Hillary Clinton Proves Once Again That She’s Clueless About Guns (VIDEO)

Hillary Clueless on Guns

At last night’s Democrat debate, Hillary Clinton proved yet again that she knows nothing about guns when she called the AR15 an automatic weapon.

Twitchy reports:

Apparently, Hillary Clinton thinks an AR-15 is an automatic weapon

So, this just happened at the Democratic debate. While talking gun control and manufacturer liability, Hillary Clinton said the semi-automatic and fully legal “AR-15” used by Adam Lanza to murder 20 kids and 6 adults and the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT was an “automatic weapon.”

Watch the video:

Sorry, Hillary. You’re wrong…



  1. lingling says

    These clowns… wow and people support them? Hillary the liar vs Bernard the about to have a stroke. Yep, they are so young, hip and cool.

  2. Vae Victis says

    Oh BS, she’s not clueless. This ain’t her first rodeo, she knows exactly what she’s saying.

    She’s demagoguing the low-information voters, trying to scare them out of their rights.

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