University of Louisville Job Posting Excludes WHITE PEOPLE AND ASIANS

University of Louisville

The University of Louisville is under fire for posting a job ad with clearly racist implications. The fact that this happened amid campus protests demanding fairness and diversity makes it all the more newsworthy.

The Louisville Bizjournal reported:

U of L job ad under fire

The University of Louisville is being ripped for a job posting for a professor that it said could only be filled by an “African-American, Hispanic-American or Native American Indian.”

The website Inside Higher Ed, in a story with the headline “Whites, Asians Need Not Apply,” reported Wednesday that the posting raised legal questions about limiting job searches only to specific racial and ethnic groups, The Courier-Journal says.

Michael Olivas, former general counsel for the American Association of University Professors, was quoted in Inside Higher Ed’s story as saying that the ad reminded him of U of L president James Ramsey’s recent Halloween costume incident “in that both events were two sides of the same racially tone-deaf coin.” Ramsey had dressed up for the holiday in stereotypical Mexican gear, the story said.

The ad for an assistant professor in U of L’s physics and astronomy department was abruptly removed from Tuesday after the department got a complaint that the preferences didn’t include people who have disabilities, the story said.

America needs to reform its higher education system.



  1. Coastie says

    *sigh* I went to U of L for two years, my niece is in the engineering school there now. I asked her about her classes, she said this semester she has to take Race in America and Diversity. Even as a hard science major they still make sure they get a chance to inculcate the young. I’m going to do my best to refute whatever blather they speak to her.

    • uh, okay says

      maybe the extra class will teach her that “inculate” isn’t a word (except for in urban dictionary, but i’m hoping you don’t mean that definition). but yeah, how horrible it must be to required to be aware of others in the country. it’s our right as americans to live in a little bubble of whiteness!

  2. Rob says

    So Hispanics can apply? Well, the Latino/a community comes in all shades. So who is “Hispanic” enough for this university? What of someone with a Spanish surname… but who has light skin or green eyes or blonde hair? There are such Hispanics. Are they “Hispanic enough?” What if the person had reddish hair or has blue eyes… BUT no Spanish surname. Maybe the mother or a grandmother was Latina… but the candidate carries the surname of of the non-Hispanic father or a grandfather’s line.

    A light skinned, light brown hair, hazel eyed Hispanic applies. There is Hispanic heritage is on both sides of the family. A father from South America… but the dad’s family anglicized the family Spanish surname. The mom does carry a Spanish maiden name and is either from Mexico or Puerto Rico. Maybe dad and mom are active in Hispanic cultural events, love reading about Hispanic history and both speak Spanish. Yet the kid (aka candidate) can’t speak Spanish. Does he or she get an interview?

    As for “no Asians” there are Asians who live in Latin nations… some such countries have substantial Asian populations. What if an Asian is adopted by a Latino couple who carry passports from Latin American nations and the Asian ethnic by DNA candidate speaks fluent Spanish. Can this Asian who would carry his adoptive parents Spanish surname be “Hispanic enough.”

    Also, there are many Asian ethnic groups that are not “advantaged” and struggle with many issues and with their upward mobility…. such as the Hmong for example. Or what if an Asian-Indian who holds a passport with Zimbabwe or South Africa or Uganda…. places where such Asians have lived in a status where there has been racism against them past and present and excluded from aspects of society. What about them?

    American Indians? There are American Indians who are fluent in their tribal languages and arts/crafts and traditional ways. However, their blood quantum is low. Are they American Indian enough for this job? What of some one of a high blood quantum… but is NOT a member of a federal or state recognized tribe? What if someone is an adoptee and does not know their tribal affiliation?

    American Indians have inter-married with other races. Including whites and Asians. So… a mixed racial Indian with Filipina and Japanese ancestors but is 1/32 Indian AND is enrolled with the tribe… can they get an interview? Even though there surname is Japanese and their cultural sphere revolves around their Philippines heritage.

    What if a light skinned Indian is enrolled with a state or terminated tribe and is almost 100% Indian….. are they “Indian” or do they have to be members of federal tribes.

    Hey, what if they are Metis. This group is considered to be a Native Indigenous group by Canada… along with Canadian Indians and Canadian Inuit (Eskimo). HOWEVER, despite their non-white Indian ancestry… the USA does not acknowledge the Metis the way Canada has… so can an American Metis apply under the “American Indian” banner? What if its a full blood Indian who is from a tribe that has been terminated from federal recognition?

    There are many famous people I can list who are black. One or both parents are black or they have a black grandparent. However, many people would be surprised to learn they are black. Are they black enough for this college?

    See how confusing and how much nonsense comes up when school or any place of employment does this kind of thing? This type of thing just furthers racism even more.

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