This is What Grocery Shopping Was Like in The Socialist Paradise Of The SOVIET UNION (VIDEO)

Grocery Store Soviet Union

Millennial supporters of Bernie Sanders are too young to remember what life looked like in the Soviet Union before the fall of communism there. If you know any young Sanders backers, share this video with them.

This is what life looks like when the people trust the government to make everything fair and provide everything for free. Ultimately, everyone is equal – equally miserable.

High ranking and connected members of the ruling party don’t go hungry or compete for scraps, the people they’re claiming to help do.

This video is making the rounds on Reddit and deserves to be shared far and wide.


You want to #FeelTheBern? This is what it looks like in real life.



  1. bullet2354 says

    I visited Eastern Europe just after the fall of the USSR – this photo is exactly correct. Store shelves had literally ‘a hand full of cans’ available. Toilet paper WAS impossible to find. At public bathrooms (literally a hole in the ground in some places with two bricks to stand on) there was on occasion, a person selling ‘sheets’ of toilet paper for a few kopecks’ a sheet.
    Recall the waiting time to buy a large appliance – or a car for that matter – was measured in years.

    They did have what you might call a central farmers market too – the selection there was always better – but that was the only place you could find anything – and the smell was ‘challenging’ at best.

  2. ArmyAviator says

    What I saw in this video, reminds me of Romania, shortly after the Communist regime fell in 1989. Only there, in Romanian grocery stores, there was little more than pasta products, some rice and hog’s heads. The only meat most Romanians were able to buy, was a hog’s head! From that they made soup, but had few vegetables to go with the hog’s head meat and skin. BUT…they always had sufficient quantities of VODKA and half the people were drunk during the day and most all, were drunk at night! However, in Communist countries, the ELITES always had sufficient meat, poultry, eggs, butter and milk. Only the common people were forced to do without!

      • ghostofhallelujah says

        I read a good article a few years back from a former KGB agent about the apparatchiks who moved into other countries after the collapse. They know that communism doesn’t work well at building anything good. However, they know that there are tools there that are very successful at gaining power and control (agitprop, indoctrination, etc. etc.).

        So, for those people who lived it (or the more astute and practical), communism is a strategy for gaining power – not an ideology. It’s the Useful Idiots in the West, who haven’t lived it that communism is an ideology (e.g. in the universities).

        Obama is an ideologue

        Soros is a strategist

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    • Martin Hutchison says

      Marxism makes the masses hopeless, and takes being a man away from men.

      Subsidized drugs (alcohol, now pot?) keep men who have lost all hope from going postal, or from thinking about how much they have lost for more than minutes at a time.

      That, thought police, jackbooted thugs and gun control keep the sheeple in check.

        • Drumwaster says

          1. How would you know whether or not I have? (You’re wrong, of course, but still.)
          2. What possible relevance would that fact – true or not – have on the quip (since it was obviously a joke) from a world-famous economist? (Yes, in case you missed it, it was a quote, and I even gave the name. Maybe you should do a little research before showing how much of a fool you are.)
          3. Given that your only response is an attempt to “Disqualify that opinion” (Step 2 of the Liberal Internet Argument Checklist), shouldn’t your own opinion be treated precisely as it deserves, to wit, “flush until the bowl is clean”?
          4. Go piss up a rope.

      • Skip says

        Under capitalism all men have the same opportunity to become the “man”, some chose to use it and some don’t. Under Communism only those born to the elites have opportunity to become the “man”.

        • Drumwaster says

          While that might be generally true, remember that Lenin started out as a failed priest. There are (always) exceptions. In most of those Communist countries, there are some paths for advancement for those who are the loudest to praise the Party and denounce the Other. And while those are indeed rare, they do exist.

          The main difference between the economic systems is how they treat society as a whole. Capitalism allows every man to advance and earn based solely on his skills, abilities and effort, regardless of his personal beliefs (compare/contrast George Soros and the Koch Brothers). Communism only allows those who are “approved” to advance, with approval coming based on the whim of a faceless bureaucrat.

    • MikeK says

      Socialized Capitalism: Produced the Great American Middle Class!

      Do not confuse socialism with communism. They are not the same. Unless ;you are among the super-rich Bernie Sanders has your interests in mind.

    • bullet2354 says

      And that is why Alcoholism was only 30-50% through out most of Russia for decades. Not sure if the life expectancy has risen – but it used to be in the mid-50’s for men not so long ago.

      • Martin Hutchison says

        57 for men, 72 for women.
        Vodka kept the men from revolting, but it made them revolting. That is why Russian and other former USSR women like US men, we feel the drive to provide for our families and generally do. Of course Obama and the establishment are doing their best to change that, and legalized pot is our vodka.

    • Aicha Wallaby says

      After WWII communists realized the proletariat was not going to rise up in any developed country, and they came up with plan B. Cultural Marxism was the “subvert from within” plan – infiltrate the media, the schools. Weaken the institutions which cement Western Civilization – the family, the Church.

      And that’s where we find ourselves today…

      • 1JohnRyan1 says

        Apparently you are afraid that more people will decide that more people will support the “cultural Marxism” than whatever value system you want
        Why are you so afraid of the future? Don’t you believe in the USA? I do.

        • Skip says

          You must be very young. Why would anyone want what we see in these videos which is what cultural Marxism is designed to create. Lenin was right, there will always be useful idiots to promote giving away their choices to the government for promises that can never be kept. 1JohnRyan1 proves that.

          • 1JohnRyan1 says

            You know much less about my age than you presume to know
            I am pushing 70
            Go ahead continue to live in fear
            Governments can only justify collecting taxes by two ways:
            Providing services (toads schools)
            Or promising to protect you from the boogeyman
            I am old enough to remember the domino effect

            If we don’t stop the commutes in Nam the other countries will fall in order
            Laos Cambodia Thailand Malaysia Singapore
            Then finally Hawaii
            You are probably only old enough to remember the ” we have to defeat the insurgents in Iraq and not leave to early or they will follow us home”

  3. jukin says

    I ca personally attest to that. I installed a machine in Russia/USSR in 1988. Huge stores with big glass windows. The windows were covered in brown paper with some Cryllic (sp?) writing. Long lines in the early morning. Looked in and there was nothing but counters and clerks standing around some sweeping. They had nothing to sell or to do but they put in the whole day.

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