

            Both he AND Donald Trump have some nerve … SMH.
            He is not held to account for the vast majority of his sins and trying to play it as if Bernie wasn’t saying what I HEARD HIM SAY – i.e. speaking in support of Castro – is disingenuous at best! Bernie did this a lot during the 60tys – 80tys … (speaking in support of bad leftist regimes) .. Trying to play it like it doesn’t matter isn’t helpful to your cause.


          • William Carr says

            “Bernie pushes to have Vermont’s nuke waste dumped on a tiny town in Texas (Sierra Blanca) and when they send reps begging him to stop …he tells them, rudely, to bugger off …”

            When you start off with a Hoax, you kind of destroy your entire argument.

            The “medical waste” from Vermont was hospital gloves, scrap metal, anything used in the Oncology Department that might have been exposed to radioactivity and couldn’t be disposed of normally.

            This wasn’t “Nuke Waste”.

            BTW, stuff like hospital gloves doesn’t retain radioactivity just because it’s been hit with x-rays.

            Bernie wasn’t a “draft dodger”, that’s a specific term despite your “opinion”.

            He wasn’t drafted in the first place.

            Bernie Sanders, along with a LOT of Americans, believed the Vietnam War was wrong, and a perversion of what America stands for.

            Bernie Sanders WAS ethically opposed to the Vietnam War, and filed as “Conscientious Objector”.

            Then he turned 26, and was too old for the Draft.

            You’ve been told a load of crap.

            “Bernie makes a horrid statement in 1985 praising Castro ”

            The “horrid statement” was that Castro built schools and educated even the poorest children; and in fact, Cuba’s largest export today is … trained Doctors.

          • Ghostdreams says

            I’m glad you’re happy to write off the execution of over 110,000 people by Castro and that “waste” was LOW LEVEL RADIOACTIVE WASTE … Bernie himself admits this so why you’re lying .. I don’t know.
            Bernie even got his wife a job at the Texas Low Level Radiation Commission to ensure Vermont could continue dump their nuke waste (and you seem to be saying there’s OTHER toxic waste too) on poor communities in Texas..
            Why is she even ON that board? She has no qualifications …
            Oh .. Right ..
            Vermont needs to rid themselves of their waste and Bernie’s wife is there in his stead to make sure the filth from wealthy white people gets dumped on impoverished minority towns ..
            You go ahead and lie about it .
            It’s pretty clear in the newspapers what he did and why …
            White Vermont is important and tiny Sierra Blanca (in 1998 Sierra Blanca was 70% Latino – median income under $8,000).
            AND how about Bernie lying about being a pacifist to get out of serving?
            That means another man went in his place … How unfortunate for the guy who had to take Bernie, the liars, place in Vietnam…

          • William Carr says

            “I’m glad you’re happy to write off the execution of over 110,000 people by Castro”

            In the first place, that’s a hysterical claim without evidence.

            The best estimate by professionals is far, far lower.

            “Most of the deaths he ordered were at the start of his rule, executions of Batista’s torturers and murderers. The trials were farcical, mostly bouts of rage from an angry public followed by quick deaths with no appeal. Most of the men, though, were guilty and would have been found guilty of murder had the trials been fair.”

            I’m not “writing off” anything. But the subject was Bernie Sanders talking about Castro building Schools and educating poor children.

            I guess you can’t think clearly enough to stay on subject.

            “and that “waste” was LOW LEVEL RADIOACTIVE WASTE ”

            Your ignorance is showing.

            “Low Level” Radioactive Waste isn’t spent fuel rods.

            It’s stuff used in Hospital Oncology Wards.

            Because it emits low levels of radioactivity, it should be buried.

            It’s entirely harmless when disposed of that way. There’s no “chemical radiation” so it can’t seep into groundwater.

            By the way, did you know that Granite is slightly radioactive?

          • Ghostdreams says

            BTW idiot … YOU wouldn’t live on top of the waste Bernie wanted dumped on Sierra Blanca! No one with any sense would.
            Furthermore .. the deaths in Cuba? Um… you’re an idiot again. They say it’s somewhere between 35,000 and 140,000 with most academics doing the studies arriving at 110,000…
            Besides.. even if it were ONE person ..
            WHY would anyone support a murderer?
            You think the rest of us can’t watch videos or something. I watched the whole 45 minute segment with Bernie blathering on about how wonderful the Sandinista’s were and how, “Castro transformed a nation!” (Bernie’s fanatic eyes shining bright as he puts on a huge smile) …
            OH PLEASE!
            I have the images from that video memorized in my head because I COULD NOT BELIEVE ANYONE would suggest these regimes to be anything but the horrors that they were.
            You just keep on lying away over there.. but the rest of us can see what he is.
            Bernie Sanders is an ENVIRONMENTAL RACIST (Sierra Blanca – 72% Latino’s living with the median income at $15000 – at the time Bernie pulled this crap the median was at $8000). That’s sick. THAT is TWISTED ..
            PLUS now his wife has a job with the Texas Low Level Radiation Commission.
            Right .. a white Vermonter deciding where the nuclear waste from her state should be dumped in TEXAS … Uh right.
            That’s as corrupt as it gets… having his WIFE “work” (LOL) so that Vermont can dump their crap on the poor ethnic communities in Texas.
            You go on mister “Rebel without clue” … You man is as dirty as LA sewer water.
            PS Ever notice that Vermont is the second whitest state in the nation? Well it is .. Ever notice that Texas has lots of poor people of color living there? Uh .. it does fool. White Bernie from Vermont is a corrupt, underhanded, far left fanatic. Bernie does this crap and pretends he cares about non-whites. It’s a bad joke.
            Do we remember how he voted on the bill that made it impossible to sue gun manufacturers? He voted FOR THE BILL… another issue where he ignored the pleas of minorities begging him NOT TO DO THIS. You back him? You’re as bad as he is.

          • William Carr says

            Ah. “They say”.

            It’s KNOWN that the butchers who were running Cuba before the revolution were tried and executed.

            As for any others, it’s hearsay and allegations.

            We just don’t know.

            Now, I don’t like Castro; I don’t support Castro; I look forward to the day he dies.

            But when Bernie Sanders was talking about Castro bringing Schools and Hospitals to Cuba, he was quite right; Castro DID transform Cuba from a disease-ridden cesspool of poverty into a relatively modern Nation with a good way of life for it’s people.

            “a white Vermonter deciding where the nuclear waste from her state should be dumped in TEXAS … Uh right.

            That’s as corrupt as it gets…”

            No. That’s called hiring a Waste Disposal Company to dispose of hospital waste.

            Your hatred blinds you. Good.

          • Ghostdreams says

            That is a blatant lie! LGBT were rounded up and put in concentration camps! Tens of thousands were tortured, raped and murdered. Fidel has admitted LGBT were abused and mistreated.
            This is what I’m talking about… this kind of blind fanaticism!
            First you tell an absolute LIE about what happened about Fidel persecuting LGBT people saying that “it’s hearsay” (bull manure).
            Then you try to whitewash it saying Bernie was only talking about education (bull manure).
            I watched the whole interview (45 minutes long) with Bernie and there’s no way around how enamored Bernie was with Fidel. There BernS is on camera expressing sheer JOY as he berates the critics of Fidel Castro “In 1961, [America] invaded Cuba, and everybody was totally convinced that Castro was the worst guy in the world, All the Cuban people were going to rise up in rebellion against Fidel Castro. They forgot that he educated their kids, gave their kids health care, totally transformed society!!”
            It’s a fact .. Fidel killed tens of thousands of people for being gay, belonging to minority religious groups or just for disagreeing with him but because Bernie stuck his foot in it and made stupid comments supporting Castro YOU’RE just going to back him up and do denial about the horrors of Fidel. smh
            Then again, Bernie has expressed similar joy and love for Sandinista’s and the USSR.
            Sanders was happy to support the Sandinista’s …despite their aversion to elections, brutal suppression of dissent, hideous mistreatment of indigenous Nicaraguans, and rejection of basic democratic norms. When Sanders was major of Burlington, Vermont he said many times that Managua’s Marxist-Leninist clique had much to teach Burlington: “Vermont could set an example to the rest of the nation similar to the type of example Nicaragua is setting for the rest of Latin America.” EVEN when people were “disappeared” Bernie had no problem with what was happening down there.
            I lived through this era .. I know what happened in Castro’s Cuba. I know what Bernie pulled when he lied to keep from serving. I know what it means to find out you’re living next to toxic waste and find out that some politician sold you and your whole community out so that their white suburb could get rid of their dirty energy waste issues. Psst .. it’s called “environmental racism for a reason and Bernie has a bad case of it.
            BUT you go ahead and make it up as you go …
            This is my biggest issue with Sanders…
            Anyone can screw up …but when the person won’t even admit that what they’ve done was wrong or they try to make excuses for bad decisions, there’s no going forward past that point.

          • Carl Wagner says

            She was an alternate and should be very proud of the work they do to keep civilians safe as stated in the very article you referenced it is low level radioactive items.

          • Everett Morris says

            That is simply not so. Show me a link stating that the waste was not nuclear.

          • William Carr says

            “The low-level nuclear waste would include “items such as scrap metal and worker’s gloves… as well as medical gloves used in radiation treatments at hospitals,” according to the Bangor Daily News. Clinton, then the First Lady, did not have a vote on the matter.”


            There are two types of “nuclear waste”.

            The REALLY bad stuff; fuel rods. And low-level stuff, like used in the Medical field.

          • Everett Morris says

            Here is a better link. Notice that the Texas Conservation Commission voted 3-0 against the bill and killed it because of excess radiation concerns. Sierra Blanca, TX is near a fault line .

            The fear was that the acquifer could have been contaminated.

            There is really no such thing as low level radiation sources when you are talking about continued exposure to nuclear radiation. In this case it could be internalized. Politifact did not do enough research on this one.


          • William Carr says

            Your ignorance is colossal.

            The radiation from hospital gloves and scrap metal is so low as to be almost undetectable.

            And no, water can’t be contaminated by nuclear radiation from such a tiny source.

            To contaminate water you need Fukashima meltdown levels of radiation.

            And then it doesn’t last that long.

            Say, did you hear about the small town that voted against a Solar Farm because some of the locals believed the Solar Panels would soak up all the sunlight needed for crops?

            Just saying, you can’t count on people to understand Science.

            Clearly you don’t.

          • Everett Morris says

            I have a doctorate in mathematics, you idiot! I think I understand science quite well. What are your qualifications?

            And I told you what the commission was thinking. And their opinion is backed by scientists that were involved with the situation. WE don’t have all the facts in this situation. They did.

            Maybe they were wrong. Maybe they weren’t. But they weren’t dealing with theory. They were dealing with people’s lives.

            Notice that Vermont did not want to bury the waste in their state which is not very populous and has plenty of room! That should tell one a lot.

            Instead Bernie and company decided to dump it on someone else. If it is hazardous enough for Bernie and Vermont to ship it away then it is hazardous enough for others to not want it either. Particularly on a fault line.

            And they don’t put them lead lined containers just on a lark.

            The most brilliant of scientists in the US don’t understand everything about nuclear science. We learn something new every day that changes minds!

            I would have told Bernie to stick it up his @$$! And then I would have demonstrated how it is done.

            It is not wise to say stupid things about other people on message boards. It is way too easy to find people. And there are many crazies out there on the internet.

            I should know. I spent thirty years as a consultant in intelligence to US Presidents and intelligence agencies. I have seen the craziest of the crazies!

            I will chalk it up to your immaturity!

          • William Carr says

            “Instead Bernie and company decided to dump it on someone else.”

            You mean they took bids from an Inter-State waste disposal company that was rated to handle mildly radioactive materials.

            What. A. Shock.

            “I have a doctorate in mathematics, you idiot! I think I understand science quite well. What are your qualifications?”

            A degree in Mechatronics, including having taken Physics and Chemistry.

            Understanding basic Science isn’t HARD.

            “The most brilliant of scientists in the US don’t understand everything about nuclear science. We learn something new every day that changes minds!”

            Okay, maybe it’s hard for YOU.

            Disposing of materials with mild radioactive exposure isn’t “rocket science”.

            The simplest technique is to mix the material with concrete and a buffer like Graphite, cast into blocks, and stack it in the desert.

            So, you have a Doctorate in Mathematics, you spent 30 years as a consultant to the US Intelligence Agencies, you think basic Physics is mysterious enough that burying medical waste in the desert could somehow be a terrible mistake… and you’re a Bernie Hater.

            Yeah, have you heard of this “thing” on the Internet where ignorant rubes lie about their educational qualifications as an “Appeal to Authority”, hoping that will trick people into believing them?

            Now you’ll scrabble for reasons the CIA would need someone with a Doctorate in Mathematics.

            But honestly, Dude, you don’t write well enough to have a Doctorate in Mathematics.

            They tend to be very staid and professional.

            And BTW… if you HAD ever worked for the Intelligence Community, you’d have just committed Treason by violating your Non Disclosure Agreement.

          • Riverjody says

            I’m curious why Vermont needed to ship the waste to Texas and Nevada if the radiation was such low level and inconsequential as medical gloves. I’m not trying to be an ass, I really am trying to understand.

          • john_willow says

            Right, buddy. Is that why Sanders said, “What sense is it to say that you have to keep the waste where it is now, even though that might be very environmentally damaging? That does not make any sense at all. No reputable scientist or
            environmentalist believes that the geology of Vermont or Maine would be a
            good place for this waste. In the humid climate of Vermont and Maine,
            it is more likely that groundwater will come in contact with that waste
            and carry off radioactive elements to the accessible environment.” Harmless waste, huh? Power plants produce liquid waste, not left-over gloves, dummy.

          • Ghostdreams says

            Thank you Runner. These people are acting like this is a minor issue. I promise you this – if it was THEIR neighborhood having this innocuous nuclear waste dump on them, they’d be having a fit (or loading up their household to move away).

          • Jose D says

            10% of the waste came from VT. 10% came from Maine. 80% came from Texas.
            They were going with the decision to make that container no matter what.

            BUILDING the compact gave them right to LIMIT the kind of waste. Not building the compact WOULD NOT

            Here is Sanders back then speaking on it.

            Bernie Sanders, I-VT 1st

            Mr. SANDERS. Mr. Chairman, I thank the gentleman for yielding me the time.

            Mr. Chairman, I rise in strong support of H.R. 629. Mr. Chairman, the Low-Level Radioactive Waste Policy Act and its 1985 amendments make commercial low-level radioactive waste disposal a State and not a Federal responsibility.

            As we have heard, all that Texas and Maine and Vermont are asking for today is to be treated as 9 other compacts were treated affecting 41 States. This is not new business. We have done it 9 times, 41 States, and Texas, Maine, and Vermont ask us to do it today.

            Mr. Chairman, let me touch for a moment upon the environmental aspects of this issue. Let me address it from the perspective of someone who is an opponent of nuclear power, who opposes the construction of power plants and, if he had his way, would shut down the existing nuclear power plants as quickly and as safely as we could.

            One of the reasons that many of us oppose nuclear power plants is that when this technology was developed, there was not a lot of thought given as to how we dispose of the nuclear waste. Neither the industry nor the Government, in my view, did the right thing by allowing the construction of the plants and not figuring out how we get rid of the waste.

            But the issue we are debating here today is not that issue. The reality, as others have already pointed out, is that the waste is here. We cannot wish it away. It exists in power plants in Maine and Vermont, it exists in hospitals, it is here.

            The gentleman from Texas [Mr. Reyes] a few moments ago said, `Who wants radioactive waste in their district?’ I guess he is right. But do Members know what, by going forward with the nuclear power industry, that is what we have. So the real environmental issue here is not to wish it away, but to make the judgment, the important environmental judgment, as to what is the safest way of disposing of the nuclear waste that has been created. That is the environmental challenge that we face.

            The strong environmental position should not be and cannot be to do nothing, and to put our heads in the sand and pretend that the problem does not exist. It would be nice if Texas had no low-level radioactive waste, or Vermont or Maine or any other State. That would be great. That is not the reality. The environmental challenge now is, given the reality that low-level radioactive waste exists, what is the safest way of disposing of that waste.

            Leaving the radioactive waste at the site where it was produced, despite the fact that that site may be extremely unsafe in terms of long-term isolation of the waste and was never intended to be a long-term depository of low-level waste, is horrendous environmental policy. What sense is it to say that you have to keep the waste where it is now, even though that might be very environmentally damaging? That does not make any sense at all.

            No reputable scientist or environmentalist believes that the geology of Vermont or Maine would be a good place for this waste. In the humid climate of Vermont and Maine, it is more likely that groundwater will come in contact with that waste and carry off radioactive elements to the accessible environment.

            There is widespread scientific evidence to suggest, on the other hand, that locations in Texas, some of which receive less than 12 inches of rainfall a year, a region where the groundwater table is more than 700 feet below the surface, is a far better location for this waste.

            This is not a political assertion, it is a geological and environmental reality. Furthermore, even if this compact is not approved, it is likely that Texas, which has a great deal of low-level radioactive waste, and we should make the point that 80 percent of the waste is coming from Texas, 10 percent from Vermont, 10 percent from Maine, the reality is that Texas will go forward with or without this compact in building a facility to dispose of their low-level radioactive waste.

            If they do not have the compact, which gives them the legal right to deny low-level radioactive waste from coming from anyplace else in the country, it seems to me they will be in worse environmental shape than they are right now. Right now, with the compact, they can deal with the constitutional issue of limiting the kinds of waste they get.

            From an environmental point of view, I urge strong support for this legislation.


          • Ghostdreams says

            YOU wouldn’t live on top it… AND THAT IS THE POINT! It most certainly IS toxic waste any way you slice is so don’t pretend otherwise. NO ONE wants to live on top or next to low level nuclear waste or any other kind of toxic waste! JEEZ! You guys are fools on this crap! BERNIE SOLD OUT and you can’t cope. BTW his wife is working for the Texas low level nuke commission.. Why would that be? A business woman from Vermont doing WHAT? In Texas? REALLY? Free and dirty money for the Sanders couple ..AGAIN.

          • William Carr says

            You have no comprehension of Science.

            There are two types of radioactivity.

            1) rays; and

            2) chemical radiation.

            Now, if you have an actual piece of plutonium, that thing will be radioactive and spitting neutrons for 20 million years before the rate drops by half.

            And then it will be another 20 million years for it to drop to 25%.

            Serious poison.

            But “rays”… from stray electrons, to protons, to x-rays, then gamma rays, and finally, fast Neutrons…

            They’re here, then gone. When they hit something, like a hospital glove, they do a tiny amount of damage.

            And the residual radiation, caused by that damage, is extremely tiny.

            But still, we bury it. Just for safety’s sake.

            The scrap metal exposed to an x-ray machine might be mildly radioactive for a few years.

            So don’t, like, put it in your pocket and carry it around as a good luck piece for three years.

            You are simply an idiot partisan.

          • john_willow says

            Really, Carr? Think you’re an expert? This waste came from the Vermont Yankee power plant. It is not hospital gloves. It is liquid waste. No one in Vermont wanted it buried there. Sanders made a political calculation that he could afford to dump it on a little town in Texas where the residents didn’t care. They felt differently. When a delegation came up to see him, he said, “My position is unchanged and you’re not going to like it.” When asked if
            he would at least visit the proposed site in Sierra Blanca, he said:
            “Absolutely not. I’m gonna to be running for re-election in the state of
            Vermont.” In the end, the Texas legislature moved the waste to an uninhabited area. And don’t make a complete fool of yourself by trying to characterize how someone with a math degree would write, or come up with some mumbo jumbo about how he’s compromising security. You don’t know shit. Everyone else here knows it. Get a grip.

          • 1bestdog says

            Well why should Vermont’s nasty waste of any kind be shipped out of state? 26 has never been too old for the draft—what was his alternate service as a co? You had to have one.

            As for all the bs “communist leaning” I think that is ridiculous too, but you better believe if the Right starts in on this it is all over. The approval rating he keeps talking about as the reason to elect him is insane. They have been waiting for Hillary for years–two decade in fact and have sharpened the knives and attacked her all this time. But if Bernie should win, they will clobber him.

          • Davie Graham says

            Everyone this guy is an imposter paid by Hillary’s Breaking Barriers 2016, do you get paid on a per comment basis or by the hour?

          • lollardy says

            And remember who was central to that war, including some heinously evil stuff in Cambodia? Henry Kissinger. Here he is hugging your favorite candidate:

          • lollardy says

            Here’s a little taste of what Kissinger-inspired foreign policy might look like.

          • lollardy says


            Watch the video. I dare you. Steve is completely right: he was making a point which all Democrats SHOULD be smart enough understand: that toppling dictators (like the war on Iraq which cost us 3 trillion dollars, 25% of the GDP) is stupid, especially when their regime is not 100% hated. This last part was what he was saying about Castro, that he did some good stuff that might make the people reticent to turn on him in our idiotic game of thrones cold war ploy, nearly plunging the world into nuclear fallout.

            This is relevant to HRC’s Syria and Libya overthrow/war policy, her support for the Iraq war, and all the other terribly monstrous things she has supported in her notoriously awful career.

            You’re a paid hillbot, and if you aren’t: I pity you.

          • Ghostdreams says

            Castro had over 110,000 people killed. He also had hundreds of thousands of people beaten, tortured and raped (THAT we know about).
            I DO find it almost unbelievable that ANYONE could blithely say, “Castro gave them medical and education” and then gush “Castro transformed a nation” …
            When I saw the video of Bernie saying that crap, my jaw dropped!
            Frankly, this attitude – that LGBT being killed by the tens of thousands just isn’t a “big deal” is bs.
            There’s a Cuba writer and filmmaker, Agustin Blazquez, who’s spoken about this issue at length.
            Read what he has to say about it ( http://www.amigospais-guaracabuya.org/oagaq074.php)..
            Or read Reinaldo Arenas autobiography about what happened to HIM in Cuba for being gay: http://www.amazon.com/Before-Night-Falls-A-Memoir/dp/0140157654
            OR go to Youtube and watch the 1984 (yeah, a year before Bernie said that crap about how wonderful Castro was) documentary: Inappropriate Conduct: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcF5ubWiy5k
            I agree with him Blazquez completely!
            That Bernie was too busy gushing over education to completely REPUDIATE Cuba’s gay murder policy speaks volumes to me.
            Jean-Paul Sartre – the socialist author, in 1961 visited Cuba and IMMEDIATELY told the world the crimes being committed against LGBT people! Sartre was horrified and went on to CONTINUE to remind the world of Cuba’s abuse of LGBT people. Sartre wasn’t a politician nor was he gay.
            He was just a socialist who didn’t forget his humanity and compassion. Sartre managed to address the issue but Sanders ignored it?
            HOW could that be…and what else is Bernie willing to turn a blind eye to.
            Sierra Blanca is another example of this weird double standard Bernie has going on ..
            AND worse..
            Now Bernie has his wife working for the Texas low-level radiation commission .. Making bucks to ensure Vermont can continue dumping nuke waste on poor communities.


          • Corey says

            Specifically, she pushed fracking here and abroad while receiving contributions from big oil and gas. Ten nations that donated to the Clinton foundation also received weapons deals with the United States after their contributions during her term as secretary of state

          • 1bestdog says

            She was advising it as an intermin source in places like India and China where they burn so much coal the skies are black….

          • lollardy says

            You’re right, fracking for gas to sell on international markets will really help alleviate the coal problem in third world nations. Are you delusional?

            Pay to play, say it with me.

          • john_willow says

            Those countries are producing their own fuel through cleaner means. I believe it’s you who is delusional.

          • john_willow says

            Specifically, Clinton supported fracking in the U.S. with three conditions that would shut down a number of trouble spots. Unlike sanders, who has lied by implying that water supplies are under widespread threat from fracking, Clinton has followed the EPA study indicating that the problem is isolated to a few pockets. Fracking has existed since the 1940s. I think you just dropped out of a tree. I don’t think you understand it at all, or why other countries are using it to get needed supplies of fuel. All secretaries of state are in charge of providing weapons to our allies abroad, most of them Western European countries. Clinton used donations from these countries for good works projects abroad. It did not go into her political campaign, as people like you like to claim. Once again, did you just drop out of a tree?

          • Sam says

            Ok, tell that to the people who can set their water on fire. I don’t think you understand at all.

          • Oligarchy_Is_$o_20th_Century says

            WC and Ghost,
            If you dig juuuuust a little deeper, the facts come gushing out of hrc’s seamy past:

            From the Washington Examiner, Jan 14, 2016: “Nine Times Clinton Foundation Donors Got Special Access at State” (www.washingtonexaminer.com).
            This gem comes courtesy of ConsortiumNews.com, Feb 11, 2016: “Hillary Clinton’s Pay-for-Play Reality” http://www.consortiumnews.com)
            Oh, and here’s Breitbart.com with a cogent interview of a researcher who has studied Bill and Hillary’s cash and carry modus operandi and who demonstrates how they use their “foundation” to launder ‘influence money’. June 15, 2015. Ok, bash away…

          • lollardy says

            And why is Obama not surrounded in scandals if it’s all made up? Why is there so much smoke circling around that damned couple specifically?

            Because a lot of it is true. Deal with it.

          • James Zachary says

            If you use Breitbart as a source, your case is moot. And don’t even concern yourself with the fact that the Clinton Foundation gets a A rating and that funds go for among other things to treat HIV in Africa. Donations to the Clinton Foundation did not personally enrich HRC or Bill.

          • Oligarchy_Is_$o_20th_Century says

            and you have what sources to prove your claims, other than the HIV project, which is publicly documented?

          • john_willow says

            None of your sources are credible, moron. Let’s start with Clinton Cash, the book you are obviously referring to. It has been debunked in detail by Media Matters. If you are so brainless that you do not even know what a legitimate source is, you shouldn’t even be commenting here.

          • Oligarchy_Is_$o_20th_Century says

            Wow, I guess if you put a keyboard in front of a chimpanzee, eventually he’ll bang out something coherent on a completely random basis.

            It’s pretty pathetic that you’re taking the time to throw your sheit-filled diapers at a comment someone else made 3 months ago. Go get a life.

            Pay attention Chimpy, I’m not going to repeat myself: the Clintons are legendary in democratic and republican circles for the influential ties they’ve forged with corporate bigs on Wall St., foreign interests looking to buy political influence in US politics and elsewhere, and for their political deftness in squeaking out of ethical jams. Beyond the raht wang corns-pire-acy, broadly respected sources such as the LA Times have reviewed her record with some concern, as well:

            Assuming you can read, and comprehend what you read (that’s a real stretch, but what the hell):
            see L.A. Times, “Hillary Clinton’s Conflict-of-Interest problems”, by Doyle McManus, May 2, 2015
            see Atlantic Monthly, “Hillary’s Campaign Is Built On a Shaky Foundation”, David A. Graham, March 20, 2015
            bibliotecapleyades.net produced a relatively careful survey of documented Clinton Foundation sins of commission and omission at
            bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitical/sociopol_clinton21.htm complete with citations and documentation
            Judicial Watch, no friend of liberals, is also no friend of corporate conservatives (sued the bush “shaministration” many times over bush’s two terms). It has scored the corrupt on “both” sides of the corporate-controlled “two” party system. JW managed to assemble quite the dossier on speeches by both Clintons before audiences at giant banking, investment and other financial interest corporations over time, for enormous “speaking fees”. It strains credulity to imagine the Clintons, with no professional financial training, and no professional history in the financial sector, would have any expert advice to offer these financial giants that might justify those large sums, unless a “quid pro quo” was in the offing. Check Judicial Watch.org/Press Room, October 7, 2015.
            Finally, Hotair.com, in an April 27, 2015 article, cites the comments of a senior fellow at the Sunlight Foundation, a politically neutral watchdog which examines politicians’ financial dealings in depth, who charges that the foundation acts like a Clinton “slush fund”. That article sums up the distrust many have of the Clintons’ professional standards. Obfuscate, deny, divert and counter-accuse their accusers and the public, then mea culpa when they’re caught at their games.

          • lollardy says

            She doesn’t come up clean. She just manages to avoid prosecution. James Comey at the FBI described her actions as deliberately obstructionist to law enforcement and constituting a pattern of deception with respect to the FBI investigation of whitewater. There’s a reason she is surrounded by all these scandals and someone like Obama is not…where there is smoke (and huge money, dead bodies, non profit foundations, etc) there is fire (and by fire, I mean fraud and criminal activity).

          • Dustin Rogers says

            That’s because corruption is currently legal in the American system… so yes she’s clean.

          • Steve Copeland says

            Secretary Clinton, dear William, is generally criticized – yes, even harshly, severely – re extremely mattering matters whose evidence is of the public record – readily accessible our various media – namely, the programs, legislation, positions she represented throughout her many social-political activist & government roles. Criticism, of course, always comes from a particular viewpoint on matters of socio-economic-political values, visions. And nearly all the positions she has staked-out – except for her efforts along with her husband – in achieving advances in national health care – & in some efforts in the civil rights struggle for African-Americans – were wrong – from any genuinely progressive perspective. And re the advancement of African-Americans – key elements, programs, decisions – she along with her husband championed – such as ‘welfare reform’ – so-called – & issues re criminal (in!)justice – especially wrecked havoc – right on up to today – for African-Americans – as well as the Iraq War… And while there were advances in the economy during the Clinton presidency – the repeal of parts of Glass-Steagall ended-up becoming one of the major if NOT the major cause – among several causes – significantly brought-to-us by the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld… adminstration – was enormously consequential in bringing-about the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression – that, again, of course, was most repercussive for our poor and working-class first & foremost & middle class citizens. ~ Now yes – the Republican Congress engaged in an all-out continuous campaign of incredible hatred, vilification against the Clinton’s; though actually the bulk of their agenda – in practice was not at all progressive, was not liberal. On the contrary. But – as with many liberals & progressive -meaning, -intending citizens – including most African-Americans ~ the perception of the Clintons – because, mainly, of certain rhetorical, stylistic – & certain occasional & appealing in presentation,,, o apparently sincere intentions & articulations – or some sincere & some deriving from realpolitik perceived public sentiment the Clinton’s saw as politically expedient to favor…

          • William Carr says


            Health insurance for Children was “wrong”.

            Health care for 9/11 First Responders was “wrong”.

            Lobbying for LGBT Rights was “wrong”.

            Expanding healthcare and family leave for Military families was “wrong”.

            Supporting a cease fire between Israel and Hamas was “wrong”.

            “from any genuinely progressive perspective.”

            Ah ! A “Purity” test.

            That’s what you see when a small, less powerful faction wants to take over.

            They identify their competitors as “not XXX enough”.

            They present their opinions as “new and exciting”.

            And the “old guard” as “corrupt”, even if they have to lie.

            Glass Steagall was a good law, and should be reinstated.

            But the experts tell us it was undermined, over and over, since Reagan took power.

            By the late 90’s it was very weak. And of course the Banksters pushed the viewpoint that it wasn’t necessary anymore.

            You fail to realize you’re blaming Hillary Clinton for stuff that her husband did.

            It’s a logic failure.

            But you’re too invested in your “purity test” to realize it.

            And honestly… gaining power for your Faction is all you care about anyway, right?

          • Everett Morris says

            “mattering matters”?

            I see that you have a lot of opinions but very facts, if any

            For example, although it is Republican dogma picked up by Bernie bots, there is absolutely no evidence that the repeal of Glass-Steagall had anything to do with the recession.

            And I think that it is incumbent on the President to work with whatever Congress that he/she has been given to try to achieve the most good that they can. Not having a favorable Congress means that there will be many concessions and compromises.

            Thomas Jefferson stated that compromise is important to effective leadership.

            People can sit in a vacuum and and criticize but the practitioner of change is obviated to work in the real world and get real results.

            No solely liberal President is going to be successful without a complete change over of Congress.

            I don’t expect that to happen. It would be nice and Hillary and Bill are raising money for the purpose of helping down ticket Democrats get elected while Bernie is doing nothing for them but it is not realistic in the political climate that we are in.

            You have to play the hand that you are dealt.

          • Peggy Scarborough says

            You mean like Sanders stealing the logos of AARP and LCV without permission and using them on his mailings as if they had endorsed him and his staff pretending to be part of the culinary union in Las Vegas (largest union in Vegas) and breaking into a private union employee lunchroom to harass them about supporting Bernie while they were eating lunch! Bernie had already been told they were not endorsing anyone until after their primary, they are pissed and will most likely now support Hillary!

          • R.a. Massey says

            They weren’t used “as if endorsed”. AARP members wore their shirts in a photo and the LCV logo was used when mentioning Bernie’s 95% rating with LCV (higher than HiIIary’s). As far as the Culinary Union some volunteers did try to enter but nobody except Jon Ralston suggests that they were wearing union pins.

          • cat cafe says

            Seriously, just because the Republican smear campaign and Fox news “create” false controversies, and repeat them endlessly, and game Google so they turn up first in any searches, doesn’t make them actually true. She has zero corruption and there have been ZERO, zilch, nada, NOT A SINGLE proof of any wrongdoing.

          • Chris Smith says

            I don’t really know what you mean by “proof.” People have testified, for certain. It’s all a question of whom to believe. For example, Don Denton was a witness in the Castle Grande case. He says that he spoke to Hillary Clinton, by telephone, when she aws working on the Castle Grande deal, and that it was obvious that she was completely aware of the nature of the transaction (which in case you don’t know, was definitely illegal). Hillary at first said she never worked on Castle Grande, then later that she had forgotten the name and/or that the firm called the deal by a different name, and that’s why she had inadvertently misspoken when she said she never worked on Castle Grande (which it was later proven she had). Her billing records show the phone conversation with Don Denton. Now you can decide who to believe. Here is a summary from Frontline, where you can also see the billing records for yourself. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/arkansas/castle/

            If you go to youtube, you can actually find a copy of the old 20/20 where she tried to explain to Barbara Walters why she originally told America that she had never worked on Castle Grande.

            You should also consider whether you think it makes sense for a Yale-trained lawyer as smart as she says that she is to have actually been the billing partner on the deal and have had no idea what was actually going on. She actually claims that somehow, she just didn’t really know. It is not very plausible, and even if true, does not reflect well on her as a lawyer.

            I happen to be a corporate lawyer, and I think the odds that she really had no idea what was going on are zero.

            Oh I left out also that one of the key people involved in the fraudulent transaction was an immediate family member of Web Hubbell, who was: a) her husband’s childhood friend; b) her law firm partner; c) involved in the transaction; and d) so close to them that he went to the White House with them. And as you know, he went to jail.

            She wasn’t “exonerated,” the prosecution couldn’t come up with enough evidence. Because they actually destroyed the records. Again, they didn’t even deny that they had destroyed them, they just claimed it was “normal housekeeping.” Sorry, but this corporate lawyer says that’s bullshit.

            We all have to draw our own conclusions, but just because there is not enough evidence to secure a criminal conviction does not mean there is no evidence at all. If you care to actually look at it.

            I’m liberal, by the way.

          • William Carr says

            You aren’t a Liberal.

            This was a minor part of the White Water Witchhunt.

            You make the very claims that the GOP invented.

            “Hillary at first said she never worked on Castle Grande, then later that she had forgotten the name and/or that the firm called the deal by a different name”

            Hillary Clinton did billable work for IDC when she worked for Rose Law Firm.

            Of course, she didn’t work in the billing department, she was an Attorney. So the only name she recognized was the name of the company selling the land.

            Please don’t try to convince anyone you’re a Liberal.

            No evidence means the allegations are meaningless.

            What’s next? Vince Foster?

          • Chris Smith says

            Good grief. So sorry I missed this reply. I certainly AM a liberal. I support Bernie Sanders, so I promise that I am more liberal than Hillary Clinton. I am also an attorney, and what I think you don’t understand is that a “billing attorney” is the attorney within the law firm who is responsible for the client. That attorney is usually the one who is in charge of reviewing the bill before it goes out, and they are the most important partner. They have the relationship. I reviewed those records for myself, and I brought to bear everything I know about being a corporate attorney — because I am one.

            You’re 100% correct that it was the Republicans, of course, who raised all the accusations, but that hardly means they weren’t true.

            Everyone else went to jail. It’s naive of you to think she was somehow innocent.

          • Hata H. Zappa says

            I’ll study her “contraversies” when you learn how to spell the word.

          • john_willow says

            Well, as a matter of fact, the Clinton Foundation has been vetted. And its money is going to charity. You obviously have not studied anything. Maybe you should do some actual research before you shoot off your mouth about Clinton corruption.

          • Pil1010 says

            If it was Hillary it would be more than the cost of a min. wage job…
            2002 – 2004 = 2 years. $30,000/2 = $15,000/year = wife wage
            5 years. $65,000/5 = $13,000/year = daughter wage.

            Clinton Average speech cost in 2012- $226,000

            Yeah. Poor Bernie paying his campaign workers a low wage. Notice how we don’t hear anything about if anyone else unrelated to Bernie was also paid.

            And, considering ONE Clinton speech in 2012 costed, on average, ~2.5x both of their wages combined… How can you compare?

          • Peggy Scarborough says

            Pretend like he did nothing wrong, but this is just the tip[ of the iceberg, he has lots of secrets! There will be a lot about his illegitimate son born to a girlfriend while he was still married to wife #1 and why did they divorce – adultery!!

          • R.a. Massey says

            Bernie and Deborah divorced in 1966 and his son Levi was born in 1969, that’s a long nine months.

          • Ghostdreams says

            And Bernie never bothered to marry the lady who had his son, ok? Whereas I could care less .. If you think moderate’s (which is how Obama won 08 and 2012) will be ok with mister hippy dippy commie… slutting himself around and having children without being married, you have another thing coming. BTW, if Hillary were the one with a child born out of wedlock, you’d be screaming for her to be burned the at the stake.

          • William Carr says

            Your mistake is thinking we care about your smear attacks.

            Having children out of wedlock is fairly “normal” today.

          • William Carr says

            They had been separated for years by the time his son was born.

            You CAN fact-check your hoaxes, you know.

          • William Carr says

            So, you took an example of Bernie Sanders paying his wife a consulting fee of $15,000 a year, and tried to make this about Secretary Clinton?

            You were high when you wrote this. Had to be.

          • Peggy Scarborough says

            This page didn’t research the information, the Republicans did and this is just the start!!

          • Ghostdreams says

            At the caucus on Monday night…Some Bernie supporters came over to Hillary supporters and started screaming vulgar crap about her. I sat there thinking, “Oh great. We have Donald Trump supporters in Bernie-drag showing up.” IT would be funny except, as it turns out, they were REAL Bernie supporters AND it happened at several different caucus sites all over the state. Bernie refuses to tell his little thugs to stop with the vulgarities and rude behavior.. THAT tells me so much about the man. I am sad over it too. I thought he would be better than this. 🙁

          • William Carr says

            What was it he said about that… that he’d lived a long time and he’d have to live a lot longer if he was expected to control the behavior of everyone who campaigned for him.

            Bernie doesn’t condone this stuff, and other than sternly warning his campaign organizers can’t stop it.

          • Helena_Handbasket says

            You freaking idiot. The 150,000 total over 16 years is only one quarter what Chelsea got paid in a year for a part time job out of donations to the “Charity” The Clinton Foundation. I put Charity in quotes, because financial disclosures prove that only 10% of donations go to direct charity. Under most standards and guidelines.. any charity that spends less than 76% of its donations on direct charity work, is a scam. Barely anyone made a peep.

            These are small salaries for people working a campaign… he’s not scamming money for the family, he’s being parsimonious.

          • William Carr says

            The Clinton Foundation is a registered Charity.

            Like the Peace Corps, they don’t just “give money”.

            They send teams to disaster sites to help.

            That “10%” claim comes from TeaBaggers.

            It’s 10% CASH. The rest is salaries paid to professionals who DO THE WORK.

            Congratulations for falling for the Tea Bagger propaganda.

          • Jose D says

            of course if Sanders called black kids super predators back in 1967, and supported laws that called for people to get locked up on felonies for minor offenses. we would hear about it everyday.

            but since its Queen Clinton, not so much !

          • lollardy says

            Yeah that is what happens when you sully your own reputation over an entire lifetime by being corrupt as shit.

          • Alan says

            When someone campaigns about getting money out of politics, he doesn’t pocket his family’s pockets with campaign money. Simple.

          • patcee14 says

            His wife earned $15,000 a year working for his campaign, which is lower than most paid staffers. “Money out of politics” means millions going to candidates’ campaigns by bankers, Wall Street and huge corporations – which causes those elected to owe favors and votes to these benefactors. This would hardly fit someone’s family members who earn a paycheck for labor given. Bernie expects naysayers to come out of the woodwork to try to find something to carp about, because his campaign is gaining ground. If you want to talk about “money out of politics”, look to the gross donations given to Hillary – with high expectations for favors from the White House. Bernie does not accept this kind of money because his is a grassroots campaign. His wife working for his campaign and receiving a small salary for her work should not be questioned in this same context.

          • Alan says

            I don’t care how much she made. It could have been $1M or $0.01. It makes no difference. Principle.

            Good thing bernie voted to give himself a raise though. I guess $174k/yr + lifetime benefits isn’t enough. Must be nice to be a career politician.

          • patcee14 says

            As if Republicans don’t do this and worse. I would trust Bernie with my purse over any Republican. Talk about hypocrites. Republicans like to live secret lives and hate it when they are uncovered. Gays, pedophiles, covert affairs galore – no wonder they are so hung up on vaginas and women’s private lives. All they think about is money and sex.

          • Olly Ilarraza says

            “We’re bad, there worse!” That is the stupidest defense I’ve heard and I’m just getting started.

          • Mikey says

            Republicans talk about issues. Democrats talk about Republicans.

            Good luck with that, Berntard.

          • patcee14 says

            Since when do Republicans talk about issues? All they talk about is Obama. They lie through their teeth about him and then deny it. I haven’t heard one Republican candidate talk about any real programs or plans for the future. Trump just says he’ll take care of everything. He wants to tell details AFTER the election. Tell me one of those clowns that has said anything important about issues. Immigration? Deport 11 million. ISIS? kill them all but don’t ask me how. The shrinking of the middle class? NOT ONE WORD. Just the same old gobbledy-goop about abortion and Planned Parenthood and keeping contraceptives away from teens. Republicans are obsessed with money and sex. They love to talk about women’s bodies and giving them no choice more than anything else. I shudder to think any one of those bozos could ever get elected.

          • Bill Bush says

            Not one word from your TYPE about Islam, how can you embrace a cult that would make women property, kill gays, allow the rape of children, kill non believers, etc. It was founded by a PEDOPHILE prophet, unless having sex with a 9 year old girls is OK in your book. Islam trains people to lie to the infidels, Obama spent his first 10 years being raised a Muslim, how do you think that he learned to be such a good liar.

          • Debate Champ says

            You can’t really be this ignorant, can you? You do know that it was normal in just about every culture for girls to marry very young, right?

            “In Medieval and early modern European societies, the age of marriage remained low, with documented cases of brides as young as seven years, although marriages were typically not consummated until the girl reached puberty (Bullough 2004). Shakespeare’s Juliet was just 13, and there is no hint in the play that this was considered to be exceptional. The situation was similar on the other side of the Atlantic; Bullough reports the case in 1689 of a nine-year-old bride in Virginia. At the start of thenineteenth century in England, it was legal to have sex with a 10 year-old girl.”

          • bill says

            It was still pedophilia no matter where or when. A sign of a perverted way of life. You don’t seem to have any problem with it though.

          • patcee14 says

            What are you talking about? I don’t embrace Islam. I don’t embrace any religion. But if you look at the Christian holy book you will find just as much violence. Jehovah was a jealous, brutal God who commanded the slaughter of whole towns because they were not believers. Most Christians prefer to ignore that and go with the prettier new testament. But I do condemn those who blame every Muslim for what terrorists do. Are you actually saying there are no Christian liars? Haha haha That is funny. Go on with your hatred and bigotry and leave me out of it. We have nothing to discuss.

          • bill says

            Hey dumb ass, Christianity does not live by the Old Testament, it is based on forgiveness and BTW the middle ages are not the way Christians live, Islam on the other hand still lives that way, would you shake the hand of someone who wipes with their fingers? They are primitive because they follow a primitive ideology. And Socialism is an exercise in mediocrity, it’s idea of equality is everyone living in state housing and waiting in ration lines.

          • patcee14 says

            Always start with name calling. It shows how your mind works. The Quran has ancient parts that today’s Muslims don’t practice, too. I stated all Muslims are not terrorists and that is true. Many American Muslims look and act like you. You need to learn some things before spouting off. They even wipe like you, if that is something that is important to you. Research Democratic Socialism too. Your lack of knowledge is disappointing. You should know the difference between Socialism, Communism and Democratic Socialism before you engage in discussions. When you talk about public housing and bread lines you are describing what it will be like when there is no more middle class and we are living under an oligarchy.

          • Ms. Hovie says

            Funny, Jesus never used the term “dumb ass”. He was a most respectful man. You are certainly his Paradox.

          • Jonjon says

            Hey dipshit read your own buybull:

            “For truly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, not an iota,
            not a dot, will pass the law until all is accomplished. Whoever then
            relaxes one of the least of these commandments and teaches men so, shall
            be called least in the kingdom of heaven; but he who does them and
            teaches them shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.” — Matthew

            “Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets. I
            have come not to abolish but to fulfill. Amen, I say to you, until
            heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest part or the smallest part
            of a letter will pass from the law, until all things have taken place.”
            (Matthew 5:17)

            Dumbass hypocrite can’t even read their own bullshit and follow it…smh

          • K Derrit says

            Actually… “The one who lies is of the devil, for he was a liar from the beginning. The one who is born of God cannot lie, for he has been born of God.” 1st John.
            Seems pretty plain. Saying and doing, like saying and believing, are two different things. “You shall know them by their fruits.”
            “Man sees the outward appearance, but God sees the heart.”
            He will make the final judgement call. Justice will be done. Truth will win. And who can withstand that awful day? The heat of His most holy wrath will bring to light every mistake, every error, even “lay bare the thoughts and desires of the heart.” The things you don’t think anyone knows about, every unkind thought or word or deed, the “I’m not hurting anyone” and “it was only a small mistake” and “it doesn’t define me, I’m mostly a good person” all of these will be brought out on the day, and laid in the scales against you, the truth fully known by he who knows all.
            Your guilt and condemnation are sure.
            Unless the Lion steps forward, looking like a lamb that has been killed, and picks up the burden of your sins and takes your justice on himself.

            It happened, long ago and far away. You can be saved from yourself, if you believe…

          • patcee14 says

            I have no reason to be saved from myself. I am very familiar with the Christian faith. We are talking politics and government and not the bible. Religion belongs in churches. We are not a Theocracy nor are we a Christian nation. We are a people of many faiths and customs. And there are many who do not need religion in their lives.

          • Fred O'Cliff says

            Lololol you are delusional. The ONLY thing that “repubicans” have talked about in the last seven years is Obama.

          • William Carr says

            Ah, so $0.01 a year is too much.

            And no, I wouldn’t criticize a Republican for taking less than minimum wage while working at a political campaign.

          • Dan says

            But he does pay his employees for doing their job. The family members mentioned in this article were all performing ACTUAL SERVICES, and not taking or giving money to buy a political decision.


            You’re an idiot if you think there is anything wrong with what Bernie Sanders did per this article.

          • R.a. Massey says

            Did you even try to read the article? “Driscoll worked in several capacities for Sanders’ campaigns from 2000
            through 2004, earning a total of about $65,000. She maintained mailing
            lists, prepared Federal Election Commission reports and performed other
            tasks. Her highest income for any of those years was about $20,400 in
            2003, Weaver said.

            Jane O’Meara Sanders worked in her husband’s
            congressional office for about six years during the 1990s, four of them
            as chief of staff. She did not take a salary for that work. Chiefs of
            staff typically earn between $120,000 and $150,000 a year.”

          • Peter Freeman says

            They are working for the campaign for at least half of what they would have to pay someone else. These people are working for the campaign. People who work, gets paid.

          • Frank L LeGrand says

            Apologists. So your saying its cool because it was a little bit of money. This is what happens when modern intellectuals are confronted with facts

          • patcee14 says

            Why do you object to someone being paid for legitimate work? It’s not like she was taking away someone’s job – who likely would demand a higher salary than hers. Modern intellectuals are the same as they’ve ever been. They worry about the big stuff.

          • R.a. Massey says

            That’s a stretch. The college and the bank both failed to vet the donors, now it’s just a case of “she said, he said”.

          • Trevor LeMay says

            Dude… That’s less than I make a year… At savers, sorting furniture… Fact. This is only a “big scandal” if you are bad with numbers. Plus they did work the campaign, which I’m guessing takes a bit of time out of your day, yeah?

          • Dan says

            It’s cool because it was money paid to employees for performing work, not money contributed by big business to buy political favor. Would you call your own dad corrupt for employing you in his business?

          • patcee14 says

            You seem to have trouble with intellectuals. Are you against thinking period or just intelligent thinking? Give me some facts. I haven’t heard many from your side.

          • john_willow says

            Millions change hands daily for political favors? Care to back up that gross generalization with some facts?

          • patcee14 says

            If you aren’t aware of the fact that corporations and Wall Street actually write legislation and pay reps to carry out their wishes, you are really naive. What do you think the words “big money in politics” mean? Money is the deciding factor in the actions of Congress. TPP is a good example of corporate power. I know it makes us feel better to believe what we learned in civics is the real world, but come on – we know it isn’t. It takes millions to run for office and it’s necessary for most to seek those millions from those who want favors. That’s politics. It’s how it is.

        • Sandite5 says

          His wife worked for him. Would you work for someone for 5 years and not expect a paycheck? He gave what essentially amounted to $15k/year, which isn’t even a living wage.

          Using money in politics for persuasion and using it to pay someone so they can have a roof over their head are two different things. So no, that’s not being a hypocrite.

          • Mahlers5th says

            The reality won’t matter when the Repuglican smear machine gets a hold of this. Right now they’re building up Sanders because they’d rather face him that Clinton but don’t kid yourselves – they’ll squeeze every bit of potential slime out of a juicy tidbit like this. AND THE TRUTH WON’T MATTER after the lie has circulated once around the blogosphere.

          • patcee14 says

            Being a conscientious objector, especially during the Vietnam “conflict”, was an honorable choice. That doesn’t mean they don’t serve, just don’t kill. There were many more with that designation than at any other time, because of what the conflict was all about. That’s why thousands were in the streets and helped get us out of there.

          • Peggy Scarborough says

            Try looking it up, he DID NOT SERVE, he sat around home waiting and they actually turned him down but of course it took long enough that he was then too old to serve!!

          • casterle says

            > “And YOU want to be Commander in Chief?!” Bernie Sanders applied for ‘conscientious objector’ status during Vietnam

            Yes, that’s exactly who I want to be in charge of our war machine.

            Someone who’s smart enough to understand that you don’t go to war unless the homeland is under imminent attack.

            Someone who won’t go to war to boost corporate profits.

            And especially someone who won’t dishonor our military by wasting them for no good reason.

            Who do you want in charge, Bush the invader?

          • Frank L LeGrand says

            Don’t you want to help people by taking there money and spreading it? But not with our military? Guess we should have sat WWII out huh? And Bernie Sanders supporters think there such good humanitarians and were all so lucky to have them think for us.

          • C_Robin_L says

            Many people were against the war and many many people applied for objector status… most were denied and if their number came up they then chose whether to report, apply for college deferment, leave the country or go to jail. Some even went on religious missions (like Romney) Sanders didn’t have to do any of these since his number was never pulled so just what is your point if you don’t mind my asking

          • casterle says

            As a ‘Nam era vet, I can tell you I would have rather had him at home trying to make life better for us all than as a cog (as I was) in the military-industrial complex, thereby helping make the rich richer.

          • Peggy Scarborough says

            Many of us Veterans have been saying that all along, he is a pacifist and not qualified to lead the troops and knows nothing about foreign policy and doesn’t want to learn!

          • R.a. Massey says

            I’m a vet and have no problem with his decision, I’d rather have someone tell the truth then use deceit to avoid it.

          • patcee14 says

            The truth always matters and that’s what is great about Bernie. No one can touch him for integrity and telling it like it is.

          • Peggy Scarborough says

            Dream On, he is getting scared and doing a lot of immoral decisions! pissing off the biggest union in Las Vegas, the Culinary Union! Stealing logos from AARP and LCV to use on his mailings without permission, pretending he was endorsed by them, LCV endorsed Hillary and AARP doesn’t endorse until the general election! All three have put out statements to that effect so don’t give us no crap about him having integrity!!

          • R.a. Massey says

            AARP hasn’t made a statement other than to note that AARP members were in a photo, LCV asked the campaign not to use their logo and the Culinary Union has settled any issues with over zealous volunteers.

          • Olly Ilarraza says

            That’s true for both sides so just pick your poison. Obama said he would not legislature thru E.O. like Bush and he’s up to the same. Don’t you see they are all the same? Dem and Rep are all the same.

          • Fred O'Cliff says

            In over seven years, Obama still hasn’t issued half the number of executive orders as Bush did. Heck, Obama has issued fewer EO’s than any POTUS in the last 50+ years so he kept his word on that point.

          • patcee14 says

            And his people will still stand behind him and get him elected. His campaign is no longer about parties. There are Republicans, Independents and even some Libertarians backing Bernie.There is not much they can say about him that is negative because he has been honest with integrity his whole career. These stupid charges won’t stick. Watch his dust.

          • Peggy Scarborough says

            This started with the Republicans from the Free Beacon and everyone else is picking it up, there is also more questionable behavior from his wife in the original story regarding her university job, she is under investigation for moving money overseas!

          • R.a. Massey says

            Moving money overseas?!? You on drugs? There are minor complaints about students from the college possibly getting funding for a Caribbean trip, nothing more.

          • DMANDICINO says

            You know I’ve read quite a few books on Hillary and Bill and not once did I see that Hillary was paid to work to help on her husband’s campaigns. Of course if she had we would all know about it and we would be seeing a very different bunch of comments wouldn’t we?

          • Peter G. says

            HRC was also substantially wealthier than her husband, both before and after the marriage. She was a high-priced corporate lawyer and he was a professor.

          • DMANDICINO says

            When they got married she was a law professor in Arkansas. They were married in the dining room of their house. She didn’t get a dress until the night before the wedding and had no engagement ring. Her dress came off the rack at a department store, the first one she looked at. It cost $53.00. She took a job at the Rose Law Firm after Chelsea was born. she was the lowest paid person there. When she became a partner she was the lowest paid partner. She never wanted to do corporate law, she loved her job at the Children’s Defense Fund. After having Chelsea she took the job because Bill only made 35,000 a year and she wanted to provide and save for her daughter. Try reading facts in actual books instead of absorbing what you see on sites you frequent. You know nothing about Hillary Clinton.

          • patcee14 says

            Oh, poor Hillary. And they were dead broke when they left the White House. That’s why they had to take the furniture and dishes. Well she has certainly made up for it, hasn’t she?

          • Trevor LeMay says

            Dude… It wasn’t even a living salary. This is about as scandalous as a peanut. The things we’re upset with clinton about are pretty genuine most of us…

          • DMANDICINO says

            I’m pretty sure the roof is doing fine with that nice 250,000 dollar golden parachute she got after being fired from her job…..

          • Virginia Liberal says

            This is the very reason that campaign finance is necessary. It’s time for public funding of elections. Everyone gets the same amount to spend and must be accountable for their spending of it.

        • Robert Albrecht says

          I’m betting you got paid for jobs you have done in the past. Why is it any different for Bernie to pay his employees? Ever heard of a family run business? Same concept.

        • Robert Manders says

          “Her daughter Carina Driscoll, Sanders’ stepdaughter, earned $65,002 from the Sanders campaign between 2000 and 2004, records show.” Wow! That’s a $16,250 a year. That’s below poverty level, pretty cheap compared to other campaigns. Plus, most candidates use their family members because they trust how they will manage the funding. I don’t see any issues with him paying his family to work for his campaign. Actual he his cheap compared to other campaigns, look at Hillary’s or Donald Trump etc.

          • DMANDICINO says

            Ya, its awful of Hillary to play to win so she can actually get something done instead of getting her ass kicked and crawling back to the safe liberal state of Vermont like some would be doing…

          • patcee14 says

            Yeah, she’ll get something done all right. And it will all be for the benefit of those she owes favors to – like banks, Wall Street and huge corporations. She’s been schmoozing the 1% for years – that’s how she got $250.000 every time she gave a speech at meetings of Goldman Sachs and others. And don’t think for a minute she was speaking against those 1%-ers.

          • DMANDICINO says

            Gullible would be falling for the idea that Bernie is some sort of savior and pure as the driven snow. He’s a politician and he’s proved it again and again. But love is blind huh?

          • patcee14 says

            He’s a politician that has the respect of thousands of people tired of the same old status quo politics we’ve been swallowing for years. He’s a breath of fresh air for this stagnant nation that is going nowhere but down. The issues he brings to his speeches touch all of us, no matter who or what we are. Finally a politician that puts the people ahead of financiers.

          • patcee14 says

            Ben Carson is not interested in being president. He is another Herman Cain who is interested in selling books and notoriety. He is slowly sinking into dementia or Alzheimer’s and that’s why he makes outlandish statements. The man is a buffoon.

          • R.a. Massey says

            The f-35 was going to be built somewhere, moot point.
            A senator is not the Governor of the state and that is who the grade rating belongs to.

            Do you understand the points you’re raising?

          • Jonjon says

            You can’t read can you? It plainly said that the jets would be parked there, you know I want a piece of the pie to (just like an establishment politician would say.) So you are saying he looks out for his constituents only when it benefits him like I will vote on laws you like or don’t like, look for money for his state, dump hazardous waste from his state in another, but when it comes down to the bad and dirty of the state all of sudden it’s not on him…….smdh

        • JohannIvan says

          His family – two family members – “pocketed” an average of $5k a year over 15 years. How much has the Clinton Clan taken in? How many 10’s of millions? Clinton Foundation? Free Trade? TPP as the “Gold Standard” – according to her Majesty Clinton?

          • DMANDICINO says

            Way to rock those Karl Rove talking points. Penny a buzzword and you really stacked them up. Ka Ching Ka Ching for Johann Ivan from nutbag city. Maybe Karl will stop by and give you a big old sloppy kiss to express his appreciation….

          • patcee14 says

            I think accepting money from foreign countries for the huge Clinton Foundation is much worse than paying family members a paltry sum for work they did. Notice they didn’t stop doing it until there was publicity about it. What deals do you think were made in order to get those donations?

        • toc001 says

          He paid his wife, who is a media buyer, to negotiate his media buys. It’s not like she was a waitress and he paid her to do something she has no idea how to do.

        • Trisha Idleno Morey says

          Wrong. He is paying people a living wage regardless of who they are. He believes people who work should be paid. He’d be a hypocrite NOT to pay them for work they do. To know how someone’s going to treat me, I pay close attention to how they treat those they care about because they will generally treat you worse. Hillary’s family history sucks. I wouldn’t trust her with a rock. Let alone the country’s budget. She will be cold to the working class. Guaranteed. Read her comments about WHY she wasn’t paying her campaigners to see how she plans to treat the rest. She’s a snake.

        • Peter Freeman says

          They are working for wages that are below poverty level. They are doing the campaign a favor since someone outside the family would need to be paid twice as much.

          • Peter Freeman says

            It is in the text of the article. Being paid $30K over two years works out to $15K a year

          • Peter Freeman says

            It is in the article if you read it.
            “The Tarrant campaign has resurrected news stories revealing that Sanders’ wife, Jane O’Meara Sanders — a former professional media buyer — was paid $30,000 for working on Sanders’ 2002 and 2004 House campaigns and his step-daughter, Carina Driscoll, had been paid about $65,000 over a five-year period.”

            Being paid $30K over two years figures out to $15K a year. Being paid $65K over 5 years is $13K a year.

          • Jonjon says

            So that tells me what they were paid, but not how much they actually worked. What did they actually do? Anything? Getting paid to do nothing would be flat out BS but if they actually worked then I would have no issues other than his wife made pretty good money as a college president and received a $200,000 severance package. I can say my kids worked in my business and I paid them 15k a year, but that could just be me saying they did something and really they didn’t. If they really are for the little guy then why wouldn’t they hire someone that needs that money rather than pay themselves? Just curious.

        • Keith Davidson says

          Sandite5 did exactly what he decries in his statement. He doesn’t want to confront anyone on the point, so he slanders those who object to Bernie’s hypocrisy.

          • Jonjon says

            Yet what you have said is nothing because you have no clue nor do you have anything to back it up.

        • John Barton says

          FOR WORK THAT THEY DID? How does that make him a hypocrite? The reason we donate to candidates IS so that they can pay for people to work on their campaigns.

        • William Carr says

          When we talk about getting money out of politics, we’re talking about HUNDREDS of BILLIONS.

          “Dark Money” flowing unseen, invisible, from Billionaires who can simply BUY elections.

          Not paying someone $15K a year for a consulting job.

        • P. H. Madore says

          Seriously small potatoes. In fact you could times it by 100 or more and it would still be nothing as compared to the kind of corruption that goes on at higher campaign levels. The daughter thing is definitely questionable, but his wife is at least qualified to do the job — she’s a professional media buyer. I’m not a democrat nor a Bernie supporter, I just think it’s fucking retarded to consider this a big deal.

        • J-dawg says

          “Pockets campaign funds” sounds so much more incriminating than “earn very moderate wages for their work for the campaign.” Too bad no one who isn’t a panicky sheep would fall for your misleading misstatement.

        • Carl Wagner says

          Mrs. Sanders worked as a media buyer — the person who places campaign ads on television and radio in 2002 and 2004 and did some other consulting for the campaign in 2002.

          Media buyers typically earn a commission of about 15 percent of the cost of placing an ad. In 2004, Jane Sanders earned about $11,000 for about $70,000 in media buys, Weaver said. In 2002, Sanders took commissions of about $14,500 for media buys of about $98,000, Weaver said. She earned an additional $4,800 for other consulting to the campaign.

          Driscoll worked in several capacities for Sanders’ campaigns from 2000 through 2004, earning a total of about $65,000. She maintained mailing lists, prepared Federal Election Commission reports and performed other tasks. Her highest income for any of those years was about $20,400 in 2003, Weaver said.

          Jane O’Meara Sanders worked in her husband’s congressional office for about six years during the 1990s, four of them as chief of staff. She did not take a salary for that work. Chiefs of staff typically earn between $120,000 and $150,000 a year.

        • cosmog says

          REALLY? Let’s go there then. HILLBILLY’s brother got paid FDTN for work in Haiti. Even you can’t be stupid enough to believe that. Since Haiti is basically the same AS IT was when the earthquake hit. I would pay AN AUDITOR TO FIND OUT WHERE THE BILLIONS DONATED TO HAITI HAVE GONE TO AND WHY WERE GIVEN TO THE GRIFTERS.

        • capemh says

          This is just stupid, Alan. When the Clinton Foundation received millions from governments who needed Hillary’s approval for arms sales to them and while the Clintons made $150 million over 15 years for appearances (that we know of), you want to talk about the (average) $10,000. a year he paid for his wife and step-daughter to work for his campaign? Wow, what a dingbat!

      • DMANDICINO says

        Oh, are we sensitive? A little vetting done by people on the internet gets your whitey tighties all in a knot? Good thing you won’t have to see what Karl Rove would do with this. I bet he’s makin a list and checkin it twice just to see if Bernie’s been naughty or nice and finding out things that make good old middle american voters see red flags all over the voting booth…..

        • Mike Fague says

          Only a very small percentage, of the intellectually challenged, in the US would ever take the argument made in this article seriously. Especially, if Bernie ever had to stoop down to address this. I think that the “love is blind” quote of yours should be applied to yourself. Are you even reading this? Have you done any research of BOTH nominees? What are you smoking? And who cares about Karl Rove?

      • Peggy Scarborough says

        It was already addressed in 2006 if you read the article and it is not Hillary or progressives leading the story, It is the Free Beacon (GOP hit rag) and this is just the beginning of what Bernie is hiding!!

        • Sandite5 says

          Why are you trolling articles that are 5 months old? Timing seems ironic now that Hilary is on the way to losing the nomination like she did in 2008. Good riddance. Even at his worst, he is more trustworthy than Hilary.

      • Ghostdreams says

        I have a problem with your logic Sandite5. The fact is Bernie keeps saying he’s DIFFERENT. He’s NEW .. He’s not LIKE everyone else. If we don’t want “business as usual” .. VOTE for him.. THEN I find out he’s got his whole family on his payroll. Then I see Bernie on an old videotape in 1985 telling the camera how wonderful Castro is, when by 1985 we KNEW what Castro was doing to LGBT people and dissidents (torture, imprisonment, rape, murder and worse – LGBT people were being used in medical experiments). We were taking in gay refugee’s in San Francisco when Bernie was praising Castro! THIS from a man who says he’s always supported gay rights? Maybe in this country but I guess gay people in other countries don’t count? Last week in the news they asked him to name the top 20 politicians in the country. He named 19 men and one woman. Okaaay… ONE woman? My jaw dropped open. This guy is NOT the “new deal” at all! This guy is old time religion (with socialism as his religion). When the campaign first started I favored Bernie but then he made a series of statements that implied he had voted for DOMA because he supported gay marriage.. but that’s a lie. He didn’t vote for DOMA because of “state rights” issues, not gay marriage. Bernie is a big “states rights” person (rather like teaparty people). I remember what happened with DOMA. I also remember that Bernie said he didn’t support gay marriage in 1996 AND he said he didn’t support gay marriage several times in 2006. HE came out in support of gay marriage in 2009 but to hear him tell it .. HE supported gay marriage before the big bang. It’s absurd some of the things he’s saying. He has a great record on civil rights across the board. He didn’t need to do this EXCEPT he was trying to use his record to bash Hillary. The fact is – both of them have supported LGBT people when many others did not. Bernie blew it with those of us who remember how DOMA went down and remember Hillary sticking up for us at the UN, 2000 gay pride, the ongoing AIDS support and fund raisers, etc. She has a good record and when Bernie decided to get nasty, he just looked like a petty little punk willing to do anything to score a point. He was the one who said he wouldn’t get involved in mug slinging or name calling .. ha ha ha. This story is appropriate BECAUSE Sander’s is not what he’s saying he is AND, btw, he is NOT a nordic model socialist. Fidel Castro came out in support of Bernie Sanders for President months ago saying Bernie would bring Fidel’s socialism to America. What did Bernie say when it was all over the news? Not a thing. Blink blink .. THAT is pretty damn scary if you ask me.

        • Sandite5 says

          “The fact is Bernie keeps saying he’s DIFFERENT. He’s NEW .. He’s not LIKE everyone else. If we don’t want “business as usual” .. VOTE for him”

          He’s never said that or even so much as implied it. His voter base does that for him. But seeing as this is a character attack, there is much use in reading any further than that.

      • Hata H. Zappa says

        You’re actually okay with him proving his point by committing the same act he accuses others of doing? Hypocrisy is hypocrisy no matter the bag of skin. That’s literally no different than people proving HB2 is necessary by sending men into the women’s room just to prove the point. Dude, seriously…do you even hear yourself?

          • Hata H. Zappa says

            Yes, I hear myself and I’m talking to YOU about the fact that this article is NINE MONTHS OLD. Don’t like it, do something about it.

          • Sandite5 says

            Hahaha well I’m flattered then. I do wish you well on your crusade of circular logic. Have a good life.

    • JohannIvan says

      Amazing, isn’t it? Over the course of 15 years Sanders paid two family members an average of 5K. Wow. Boy, they’re getting RICH, aren’t they? The Plutocracy / Clinton Faction sure is desperate. Let’s compare Sanders vs. the Clinton Clan – the later has been made wealthy, given millions upon millions of dollars by Wall Street & Corporate interests. And “progressives today” harps on Sanders giving out $10K / year over 15 years? What a joke. FK the Plutocracy and the Predator Clinton Clan.

      • DMANDICINO says

        Do these corporations own companies that sell books or organizations that pay ex Presidents and Secretaries of State to give speeches? And maybe we should talk about how much the Clintons paid in taxes and how much they gave to charities. But of course that would be positive and we don’t want to hear any of that…..

        • Mike Fague says

          The Clinton’s have done a lot of good in the public sector, thats why they should stay there. They have both sold out on many political interests. Bernie hasn’t. So you were saying?

        • patcee14 says

          And let’s look at their “administrative” costs while we are at it. And it might be interesting to see who all the contributors really were and why.

          • R.a. Massey says

            $600K+bonuses and a $10M house would’ve been nice back when I didn’t think money really mattered. I wonder what the rest of the CF board make?

    • DMANDICINO says

      It will go nice with her 250,000 dollar golden parachute. The Gop will not use your figures either by the way. Karl Rove will be giddy over this but don’t worry, he won’t mention a thing until after the primaries, that and all the other things his Koch money is paying to dig up. People who won’t talk have a lot more to say when Rove is waving the cash around.

    • phinneyl says

      Oh, OK. So, stealing money and giving it to family members is OK as long as it’s not “big money.” How do we know if it’s big money? We’ll ask Mike; he’ll let us know. Got it. Another rational Bernie apostle.

    • Ghostdreams says

      Mike, don’t bother with these people. They feel that they can bash and trash anyone they want to but if anyone mentions anything about their Bernie’s nasty history they immediately start with name calling, etc.
      When I asked about the mess he made of the VA when he chaired the “oversight” committee, most of the Bernbots don’t even know what that is, much less could they answer my questions about it.
      While over 70 veterans died in Arizona – BERNIE WAS THE GUY OVERSEEING THE VA! But .. I was called names and berated for even MENTIONING his culpability…
      Not one Bern supporter has managed to answer any questions I’ve had about the man. When I asked about Bernie supporting Fidel Castro during the Marial Boatlift Crisis (when we all found out that Castro was torturing and murdering LGBT people, dissidents and religious minorities) .. I was accused of “red baiting.”
      When I asked about his draft dodging during the Vietnam war I was told that he was a pacifist who was only following his principles (DESPITE the fact that NOW he says he’s NOT a pacifist which to most of us who served during Vietnam along with many other veterans from different era’s, looks a lot like he’s a man of convenience).
      When I asked about the rumors about him not sending child support (his own bio says he was “like many new fathers, having employment issues” – which smells like the manure it is but that is what it said) I was told that I needed to shut up and concentrate on the issues of today.
      AND when I ask about SIERRA BLANCA … NONE of the Bernbots can answer ANY of my questions as to WHY Bern CO-SPONSORED and PUSHED a bill that would dump nuclear waste on a small, impoverished, predominately Latino community that BEGGED him to PLEASE retract his sponsorship and support of the bill that would bring nuclear waste to their town.
      Bernie’s supporters seem to think that they can suppress the truth about Bernie to get through to the other side of the primary and then they’re home free or something.
      IF the nightmare known as Bernie Sanders did manage to win the primary.. the GOP will be playing ads every 5 minutes announcing each of the five issues I’ve brought up along with many I didn’t bring up (Let’s start with the fact Sanders didn’t have a consistent full time job until after he was FORTY YEARS OF AGE)….
      My two cents worth.

    • rabs says

      good to see someone with a sense of reality and appreciation for fairness. for comparison, a high school drop out makes more every month working minimum wage jobs than what he paid his wife and daughter

    • Everett Morris says

      It is big money when she is not doing much for it. The wife made $30,000 for putting together a one time ad. That is one time. In other words, she got $30,000 for about 30 minutes of work.

      She is not working constantly as she was paid $200,000 a year to be the head of a college.

      It was NOT spread out over a length of time.

      And the step daughter did not work five years. She worked the length of the campaign. Probably about six months for a senate race.

      The five years represents the length of time they checked over not the length of time that they worked or were paid over.

    • Hata H. Zappa says

      It doesn’t matter how much money changed hands. What matters is that much to his consternation, money from his campaign has passed to, er, through family members’ hands. Don’t you effing GET that? I ain’t mad at him for doing it, personally, I just want him to effing ADMIT it!

  4. waitstill says

    Jim Hoft, founder and proprietor of The Gateway Pundit, brings you the new online project “Progressives Today.” this is the political operative you are being duped by who promotes socialism for the 1% which makes its profits by keeping wages low and forcing people who work 2 jobs to need food stamps to feed their kids ……this is real socialism but it is for the rich ….i
    democratic socialist countrys have a much higher standard of living …they tax the rich and the rich are happy to pay it to have a healthy educated workforce…which is valuable to them ..thats smart they are not greedy like america’s wealthy

    on the other hand we spend twice as much on health care and are obese and ill and we are 28th in education …you think a sick and stupid population can actually remain powerful….you are against your own self interest in hopes that the greedy elite ‘job creators’ will throw you some crumbs so you can survive you are a slave wage debtor to them …..they thrive on your sacrifices

  5. Bonnie McCollett says

    Anyone who votes for this socialist should just save themselves some time and move to Greece or Venezuela and they can live out the end result of socialism instead of making the whole country suffer

    • User1988 says

      Or maybe Norway, where we could enjoy free college education and free healthcare (enjoyed by all other wealthy countries in the world). If you’re not a millionaire, you’re voting against your own interests. And if you are a multi-millionaire, eff you.

    • bejammin075 says

      I think Greece is a better example of what REPUBLICANS want: nobody paying their fair share of taxes. In the Western European social democracies, where people pay their fair share, it works very well.

      • autoverse says

        Greece failed for some very bilateral reasons – I’m quite amazed at how it managed to happen.

        The “liberals are at fault” reason: They gave more than they could afford to in entitlements – encouraging retirement at an age as young as 55 when you don’t have the money to support it is mind-boggling.

        The “conservatives are at fault” reason: Greek tax code is the swiss cheese of tax codes. When a patron can simply walk out of a restaurant after making the conscious decision to not pay tax on the meal, and then the restaurant owner can fudge those numbers, there’s a major issue.

        Greece actually demonstrated fairly well why these two extremes suck.

    • ConflictTheory says

      You’re ignorant. Democratic socialism is akin to Finland, Iceland, Norway.

      You need to stop watching cable news and pick up a book.

      PS: Greece is failing because it is not the sovereign issuer of its own currency. Not because of socialism. Get a clue.

  6. User1988 says

    Nice smear attempt, but the numbers aren’t large and the practice not atypical. Should his staffers all be volunteers? Do you think a $15k/year job is a gross example of nepotism? I like that his family is part of his organization and not the typical political campaign props.

      • User1988 says

        If you’re such a staunch supporter of that elitist corporate lackey, you should at least spell her name right, and this isn’t the normal grammar naxi attacking a typo – you’re trolling in here and misspelling shillary’s name consistently. Two Ls. Please don’t reply. Thanks and stay blessed.

          • User1988 says

            F off, troll. #FeelTheBern #WatchThePolls Your girl is unelectable. Enjoy the selfies and chillary beer cookies.

          • User1988 says

            She’s definitely licked the right uber wealthy boots to be Oligarch in Chief:

            “Clinton’s top 10 cumulative donors between between 1999 and 2016 were, in descending order, Citigroup ($782,327), Goldman Sachs ($711,490), DLA Piper ($628,030), JPMorgan Chase ($620,919), EMILY’s List ($605,174) Morgan Stanley ($543,065), Time Warner ($411,296), Skadden Arps ($406,640), Lehman Brothers ($362,853) and Cablevision Systems ($336,288).”

          • DMANDICINO says

            Now your even playing politics like Rove cause you do know that those are including people who work for those companies and list that on their donation right? That means you are trying to twist and spin something to manipulate others. Keep going down that road. It leads to the tea party….

          • User1988 says

            You’re right. Clinton is doing it all with “small” donors. Bernie has 285k small donors. Hillary has 250k “small” donors yet somehow she has 10x as much money. I guess it makes sense, rich people representing their own interests. “I got mine, f everyone else” right?

          • User1988 says

            PS – I’m unsubbing from this chain. I will never be back, and I will never vote for HRC (mostly because of jags like you).

          • DMANDICINO says

            And you would have never voted for her whether I defended her or not. Enjoy being proven a fool….

          • DMANDICINO says

            Classy reply, typical of the type of GOP troll who is masquerading as a Sanders supporter. You will be back on Karl Rove’s Mothership real soon after Hillary and thats with two or one L’s kicks Bernie out of the race

          • User1988 says

            Beat it, Oligarchy sycophant! I’ve given Sanders $100 and I’ll give him more – how much have you given your girl (who could fund her own campaign with all the money she took from arab oil countries)? Also, check the polls – your girl is slip sliding away (just like 08).

          • User1988 says

            This is such a joke – you realize HRC has more in common with the GOP than FVC and all the dems, right? The idea that Republicans are pushing Sanders because they want to stop Hillary is so laughable. The truth is, EVERYONE wants to stop Hillary bc she and her husband use their power to stuff their pockets and those of their cronies.

          • User1988 says

            Hahahaha. Hillary is the closest thing to a GOP conservative in this whole race. I support Sanders with my own money – how much have you given to Hil? Did you get her apron? Or her beach towels? Or her branded spatula that puts the H on the burgers?

        • DMANDICINO says

          I’m not sure what to call that? Is the new theme to just take everything negative said about or by anyone and turn it around and say “Thanks Hillary”? Wow, that seems familiar. Lets see, her family didn’t have money or power, she worked for everything she has. I think you have somehow confused nepotism with the American Dream where anyone can grow up and become President….

      • says

        If Bill was working in her campaign, I wouldn’t have a problem with him getting a salary for actual work done. And if he worked, but wasn’t paid, couldn’t that be considered an “in kind” contribution to the campaign?

    • autoverse says

      Oh no! $90,000 take home spread out over 5 years! That’s like $18,000 a year on average, or $9,000 each!

      $9,000 a year for part time work sounds…well…fair. What’s the problem?

      • GimMeLiberty says

        Some pretty big words in that article, were you able to read it? It’s nepotism when Tom Delay does it and ‘just business as usual’ for the one who SAYS he wants money out of politics. Just curious, how much money are you OK with? (I’m guessing but think the answer might have the concept ‘political party affiliation’ in it)…

        • autoverse says

          I have no problem with perfectly transparent nepotism. If Tom Delay, Ted Cruz, Harry Reid, or Chuck Schumer wants to pay a fair, competitive wage to a family member for work on the campaign, and do so with transparency, then great. Family members are more vested in the work, probably have less of a learning curve to overcome, and deserve opportunities to work just like anyone else. Once a candidate starts muddying the waters with a lack of transparency and vague expenses, then I have a problem.

          At $9000 a year on average, there are no red flags to raise, and transparency surrounds Bernie’s nepotism. That’s not even enough to buy a decent used car, so all-in-all, it’s a non issue.

          Also – learn to argue using facts, not insults. It makes you look like an ignoramus.

          • GimMeLiberty says

            You choose to ignore the hypocrisy due to your political
            bias. Please understand that. If either Mike Huckabee or Ted Cruz was
            caught doing just a ‘little messing around’ or found to have suggested to his
            wife to have a ‘very early’ abortion sometime in the distant past, most people
            would disqualify either of them as a serious candidate.
            Bernie Sanders goes around ‘preaching’ to others about the evils of
            capitalism and cronyism yet it seems, in the case of his own family, he lives by a different code…

          • autoverse says

            See – here’s your problem. You’re turning me into a strawman by assuming I believe one thing, or another when I haven’t said anything like that. You’re making wild assumptions because you have this “us against them” mentality when dealing with politics. What if I told you that I voted for McCain in 2008 and Ron Paul had my support just before 2012?

            Another thing about me: I’ve never believed Nepotism is bad, and I try not to jump to conclusions about these things. You talk like you’ve seen me rip into Republican candidates while giving others a free pass – I’m sorry, but prove it. Seriously – I’ve stated quite candidly how I believe and you’re putting your fingers in your ears singing “la la la la I’m not listening to you!”

            Furthermore – what’s with the talk about abortion? I thought we were talking about nepotism and pay transparency. Cronyism isn’t the same as nepotism, and shame on you for suggesting they’re the same. Cronyism involves selling out the people in order to benefit financially, or gain support by selling out the people. $9000 a year in TRANSPARENT, OPEN, AND CANDID wages for a family member is not cronyism, and the only thing further from cronyism would be not hiring at all.

            Would you like to put more words in my mouth, or are we done here?

          • GimMeLiberty says

            Pointing out the Hypocrisy. Since the Owenites socialism has been plagued by human nature. A tendency to ‘be cared for’ without responsibility to others on the part of the ruled and nepotism and enrichment of an upper ruling class…

          • autoverse says

            “A tendency to ‘be cared for’ without responsibility to others on the part of the ruled and nepotism and enrichment of an upper ruling class…”

            We’ve been dealing with an upper ruling class for years. The Bush’s, the Clinton’s are the obvious examples, but it’s hardly limited to them.

            How about massive funds that go into Super PACs and into the campaigns of certain politicians? How about secret meetings with the Koch brothers? Money talks, and some of these billionaires are able to do a lot of talking.

            The ruling class has nothing to do with simple nepotism and hiring your daughter for $9000 a year (seriously – that’s not even minimum wage). The ruling class isn’t even elected. The ruling class is a group of individuals and corporations with the money to buy influence and elections. It’s simple and it’s obvious.

            It has nothing to do with socialism and whatever horror story you were told about a guy who has had a long, productive, consistent and transparent role in politics (Vermont is in excellent fiscal standing, Bernie doesn’t skip votes, and he doesn’t sway based on who tries to put money in his pocket).

          • GimMeLiberty says

            Maybe change your name to Auto-reverse. Look at the article and my first post and see how far you’ve gone astray in order to make some point about Bernie being a great guy and some harangue against crony capitalism. Do you know ANYONE who is for that? I don’t see either party addressing that in any meaningful way. Yet, when I look at socialist/communist governments around the world they either have very little chance of working in a pluralistic and diverse society like the USA or they are very, very corrupt with only a few reaping the so-called ‘benefits of socialism’ (my first comment). Again, human nature pretty much dictates how various forms of government work, it has nothing to do with Bernie being a great guy…

          • autoverse says


            And Bernie’s voting record demonstrates zero cronyism in his politics. Everyone else, save for Trump (who has no political experience) has a history of blatant cronyism. They say they’re not for it, but their actions speak much louder than their words.

          • GimMeLiberty says

            Endless arguments. Cronyism fundamental to article. If not immune to it in family then a small step to crony capitalism. Absence of evidence not evidence of absence so not sure ANY politician shoe in for Sainthood…

          • autoverse says

            I don’t disagree with you there, but if I have to choose someone with a history of buddying up to special interests or someone who hasn’t had such a history, I’m going to choose with the one who hasn’t gone down that path yet.

          • GimMeLiberty says

            If it boils down to Trump and Sanders as only ones ‘immune’ to outside interests I will struggle November 2016:’)

          • autoverse says

            I’ve had that struggle before. The simple answer is not to vote, or go for a third party you believe in. Sure you could go “lesser of two evils” but to me, that’s throwing away your voice, or at least selling it out.

            While we have the right and duty to vote, we also are fortunate enough to have the freedom to not vote when the system has failed us. It’s failed us plenty. Look at these “Democratic Dictatorships” where voter turnout is something like 98% and the dictator gets something like 99% of the vote. It’s nice to be able to abstain rather than throw your support toward someone you don’t believe in.

          • ConflictTheory says

            As with most ‘conservatives’ who have usurped and bastardized the word liberty, you are just as ignorant as the rest of your lot.

  7. ZeroSum1 says

    Who cares if he paid people to work for him no matter who they are….berne is a festering socialist that will milk this county into depression. Socialism does not work never will…look at all the government programs we have now are already draining as fast. The ruins of Detroit is going to spread like a desease not just here but on a global scale global

  8. Eric Blankenburg says

    Some history:

    When the top rate was 90% before Kennedy, the top 1% paid an average of about 21% in taxes.

    When the top rate was 28% under Reagan, the top 1% paid an average of about 21% in taxes.

    The top tax rate does NOT punish the super wealthy. The super wealthy can buy politicians to write tax loopholes just for them and also hire tax attorneys and accountants to take advantage of those loopholes.

    The top tax rate punishes new entrepreneurs who are trying to compete with wealthy established interests

    Unfortunately, the people on the left are too brain dead stupid to understand this.

  9. trenaherringtonchapman says

    The author’s idea of big money and my idea of big money is substantially different. Slow news day or a sorry-a55ed attempt to smear the Senator. Either way, this is a big flop.

    • DMANDICINO says

      Oh but I bet you jumped all over that story about trying to trick young Hillary campaign workers over 75 dollars huh? She should be in prison over 75 bucks I read berniebots were saying?

  10. backpackwayne says

    Not that it matters even if it true. But I hope Bernie supporters will see the lengths of the crap people put out there and see it’s the same thing they do to Hilary. With success come attacks. So try to learn something here. You believing and spreading the crap about Hilary, is the same exact thing they are doing here.

  11. says

    Progressives Today is obviously not very progressive when it is trying to slander the only progressive candidate in the race today.

    How much money did Neil Bush swindle Silverado Savings & Loan out of giving questionable loans to his dad’s friends in the oil & gas business and how much of the money that Neil loaned-out ended-up getting contributed to the elect George H W Bush campaign before Silverado went belly-up and cost US taxpayers over $1 billion to bail out in late-1980s Dollar-value, at least 3-4 times that in today’s Dollar-value too?

    How much of that money was used to elect Neil’s brother GW as President, and how much was used to elect Neil’s brother Jeb as Florida’s Governor too?

    You progressives at Progressives Today should know that there are plenty more such little negative tidbits about 2016 Presidential candidates less-progressive than Bernie Sanders is too.

    • DaveGinOly says

      Bernie and Trump are in the same boat. Establishment operatives on both sides will do anything to disrupt their candidacies by discrediting them. The establishment of neither side is able to tolerate the success of candidates who they don’t favor. More proof that the “two sides” are in reality just two sides of the same coin.

  12. EricHa says

    LAAAAME!! I thought there was a story here but it can be summarized with “Idiot journalist inflates dollar amounts for candidate’s campaign support from family OVER THE COURSE OF FIVE YEARS.” And I use “journalist” very loosely in this situation.

  13. timmay says

    Some people below in their desire to protect Bernie didn’t read the article. The time frame for the $30,000 wife was not “since 2000”, it was in a less than 2 year period- and only during a few months of campaigns in that time. His step daughter was not while his $5-10,000 over five years, it was for campaigning “consultant” work, which in this case would have been two campaigns.

    We have no idea of who the media buy money went to and whether that was inflated too, and we don’t know how much it has been in the last ten years, but I will bet you that the amounts have only went up. He’s a crook among crooks. What’s new.

    • johnsawyer says

      “We have no idea of who the media buy money went to and whether that was inflated too, and we don’t know how much it has been in the last ten years…and therefore he’s a crook.”

      You also have no idea whether your neighbors are stealing from their employers, and therefore they are crooks.

  14. Chris says

    Why pay your wife and daughter? Couldn’t find anyone in greater need of a job? If you’re going to call yourself a democratic socialist, you need to do a better job spreading resources around.

  15. Norman Hall says

    Large sums of money… really? He paid them just over minimum wage, the same as he pays his staff of today. Isn’t it more concerning that Hillary pays her intern staff of 150 people absolutely nothing?

  16. Bill Goodman says

    So you can’t dig up dirt like you could Cristie, Clinton, Bush, etc. So now you need to make up something to make Bernie look bad. Nice try. Bernie will be the next POTUS!

    • DMANDICINO says

      Bernie won’t even win his next Senate race. You have destroyed him by pumping his ego and sending him into the real world where real Koch monsters live under the bed….

  17. averagejoeusername . says

    Sanders appeals to the economically ignorant. This article appears to also…if his family was making say..over 100k per year..MAYBE that may raise my eyebrows. (take a look at the Clinton foundation “paying” Chelsea)

  18. Grey Winters says

    Really sick of people acting like Bernie is some virgin mary pure as ivory soap ,it’s all crap Bernie is full time on the dole career politician who never did anything that wasn’t a political rung to elevate his status.

  19. Jess says

    When you provide a service you’re entitled to a remuneration. If they don’t pay you something for your time and effort, it’s considered: slavery. What he paid out to his wife and stepdaughter over the course of those years isn’t worth the mention.

    The difference here is that Bernie’s family is eating ground round while the other candidates are eating filet mignon. Big difference.

    • ConflictTheory says

      You don’t understand economics at all, huh? That must suck. Drifting through your sad life pretending to understand something with such complexity. That must be terrible. I hope you get better.

  20. Trace says

    Yes his wife made 30k in 15 years, based on a 40 hour work week thats a penny an hour. His stepdaugher averaged 20k/year thats an average of $9 bucks an hour. That crooked bastard! How dare you pay someone a penny & $9 bucks and hour for your campaign.

  21. Joe says

    You Bernie Sanders fellaching fans crack me up. Most of you haven’t been to a voting booth I know, but people like Bernie were always listed under the socialist party. Oh I’m sorry “social democrat” . I forget that using that term makes socialism cool for you enlightened hipsters. If it works for Switzerland it’ll work for us, right? Go away with your nonsense. Bernie just keeps blaming the last guy in power and spent the rest of his political career with fancy theories about how sharing should be mandatory and giving poor people solar panels that they can’t afford to maintain. I’m sure he’ll be surprised when the panels are sold to a pawn shop for real money. As for this article, its called a conflict of interest. I would not pay my family if I were running, because of the principle of it. If your own family wont do it for free, something is wrong.

  22. Leo Pusateri says

    Bernie Sanders pays those working for him. His family also works for him. There a more accurate article that doesn’t encourage and spread stupidity to my Facebook feed.

  23. Morgan King says

    Good to see Sanders is consistent in paying his workers fairly. Campaign contributions are meant to pay for campaign workers, and these are hardly exorbitant salaries.

  24. DreadedDelusion says

    This is an incredibly stupid article. How much are you supposed to pay people for working their asses off? Clearly the person who wrote this has no experience in executive management or the realities of how damn hard it is to be on the clock 24 hrs a day for someone who has an impossibly complicated life. Yea, probably pretty well deserved pay considering his wife is probably busting ass for him and not at home- knitting sweaters. Daughter as well. He is a political figure which is 1000x more complicated than being a pissy owner of a business or even a major c-level executive. Im sure its not possible to find other porkish spending behavior that would be more constructive to criticize.

  25. Rod O'Neil says

    Hypocrisy is not judged by the amount of money is it? It is either hypocritical, or it is not. Bernie is just another politician and it seems his faithful may be no different than those in the Donald Trump Cult.

    • ConflictTheory says

      What? Are you talking about Hillary? Because if you were, that statement would at least be accurate. Bernie is worth less than a million dollars and he paid these people properly for what they did. Go pray to your idol, Hillary who even takes money from children’s organizations simply for speaking.

  26. Cracking Ceilings says

    lol when someone else does this, you throw temper tantrums. But when it comes to goody two shoes Sanders, then everything is hunky dory! The hypocrisy is stunning!

  27. danielistical says

    If Bernie has done anything wrong CHARGE HIM go ahead what stops you? and If he did nothing wrong or ilegal WHO CARES? Dirt digger digging keep on digging no one is moved by your worthless efforts.

  28. Amy Luley says

    I don’t call paying salaries to workers (even if they are family) a mismanagement of campaign funds, if he were paying his personal bills off of campaign funds then that is not excuseable, but his family members were employees and that is not the same as paying your personal bills with campaign money like your rent and expensives, he just got around that by making family employees and paying them a salary so they could earn a living, that is just smart business.

  29. Thomas J. Gray says

    The email I sent to the editor in chief of Progressives Today ( sent to: [email protected])

    “I am seriously disappointed in your publication and your lack of editorial standards, as reflected by this article.

    The headline says Bernie used campaign funds to pay his family over $150,000, but when you read the article it turns out that $61,000 of that was not “paid” to family members but rather used to buy advertising, meaning that the actual amount that was paid to his family members (over a five year period) was actually $89,000. (By the way, the article has figures which conflict with themselves.) Apart from that, nowhere in the article does it address how many hours the daughter-in-law worked, or how many hours his wife worked, to earn those wages, or what they did. It is, quite simply, a hit piece.

    “I am disappointed with your lack of editorial standards and editorial control. It makes me wonder if Progressives Today going to be functioning as part of the Clinton or O’Malley campaigns, or if are you just so desperate for hits that you will publish any garbage someone writes for you?”

  30. Mahlers5th says

    It’s frustrating, isn’t it, when you know your candidate has done nothing wrong – certainly nothing criminal- but media outlets start trotting out the innuendos and misleading headlines? I feel your pain.

    But if Bernie is the Democratic nominee, brace yourselves. The Repub smear machine will call for a special investigation and hound him through the summer. Have you SEEN what they’re doing to Hillary’s aide Huma for taking a paid maternity leave — a paid WORKING maternity leave? And that’ll just be the beginning. They’ll look under every pebble of his life, public and personal, relationships with wives, children, disgruntled colleagues. Did he miss a single month of child support? SANDERS DEAD-BEAT DAD!
    Just you wait…

  31. stellaDella says

    I really doubt if Bernie Sanders actually paid anybody himself. Paid employees are hired and paid by staff members, someone in charge of hiring the employees. Beside, the amount paid is not eve a living wage. Someone is nitpicking just to try demeaning Bernie.

  32. TomJoadisJob says

    Talk about creating a story from while cloth. Progressives Today should be ashamed of themselves, to the point of renaming themselves “Yellow Journalists in the Bag for Someone Else”.

  33. Anthony says

    What a surprise…, First Sanders is a hypocrite when it comes to supporting big business-he rails against so-called Wall Street support, but when you look at his own record, he’s been a long-time supporter of the gun lobby (i.e., he voted against the Brady Act & he voted for the PLCAA).

  34. ConcernedCitizen15 says

    I don’t see the scandal here. Republicans really need to stretch to find a problem with Mr. Sanders. Paying people to work for him isn’t dishonest, and it looks like his family was paid less than a stranger would have been for doing the same job.

  35. John Smith says

    This shows a motivation in him. If he is willing to use campaign donations for family salaries, that means he can be bought, as long as it means the well-being of his family. Isn’t it very convenient that he switched from socialist to democratic socialist last year right before the elections. Its also kinda strage that the DNC would allow him to run on their ticket. I think he is bought. Once he gets the nomination, he will accept campaign donations from corporations. He will say its for the greater good. It won’t matter, his supporters will still hold out hope on their legal drugs and free healthcare and college.

  36. Trisha Idleno Morey says

    I don’t give a rats ass WHO he hires. If they do a job, they deserve to be paid just like anyone else. That’s number one. Number two, at least he PAYS his campaigners. Hillary’s campaign almost went on strike before she bothered to pay them, showing us EXACTLY how she plans to treat the working class. So fuck her. Bernie isn’t rich and he’s fair. He’s paid everyone who works for him period and if someone spends 40hrs a week working, they should be paid a livable wage. This is what he preaches. He’d be a hypocrite to treat anyone different. Of course his family supports him. My entire family supports him. MANY families support him. I have worked for Sanders advocating online up to 15 hours a day for FREE because I believe in him that much.

  37. Dan says

    What a joke of an attempt to discredit Sanders. Firstly, the salaries he paid out over those times were quite… meager. If that were the only salary his family made, they would all be living in poverty. Second, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH GIVING JOBS TO YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS, ESPECIALLY IF THEY DO IT ADEQUATELY.

    This article title is a fucking lie. He did not “donate” this money to his family; he paid them for services, same as he would any other employee. If you don’t like Bernie Sanders, please present a LEGITIMATE reason, not this disingenuous crap.

  38. lemonysnicket says

    What? Campaigns can’t pay people who work for them? Also, your link to the referenced Guardian article links to nowhere. Go fuck yourselves.

  39. says

    I’m a Hillary supporter, however this has been the case for almost every candidate. There’s nothing wrong as long as they are working for it… and traveling on their behalf it’s understandable. If Bernie wins, I’ll support him. But this smacks of Swift Boats antics… lets talk about the differences. Not bullshit… if it’s reported and not under the the table… that is what counts… and lets get votes for the next Democratic President… and let Trump act like a spoiled brat and name caller.

  40. Linda Park says

    What is even more interesting, I saw him on a talk show. They asked him if it’s true that he and his wife are deeply in debt. Sanders replied, I don’t really know, my wife takes care of the finances in our family. Then asked, we were told you and your wife have more then $15,000 in credit card debt, is that true. Sanders said, yes he figures that’s true, but he doesn’t handle the money in his home. Sanders said he makes a very good money working for congress.
    For someone who is telling people everything that he’s going to do financially for them, he doesn’t even have a clue about his own finances, other he’s in debt.

  41. Nikki Callahan says

    Oh god, alert the press! Bernie paid a minimal amount of money to family members who worked for him! The horror! Ahhahahahaa. Grasping for straws, guys. Grasping for straws.

  42. Ms. Hovie says

    Just read the previous comments and understand this is total chicken shit. Mike you nailed it on the head. Is this the best the GOP and SHILL can do?????????? Bernie Sanders still is the best and most honest candidate ever. He reports all he does.

  43. Marie Mahoney says

    Republicans do this. Democrats do it. It’s legal. Whether or not you believe the practice should be outlawed, it’s legal now. You can pay your wife fair market value to perform a service for your campaign and still be against the influence of big money in politics. These are not the same issues. He is not enriching his wife by paying her $30,000 over a three-year period. The amount of money Bernie’s campaign paid to relatives was not a lot and sounds like fair compensation for what they did. If I were he, would I have found someone other than my wife to place ads? I would have. But he paid his wife a reasonable fee to do something she is qualified to do. What he did was wholly legal.

  44. Kay says

    I’m genuinely trying to understand why this is big news. The campaign paid two people for advertising and work towards his campaign over many years. The fact that they are his family is the big issue? So you cannot pay family members to do work for you?

  45. 16 TONS says

    paying for services rendered by family members isn’t an issue, not reporting paying for services rendered by family members is – sadly, that isn’t the case and people may need to dig a bit harder to find some dirt that comes close to the red party’s own.

  46. JustinX89 says

    1. Bernie Sanders pays workers for his campaign with donations, as every campaign does to stay in operation.
    2. Of those workers, a few were family members.

    3. They got paid significantly less than most other campaign workers
    during the same period of time their efforts were contributed.
    4. They used the money they were paid to buy stuff.

    5. A right-wing publication called the Washington Free Beacon
    “investigated” this completely public knowledge (meaning they probably
    Googled it), then put out a report calling it “funneling,” even though
    that is not the correct use of the word in any sense.

    So yeah…. SCANDALOUS!

  47. USN_RET says

    Despite what you may think, paying your wife & daughter a total of $150,000 over a period of 10 years is not “big money”. If I was running a campaign, you can be damn sure I would hire people I trust for key positions — and this would definitely include my family members.

  48. curiousjosh says

    Congratulations! you’ve made a relationship on the word “MONEY”

    and comparing the BILLION of dollars to the measly wages of $5k to $10k a year.

    Sanders is arguing that everyone should be paid a fair wage.

    Could you imagine the scandal if Sanders said everyone should be paid a fair wage, then DIDN’T PAY HIS WIFE OR DAUGHTER WHEN WORKING FOR HIM!?!

    Besides the word “money” being involved, paying someone a fair wage isn’t the same as two brothers pouring a billion dollars into an election to influence america.

  49. says

    Bernie Sanders has spent his entire life as a career politician, except for two years. In other words, Bernie’s made a career sucking tax dollars out of the pockets of working Americans and putting those dollars into his checking account. Bernie, except for his ludicrous self identified title as, “Socialist in Chief” has never created a dime of wealth in the American economy and he’s going to tell us how things should be run. He’s from the team that has killed hundreds of thousands of US Veterans that have died waiting for care at the VA, while the VA management team paid themselves huge bonuses based on phony schedules that denied basic care for things like, curable cancer. These veterans that risked it all had their lives take away by phonies, like Bernie Sanders, who was supposed to be watching out for the vets and the performance of the VA. Get ready, Bernie has a plan for you and it might just cost you your life.

  50. Cher says

    lmao. and Hillary gave weapons of mass destruction to ISIL and other countries while she was Secretary of State in exchange for contributions to her and Bill’s foundation!!

  51. JSM says

    BY THE NUMBERS…. Sounds like the pay is so low Sanders has to hire his family.
    They are making less than a McDonald’s manager…
    Less than I make in theatre.
    Thanks for showing that he is again the most fiscally conservative candidate out there.

  52. Amanda says

    This is the weakest attempt I have seen I’m regards to trying to smear somebody’s image, lol. Do the math. Oh, and instead of smearing a candidate that isn’t your favorite, how about promoting the one you favor. There are two types of people. Geez.

  53. Vera says

    lmao, 10,000 a year and then 13000 a year for work provided? are you kidding me? The Sanders clan is getting rich on that… How much is Bill making and Chelsea on the work they do for Hillary campain? If they worked on the Campain they get paid, like all other campain workers.

  54. Steve Copeland says

    Well, for one thing – as many have replied here – these amounts are tremendously small relative to what for the most part is ‘out-there.’ – But also & more importantly is – I don;t know about his step-daughter – but your piece itself says that Jane Sanders was indeed a ‘professional media buyer’ – had, has professional knowledge, ability in that matter, task of which the campaign was in need —

  55. highcourt says

    oh this is npthing.. wait till the bill comes in for this Presidential run. it’ll b e in the millions.. now, he has all those millions at his disposal
    the oldest trick in the book.. what’s so shocking about it?

  56. El_Guapo says

    Wow, this reeks of desperation.

    He paid them campaign funds…TO WORK ON HIS CAMPAIGN! That’s what campaign funds are FOR, FFS.

    Are they expected to work for free because they’re family? I work for my family business, but I’m not about to do so for free.

    Furthermore, they’ve completely (and probably intentionally) missed the point of not wanting big money in campaigns with this article: when a billionaire finances a campaign like Clinton’s, they do so in exchange for political favors later on.

    How is this comparison relevant at all?

    “What Sanders did is technically not illegal, but it’s astonishing that someone campaigning on the removal of big money in politics used campaign funds to pay large sums of money to members of his own family.”

    No, it isn’t. Now, please fire whatever trained squirrel wrote this article for you…

  57. pbr90 says

    Looks like Sanders knows all the tricks too; is that called hypocrisy?
    If Sanders has raised money for Democrats as he claims over 30 yrs, how much and from whom?
    If then, how can he do it now, after complaining about it?

  58. Oligarchy_Is_$o_20th_Century says

    This is an idiot ideologue blog. Amazing to read Hillary acolytes bashing away at Mr. Sanders on a blog that has as its sole mission taking down US progressives. Way to go, regressive center-right pro-Hillary trolls–hand as much ammunition as possible to the republican fools working to take down what’s left of the corporate-controlled Democratic party in the general this fall. Amazing.

  59. 1bestdog says

    Publish a mildly critical piece questioning Sanders, and his Children of the Corn come out to repeat decades of lies about Clinton dating from the early 90s that the Right has been putting out there because she is NOT JUST LIKE THEM. She is tough, determined and smart and she scares the hell out of the right. But Bs’ kids swallow it whole (do they teach history to these kids anymore?) and manage to insult every single person that doesn’t fall in lock step after it has been bern-splained to them.

    Now that is scary.There’s another word for that and it isn’t democratic socialism.

  60. daronlady620 says

    Yet another article of distortions and outright lies from a site that disingenuously calls itself “Progressives Today.” The facts can easily checked with a simple search (assuming you understand the difference between documented evidence and internet spin). Either the authors didn’t bother to verify their information, or- as I suspect- their intention is to mislead. I would say that the authors should be ashamed of themselves, but I seriously doubt if they have any shame.

  61. Chum says

    The old commie has proven himself to be just another sellout establishment party man. He has forsaken his loyal followers in favor of the criminal Hillary and the DNC.

  62. AdrienneHB says

    Compared to the admitted draw by the the Clinton family of 93% of the tax-free donations to their charity fraud foundation to support their very lavish life style. -Like the private plane Bill was in when he met with Lynch. The estimate floating is $412million. Financial analyst and forensic audit expert Charles Ortel says it’s actually in the billions.
    – But it’s been difficult to gather the numbers since the Clintons don’t bother to report a lot of monies, or tax returns, or meet other reporting laws on state and federal levels. His site is a must-read if you want to truly understand the depths of their perfidy. But Charles brought down GE by doing the same type of assessment, and he assures this is a much smaller nut. But the myriad of laws ignored and broken on a grand scale is mind boggling. Strongly suggest giving his reports a read.
    http://charlesortel.com He’s doing our country a real, patriotic favor-which the authorities have zealously ignored. If they had been paying attention, both Clintons would most likely be behind bars now. As it is, I pray that his records will tie a big red bow on 10-20 years for the two of them.

  63. Mary Amezcua says

    They worked on his campaign, why shouldn’t they get paid just like anyone else….now if you think this is bad, then let’s hear about his opponent….the Honorable Hillary Clinton…now there is some juicy conspiracy theories…lollol

  64. LaDiablaBlanca says

    Hillary Clinton is funneling millions into her own coffers, and we are supposed to be worried about people being paid 15k per year? GET REAL. THIS ARTICLE IS TRASH. IS THIS SITE JUST AS MUCH TRASH? ‘PROGRESSIVES’

  65. Josh says

    BIG SCARY HEADLINE: BERNIE SANDERS PAYS FAMILY WORKING AS CAMPAIGN STAFF WITH CAMPAIGN FUNDS! Hillary received $10.7 million in 2014 for speeches given to Wall Street on how to increase profits by destroying the middle class, but Bernie has the sheer nerve to pay his staffers with money given to him to pay his staffers.

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