Bernie Sanders supporters should try living under real socialism for a little while to see how wonderful it is. Venezuela is now rationing electricity.

Yahoo News reports:

Shops’ electricity rationed in crisis-hit Venezuela

Venezuelans are accustomed to severe shortages of cooking oil, diapers and other staple products. But those hoping to buy what they could find got a new unpleasant surprise this week.

They found malls dark and shuttered under a government electricity rationing regime.

“This is madness, this is not the solution!” said Nataly Orta, 48, at the locked gate of the Lider mall in eastern Caracas.

“It’s a drastic measure that will only create more unemployment and worsen an economy already in crisis.”

Authorities ordered more than 250 shopping centers to find other sources of power from 1:00 to 3:00 pm and again from 7:00 to 9:00 pm, for the next three months.

A business association then said on Saturday the authorities had agreed to relax that requirement by supplying some stores with power in return for them reducing their opening hours.

Unable to generate their own electricity, most malls had been shutting their doors during those early afternoon and evening time slots.

“I came to the pharmacy and supermarket to see what I could find and I come across this instead,” said Julia Torres, 54, outside the shuttered Lider.

Sounds like a lovely situation they have going on there.



  1. JY1 says

    The #BlackLootingMob got angry at the mayor they were angry at Tom Briscoe for not giving his wifi password to the protesters who were picketing his house.

    Just imagine how these people would come completely unglued without electricity, which would shut down wifi, cell phone transmitters, internet routers, along with basic things like lights, automatic doors, escalators, elevators, electric trains…

    They would be completely trapped, in the dark, unable to go in or out, unable to move from one floor to another, and without the ability to get instructions from their smart phones. Their boredom would be unbearable. Suicide rates would skyrocket.

    • Bettinacnickerson says

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  2. darrell_b8 says

    Institute ‘climate change’ and take the economy back to 1850; we will save the world(?) and destroy America; wait ’til the NAPA’s discover their ‘benefits’ are going to stop under ‘The Bern’………

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