New Dinesh D’Souza Film to Expose the Racism and Corruption of the Democratic Party (VIDEO)

Dinesh D'Souuza Hillary's America

Conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza has a new movie coming out in July of 2016 called “Hillary’s America” which seeks to expose the Democratic Party’s ugly history of racism and corruption.

Here’s more from The Blaze:

Check Out the Trailer for Dinesh D’Souza’s Upcoming Movie ‘Hillary’s America’

Dinesh D’Souza premiered the trailer for his new project, “Hillary’s America,” during his presentation at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C. on Saturday.

The film, which is scheduled to be released in select theaters the week of July 25, poses the question, “Who are these democrats?” as D’Souza explores the party’s roots and the rise of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

In the trailer, D’Souza referenced his own time in jail on charges of making illegal political contributions during the 2012 U. S. Senate campaign and the lessons he learned from his eight months there.

“It all began when the Obama Administration tried to shut me up,” D’Souza narrates during the film’s trailer. “What did I learn? All crime is about stealing. The big criminals are still at large,” he said as the trailer panned to a shot of Clinton during an investigation into her private email scandal. “The system doesn’t go after them because they run the system. It’s time to go behind the curtain discover the soul of the Democratic Party.”

D’Souza proceeds to delve into the history and roots of the Democratic party in the trailer, showing scenes depicting slavery, racism, abortion and more.

“Why has all of this been swept under the rug?” D’Souza asks in the trailer.

“To cover the tracks of the Democratic Party,” a woman responds.

Watch the video:

It’s about time someone offered a correct history of the Democratic Party.



  1. Marcus Landon says

    I despise Hillary but this is really dirty and desperate tactics. Stuff from 50 or 100 years ago when the Southern Dem Crackers wanted to “lynch negroes” has ZERO relevance to anything going on today with Dems and if Dinesh says it does he’s an outright liar. Its worse than a red-herring. Hillary has no connection to the KKK or any such group. She’s an evil witch without any such connections I hate yellow journalism even when its my enemy being attacked. This is low grade slime. Dinesh you lost your mind in prison.

    • Andrzej Josef says

      But Hillary is connected to racist groups like BLM, la raza, and multikkkults that masquerade as diversity fraudsters. For cripes sake she’s campaigning with Michael brown and treyvons mammys.

    • iWildwood says

      As unfortunate as it is the KKK is alive and well. Though they don’t burn crosses or hang innocent people from trees anymore, they do, still, maim and destroy. Consider, if you will, what they’ve done (the blood sucking Democrats) to Detroit and the people therein.

    • DiMu says

      What he’s exposing is their hypocrisy in never acknowledging their racist roots and blaming it all on the Right! Every African-American ought to see this and THINK AGAIN! Are they better off under the Democrats? NO! They are worse off and the Democrat supporting race-baiting industry has caused more division and hatred between the races in order to keep the African-American as victims who will vote Democrat like mindless sheep. De Souza’s style might be hyperbolic, but his substance is accurate.

      • ShriekingHysteric says

        Positivity…there is nothing like it…nothing works as well to repair people and societies as looking up happily and moving forward into the future.

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