Bernie Sanders Caught in Double Standard Over BEHAVIOR OF HIS SUPPORTERS (VIDEO)

Bernie Sanders double standard

At a recent town hall event on CNN, Bernie Sanders chided Donald Trump for the behavior of his supporters but was called out for the actions of his fans in Chicago and his supporter who rushed Trump on stage.

Naturally, Sanders thinks this is a one-way street. Trump is responsible for whatever his supporters do, but Bernie deserves a pass for the radical, violent, anti-free speech crowd that idolizes him.

Watch the video:

No double standards there. Nosiree.



  1. Chris says

    Funny, but I don’t recall any incidents when only Trump supporters come to his rallies. Add a leftist activist and all of a sudden you have incidents.

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  2. Seamus says

    Par for the course. It has much to do with why this nation is falling apart. The double standard, lack of civility by the left, and the control of the narrative and zeitgeist by the media are designed to create chaos and keep the country off balance.

    • smartguynyc says

      This makes sense only if you assume that the violence doers are incapable of realizing that they sound like idiots. Put another way, are the people who protest doing for the money, the power, are they just evil or perhaps sociopathic? What has prevented people from wanting to learn the truth. I thought that was part of the human soul that could never be taken away.

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