Left Wing Dope Michael Moore Claims Socialism IS ALL ABOUT FAIRNESS

Michael Moore

Michael Moore is a big fan of Bernie Sanders and has been promoting him on Twitter. In the process, he has also been spreading misinformation about the difference between socialism and capitalism.

Take a look at this tweet:

Here are some reactions:

If America was a socialist country, Moore would likely be about 200 pounds lighter.


  1. Commie Kisser says

    Socialism IS fair. Everyone gets to: Say the same thing and only the same thing. Have the same things and only the same things. Do the same thing and only the same thing. Of course, SOME get to say, do and have other than the rest.

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  2. EnoughIsEnough says

    Michael Moore rails against capitalism as he profits from it. He embraces socialism, as he hoards his homes and possessions. He preaches “climate change” as he jets across the country. He wants you to give up your guns as he surrounds himself with armed bodyguards. Michael Moore is a parody of himself, still trying to stay relevant.

  3. FlamingLimousineLiberal says

    If Comrade Sanders became our Dear Leader, Moore would be the first one to worship him while packing up to take his assets to a safer haven so they aren’t confiscated.

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