Bernie Sanders’ Wife Drove a Vermont College INTO MASSIVE DEBT

Jane Sanders

One of the reasons Bernie Sanders is doing well with Millennials is because he’s promising free college for everyone.

In an ultimate twist of irony, his wife Jane Sanders used to be the head of Burlington College in Vermont and racked up large debts for the small school which almost caused its ruin. Can you say metaphor?

Politico reported:

What happened at Sanders U.

When Jane Sanders was in charge of a small private college in Vermont for seven years, it sank deep into debt while trying to expand its campus. Many students took out tens of thousands of dollars in loans to attend, but their investment was questionable: Only a third of former Burlington College students earn more than the average person with a high school diploma.

Jane Sanders’ husband, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, has offered a higher-education plan that would make tuition at public colleges free. But it would do little to prod colleges, public or private, to keep costs down or ensure that a college degree is worthwhile for graduates.

Jane Sanders, who led Burlington College from 2004 to 2011, spent millions on a new campus — 33 acres along the bank of Lake Champlain — to attract more students and donations from alumni. It didn’t work: The college failed to recruit enough students or donations to repay its debts and even came close to losing its accreditation.

Don’t worry, Bernie supporters.

Things will surely work out differently this time.



  1. marty martin says

    Why does it matter? Her intentions were good besides to be an accredited Socialist you have to have a resume full of squandering other people’s money.

    • diana harrell says

      It is pathetic how well the are willing to tax us at 90% to help pay for a bunch of spoiled liberal brats to have free collage from a liberal university with liberal professors,,,,,,,,,it ain’t ever gonna happen in the USA. Socialism, which is communism, never ever works out well for the We The People.Anyone that thinks it does best look at any country that is a socialist country. The only people with anything including money is the top tier. Every one else works for those in power. They, the socialist, commie, will eventually run out of other people’s money and again, only those at the top ends up with anything.

      • Jim Walsh says

        Um, Socialism isn’t Communism. What you’re describing is an Oligarchy.
        Which is pretty much what we have now. So keep voting the way you do and
        when your kids or grand kids can’t afford college or a decent house or
        health insurance and have to work all weekend at a dead end job to
        service the people who shop on the weekend and they ask you what the
        hell happened maybe then you’ll educate yourself about what all those
        big words actually mean. Too bad it’ll be too late then

        • Doniel Vaccianna says

          Common misconception mixing up systems of economics and systems of government, although they have some overlap.

          Communism is the term those in the West coined for Marxism-Leninism, which those who practiced it, always referred to as “socialism”. For instance, the USSR was the United Socialist Soviet Republics.

          And Socialism is an economic system, not necessarily an political system, although they intertwine.

          Oligarchy is a term referring to a system of government/ societal organization.

          So you could have a Democratic Socialism, Hierarchical Socialism, Totalitarian Socialism, etc.

          Ironic you refer to telling someone else to educate themselves.

        • Gdm Messmer says

          The taxation plan Bernie is proposing doesn’t right the wrongs he is constantly complaining about. Net income goes down for EVERYONE from the poorest to the wealthiest and as a senior still working I can not benefit by a 12 to 15% decrease in net income so I can pay for some kid’s college edu. I had to pay mine (loans n all) and I’m still trying to earn enough to benefit form my own education. And the 17 % taken from the wealthiest aren’t gonna benefit me. Bernie has not been clear on how he intends to expand the Obama Care. His knowledge of foreigh policy is weak relative to Hillary’s. He won’t be able to get his free plans through congress and all he wants to talk about is campaign reform. Bernie has gone after the big bucks himself and has rec’d some, just not as much as Hillary. He’s has had 25 yrs to get to campaign reform so why now. It hasn’t been eposed yet and Bernie is yet to be vetted for President, but his fund raising history is riddled with problems, investigations and fines for violaitons, as I understand it. But no one is looking at Bernie right now and putting him under the mircroscope as they’ve done non-stop with Hillary but it’s coming if he wins Wisconsin. I think people will be surprised and had he been “the man” to start with Hillary wouldn’t have taken the commanding lead. There’s reasons why he didn’t come out as the frontrunner.

      • Xena Amazon says

        Who is saying they’re going to “tax us 90%”? Sorry, I cannot find that one anywhere. I also don’t see any evidence that it’s going to be “a bunch of spoiled liberal brats to have free collage from a liberal university with liberal professors”. Free tuition for all is free tuition for ALL, including spiteful , spoiled, entitled, right-wing, conservative brats.

        In fact, it’s ONLY the Koch brothers who are selective like that. They won’t give a dime unless they get to choose the syllabus, the professors, the course materials, and the courses themselves. The Kochs have said openly they don’t want any of that “liberal arts” stuff taught. They intend to ensure that ONLY right-wing, “free-market” ideology is taught. It’s rich when right-wingers accuse liberals of doing exactly what they do themselves! Only liberals don’t have the spine to be selfish and narcissistic like conservatives.

        Why is it that conservatives prefer to pour money into building new prisons – with zero return to the taxpayers? College education pays for itself when graduates end up in higher paying jobs. Conservatives cannot tolerate the thought of poor people sharing in what’s been limited to the well off! What a hellish world that Hillary and Bernie envision, where everyone has the right to an education and healthcare. It sounds just atrocious!

          • upbeatred1 says

            The maintenance departments, cooks, books, etc. would all have to be free, too. Don’t see anyone who needs to make a living as being able or interested to donate so that kids can go to college for free. Frankly, college is over-rated. 70% of American jobs may want a college degree, but since most of those jobs are not professional, the degree isn’t necessary. College is a business, just like anything else. That’s why they send recruiters. To drum up business, er, students. And, yes, I am a college grad with multiple degrees, two jobs and and a dandy income.

        • lingling says

          You should research who sits on the boards of the private run prisons. It is a healthy mix of Senators and Congressman of both parties. And you are an idiot if you believe in free tuition. The country is 19 TRILLION in debt, where is the money going to come from? Are you willing to pay an additional $10,000 a year in taxes to pay for this. If not, then STFU.

          • Strider says

            Curious where you got your financial info from – your ass?
            Here’s a couple things you ought to consider; If we can find money for wars we sure-as-hell can find some for our people to get an education and make our country stronger. There are huge resources for such an endeavours if we tax the rich! Do you know that the rich were taxed as high as 90% during the post war years when we had unprecedented growth incl a middle class? Of course you don’t, you’re too busy pulling bullshit out of their ass.

        • Strider says

          I think you’re confused, WE wouldn’t be taxed at 90% but it is possible the rich could be. In fact, they were not so long ago. Stop running your mouth and learn how to use google and get an education. btw – FUCK the Kochs, they don’t have your back except to reach into your pocket and rob you so that they make even more money.

          • eliboston says

            …not only to reach into your pocket, but also to rape your children’s lungs with putrid, dirty coal, air pollution.

      • MarleneMoulthrop says

        Socialism is not communism, look it up. And we are already a socialist/capitalist country. The failure of capitalism results in more social programs. Those who do not make enough by working, have to depend on extra assistance. At 8.00 an hour, you figure out how you could live on that. That is all a high school diploma does for a wage earner now, and who knows about those who don’t even have a diploma? Go in the military? You are poor so you have to risk your life in wars you don’t believe in. and when you get out, you could have mental or physical problems for the rest of your life, some are even living on the streets. I guess you haven’t observed the fact that the billionaire class has already squeezed out the middle class. If we had a middle class making decent wages, it would add to the economy and the corporations would continue to prosper. In some socialist countries, wages are higher and they work less hours. Their taxes are higher because they have national healthcare, which does work by the way. Not all countries think they have to build up a military that absorbs three quarters of their government expenditures just to prove they are the no.1 power, and think they should patrol the world. We have worked from the top down forever it seems; it is time to build us up from the bottom. Speaking of free education, he was only referring to state schools.

      • Debbie Stinnett says

        90%? REALLY? That’s laughable. Democratic socialism is communism? I believe I know some rednecks around here that must have went to the same school. LOL

  2. Chris says

    Differences of opinions on social issues, gun control – the most polarizing of issues – are to be expected and honestly, they should be welcomed. But what is NOT debatable is the insane and ridiculous notion that a Sanders presidency can give away tuition for FREE, absolve the student loan debt, and that any university/college/school can remain open. I mean, does anyone really think you’re going to tax the “evil 1 percenters” into footing the bill for this, as well as the myriad Santa Claus promises?

    If one REALLY thinks and believes that Socialism is for them, then go live it first hand in Cuba, Chile, Venezuela, and live it in all it’s glory. It’s pure nonsense.

    • FlamingLimousineLiberal says

      “I mean, does anyone really think you’re going to tax the ‘evil 1 percenters’ into footing the bill for this, as well as the myriad Santa Claus promises?”

      Have you seen the good little comrades-in-training at Comrade Sanders’s indoctrination sessions, I mean, rallies?

      • Debbie Stinnett says

        As opposed to giving up, and handing our taxes to corporations??? Just say we have to compromise so those who want for nothing can take more from the working class? Time for a new approach and a bold change. DEAL WITH IT!!! FEEL THE BERN!!!! Calling you out HILLARY. ARE YOU WITH US OR AGAINST US??????

        • FlamingLimousineLiberal says

          The only fair way to solve our problems is to give all wealth to the government and allow the government to proportion it out equally and fairly among everyone.

          Never should anyone have more than someone else. It’s unfair, unconscionable, and immoral.

    • lingling says

      Yes, also I paid for my own college, does that mean Benard will write me a check? Why can I compete for jobs and wages with ones that had free college?

  3. FlamingLimousineLiberal says

    Comrade Sanders will punish the rich (aka anyone making above minimum wage) by taking their assets so real, honest, good comrades can get free stuff.

  4. MicahStone says

    Sanders’ wife, Jane O’Meara Sanders , former head of Burlington College, was THROWN OUT AS PRESIDENT after it became clear to the board that her irresponsible, reckless, incompetent actions were driving the college to bankruptcy and ruin.

    One way or another, the lunatic-left extremists will DESTROY the American education system, although at this point there isn’t really much left of it.

      • Slappy T. Klown says

        Absolutely we care that Cruz’s wife has ties to the CFR, worked for Goldman Sachs and was part of the neo-con GW campaign. If you are in a real marriage, you value the opinion and advice from your spouse. The First Lady is important. Look at the relationship between George and Martha, John and Abigail, Ronald and Nancy and even Bill and Hill.

  5. Carrie Lonsdale says

    Yeah why does it matter? Because the philosophy is flawed. Socialism does NOT work or ever will. Denmark is NOT socialist and neither is Sweden. Bernie has been lying about them. Denmark is a MARKET system. Supporters need to educate themselves, instant gratification and government are not synonomous. There are under 600 Billionaires in the US and some are denouncing their citizenship they should NOT be expected to pay for everyone that’s BS!

    • Xena Amazon says

      Let me guess – your great accomplishment in life was popping out a few kids. You probably are voting for Trump.

      Not exactly qualified to be remarking about socialism unless you have had formal education in economics – which it’s obvious you don’t. You only parrot Trump: “Denmark is a MARKET system.” If you knew anything about economics, you’d know that socialism and a “MARKET System” isn’t mutually exclusive. We are predominantly a
      “MARKET system” but we have some socialist programs such as the VA and Medicare.

      Sweden and Denmark are predominantly socialist. They also have much higher standards of living, much less crime, and a stronger economy than we do. They provide a decent standard of living to their elderly and disabled people. They have stong safety nets. They don’t have the poverty and homelessness the US has because they don’t spend so much of their GDP on the military. We spend more than anyone else and thus can’t provide much of anything to our own citizens:

    • opalexian says

      Why do people keep feeling the need to defend millionaires and billionaires? Are you one? Do you dream of being one? Do you know how they made their money? Chances are no, yes, and they made it by stepping on your back to climb up out of the 99% sludge to where they are today. Billionaires renouncing their US citizenship (if this is even a thing) are only doing so to move to places where their money is ‘safe’…from the people who helped them make it.

      • lingling says

        A million dollars is not a lot of money like it used to be. Why do you hate them? Do you dream of being penny less? You claim we dont know how they made their money but you special snowflake do. What a conceited @ss you are. GFY

    • Isuzu says

      Its hard to believe the mass ignorance displayed on this site… This is precisely the reason the USA is in such a pathetic situation…. All those people who posted here, put up your hands and say I AM THE IDIOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CURRENT STATE OF AFFAIRS!!

    • Slappy T. Klown says

      Im not a Bernie supporter. Not by a long shot but to call a man worth a little more than $500,000.00 part of the 1% is just plain ridiculous if not stupid. Do everyone who wants to keep people like Hillary and Bernie out of the White House a favor, do a quick Google search before you comment. It only makes the rest of us look bad when you spew misinformation.

    • Ken says

      Sorry your wrong about Bernie…in 2014 he made $207 thousand, and took home $147K after taxes…$8000 of it went to charity. How is that the 1%? Do you even know what the 1% means?

        • Ken says

          Nice try, the 5% comment comes from the media for Hillary. He’s paid to do a job as a Senator and as representative of the senate, which is an executive government position…how much do you think the job should pay? 60K? There are only 100 senators in the US out of 307 million people, so $200K salary shouldn’t be a questionable income for Bernie Sanders.

          With the release of Bernie’s taxes, it shows he not sitting on assets in the millions, like many other politicians who are the real 1-5%’ers. The establishment media is still trying to use conjecture to bring negative to Bernie’s campaign, but their failing because of social media.

          Bernie 2016

  6. Steven Thorpe says

    Progressives Today isn’t a news website. Their goal is to destroy liberals and the Democratic party through disinformation and propaganda. Why does anyone believe what they say? They’re just sitting back laughing at the arguments taking place on this page. Always check the sources and funding. Read the mission statements and find out who runs the organization. Verify your news sources before you buy into the lies.

  7. opalexian says

    Way to skip out on the other half of the article that is talking about how this is a systemic issue affecting all small liberal arts colleges. You don’t need to use so many words to say ‘we’re biased for Hilary’.

  8. LH says

    I’m liberal in many views but not a socialist. Sanders has been living off the government his entire adult life. It’s no wonder he’s not a millionaire. Duh! And if he REALLY wanted to make a “revolution,” why did he spend all of his political years in the tiny state of Vermont? If he wanted to really make a difference, why not get out into the “real” world where the problems exist in multiples rather than in the comfort of the quaint Vermont countryside? Maybe he wanted to be comfortable and a “revolutionary”? He doesn’t walk the talk.

    • tomas rader says

      Maybe the wife of a POTUS should use her influence once and awhile. Hillary could have saved national shame with Bill and his sluts. As in impeachment and disbarment. LOL

  9. Marie Knight says

    We as Republicans need to stand up for Donald J Trump.

    There is going to be a lot of mud slinging now, lies or half truths.

    We have to overlook these and believe in Mr. Trump and what he stands for.

    Mr. Trump loves America and every person that lives in the United States of America. He wants to bring jobs back. He wants to help our Veterans, by giving them and us better healthcare’ He wants to protect the people by building a wall to keep illegal, drug runners and thugs out. He wants to rebuild the Military, which under Obama has been depleted.

    I for one don’t care how much dirt they dig up, this type of dirty tactics only proves to me, many are afraid very afraid when he becomes our President they will be going down.

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