Obama Administration Wants To INCREASE Number Of Syrian Refugees Entering U.S.

syrian refugees

Even though the majority of Americans are against bringing Syrian Muslim refugees into the country altogether, the Obama administration is ignoring that and pushing for more.

Weasel Zippers reports via Washington Examiner:

The White House is quietly pushing for an increase in refugees from Syria, despite new concerns raised by state and county officials that federal help is often missing when they arrive.

President Obama’s assistant for immigration policy told a task force set up by the National Association of Counties that the U.S. is eyeing a bigger role to help alleviate the growing crisis.

“We want to make sure that we can increase our numbers of refugees that are able to settle here,” Felicia Escobar said. “The need globally is so, so, so massive right now, given all the displacement and conflict around the world, but we also know that we have to do it in a way that’s smart.”

The new America is going to look a lot like Minnesota. Tons of radical Muslims.

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