Leftists Circulate Picture of Little Girl Carrying Governor Scott Walker’s Severed Head

A leftist environmental group is passing around a picture of a little girl carrying Wisconsin governor Scott Walker’s decapitated head.

Remember all the times the left called conservatives hateful and demanded a new tone in American politics? They don’t.

The Wisconsin Daily Independent reports:

Environmentalists Circulating Image of Girl Carrying Walker’s Decapitated Head

A member of the Facebook page titled Citizens Protecting the Penokee Hills Heritage Park posted a artist depiction of a small girl carrying the severed head of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

The image, has amassed over 160 likes and 170 responses that are mostly positive.

According to the mission statement, the purpose of their group is to provide an avenue for the distribution of research, education, and information pertaining to preserving the Penokee Hills as a national heritage park in northwestern Wisconsin.

Read the rest of the report here.

If a conservative group published an image like this featuring a liberal politician, the media reaction would be swift and harsh.

Will this disgusting and violent display be condemned by the media?

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  1. Conniption Fitz says

    Shows how much the vile Islamist mentality has taken over the left…also shows how much the Hispanic and blacks have been converted to Islamist thinking.

    Where the leftist bullies have previously just used obscene language and death threats, now they will begin using barbaric atrocities of Islam to achieve their ends.

    • Johnathan Swift Jr. says

      Actually the resurgence or return the Medieval practice of head chopping began with the drug cartels in Mexico. In this case one evil group, Islamists, has learned from another, the nihilistic drug cartels.

      But in this case, the young girl is dressed in a Native American dress. That is the message.

  2. Sigmund Fraud says

    The progressives’ proclivity to juxtapose children and violence is near-fetishistic. Maybe there will be a painting depicting the sale of bodyparts…

      • Ian Deal says

        No, Hitler and the Nazis took combined the same sick, dark, rancid world view with industrial efficiency to kill millions. The Muslim radicals reject modernity, which is why they behead, burn, drown, etc., and act like 7th Century invaders. The modern left, believing in the intellectual superiority of atheism, has sold its soul to the devil.

        • biilyjoe says

          They (Iran) already have tested ICBM’s and want nuclear weapons (and not just to stare at but to use on The Great Satan (America) and to blow the Little Satan , Israel, off the face of the earth. I’d say they’re already at least a step ahead of Hitler’s buzz bombs and also ahead of the level of nuclear power that the Nazi scientists had reached by 1945. So I must disagree with you. (It is because of that sick nazi world view that we should’ve learned that it can not be placated (the way Chamberlain placated Hitler) in a nuclear Iran.

          • Ian Deal says

            We don’t really disagree; I was referring to the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Queda, ISIS and splinter terrorists groups. Iran is just modern day Persia and they’ve been hell bent on global domination for 3000 years. Nothing shows the moral and intellectual defects of the left than Obama’s Iran treaty. It is not ignorance but willful stupidity. I never thought I would witness the same kind of intentional blindness of a Chamberlain in 21st Century America.

          • biilyjoe says

            When a person embodies the culmination of what the left-wing has been feeding us since at least 1964– ie hatred of all of Western Civilization, recently Christianity, white males, recently all white people (we have , accdg to their black academic “leaders — racism in our genes– God knows what’s in theirs) patriotism, I have no trouble understanding their “blindness’ — but I think it is really hatred, jealousy and pleasure in destroying all west. civ. has built . Do you really think Obomba skipped the march against islamic terrorism in Paris because of willful stupidity ?? I think it was treason born out of hate for America and western ideals — which he can’t OWN and claim for himself and “his kind”– whatever specifically “his kind” (and Al Sharpton’s kind) is in his own perverse view.

        • Soldier says

          They reject modern ways until a Fatwah decrees it halal for jihadi use only. Otherwise telephones, computers, bombs, electricity, automobiles, guns, pumbling, cheeseburgers, etc are considered haraam. Illegal because it wasnt present when Mohommed was on earth.

    • Jefferson Paine says

      The Western Left has a very strong affinity for Islam and Islamists. It’s not a religious thing either. Islam is every bit as much a form of governing people as it is a religion. Most of the world’s Muslims live under and Islamic government, most known for their totalitarian proclivities and merciless “justice”…

      The Left envies those governments for the power and control they wield over their people. That’s what the American Left wants for us…

    • Johnathan Swift Jr. says

      Well of course if you think about it this revolting orgy of intimidation through head chopping began in Mexico with the cartels and then spread to Radical Islamists. And, by the numbers the cartels have probably chopped far more heads. The number of murders in Mexico is insane, just the missing are something like 20,000.

      • Blargette says

        I never thought head chopping would be a form of recruitment. Yet, here we are.

        The could not find a sufficiently Mexican looking Mexican? I smell racism. And you made me chuckle. Thank ya.

  3. Linda says

    Why, why is this not a crime??????????? Is this diabolical picture not a message to psychos to go and decapitate a human being??? WHY IS THIS NOT A CRIME?????????

    • Jefferson Paine says

      Unless the organization is advocating the violence or like violence as depicted, it is a vile, reprehensible exercise of free speech… Their speech reflects the depravity of their minds and their “values” if you will.

  4. Black lies matter says

    Do it back to them and stop caring what they say and think.
    Put a white child holding a decapitated black or Mexican head and if they make a fuss about it and keep showing it in there propaganda, do it right back to them.

  5. Lamontyoubigdummy says

    Remember “New Tone”?

    This is kosher for the left, but and old benign political map Sarah Palin put out “caused” the shooting of US Rep Giffords.


  6. Vince says

    You mean RIGHTISTS are posting and circulating this, right? 180 “likes” in the article? It doesn’t sound or look like a “leftist” circulation to me. Dam weirdos and Chicken Littles in this country, anymore.
    THIS site isn’t even about progressives! It’s a rightist front! Look it up!

      • Vince says

        I’m 6 foot 1 inch tall. I guess you are wrong, Lolwut. And yes, you make me sad. This single meme inside one website has gotten 194 “likes” since august 9th. It isn’t even a Picasso in the Spanish Civil War painting and the Facebook site is VERY hard to google because you cannot find it on Google! The citizen site is buried by, I would bet, more than 194 right wing sites about it. Have you written that site or just waved “oh woe is me”?

  7. 5Cats says

    She’s a little NATIVE girl, see her “jingle (bell) dress”? It’s for ceremonial dancing.
    So she scalped Scott Walker? Or did she join ISIL? Isn’t that just the most racist thing you’ve seen this week?
    Of course NO mention of such a thing, free pass for any who advocate violence against the ‘right’ targets.

  8. Soldier says

    As being myself of native american heritage, I take issue with the dress the little girl is wearing. That dress is a “jingle” dress,where we take snuff tin lids and roll them into small bells (i.e, jinglebells) for dance regalia.

    Is thr artist trying to say Natives will decapitate Scott Walker?

  9. Xenuvius says

    Amerika’s far-left is about as tolerant and fanatical as ISIS. I see the painting as a metaphor for the importance of early indoctrination to the idea of cutting off the heads of one’s opponents to prevent them from speaking. Such an act is congruant with their idea of debate…prevent honest debate at all costs.

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