In Case You Haven’t Noticed, The Left Thinks EVERY REPUBLICAN IS HITLER

Bush Hitler

The left is pushing the idea that Donald Trump is Hitler but that’s only because he’s the front runner. If Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie or even Carly Fiornia was the leading candidate they would be called Hitler.

Daniel Greenfield of Frontpage Mag points out that this has been going on for years:

Every Republican Presidential Candidate Is Hitler

“Except for Adolf Hitler’s extermination of the Jewish people, the American bombardment of defenseless peasants in Indochina is the most barbaric act of modern times.”

That quote didn’t come from some Soviet hack coughing up copy for Moscow, but from Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern. (Some years later, McGovern would compare the Communist massacres in Cambodia to the Holocaust and call for some of that barbaric military intervention.)

Vice President Hubert Humphrey also brought out Hitler when running against Nixon, declaring, “If the British had not fought in 1940, Hitler would have been in London and if Democrats do not fight in 1968, Nixon will be in the White House.” Chicago Mayor Daley had accused Nixon of “Hitler type” tactics.

McGovern had set a record for comparing Nixon to Hitler, which made him very popular with the left, but he hadn’t originated it. Comparing any Republican presidential candidate to Hitler had been a standard Democratic political tactic for some time no matter how inappropriate it might be…

To most people, Nazi analogies summon up images of the Holocaust and a ruthless dictatorship. To the left however, any populist reaction against their rule is Nazism. In their world, there is a battle between progressive and reactionary forces. Any movement that dares to run for office by challenging progressive policies is reactionary, fascist and the second coming of the Third Reich. Republican victories are lazily attributed by liberal hacks to mindless public anger being exploited by right-wing demagogues.

And so the only thing we can truly be certain of is that any Republican nominee will be Hitler. It doesn’t matter what he believes. It doesn’t matter if Democrats considered him a moderate 5 minutes ago. Accusations of Nazism remain the default argument for a Democratic Party turned far to the left.

Republicans aren’t progressive. Therefore they’re Hitler. It’s really that simple.

The left has been playing this game for decades but the media acts like it’s a new phenomenon in every election cycle.

In reality, it’s total crap.



    • Jim says

      Supremacy of the Military –
      – You are of course referring to Lyndon Baines Johnson.
      Corporate power protected –
      – Such as GE, Facebook and Google.
      Labor power suppressed –
      – Union thugs rule!
      Obsession with crime and punishment –
      – Dey dinnt do nuffin, cept bunt dem down afta dey loot dem.
      Distain for intellectuals and the arts –
      – An upside down crucifix in a jar of urine is not art.
      Manipulate & control elections –
      – Vote early, vote often, get out the dead vote, and is you dog registered.
      Religion and government are intertwined –
      “One Nation, under God -” That doesn’t say which God, so you must be a heathen.

    • Buster000 says

      Obama is the new Hitler
      “What good fortune for governments that the people do not think.”
      ~ Adolph Hitler
      “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”
      ~ Barack Hussein Obama

    • SomebodyNobody says

      I wouldn’t consider Barrack Obama a nationalist. It is clear he does not identify as an American, hence why he is trying to redefine the meaning of being American.

      • Buster000 says

        He’s one of the main forces in this country pushing the cultural Communist/Marxist agenda. Chicago is their epicenter. If you follow the “protestors” at Trump rallies start paying attention to the their signs/flags/banners they carry. They are all communists or have communist ties, or they are the useful idiots of those puppet masters.

  1. joe kulak says

    Classic psychological “projection”. No one is more intolerant and totalitarian than the Left. “Political correctness” is nothing more than militant leftism.

  2. The Concerned Conservative says

    We all know the Leftist Soros Goon Squad and BLM are rife with communists and socialists. These pieces of fecaI matter are actually morphing into Mussolini-style fascists.

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