Bernie Sanders Supporters Brag About Disrupting DONALD TRUMP RALLY IN CHICAGO

Bernie Sanders supporters Chicago pic

Left wing radicals shut down the Donald Trump rally in Chicago last night. Jim Hoft provided extensive coverage of the event at The Gateway Pundit.

But who was behind the violent protests? Bernie Sanders supporters.

They openly bragged about it on Twitter.

Here’s a screenshot in case they delete their tweet:

Bernie Sanders supporters Chicago

Here’s the original tweet:

Will the media point this out in their coverage?

Probably not.


  1. OldeGrump1 says

    Are democrats really ready to start another civil war? It might be well for them to remember that they lost the last one, and would no doubt loose this one too but in so doing, they would wreck the country and change it forever. Anything to hold on to power; and where are the adults in the democrat party? Following Obama and Bill Ayres?

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      • Alvin Chipmunk says

        As him to get involved in the war. I mean, be something instead of sitting on his duff doing nothing, hoping for the money tree to arrive.

      • Cozette says

        He is a friend of Obama and Hillary. He was there and prominently shown on MSM to help her with the narrative that Bernie is a far left violent radical like Ayers. It was not coincidence FOX had Ayers on Megyns show just before the riots. The elites wanted to make sure we remember how violent he was and how violent the 70s were. That would be when Bernie was a radical too. The global elites in both parties want to burn Bernie and stop Trump. These people are organized and completely evil.

    • carlos Javier says

      you think it was liberals who fought to keep slaves? So why is it that REd states fly the Confederate flag? we switched names but you lost the war.You Racist Bigot conservatives are the ones who lost the war and have not gotten over it ever since that is why you hate America and its government.

      • Alvin Chipmunk says

        The locations switched. The Red are now protecters of human rights, but the Blue north are the ones now taking away those rights. The Southerners are now the good guys.

        • carlos Javier says

          The gop is for government surveillance. for indefinite detention and torture without trials. the GOP is for taking Gay people rights away. The GOP is for Deporting 11 million Refugees. the GOP are for carpet bombing and unending wars. sure they are the good guys.

          • Pedro_Gil says

            Correction please.. Trump for deporting 11 million ILLEGAL immigrants. Which I agree. Thank you.

      • Bcreek says

        Carlos, with all due respect…study Civil War history so you have a better grasp of it and it will enable you to make a better educated comment. I studied this topic at the University of South Carolina and live in the Richmond,Va area. If you have any questions I’ll be glad to help.

        • Rapunzel46 says

          Reading Carlos comment I think he has fallen for the meme I read about a year ago on Politico during the Confederate flag issue. Their thinking is the Democrats used to be Republicans and Republicans were Democrats and both parties switched and now president day Republicans were liberals and caused all the problems so the good guys were today’s Democrats…… I know – it is very strange thinking, indicative of our educational system of today. I don’t know who started it or where it started, but it totally boggles my mind.

          • carlos Javier says

            Democrats used to be what republicans are today. this is fact. Republicans were fighting for civil rights in the 60’s . how many republicans today would be standing next to black people fighting for their rights? Not all republicans are Racists but most Racists are republicans. Trumps has proven this to be a fact. GOP the party of racists since 1963.

          • Harry Lime says

            As long as Democrats keep throwing hundreds of millions at Planned Parenthood to kill off unwanted black and Hispanic babies, the parents of those babies living in a government dependent welfare state, within the highest crime rate neighborhoods-the reality of who REALLY supports Civil Rights is very clear.

            A black man promising “Hope and Change” was elected to the most powerful position on Earth 7 years ago. Yet it is the minority communities that are poorer than they were before, facing higher crime rates than before, rallying and protesting and expressing more anger and hate than the had 8 years ago. The great ‘unifier’ has gutted this country with division and hate, and these same groups want to put someone else in office that will continue to give them exactly what they’ve always received from Democrats-just more of the same.

            Keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll keep getting what you’re getting. Good Luck with that!!

          • carlos Javier says

            your comment is nothing but stupid rhetoric not based on facts. and your tone is Racist. as if only black and hispanic babies are aborted? stop being so dumb please.

          • Harry Lime says

            Disprove me then, carlos. Or, you can put your fingers back in your ears and start screaming again because everyone (except you of course) is a racist!

          • Cozette says

            Trump says he understands the anger of ALL Americans. The Black community has been hit really hard. He’s trying to help EVERYBODY so we don’t need to be so angry. But the elites want to keep us segregated. Hope Trump suceeds in defeating this obsession with segragation that allows the globalists to continue strip mining America.

          • Scott says

            So much shitlib ignorance, so little time to even begin to unpack it all. For starters, go look up who made reference to “white niggers” (those were his exact words) on Fox News Sunday in March 2001. Which party was not only cool with having someone with such retrograde thoughts in its ranks, but went so far as to laud him as the “conscience of the Senate?”

            I’ll even give you a head start in your education:

          • carlos Javier says

            Lmao you think Google is an education you silly fuck? if you want to pretend that the Liberals in this country are the racists go ahead those are not the facts.. Today go to any Right wing website and represent yourself as a person of color have fun with that education.

          • Cozette says

            Go to any left wing site and present yourself as white and male. Go to the Democrat supporting La Raza. They want to deport all white, Asian and Black people out of a territory that goes beyond California. Hatred is stirred up on both sides by the globalists so citizens never come together as citizens. The elites have turned us into gangs that only grant humanity to their members. It’s easier for the fat cats to keep control that way. Trump is urging us to see each other as all members of America. We want to make America great for everybody.

          • dilligras says

            The problems with the charge of racism are several:
            1. Everyone who is not blind, deaf, and without smell or touch is capable of detecting, and therefore reacting (often instinctively, based on the totality of one’s experiences) to ANY perceived differences between themselves and ANY stranger. In other words, everyone is a “racist.”

            2. According to recent DNA studies, you might actually be more closely related to someone of the “opposite” color, than someone else who happens to look more closely pigmented to yourself.

            In other words, races don’t exist in the way we’ve been told.


          • Cozette says

            Trump is the ONLY candidate who is NOT racists. He sees people as unique human beings. People. He wants us to make America great so all Americans benefit rather than just targetted groups that have been deemed. Worthy. Trump rallies have been so much fun because all races, ages and socioeconomic groups were coming together, united by love for America and each other. Now the Bernie Brown Shirts and modern day Klansmen BLM are once again using violence to terrorize people into silence and submission.

          • jh1289 says

            Well, it is a fact that Democrats today fight for civil rights, and Republicans… well, obviously less so. Look at the ’60s and who fought. Bernie Sanders was arrested for fighting for civil rights. Republicans today fight for the right of government to listen to our phone calls and monitor our Internet usage. They fight against women’s rights.

            So I can’t speak who did what 200+ years ago, but we all know what they are doing today.

          • Ixoziel says

            Yes, they fight for the “right” for lazy people to steal money from taxpayers in the name of free college (13 free years wasn’t enough) and free healthcare (which doctors need 9+ years of college to do). Meanwhile, they continue to throw their OWN money at these “horrible greedy 1%ers”, aka Apple, Microsoft and Starbucks.

          • Cozette says

            Republican or Democrat, they are both on the same globalist team. They just package themselves differently to make the race interesting so media and pundits can make money off the game. The globalists don’t care which side actually wins. Trump however is not on their team. He’s on team America. The globalist know he’ll win if he’s the nominee. That’s why EVERYONE on all sides are going all out to stop Trump from getting the nomination.

          • glamdeluxe says

            Not so it’s the Democrats always trying to restrict the internet. It’s Obama who uses the espionage act to prosecute whistle blowers and reporters more then All other Presidents combined and by a large margin. And Obamas additions to the Patriot act and the F.I.S.A. courts.
            And fighting for the rights of unborn children is not fighting against women’s rights. study the partial birth abortion law.

        • carlos Javier says

          What about my comment was incorrect? why don’t you address that. instead of immediately trying to make this personal. I am wrong that Liberal ideology is not The slavers mentality that is conservative ideology. what ever the banners were in the past the reality is that Liberal Ideology Vs Conservative ideology is what we are discussing. And if you want to tell me that liberals are the one who fought to keep slaves i call BS.If you can refrain from personal attack explain to me how liberals were the confederacy.

          • pfbonney says

            Why on Earth do you take that comment as being personal? He even starts off with “…with all due respect…”! You have a really thin skin, Carlos.

            It was Democrats who fought to keep the slaves. Republicans freed the slaves over the Democrats’ dead bodies.

            So why is it the red states that now fly the Confederate Flag? That’s because the “Red States”, i.e., the states that hold conservative values, have shifted away from the north to the south. The northern states were all “red” states, previously. As the racists died off, their children and grand children became increasingly conservative, until you have what you have, today.

            If you’ve never noticed, the Left always places conditions on their “love” for minorities. Just look at what the Left says about black Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (“BLACK CONSERVATIVES AREN’T REALLY BLACK? The ugly identity politics of the Democratic Party.” March 11, 2016. As far as left-wing Democrats are concerned, black conservatives aren’t really black. To Democrats, black is a state-of-mind, not a color, and the only acceptable state-of-mind for an African American is that of a perpetually embittered, aggrieved victim of white racism.) and others.

            While the right isn’t immune from giving flak to fellow Republicans who don’t walk the straight and narrow (Bruce/Caitlin Jenner, to wit), we don’t bombard them with death threats, either.

            Now, as far as the Confederate Flag is concerned, that was originally nothing more that the unit flag belonging to a confederate army regiment located in Virginia. From there, its use widened. The only reason that it has become associated with racism is only because the Democrat-founded K KK appropriated for its own flag. The South uses it only for its heritage, which is largely states rights. Although Republicans did free the slaves over the Democrat’s dead bodies, as I said, the reason the southern states started leaving the Union was to protect their states rights, which is what this country’s founders believed in. That’s why they placed states rights above federal rights in the Constitution (10th Amendment).

            Originally from Maine, and with an ancestor who fought on the side of the North during the Civil War, I can’t help but believe, after seeing the perpetually increasing strength of federal power, I can’t help but believe that the South was correct in its reason for secession. (The CSA would never have been able to keep its slaves anyway, as eventually, enough of them would have fled to the Free North that the plantation owners would have had to start paying the remainder wages, just to get the crops tended to. That’s exactly what happened in Brazil, in the 1880s, I believe it was.

          • carlos Javier says

            propaganda for idiots. that don’t understand that in the 60’s The Republicans adopted the Southern strategy to attract racists who were agains the integration policies of the democrats. Go to any fucking prison and you tell me that the white power gangs are liberal progressives. stop living in denial. trump is a racist. And he appeals to racists.

          • Cozette says

            Trump denounces racism. He has all his life in word and in deed. He has more non politician endorsements from blacks than all of the other candidates combined. Democrats are the racists hang out these days. La Raza and BLM for example. The right has the creepy, moralist crew that call themselves Christians but are the exact opposite. They represent everything Jesus despised. Trump rejects this approach to human beings as being as repugnant as racial politics. He is calling on Americans to join together to defeat the global fat cats who are strip mining our country. He’s not a Democrat, he’s not a Republican. He’s an American citizen who is volunteering, at great cost to try to help.

          • pfbonney says

            If you think that it was the Democrats that freed the slaves over the dead bodies of Republicans, you are ignorant of the facts.

            The people that switched to the Republican Party were not the racists. The racists (the Dixiecrats) stayed with the Democrats. Remember, WV Sen . and K KK honcho, Robert Byrd, never did become a Republican, and the Democrats rewarded him for his bigotry by elevating him to their highest office in the Senate.

            The integration policies of the Democrats? Remember, MLK and Rosa Parks were Republicans. The Democrats were the people that those two, and other blacks, were fighting against.

            You go to the prisons. I’ve lived a life where I stay the h*ll away from those type of places. But if those whites are in a gang, I’ll bet they aren’t living conservative Christian values. Even if they are not liberal progressives, that doesn’t mean that they are conservative Christians. They are the Christian left, maybe.

            I’m not living in denial. That’s a progressive trait. Just listen to Obama. He never accepts responsibility for ANYTHING!

            The progressive left have never shown that Trump is a racist. Neither have you.
            Now whether he appeals to racists, I can’t say. Do you hold Hillary responsible for the “Hookers for Hillary”? Does the fact that many hookers support her indicate that Hillary is a hooker? She appeals to hookers. (And does that mean that you are a hooker?)

          • carlos Javier says

            nope you see the Game you are playing i am not playing it. I said Liberals. the Republicans that Fought Slavery were Liberals not the Conservative Republicans of today . Democrats were conservative and Republicans used to be liberals. that dichotomy switched during the 60’s. Today. when zimmeraman killed Treyvon the Republicans Defended zimmerman and Everytime there is a police shooting Republicans Defend the Police. Republican Media is pushes the Thug narrative. Republicans Want Voter ID to disenfranchise the black Vote. Republicans voted to cut welfare they what to privatize social security Republicans are against affirmative Action. On Every Issue When it Comes To minorities Republicans are on the Wrong side. and just so you know by Republican i mean Conservatives. that is the ideology . REP or DEM is just a team name.

          • pfbonney says

            the Republicans that Fought Slavery were Liberals not the Conservative Republicans of today .

            Some truth to that. Sure. But nothing in a way that changes the “who’s the REAL racists” dynamic.

            But, for one, if you are not supporting minorities to make them free from government, you are not truly helping minorities. And the common denominator of the Republicans of yore and the Republicans of today is that we believe that people should be judged, not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. (“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” – Republican Martin Luther King, Jr.)

            And, you Democrats do little (and then, only accidentally) to improve the minorities in life. Since you first got minorities to start voting for Democrats, back during the Johnson Administration, the quality of their education, their family stability, and other elements of giving individuals the ability to stand on their own two feet financially, without government aid, have declined substantially. Having to depend upon government assistance for survival is not real freedom. I would say that it is not freedom at all. All you are doing is giving more power to the Democrat Party, with no real benefit to minorities.

          • carlos Javier says

            Bull shit. Education has not Declined because of Democratic Policies. It isn’t the Democrats Cutting social welfare and Cutting education budgets. It isn’t the democrats pushing for Voter id and trying to disenfranchise Minorities. It isn’t Democrats walking around with the Bars and Stripes. My reality Does not fit your narrative.

          • pfbonney says

            Bull shit! Education has declined precisely because of Democrat policies. You don’t need a big budget to teach kids. You need a stable home life with a father present so the kids get the discipline and structure that encourages studying and academic achievement.

            Asians are a minority in this country. Yet their family structure sets the children up for success. My wife is Asian, born in Asia. I can see her non-Democrat academic ethic in her as we raise our 6-year-old son.

            Democrats want stupid children so they will subscribe to the entitlement lifestyle. They only way your household income increases in the entitlement lifestyle is to get vote to enable Democrats to take more money from Republicans to give to Democrat constituents.

            My wife is a minority, and she isn’t disenfranchised in the least. You Dems are just saying that so you can pit minorities against your enemies, the Republicans. You use minorities as human shields. This way, we can attack your failed policies without it appearing as if we are attacking the minorities you Dems claim to be protecting. Many of us Republicans are on to your game. The problem is, not enough people are onto it.

            The reason the Dems aren’t walking around with the Stars and bars is because if Dems did do that, then, since the K KK is your organization, it would remind everyone of your shameful civil rights record.

            When Southern Republicans walk around with them, they (though I live in greater Houston, TX, I am actually from Maine, and once a Yankee always a Yankee, they say – but, I agree with much of the South’s state’s rights beliefs. So I can’t say “we”.) are displaying one, but a significant, aspect of their history. You do know that the Civil War was a war about state’s rights, including the right to secede, correct? The slavery issue was an afterthought.

            Your reality is fictional. You’re clueless.

          • carlos Javier says

            no moron you need Books, Safe class rooms, Competent well paid educators and modern teaching tools. All that other shit is irrelevant to education.

          • pfbonney says

            You’re a true idiot. No wonder that education never improves under you progs. Just by looking at your capitalization tells anyone that you don’t know much about being educated.

          • carlos Javier says

            There is a great article about people who Deflect ideas by complaining about Grammar look it up. . I am multilingual english isn’t my native tongue pardon me if my writing skills aren’t up to your standards. how many languages can you fluently communicate in?. Now Back to the Facts of the Argument. The GOP’s only plan for education is to privatize. so that Public money is funded into religious schools that teach conservative Values. They are more interested teaching Creationism and Abstinence than they are in teaching comprehension and math.

          • carlos Javier says

            IT is not the Democrats i see flying the Rebel Flag . It is not the Democrats Gerrymandering Districts to eliminate Black Voters it isnt the Democrats that Come out to defend the Cops when they shoot unarmed blacks it is not the Democrats pushing to drug test minorities for welfare. it isnt Democrats trying to Close down schools and end affirmative Action. you can try all you like to pretend that Republicans are not The party of Racists but the policies they try to pass speak for themselves.

          • pfbonney says

            The Democrats and the Republicans fly the Rebel flag for different reasons.

            The Republicans fly the Rebel flag as a symbol of their states-rights history, and as a part of their southern heritage. (Although I do now live in the South – Greater Houston, TX area – I am from Maine and have an ancestor who fought on the side of the North during the Civil War.) Democrats co-opted that flag and used it as the official symbol of the Democrat-founded-and-run organization, the K KK.

            So, the Democrats transformed it into a racist symbol, and now Democrats are decrying its use by anyone, for any purpose, because they had co-opted and transformed that flag into a racist symbol.

            The reason that I’m using the avatar that I do is to remind everyone that it is the none other than the Democrat Party, as represented by their flag, that is the symbol of racism in this country.

            Redistricting doesn’t eliminate any voters.

            “you can try all you like to pretend that Republicans are not The party of Racists…”

            Tell me. When did any Democrat, speaking on behalf of the Democrats, apologize for slavery, the K KK, the internment of Japanese-Americans during WWII, the Jim Crow laws and their role against giving civil rights to Black Americans (to include persecuting the Republican civil-rights marchers, e.g., in Selma, AL,) and assassinating the heroic Republican black civil rights leader, Martin Luther King? I’d like a date and a name, please.

            You Democrats always like to use some canard to throw us Republicans off the scent of your shameful past. If Republicans need to make any amends for any wrongdoings against minorities, then since it was Democrats who were first (and only) to commit crimes against humanity (against blacks), they need to take care of their business first. And we Republicans can then see if you Democrats are REALLY committed to righting past wrongs, or if you are really only about using the issue as a way to feed your power-hungry, control-freak lusts.

            The policies we try to pass support the concept of “Be all that you can be…” (from old Army/Army Reserve recruiting jingle), which is the concept of self-fulfillment.

            The Democrat belief of making minorities dependent on the government really has no bearing on supporting minorities, but of transferring control of peoples own lives over to the various levels of government.

            If you democrats were to REALLY support minorities, you would promulgate / encourage policies allowing minorities to stand on their own two feet. That you don’t support those policies shows everyone (who is looking) that Democrats are the real racists because you are trying to keep minorities weak.

      • dilligras says

        Yes, Carlos, it WAS liberals who fought and died to keep slaves… in Texas. The liberal Viesca Faction in the then capitol of Saltillo endorsed slavery because cotton made Coahuila y Texas the wealthiest state in Mexico.

        And the first slaves in America were kept by “Native Americans.” You really ought to reconsider your liberal sources, Kemo Sabe.

      • jd says

        There is not 2 people who agree on the meaning of these political terms. Abandon these forever.
        Bernie should have distanced himself from the disruption and didn’t. He blamed Trump, the uh…victim. Trump shouldn’t call Sanders a Communist. Sanders isn’t even a Socialist, Democrat or Republican. But, he IS outside the Establishment.
        I will vote for Bernie in the Primary and if Hillary wins, I will be voting for Trump, you can bet your ass on that.

        • Cozette says

          Bernie did say he was complimented to be called a communist but I agree with you. Watch for increasing efforts by Hillary and the MSM to paint Bernie as a dangerous, violent 1970s radical and to drive a wedge between Bernie and Trump supporters so they don’t join forces to defeat her and put in the reforms both Bernie and Trump urge.

      • glamdeluxe says

        Robert ” KKK” Byrd. DEMOCRAT SENATOR from west virginia. Set a record filibustering the 1964 civil rights bill with DEMOCRAT SENATOR from tennessee Al Gore sr. Robert Byrd was a democrat until his death in 2010 the longest tenured senator in US history. And still a bigot. See for yourself.
        The conservative republican whip pushed the bill through.
        You must be a public school attendee, because you know nothing true about history.

        • carlos Javier says

          I do not see what this has to do with Republicans being the ones pushing Voter Id laws to disenfranchise Blacks. Republicans brought us Drug testing for welfare or Work.Republicans want to end Affirmative action. they want to privatize Social Security. Every time an unarmed black is killed it is Republicans calling the black community thugs . This isn’t a baseball game i am not Picking a color or a team uniform it is Policies that motivate my vote. I registered as a democrat for the first time in my life because my state has closed primaries.I however consider myself independent. I see both parties to be Tools of the Corporate Elite. I also see the policies each side tries to push so it does not matter to me If Byrd was a Dem or a REP.

          • carlos Javier says

            I just looked up Byrd voting Record. seems to me he Was with the Republicans on Social issues and with Democrats on fiscal issues. This is only one Person. should i link all the GOP candidates and supporters that are known RacistS?

          • glamdeluxe says

            So having an ID to vote is disenfranchising. I guess Nelson Mandela is the King of disenfranchising.
            An honest perspective would know that lack of voter ID laws disenfranchises actual citizens buy allowing non citizens to vote canceling out the will of the tax paying law abiding citizenry.
            Affirmative Action? You mean the race based government institution that that imposes quotas based on the color of ones skin? Not their Character. Not their ability but their race. That bigoted racist institution?
            And of coarse the military police only kill unarmed blacks or they are the only ones that matter. Unarmed Brown or White people.Why even bring it up? And an honest person would agree that the inner city thug life and the glamorizing of gang life style all the way back to the mafia movies combined with the military style police are a big problem and I do believe that Ron Paul spoke of this for years as well as his son Rand, both Republicans. I do believe the 1994 crime bill which was aimed at the crack epidemic and mass incarceration of inner city black ensued is called the Clinton crime bill so once again the stand you take that it is republicans that are the enemy of the black community is very disingenuous to put it mildly
            Not knowing your history ” and 2010 was not that long ago” makes one condemned to repeat it.
            You are a registered democrat so you can vote for Bernie be honest. So you vote for more government and hate filled class warfare rhetoric reminiscent of Trotsky and a horrible chapter in human history.
            You should care who represents your party especially when you throw accusations of racism so casually.
            You position from the very beginning is that the bad guys are the republican yet in the end you try to make a statement that both parties are tools of of the corporate elite and it doesn’t matter to you if a lionized and canonized member of the party you are registered with was openly a bigot. That is a very sad statement indeed.

    • Antman573 says

      The country is left center. Conservatives ideas are the stalling factors especially when it comes to social issues. You just can’t have progress with conservatism. If you disagree, I dare you to let me know what conservative ideas moved the country forward.

      • Cozette says

        Conservative today is a word the elites use like a border collie to keep the sheep from wandering out of their control. Conservative good. Not conservative EVIL. Or Liberal good. Conservative evil. Skip the labels meant to segregate us so we don’t come together to fight our common enemy, the globalist who are strip mining our country. Trump wants us to come together as Americans to defeat these vultures. The same vultures Bernie points out.

  2. alanstorm says

    “They are enabling mob violence as a form of political protest.”

    That’s what totalitarians DO.

    They don’t have a choice – their arguments are crap and they know it. Their
    only choice is to prevent others from speaking – in the name of “free
    speech”, of course.

    • SB says

      It’s funny because, I agree, yet Trump and his followers are the same.

      We are reaching a point where only the loudest angriest people have a voice (even when they have nothing to say) and both sides are equally wrong.

      Trump and the protesters are just two sides of the same coin.

      • Rosewstephens3 says

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      • James says

        Trump does not organize apoplectic to go and disrupt free speech. That old man is a brainless idiot. I don’t even think he had a job until he was forty and even the he managed to get himself elected to the senate and again over the last 25+ years in the senate got nothing done. He’s been loser his whole life and now he has managed to get drones to follow him in the hopes they will get free college and whatever else is followers think they are untitled to. Those slackers need to get out and get a JOB

      • Cozette says

        You are misinformed about Trump and his supporters. His rallies are love fests where ALL people of goodwill are wecomed. The ugliness, violence and hatred comes from the thugs that storm in like brown sirt thugs to terrorize them. The same terrorist tactics they use on college campuses, in cities across America to scare people into silence and compliance. BLM is just the modern face of the Democrats old enforcer the klan

        • WidowTangoFoxtrot says

          That’s why someone suckered punched a black guy and other people that were just standing around were hassled and ejected. Seriously, you can’t be this naive can you?

          • pfbonney says

            Was the black guy attending the rally to see if he wanted to vote for Trump? Or did the black guy go there to look for trouble?

            It’s really pretty simple. If you don’t want trouble, stay clear of places where you might find it.

          • Thomas A Goenner says

            Some people are just fed up with these whiners that just come to illegally disrupt the rallies. If the 50,000 people had the same mindset as these Chicago Thugs, not would of the ‘Busters’ have gotten out alive. A lot of these people weren’t Trump followers yet. They were there to decide. Anyone ‘Hassled and Ejected weren’t just standing around. They were illigal Rally BUSTERS. Mock all you want. If You were with them, you are a Criminal!

          • njo2351 says

            That was one time! The black kid was giving the finger to everyone and the old man wasn’t having any of it! He was arrested for assault with a $2500 bail.

      • rs1123 says

        And where did Trump supporters smash windows on cars with Bernie stickers on them? Did not happen. On the other hand, and it wasn’t widely reported, Sanders’ supporters did that to cars with Trump stickers in Chicago last week.

    • Thomas Moloian says

      well they won’t succeed in long run for when california primary comes on june 7, killary will prevail and sanders will be eliminated but i fear his supporters will start a civil war, we better call our our military and do martial law at democratic convention

    • FlamingLimousineLiberal says

      Shhhh…dare not to speak ill against The Donald on this site! You are to only worship him and fawn over every word he says!

      Speaking in negative tone against BLM? You racist!


    • SB says

      Exactly. They are two sides of the same coin.

      Angry mobs that don’t care anything about actual justice, reasonable policy, or constitutional governance.

      Reject both. You don’t have to side with one or the other. REJECT BOTH. Because they are basically the same.

      • Cozette says

        Show me one mob of violent Trump supporters violently terrorizing old women, little kids, families who had peacefully assemble to listen to a speaker. The left does this all the time. I’m sick of the terror to shut up and comply. I’m glad Trump is standing up to it. It’s outrageous to live in a country where you have to fear for your life and property if you are honest. BTW I believe, if he could Cruz would institute a system that would be as oppressive if not more.

    • Cozette says

      Stop buying into the false narrative. The only hate and violence at a Trump rally comes from SJW who act like Brown Shirt goons and the modern day version of the Klan that calls itself BLM. They seek to keep Americans segregated from each other and terrorized into silence and compliance. Trump and his supporters are sick of the haters on the right and left. We want everybody to feel connected to each other through our love for America and each other. We want together to take back our country from the fat cats who don’t care about ANY of us unless they want our vote. That is the GOPe and DNCe.

  3. Areyoukiddingme says

    Thank you for ensuring Mr. trumps victory….you’ve shown the world how uncivilized Bernie supporters, BLM, and all George Soros organizations act when they don’t like opinions. Oh and by the way Bernie will never be elected. One more thing…adios illegals!

    • says

      The people who have been protesting Rahm since the shooting of Laquan McDonald cover-up were well represented in that group.
      Try reading about their history against violence and corruption in Chicago.

  4. Ivan Kos says

    Leftist organization with communist Bernie Sanders supporters, Black Lives Matter ( as if all lives do not matter), Black Panthers and Anarhists, illigal Latinos and radical Muslims, in very organized manner, attacked Trump rally in Chicago. Lesbian Hillary ,for months allready has been agitating American blacks and dividing the country along racial lines . Obama has been doing the same. Add to it leftist Zionist media and you get what happened in Chicago. I hope Bernie Sanders and Hillary won’t mind when Trump Trupers storm their rallies.

    Here is a clear example of the double standard of Zionist controlled media. When David Duke supported Trump ( whose support Trump dismissed) an incredible propaganda was thrown at Trump. Amazing isn’t it that nobody ever mentioned Robert Byrd (Democrat senator) was a klansman for many years.

    How is it that Hillary sought help of the KKK Grand Wizard in last election but this is never mentioned? How is it that Black Panthers endorsed Barak Obama but he was never grilled on it??? Now compare how rabid dogs attacked Trump.

    Go Trump go!!!

  5. D. Robbins says

    Dan Medley

    Fascists use fascist tactics to shut down speech by someone they claim to be a fascist.

    See the irony?

    I remember years ago, during a discussion with my dad, saying that at our present course we could very likely see open violent insurrection. My dad dismissed it asking how I could come to that conclusion. My answer is simple. The reality is that when you have roughly half of the country living off of the other half, stability is not in the cards. We are quickly arriving to the point where the nation is divided between two basic camps; the makers and the takers. The self reliant, and those who demand that government take care of them at the expense of the makers because they believe they are “entitled” to it. They think that government is supposed to do that. People who think they are entitled to the fruits of others have no qualms against using violence and coercion to achieve it.

    This is what occurred last night. Violence and intimidation to shut down speech and ideas that they don’t like. It’s happening all over the country on our college campuses. Liberal progressives ARE fascists at their core.

    The self reliant on the other hand will eventually punch back. You’re beginning to see this now. They will punch back to defend not the speech or ideas of someone, but instead the principle of free speech. Just because you don’t like someone’s message doesn’t give you a free pass to shut it down. THAT is unAmerican.

        • lalameda says

          Excellent snark. I was just talking with a couple of conservatives over at the yacht club I belong to. Interestingly, when I took out my iPhone to look up the “declarations” they were making, they took a hike.

          • olddog says

            Well..then you need to clean up your Stanky Skankie (D)[email protected]…typical of LIEberal (D)em-wit species..that Choomer Chimp Scrotum Breathe (D)isease is (D)isgusting..PERIOD!!!..Now keep that head down and swallow..Muffin..

          • says

            And this ^^ is something voters should align with?
            No wonder trump has peaked.
            When you lay with old dogs, you get up with fleas.

          • olddog says

            Well then you need to stay in your Mommas Pink Fur Lined “Safe Space”…No fleas there Muffin. YET!!!

          • lalameda says

            Whoa, do you think writing that will win Republicans and influence Independents? Are you a poser? A liberal pretending to be a conservative in order to make conservatives look worse than they are? I used to see a lot of them over on Politico.

          • lalameda says

            Ha. You’re a poser. I think Trump is as well. I can imagine him saying to Melania, “Holy moly, what’s it going to take for these suckers to say ‘Whoa, now THAT’S over the line?’ Unbelievable.”

    • says

      Except there was no violence among the anti-Trump protesters, hence no irony.
      Your scenario about what happens when the rich poor gap gets too broad is otherwise historically useful.
      Luckily, in the US we have a democratic process to bring about change in a less disruptive manner.
      Lets hope we use it in time.

      • Cozette says

        You are totally joking about the disruptors not using, hatred, intimidation and violence, right? If you are serious you are as mind controlled as the Cruz supporters we call Cruzbots.

  6. Marge says

    Sanders and Hillary and gop must really be afraid of trump. Sanders and Hillary supporters are just afraid they will loose their free bees. Guess what thugs. The money is gone and not much longer will we not be able to just print money to support you. We are soooo close to no longer hold the world currency. Then what you going to do when you have nothing being able to be given to you. Sanders is notable to give you anything because there is nothing left. I think it should be made that every child 18 should be required to serve this country for awhile maybe it would make you wake up and see how the many men and women have fought to allow you to have been so fortunate you are. Sanders is a loser and will do nothing for you along with Hillary and gop. Maybe it’s time for a 3rd party. Obama is the one that has nothing for this country but divide all the people. Grow up people you are throwing this country down the drain.

  7. Sumner Kagan says

    Liberals yet again demonstrating that “freedom of speech” only exists if it’s their version of it and they agree with it. Otherwise screw everyone’s rights/freedoms.

    who are the real nazis/stasi here?

      • pfbonney says

        So which Democrat presidential rallies have the “Trumpists” disrupted, and which Democrat presidential candidates have been attacked by “Trumpists”, then?

        Trump certainly isn’t the constitutionalist that Ted Cruz is, but he’ll certainly do. As long as either one of them wins the presidency, that’s all that I care about.

      • Cozette says

        Thats why Trump is standing up to the bigots and haters who want to terrorize Americans into silence. We faced down the Democrats and their terrorist Klan before when Americans united. We can do it again when facing the new KKK that calls itself BLM. By the way, the GOPe are renting these thugs. It’s part of a donor class take down of the only candidate that loves America and ALL Americans of good will.

    • Cozette says

      Regular Trump supporters and Trump are not extremists. We are people who are tired of having our country strip mined by globalists. We want to defeat them and make America a great place for EVERYBODY. As a side note, as a woman who was abused and terrorized I did finally hit back even though I didn’t want to. He stopped after that.

  8. Liekiller says

    Actually it’s my guess that George Soros is killing two birds with one stone. Soros is notorious for paying BLM to protest. I doubt he likes Bernie over Hillary so might even add Tweets to the mix to make it look like someone else he wants out was part of it.

  9. says

    “Will the media point this out in their coverage?”
    Actually the coverage has been quite good. Some reporters got off their asses and figured out all the news doesn’t happen on Twitter. They actually spoke to the people who organized the protests. They are not ashamed to be quite public in their willingness to stand up to Trump.
    Did the Sanders campaign organize anti-Trump protests ?
    No they are busy dethroning queen Hillary.
    Were there people organizing the protests who also support Sanders?
    Absolutely !!
    Standing up to bullies, against hatred, bigotry and violence is not something they need to hide.

    • Cozette says

      Standing up to does NOT include being violent and using intimidation to force someone into silence and compliance. The violent disruptors are using the Nazi Brown Shirt and KKK approach. Americans are sick of living in fear of this thuggery. These thug tactics have been used and suceeded for far too long. Sheesh. In liberal Seattle if you exercise your right to free speech by putting a bumper sticker on your car if it doesn’t fit with the hive mind they will literally destroy your car. I’m sick of the thugs.

      • says

        I think people know a thug when they see one, which is why Chicago turned out in force to peacefully send the message: that sht won’t fly here!” Check the video-tape of the gathering outside the auditorium…that’s a lot of people and Chicago police said everything was fine. It was your hero that cancelled his visit, not the police. Bullies back down and claim victim status real easy. A few cranky Trump supporters threw punches as instructed, but the protesters didn’t take the bait. You’re going to have to burn the Reichstag yourselves.

  10. pfbonney says

    To the Left, burning the American flag is a form of protected free “expression”, which they consider to be identical to “free speech”. (From the conservative standpoint, the people who formulated the US Constitution were all intellectuals, and as such, would have known to specifically write “expression” into it had that been what they had wanted.)

    From there, it’s not all that much of a jump for them to arrive at the conclusion that pounding a conservative’s head into the concrete for speech they didn’t agree with should be a protected form of “free expression” as well.

    It’s funny how the Left gets to make all the rules, even in a center-right country.

    • says

      Flag burning?
      Have you nothing to say about what is really happening?
      Even Republicans haven’t dragged out that old red-herring in, like, 3 decades.
      If the anti-Trump protesters get violent, we can talk about the rest of your post.
      But since it is violence they are protesting, you are missing the point again.

      • pfbonney says

        Well, since you insist: The Left is trash for using violence to quell speech it doesn’t approve of. The true test of supporting free speech is not supporting speech that you approve of. The true test of supporting free speech is supporting free speech that you detest.

        The Democrats using violence to restrict free speech by the Republican Party is absolutely despicable.

        Democrats. At best, you can dress them up, but you can’t take them out.

        There. Are you happy now?

        I’ll leave you with a picture of Democrats in the recent past.

  11. Jim Couch says

    “It took organizers from DOZENS of organizations and thousands of people to pull it off.”

    NO BERNIE SANDERS ORGANIZATION SANCTIONED THIS! Just because a Bernie supporter was telling other supporters what happened doesn’t make it a Bernie conspiracy to disrupt Donald Trump. You people are insane, bigoted hate mongers cooking up more hatred and violence because that is your answer for everything.

    • Clyde says

      Blah, blah, blah.  Can’t you Bernie acolytes come up with something original besides calling eveything and everyone who doesn’t agree with you “bigotted?”

    • Cozette says

      You are right. Clinton and the GOPe set this up to take out the true outsiders and reformers, Trump and Bernie. We agree on alot. In the general they don’t want us teaming up. This divide and conquer so the fat cats win. Hillary wants to paint Bernie as a dangerous radical that will return us to the violent 70s. The GOPe wants to paint Trump as a toxic demogogue who will incite violence, as if it hasn’t been happening across America without Trump saying a peep.

  12. Clyde says

    Looks to me as though the Bolsheviks (aka Bernie Sanders sycophants) are itching to start yet another revolution.  I suspect that they will find themselves to be in a minority when the shooting begins.

  13. Getreal says

    Sanders and his drones are slack asses, pure and simple, just like their fearless leader Karl Marx who sponged off of others his whole life because he was too damn lazy to work.

  14. WidowTangoFoxtrot says

    The protestors did not shutdown Trump’s rally. Trump did at the eleventh hour which he knew would cause the problems that followed. I doubt he ever intended to show up as it was well known protestors were buying up tickets to the rally.

  15. MD says

    Trump and his supporters and Bernie and his supporters are basically most the angry white people in the country and some minorities who are too young to realize they can’t stop free speech. All of these people are acting like kids because they are mad. CALM DOWN. As a gay black liberal i am not a supporter of Sanders for his support of Castro, his negative campaigning and his inability to work with republicans. I can’t support Trump because he clearly is a narcissist fascist who stokes rage about “others,” I think our country is going INSANE for supporting either of these ideologues and it’s starting to show by both of their supporters attacking each other like animals. Everyone has a right to speak! Including Trump! What about that does Sanders supporters not get? And Trump is a bigot who stokes hate. What is so hard for his supporters to understand that the country is not going to allow him the honor of the most powerful job in the world. Both of them are nuts, Sanders and Trump and both have applauded dictators. I like Kasich and Clinton, the only two SANE candidates. I will be voting for Clinton or Kasich if either make it. I will not vote for anyone else, PERIOD. The rest of these people are insane or horribly under-qualified.

  16. rs1123 says

    Bernie is a piece of sh*t for putting the blame for his trash supporters on Trump.
    Pornie Sanders wrote porn for $50 a story to put gas in his car when he was on welfare.

  17. Trump Hates America says

    “Left wing radicals”

    Uhm. Well, free speech is only protected against the government; not an unruly audience that disagrees with your message, and everyone has a right to disrupt hate rallies.

    Hate rallies like the ones Trump throws, while charging you fifty bucks for a steak and screaming about how we need to kill, beat, and maim people. Yeah. Love fests. You do realize that we’re allowed to protest against that, right?

    Human rights. Must be hard for you people to understand between bites of Trump steak.

  18. guysy says

    The Republican party is committing a slow and painful suicide instead of letting the voters decide they will show their true progressive agenda. They will snatched defeat from the jaws over victory. Goodbye good old US.

  19. Audiophile420 says

    Anyone here realize how you’ve been duped by George Soros and David Brock? The event in Chicago, just as the latest riot in California, has been funded by their network Democracy Alliance. In typical Brock fashion he has portrayed these events to go against Sanders and Trump while benefiting Hillary. Sanders has never or would never condone violence against opposing views. Clinton on the other hand, as decades of past wrong doings have shown, will stop at nothing to win the Presidency. I’m neither a Hillary or Trump supporter, but I feel confidante in saying a Clinton ran administration is the last thing we can have right now.

  20. Thomas Moloian says

    to all bernie sanders supporters:

    fuck you all! when your sanders is eliminated at california primary and killary is libretard nominee are you going to start a civil war! we know your all communists and suck like shit, you all think you above the law, then go live in a communist countryL

    cuba, north korea, north vietnam, nicaragua, do protests like that in these countries and you will get executed assholes!

    it will be president trump in 2017! live with it faggots!

  21. Thomas Moloian says

    to Bernie sanders supporters in Chicago, central California and orange county where I live, your time is up and if you back killary you backing up total disaster for America which America will never recover so think of your actions and it’s time to back up our man Donald who is the only chance we have to save America!
    tell liz warren, the elite gop, onigger to all fuck off and kiss my ass!

  22. Thomas Moloian says

    tell those fucking moron sanders supporters he’s finished and killary will be to. they don’t get away with that in California and tried but law enforcement stopped them and arrested many. so you fucking moron communist sanders supporters brag all you want and don’t try that in my neighborhood

  23. Thomas Moloian says

    tell those fleebaggers who disrupted trumps Chicago rally to not try that in my neighborhood, they will have a big unpleasant surprise waiting

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