Pro-Illegal Immigration Democrat Pushes For $30 DOLLAR MINIMUM WAGE (VIDEO)

Luis Guttierez

Congressman Luis Gutiérrez of Illinois is an open proponent of amnesty, open borders and illegal immigration. He also recently advocated a minimum wage of $30 dollars an hour.

BizPac Review reported:

Rep. Luis Gutierrez pushes for $30 minimum wage: ‘Oh, and a free pony?’

Rep. Luis Gutierrez recently praised a group of Las Vegas-area restaurants for increasing their employees’ minimum wage to $15 per hour, then stating that figure is only the beginning — he wants a $30 per hour minimum wage.

“We’re working to champion the cause of people – and I’m so excited you guys increased the minimum wage at Taco el Gordo, right?” the Illinois Democrat told the group.

“$15 an hour, I like that, that’s good. That’s good stuff, you know, so tomorrow I say –hey wait a minute, it should be $30 an hour – are you all going to vote for me?”

“You say, ‘c’mon Gutierrez ain’t nobody’ – but that’s my point,” he said. “I mean you could take this to a point in which you go ‘really? – but we can’t do it.’ Should it be a goal? Oh, man, I am for that goal. I’m for a goal that everybody gets health care. I’m for a goal that everybody gets to go to college regardless of their income. And Latinos more than anyone else know that.”

Watch the video:

How is this man a member of congress?



  1. ljm4 says

    HeII, this goofball isn’t worth $10/hour at any job he’d attempt. Has he ever had a real job? He’s such a whiner about everything and can’t utter a sentence without lying.

  2. fedupMan says

    Tidbit on info here.
    Here below is the dist map IL-4 of Luis Gutierrez.
    By the way in IL ALL minorities are locked into their districts forever and can NEVER ever be redistricted/drawn out of office via IL law. But anyone NOT a minority CAN be redistricted of of their office.
    In 2014 the IL D’s did redistrict 4 repubs out of office.
    His district even includes single streets where his voters only reside on ONE side of the street and in one case I read a building was SPLIT in HALF. Do a google for his district pix.

    Note if 1/2 the minorities move out of IL, not gonna happen I know, ALL the minority seats will still keep all their districts and NON minorities – whites – will lose seats.

    • Jhn1 says

      before the last redistricting his district included a stretch of the middle of a road (that is, with no houses on either side) to connect the “D” reliable minority majority parts they wanted to be in that district. Of course, since then they used section 8 colonization to move anchor baby families to places where that was no longer necessary to make the district.

  3. Shocked_and_Amazed✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ says

    What a load of poop. If unskilled labor is worth $30/hour, what would a doctor’s time be worth? $1,500 /hour? A steel worker? $300?

  4. politicallynaive says

    This is a con game. These illegals with poor education can only do minimum pay jobs which at one time were performed by teens. So what this minimum wage does is a way of subsidizing the income of the illegals which the US taxpayer has to fund…

    • Jack Harkness says

      You nailed it on the head. Friend of mines 2 daughters went to get their summer jobs last year and were told sorry we have people in their 30-40s who take those now… Insane the jobs that use to be high school and some college kids now are career or no career jobs!!! for $30 bucks crap i might quit my $18 an hour job for those

  5. David says

    $30 an hour would be great. As a tech geek I would enjoy the trend to automate everything. All cash registers, automated. All lawn service, do it yourself or automated (there are lawn-mowing robots sort of like the indoor Roomba vacuums.)

    But his constituents would all lose their jobs. Careful who you vote for, folks!

  6. SAR2012 says

    The question here:
    Is this gibbering jackass trying to snag a VP slot with the doddering dolt from VT or position himself to finish the destruction of the USA which has distinguished DingleBarry Zero’s regime?

  7. Bonnie Holzinger says

    Then I want my pay raised from where it is now up $30 per hour!!! Because if just of high schoolers can get paid $30 for knowing jack squat then I want the same pay on top of my current pay because I actually strived to better myself!!! Not slap my hand out… Hoping someone else will take care of it!

    People need to learn how to work for what they want! This country is enabling healthy able body men and women by PAYING them to DO nothing!!!

  8. witnesstothecarnage says

    I’m just waiting for the day automation makes a burger entirely for me, at 3am, without spitting on it.

    Hell, make it $50, if that is what it takes.

  9. Malik Ojibdobo says

    Luis Gutiérrez should be a politician in South America where such stupidity reigns. If that were to happen, all other wages would rise by the same percentage along with prices. Soon we will be like a third world country where a suitcase full of cash is needed to go grocery shopping.

  10. Mike Hughes says

    This guy is a moron who obviously wants 30%+ unemployment. When you have to lay your employees off because you can’t pay them give them this idiots home address and tell them to complain to him.

  11. RobS says

    No one worry. I’m going to plant all the trees that will grow all this money & we’ll have this problem worked out before the end of the year.

    These politicians… anything to buy a vote.

  12. Richard Maloney says

    what a loon…and you pay 40. for a bigmac and small coke ….this is why the usa needs trump hes a business man not a political hack trying to get votes with jack ass promises and concepts.

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