Angry Violent Mob Protesting Ben Shapiro Chants THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE (VIDEO)

Angry Mob

These idiots have no idea what democracy looks like and they’re proving it. If a single one of these dopes had ever cracked a history book, they would know this is what the bloody French Revolution looked like.

As Jim Hoft reported yesterday at The Gateway Pundit, this all had to do with a speech by conservative writer Ben Shapiro at California State University LA.

Instead of being able to hear an opposing point of view, these campus crybullies went nuts and tried to storm the lecture hall where Shapiro was speaking.

Our higher education system doesn’t need reform. It needs to be completely destroyed and rebuilt from scratch.

What you will witness below is not college. It’s left wing activism and a complete disregard for free speech.

In a rational world, every single one of these students would be expelled.


Just remember that “free” college means you’ll be paying for more of this with your taxes.



  1. IMPACT1 says

    I love the ‘man on the street’ videos on College Campuses…especially when the questions are about HISTORY…College students are as dumb as Rocks when it comes to History…

    This is the Communist “collective” in action.
    Dumb Rocks.

  2. Seamus says

    Don’t cha know that free speech only applies to the leftist communists and college punks. This kind of behavior NEVER happens when leftists talk. It’s really the college administration which fosters such vile behavior. It’s time to put such college administrators in the unemployment line.

  3. Noki Redtail says

    This is what diversity looks like? You mean the kind of diversity where a group of people sharing one view point completely shuts down the ability of another group of people sharing a different viewpoint from attending an event?

    These fascist anti-free speech thugs need to be expelled from university for their proven inability handle other points of view or be challenged. There is nothing progressive or brave in this, it is a complete failure of the university.

  4. MicahStone says

    “Angry Violent Mob Protesting Ben Shapiro Chants THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE”
    —an “accomplishment” of OBOZO and the lunatic-left extremists !!!

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