Obama Skipping Scalia’s Funeral But Will Meet WITH BLACK LIVES MATTER ACTIVISTS

Obama Angry

Obama’s priorities are crystal clear. He’s skipping the funeral of Supreme Court Justice Scalia on Saturday but on Thursday, he will meet with Black Lives Matter activists at the White House.

CNN reports:

Obama to meet with Black Lives Matter activists and others at White House

Civil rights activists, including members of protest groups like Black Lives Matter, will meet at the White House Thursday with President Barack Obama as part of the administration’s marking of Black History Month.

A senior administration official said the gathering would be a “first-of-its-kind (event) as the President will convene leaders who represent different generations of civil rights leaders.”

That includes young activists from groups formed in the wake of incidents of police violence in places like Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore.

A White House statement said Aislinn Pulley, a leader of Black Lives Matter Chicago, and Deshaunya Ware, a student leader of the University of Missouri protest group Concerned Student 1950, would attend the meeting.

Other invited leaders include Al Sharpton, president of the National Action Network, NAACP President Cornell Brooks and National Urban League leader Marc Morial.

The group will “discuss a range of issues including the administration’s efforts on criminal justice reform, building trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve and the President’s priorities during his final year in office,” the official said, adding that Attorney General Loretta Lynch would also be present.

The man has no class.

Even if he disliked Scalia, he should attend the man’s funeral out of duty.

Instead, he gives his time to radical leftist race hustlers.


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  2. GS says

    Come to think of it, it is all for the best. Were obaa to attend, he would try to grab the limelight as if it were his funeral. Therefore, the favor of his absence should be, as always, deeply appreciated.

  3. Spychiatrist says

    He’s giving the F-U to white conservative America once again.

    He’s wanting to drive that point home every chance he gets now. Look for more and more until he’s out.

    • Bob in Idaho says

      The BLM activists are ranchers with a beef about how the BLM is treating them and others, such as loggers. They are not Obozo’s friends. Ranchers’ lives matter. Where did the meat for the hamburger you bought at McDs come from? Think about it. As for the death of Justice Scalia, consider the tactics BO has used since he first ran for public office in Illinois, i.e: Chicago politics. If you cannot use blackmail or intimidation to remove your opposition, there are other ways. I heard that even the Clintons backed off aggressively campaigning against BO after they received a threat on the life of Chelsea. I can’t say whether the threat is true or not as I did not receive the memo, so consider it hearsay.

      John Poindexter, who also owns the Cobolo Creek Ranch in Marfa, Texas, where he found Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia dead with a pillow over his face, is apparently a wealthy Democrat Party donor, who has been photographed shaking hands with BO. John told NBC News: “The judge, when I found him Saturday morning, was in complete repose….” “He was very peaceful in his — in the bed. He had obviously passed away with no difficulty at all in the middle of the night.”

      Then, notwithstanding the pillow over the face, Sheriff Danny Dominguez concluded there were no signs of foul play, reported WFAA News in Dallas.

      Okay! Why so quick to embalm the body? This just does not smell right.

  4. JRobb says

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  5. Avspatti says

    Obama doesn’t understand that the presidency comes with DUTIES as well as perks. He is the symbolical head of our country, and it is his DUTY to represent us at Justice Scalia’s funeral. It is not his personal choice; it is his DUTY.

    • rrhoop says

      There have been many presidents in the past that didn’t attend the funeral of a supreme court judge. When they don’t attend, they send the vice president and Biden is going. So where were those other presidents “duties” that didn’t attend? Double standards as always.

      • Avspatti says

        No. I have no idea why they didn’t attend, but they should have barring some emergency. Obama should attend, also. It’s always good to do the right thing even if others haven’t.

  6. Brendajanetorres says

    Remember one of Obama’s first meetings was on Racism, it was called “The Beer Summit”!!! That was when he first came into office, he might as well end with one too!!!

  7. rrhoop says

    Not sure why the media is harping on him not going when there have been lots of presidents who haven’t attended the funeral of a supreme court judge. Like him or hate him, it’s double standards. Half of everything they complain about him on, other presidents have done the same or even worse (like his vacations, he’s by far taken less than other presidents). When they don’t go to the funeral, they send the vice president.

  8. mike graham says

    Obama lacks the maturity to even fake it. Of course it would be in bad taste to allow the scum who probably ordered your murder to attend the funeral anyway.

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