Clinton Campaign Lawyer Linked to DEAD PEOPLE VOTING SCAM

Marc Elias

A lawyer named Marc Elias who has strong ties to the Clintons and Hillary’s presidential campaign is being investigated for voter fraud. His previous work includes fighting voter IDs.

Jazz Shaw reports at Hot Air:

Clinton campaign attorney represented voting group now charged with registering dead people

Marc is currently the general counsel for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, but he’s had plenty of other assignments for the Democrats before this. It seems as if Marc’s specialty is dealing with pesky cases involving voter registration and election fraud. One of the latest examples on his resume dealt with a voter registration group in the Buckeye State who he represented earlier this year known as the Ohio Organizing Collaborative. They were challenging the state’s new voter ID law, though their usual purpose was supposed to be going out and registering voters of all stripes to increase citizen participation in the electoral process.

Here’s more from the Washington Free Beacon:

Top Clinton Lawyer Filed Voter Suppression Suit for Group Now Under Investigation for Voter Fraud

A group that had been represented by the top lawyer for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign earlier this year is now being investigated by Ohio authorities for fraudulent voter registrations, including the registration of deceased individuals.

Marc Elias, an attorney at Perkins Coie who has become the go-to fixer for Democrats and is now general counsel for Clinton’s presidential campaign, became involved with the Ohio Organizing Collaborative this May when he filed a lawsuit on its behalf to challenge the state’s voter identification laws.

Now the group is being investigated by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal investigation after a local board of elections alleged that 25 to 30 of the voter-registration applications that the group submitted appeared to be fraudulent.

Anyone surprised?



  1. says

    Corruption.. Shenanigans .. Voting fraud in the Clintongue camp???

    Say it ain’t so!!$! Impossible!!1 She’s squeaky clean as the air after it came a rain storm!♣!! [/sarc]

    Here’s our surprised face

    • iWildwood says

      Actually, I think the photo best represents them – They’re always cock-a-doodle-dooing about something. Just like a rooster, they believe they are the reason the sun rises in the morning.

      • Consuelo Torres says


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          • David kenyon says

            Yes we know yawn! Caught you once but you get away with it a thousand times! Your the same clowns that say it never happens!

        • MarioRom says

          What is that supposed to mean? First, a DEMOCRAT created the ballots and the US Supreme Court had to rule because the Liberal Florida Supreme Court was attempting to change election law on the fly and they were told to cut it out. It was also AL GORE who decided to get the courts to intervene in the first place so deal with it!

          Jeb Bush was nowhere near this issue when it happened and we all learned from Florida that Democrats are too stupid to follow a straight line across a ballot and too weak to push the stylus all the way through the paper.

          If Al Gore felt so slighted, why didn’t he run again in the next cycle? Because he knew he was a loser and didn’t want that confirmed by losing a second election. This way dummies like you help keep the dream alive.

          • William Carr says

            “The US Supreme Court had to rule because the Liberal Florida Supreme Court was attempting to change election law on the fly “

            Nope. The Florida Supreme Court was obeying the Florida Constitution.

            EVERY State has an automatic Recount provision.

            For example, Ohio is 1/2 of one percent.

            If the Margin between the Candidates isn’t more than that, a Recount is legally mandated.

            It was the five Conservatives on the Supreme Court that intervened to stop the legal process.

            And their reason?

            Letting the Recount proceed would cause “irreparable harm” to Plaintiff G.W. Bush.

            In that he wouldn’t be Elected.

            They didn’t even TRY to hide their reason.

          • MarioRom says

            The Florida Court was trying to change standing law. Period. They were told to cut it out and since they refused, SCOTUS intervened. Remember, it was Al Gore that sued.

            The Florida vote was ultimately settled in favor of George W. Bush by a margin of 537 votes out of almost 6 million cast, when the U.S. Supreme Court, with its final ruling on Bush v. Gore, stopped a recount that had been proposed by the Florida Supreme Court. The outcome of the original vote count, and all subsequent recounts resulted in Bush winning Florida, which in turn, gave Bush a majority of votes in the Electoral College, winning the overall presidential election.

            That recount was limited to specific counties and not the entire state.

          • MarioRom says

            According to…
            “Bush also probably would have won had the state conducted the limited recount of only four heavily Democratic counties that Al Gore asked for, the study found.” and the contradiction in the same article of…
            “However, Gore never asked for such a recount. The Florida Supreme Court ordered only a recount of so-called “undervotes,” about 62,000 ballots where voting machines didn’t detect any vote for a presidential candidate.”


        • Mike Martin says

          Joe, you do know that the New York Times and CNN went in an counted the votes… Hoping to get a story and discovered… what? Oh that GWB won by even a large margin… another liberal slammed with facts…

      • William Carr says

        If that were true, you’re be praising Republicans.

        They “invent” the lie of in-person Voter Fraud, and promote the lie of people “voting from the grave”.

        But ACTUAL investigation shows both are VERY rare.

        The PROOF of “voter fraud” would be people getting CAUGHT.

        And that, you do not have.

        There have been a handful of cases of people being caught in the last few years; they were all Republicans.

        • too much TV says

          That is not necessarily true. There were quite a few cases of Obama’s ignorant people who thought it was OK to vote 4 or 5 times, and they truly did.

          • Bama Howard says

            Democrat voter fraud decreased somewhat with the demise of Acorn. They’re still pretty good at it, however.

        • Bobby says

          so what you are trying to say, is when an entire district votes democrat, not 1 single republican vote, and there are 140% more votes than there are people in the district, that does not prove voter fraud?

        • JANET BROWN says

          oh how you are wrong. Dems have been caught many many times voting multiple times. 1 person had the chutzpah to brag about it on FB and said what county he did it in…Their voting office was inundated with calls from people reporting him

        • Jim Trent says

          First, if your lie is true that it is just republicans that are doing voter fraud then what do you care? It will just hurt republicans. Second, there have been examples of people being caught and getting jail time (they were democrats). Third, the above story is not a valid example for you? Fourth, you’re just a moron.

        • SkipinSC says

          I’ll simply point to some examples from 2012. One is the several Ohio precincts where Obama pitched a SHUTOUT after they had Republican poll watchers REMOVED. This is a statistical impossibility. Then there are MANY PRECINCTS where the number of voters exceeded the total registered for that precinct. (Another statistical impossibility.) And finally, Obama failed to win ANY state where voter ID laws were enforced.

        • says

          You are spreading corrupt Democrat propaganda. You know the left fights any effort to insure all our votes count the same. They do it by fighting Voter ID laws and efforts to clean the voter rolls.

          Voter rolls should be tied to the government offices that issue death certificates. When you die, you should be removed immediately from the rolls. Any effort to put you back on the rolls should be met with a criminal investigation.

          Stop discounting our votes. Stop disenfranchising all living, legal citizens!

          If you spread the lie of “rare” voter fraud or if you fight ending voter fraud, you are guilty of voter fraud.

  2. rudimentalist says

    Not surprising at all, to answer the last question after the end of the piece. They’ve been doing this to gain office as long a I’ve been even partially politically aware. They are an evil lot. There was their fight against emancipation for slaves, the killing of many 10s of millions of the unborn (yes, many Republicans too – but those ones are just RINOS), and now there are the many favors to Muslims over Christians (Kim Davis as opposed to Muslim truck driver), the incessant lying from Obama and everyone else in his administration, arming sworn enemies, fighting against our allies (Israel) in the world of public opinion, the list goes on and on. To let these evil people back in government would be a horrible travesty. Good, law abiding representatives must see that the vote is allowed only to those who can identify themselves as American citizens. It makes no sense to allow foreigners to vote in elections.

    • kwkr says

      Your answer is to have TRUMP?! Yes what a fine example of truth, (i love the bible read it often) morality,kindness( knock the shit out of them) well that one goes for christian too, uh good business sense( bankrupt 4 times) and great foreign policy(I’ll just bomd the shit out of them) yep a man for all seasons

    • rudimentalist says

      My brother, a far left, liberal, progressive, once said to me, in the same mindset as Harry Reid above, “The ends justifies the means”. I asked if he was serious, because that point of view is seriously flawed. He affirmed that he meant it. He was talking in respect to Obama lying about something in order to get his way. I have to say I was in disbelief because we were not raised to think like that. We were always taught that honesty was the best policy, and whatever one could attain to in the context of Truth was fine, but to lie to gain something was a very bad thing to do. I guess he didn’t take our parents seriously.

      • Erik Kilpatrick says

        Your Brother is part of the problem with America…A complete lack of moral fiber….Your Parents should be Proud. Maybe one day HE can become our President….but first, punch him in his socialist mouth for those of us with character.

  3. Keith Buchanan says

    We’ve known for a long time that it happens a lot more than any democrat will admit. When it does occur they claim it was an accident or an isolated incident. Every time you read about a voting machine messing up and changing peoples votes, why does it always change republican votes to democrat votes. Never the other way around. Only the stupidest ones among us do not see a problem. Problem is the ones who know it and won’t admit it. Also remember the fake signatures that got obama on the ballot in several states. When there is nothing but cheating and lying to get into office explains a lot about what has happened since. As the old joke goes, “My grandmother voted republican her whole life but voted democrat ever since she died”.

    • William Carr says

      “Every time you read about a voting machine messing up and changing peoples votes, why does it always change republican votes to democrat votes”

      It doesn’t. Democrats report this happening too, you just aren’t paying attention.

      Hey, if you don’t LIKE electronic voting machines, make Liberals unhappy and ban them !


      Talk to your Representatives, get the damned things OUT of your State, put in paper ballots.

      They can be recounted weeks later, and woe to anyone who thought they were going to get away with stealing an election.

      Yeah, ban those nasty Electronic Voting Machines and make the Liberals sad.

  4. Joe Hoover says

    It’s hard enough for me to get to vote my one time, legitimately. It would take a lot of dead people to turn an election and I can’t see that as a very effective way to cheat. I think most likely this is a case of using out-dated lists of previous voters and pre-filling the paperwork. Doesn’t mean they are completing the registration process and certainly not forging dead people’s signatures and actually going to vote. Campaign shenanigans to make the other side look bad, as usual.

    • William Carr says

      No, it’s simpler than that. People often have “similar” names.

      Someone will be Registered as J. Smith. Someone else will be Registered as John Smith.

      J. Smith passes away, John Smith votes, and even though the home address and phone number don’t match, someone claims J.Smith voted “from the dead”.

      And after all, the Poll Workers who do this every year know EVERYBODY in their Precinct.

      A Fraudster named James O’Keefe tried to “prove” that Voter Fraud was possible in the 2012 Primary.

      Seven of his friends posed as people from the Obituaries.

      Five of them had to run from the Police when the Poll workers said “you aren’t J. Smith!”.

      The one that made the papers was, one of them pretended to be a recently deceased Marine, a guy in his 80’s.

      Yeah, think about it. Anyone trying this trick has to pass the humans at the Enrollment desk, the Republican and Democratic Poll Judges, and he/she has to look a LOT like the dead person.

      Furthermore, those lists of dead voters get purged every few years.

      So it has to be someone who died RECENTLY.

    • grannie says

      Just like Obama stole 2 elections with his fraudulent votes and voters. And he says he is confident he would win a 3rd term. He has his minions searching for a way around that pesky Constitution.

  5. Rob says

    Lol. This is so funny. I read the article, then read the article it links to as it’s source on Free Bacon (both these sites are right wing nut sites, btw). No one has been CHARGED with anything unlike what the article above states. After reading the original articles these wacko sites referenced, there seems to be an investigation of the Ohio Organizing Collaborative which is a group that goes out and collects and then turns in voter registeration forms. It appears that about 30 of the applications (out of 500) were screwed up and 5 of those were from dead people. All the ones messed up were in the same hand-writing which makes me think that the same person in that organization got lazy and started to fill out applications so they could get paid. Sounds like they have a bad employee and they are only investigating that individual employee. Now about this lawyer… the ONLY connection he has or every had to this group was file a lawsuit on the group’s behalf once in the past. SO FOR THIS NUTJOB WACKO WEBSITE TO STATE THAT HE WAS CHARGED WITH REGISTERING DEAD PEOPLE TO VOTE IS A GODDAMN LIE. I hope he sues them. In fact I think I will try to track him down and forward him the link so he can look at where it’s legally libel. Here is the link to the original article which they all got their information.
    Thanks for the laughs. It’s funny listening to you guys in the echo chamber you live in. And this comes from a registered Libertarian. The GOP is becoming a party of facists.

    • grannie says

      libertarian, huh? The truth is obama stole 2 elections with fraudulent votes and voters. His illegals were bused to different voting sites, and since they don’t have to show ID, they can use as many different names as they like. It was a democrat senator who said it would be insulting them to ask for their ID. In Cincinnati, a democrat poll worker was sentenced to 5 years for voting multiple times. She voted 5 times for a relative who had been in a coma for several years….among others. Over 100 elected democrats in Texas have been indicted, pled guilty, or have been convicted of buying votes. State representative candidate Jim Moynihan, trying to vote for himself, naturally, had the voting machine change his vote to the democrat rival candidate several times.

      • William Carr says

        God you’re a genuine idiot.

        Do you have ANY idea how many buses you need to get SIX MILLION VOTES ?

        Get a calculator.

        “She voted 5 times for a relative who had been in a coma for several years.”

        Yup. One very confused woman voted for her sister.

        She also persuaded her family to fill out Absentee ballots, believing those would be counted even if they were prevented from voting.

        Naturally, she was caught. Anyone who tries this crap is caught.

        There were a couple of Republicans caught in 2012, and they all said they were “testing” the system.

        Actually, they were trying to “prove” that Voter Fraud was easy.

        And they ended up in Court explaining to the Judge.

        “Over 100 elected democrats in Texas have been indicted, pled guilty, or have been convicted”

        Over a hundred of Ronald Reagan’s administration were indicted, pled guilty, or convicted of various crimes.

        THAT is a fact. As for your claim, I have no idea.

    • Stella Luna says

      Yes, I can’t find anything reliable on this at all — it’s like it was written with old information and convoluted so much it’s just about impossible to sort it all out. But the rags that have been publishing it online make sure their headlines are as inflammatory as they can possibly make them. I guess that’s for the benefit of all the people who never read pas the headlines before making their judgement, LOL!

  6. Eddie frOly says

    I am so surprised I mean really dead people no way! It’s not like dead people and felons have ever been the margin of victory in a race where the a Democrat won say a governor’s race!(Kris Gregweior I think that’s how it’s spelled anyway) Oh and then the lib judges refused to hear the case go figure. So hey this must be another one of those made up right wing stories right? hahahah lolololol not people are so stupid if they really think requiring id is about voter suppression. You have to have id to get welfare so your not being suppressed by showing same said id to vote! Requiring id to vote is about stopping people like this ahole.

  7. Cindy Kay says

    Please read up about ChinaGate when Slick Willy was running for re-election and took laundered Chinese money in exchange for top secret military satellite launching capabilities. When he was being impeached, Congress used the ruse of Monica and sex scandals because Americans would have panicked had they known the truth. Knowledge is a scary thing!

  8. Keith says

    I wonder if this one canvasser will turn out like many of the other cases, where they’re a Republican intentionally doing it to bust a Democrat group. Multiple investigations have been done all over the nation and voter fraud committed by someone showing up to vote, the people targeted by Voter ID laws, is practically non-existent. Absentee ballot fraud is almost always a Republican and yet is so insignificant that it doesn’t effect election results. The most common type of fraud is committed by election officials and is overwhelmingly Republican with a fair share of Democrats doing it also. Voter ID laws can’t prevent absentee ballot or election official fraud, and local election committees always bust organizations that turn in fraudulent registrations forms with the perpetrators usually linked to just 1 or 2 of three organizations in the news.

  9. Carmen Koota says

    how long has he worked for her…that’s probably how she got elected senator for new york, she had no business winning that election…….wonder what they did to Rick Lassio……the NEW YORKER that was running against her…..

  10. Jared Watson says

    Anyone surprised the right wants to pretend this “investigation” is anywhere near complete before they pretend the results are in? I know facts are not the strong suite of the right but come on people. Let the facts come in before you start to brag huh?

  11. Tom Stewart says

    So, he did some work for them at one time, this makes him guilty of… what? This is guilt by association, and really means nothing, otherwise since I knew some people who later went to jil I must also be guilty of.. well, now people. People in jail.

  12. Connie Alsip says

    The Hildebeast is caught ONCE AGAIN trying to subvert our elections in her favor, God, I hate that woman like thing with everything I have. Slick Willie, too!

  13. Michael Castillo says

    These all happened in the 2012 Presidential/General elections: 146% turnout of registered voters in a precinct in FL which helped unseat a Republican representative; 108, 106, 102 turnout of registered voters in precincts in OH; zero (ZERO) Romney votes in a number of large precincts in PA-a statistical impossibility. There was massive fraud in the 2012 election, but that fraud barely was mentioned by the media and got no interest from a Democratic Party controlled DOJ.

  14. dancerboots says

    A person who has died…can’t vote. They may still be registered and on the voter rolls…until the Ohio election officials remove them from the rolls. Twenty Five to thirty inaccurate registrations out of the entire state of Ohio may be nothing more than errors or intentionally fraudulent. I am surprised that a so-called progressive web site would use the Washington Free Beacon (a conservative political web site that journalism watchdog groups describe as decadent and unethical) article and be unaware how Ohio has been on the forefront of voter suppression.

    Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine told members of the local National
    Federation of Independent Business on Tuesday fighting the Obama
    administration is one of his full-time jobs. On his first day in office, Attorney General DeWine joined in the
    federal lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Obamacare.

  15. Michael L says

    Who would think someone with ties to the Clinton’s would get

    caught in voter fraud? I mean, usually they are smart enough

    not to get caught. Now he is susceptible to the same type of

    ‘depression’ that got Vince Foster.

  16. captainsgirl says

    Progressives are pa-the-tic. Now put it together. That’s right. They’re pathetic. A mongrel pathetic people from the a dwarf planet Pluto. We’ve got to send them back asap. These people are use to chaos. Next time you see a UFO, tell them to beam The Clintons, the Obama’s & the Kerry’s first. We’ll take it from there. Thanks.

  17. CaptGene says

    Wow, what a surprise. The hildabitch involved vicariously though her lawyer in yet another scandal. But hey, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?? Ambassador Stephens was unavailable for comment.

  18. JANET BROWN says

    I have also read stories where the snowbirds come to Fla in the winter and vote here but also send in absentee vote to their northern home state

  19. Doug Scubaman says

    Ever wonder why Republicans want voter ID.?

    * In 59 voting districts in the Philadelphia region, Obama received 100% of the votes without a single vote recorded for Romney. (A mathematical and statistical impossibility).

    * In 21 districts in Wood County Ohio, Obama received 100% of the votes where GOP inspectors were illegally removed from their polling locations – and not one single vote was recorded for Romney. (Another statistical impossibility).

    * In Wood County Ohio, 106,258 voted in a county with only 98,213 eligible voters.

    * In St. Lucie County, FL, there were 175,574 registered eligible voters but 247,713 votes were cast.

    * The National SEAL Museum, a polling location in St. Lucie County, FL had a 158% voter turnout.

    * Palm Beach County, FL had a 141% voter turnout.

    * In one Ohio County, Obama won by 108% of the total number of eligible voters.

    NOTE: Obama won in every state that did not require a Photo ID

    and lost in every state that did require a Photo ID in order to vote .

    Imagine that…..

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