Caitlyn Jenner Named Face Of Famous Women’s COSMETICS COMPANY


For some reason, the liberals that run the beauty industry think women now want to look like men who became women.

The Wrap reports:

Transgender reality star signs a landmark deal with the beauty company

Caitlyn Jenner is making her mark on the beauty industry.

The E! reality star was named the new face of MAC cosmetics on Friday, in a landmark deal that makes her the  first transgender person to land a large mainstream beauty contract.

Is this really the new standard for female beauty? Really?.

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  1. Granny says

    I’m sorry. Caitlyn has not “become woman.” He still has a penis and a Y chromosome. NOT transgender, just a cross dresser. I am getting very tired of this “she” business from “men” who “FEEL like women.” It is an insult to all XX women.

  2. livedwell says

    I think these companies think they will get a lot of free press using Kardashians/Jenners. They don’t realize that most Americans hate this family, think they are low class trash and many won’t buy products endorsed by this family.

    • JY1 says

      Makeup is all about covering up blemishes and presenting an outward appearance that is much better than reality.

      Possibly never stretched to this extreme, but always in the same theme.

        • Joycgibson2 says

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  3. JY1 says

    Hey, Drag Queens are an untapped market. No longer to settle for low quality dime-store cosmetics, now to have a complete line of products designed specifically for men’s skin, female hormone treatment biology, with a color palate specifically slated toward gaudy Cher impersonations..

  4. says

    Great, another MAN taking a woman’s job away from her! #WarOnWomen Sexist! Gays & Trans are trying to SUPPLANT women! Especially when they adopt, they are replacing MOTHERS. They are anti-woman.

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