HuffPo Writer: Trump Won on Super Tuesday BECAUSE AMERICA IS RACIST

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The left really doesn’t understand the Trump phenomenon at all and they’re using all of their tired old tricks to attack.

This writer for the Huffington Post is blaming Trump’s success on racism:

Trump Won Super Tuesday Because America Is Racist

I woke up Wednesday morning to a slew of confused Facebook statuses and tweets. Most of them read something like this:

“So disappointed in my country right now. How could we let a blatant racist get so far in this election?”

Because this country is racist. I know it seems crazy, but your Facebook friend from high school isn’t the only one in the country who still calls black people monkeys and assumes all Hispanics are here illegally.

Before I get called un-American, or a hater or whatever else Trump supporters will put in the comments let me say that I love this country. I’ve grown up very fortunate and privileged to live in America and for that I am thankful. Truly. But growing up black I was taught a lot earlier than my beige complexioned friends that this country wasn’t built to protect people like me.

That is how Trump is winning in the polls.

It can’t be because people agree with any of his ideas. It must just be racism.

By the way, who has been president for the last eight years?



  1. Fred says

    What I find interesting other than you all being the racists (lol) is that you have nothing to back up your position. Worse, you back a candidate that will not condemn a religion that allows husbands to beat, kill, rape. Just see Europe. No one is with the KKK. BUT OBAMA READ TEH EUOLGY FOR A KKK GRAND MASTER AND KKK supporters came out in support of him. Just google Hillary and Bill and KKK AND IT BECOMES APPARENT THAT they are or had an issue. Those times are past. The days of what you refer to “monkeys” is leaving. Yes it does happen but Sonce I lived in the COURTH where a majority of this issue still exists, perhaps I understand better. My kids were on a bus and the black kids (call you whatever you want) were yelling and race baiting the entire buss of many nationalities, and Sid they were black and can’t be racists. You are wrong! You can be racists and stupid as well, just like us everyone at HS age, But when you do it it is ok correct? Lol
    Whatever mirror you look at is a racist mirror. It is not a sane mirror or mirror of truth, except hatred, division and race card throwing. There is terrible black racists, that will be the next topic we have to address, but why digress when we have total bullshit articles like this that are nothing except amateur hour for HUF PO. LOL

  2. a1beachguy says

    That cow can kiss my home grown American ass. F her and her liberal projections. White men are the ONLY unprotected class of people in this nation. We are the ONLY group that is consistently BETRAYED by our government and their world of affirmative action and pigmentation based set asides. Enough of the punitive government of Obama, Clinton and yes BUSH! We’re taking our nation back one primary at a time. Trump 2016!

  3. 1JudgeNotLestYeBeJudged1 says

    I’m totally shocked right now that the Huff Post publishes your articles. I’ll have to go right to them and see whasss up? You’re clearly spewing nonsense! smfh

  4. Juan Motime says

    Ya know… When I was in Germany in the early 70s white men had a lot of problems finding a German girl to date or start a relationship with because they all wanted black men because they spent all their money on them… As a white men I felt I was the minority but that was OK and I didn’t play the race card I just knew that I was saving money!!!!
    Speaking of a true want to be American check this out…

  5. Cahal the Mad™ says

    I can’t wait for the HuffJoke rag to finally go under and be gone from existence; along with all of the racism, hate, and lies that it spews out daily.

  6. Shelly Mullins says

    Trump is winning because the American people are TIRED OF CAREER POLITICIANS and they are SCARED TO DEATH about where this country is headed, so they are grasping for anything that looks different than the status quo! GET OVER YOUR BLACK SELVES!!

  7. GS says

    Crying “racist” is the first refuge of a scoundrel nowadays, and it is a knee-jerk response when a lefty does not have any arguments. I have lost the count of people whom I have seen parroting that line, but I am yet to meet a single person who could cogently explain to me why it must be ipso facto “very bad”.

  8. Lexonaut says

    It’s okay, folks. They’re simply becoming more and more frightened that in the future they will be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. If Trump wins the nomination he will surely be elected in a landslide. After that only one or two more years of the blacks-in-charge racism as more and more people wake up to the fact that not only does the BLM emperor have no clothes, he hasn’t the slightest idea how to make them. With a few exceptions they can be trained but not educated, and once we begin remembering this as a nation (no, I’m not talking about slavery) the sooner the harmful nonsense will end.

  9. bicentennialguy says

    The fact that this swine has a platform to spew her confounding ignorance is a testament to the fact that this is not a racist country. She does have the mental capacity of a field hand, however….

  10. Gia says

    If Trump were racist; he would not have so many beautiful people of color endorsing him! Neither would he have both friends and employees of every race and creed! So get real! p.s. Obama is not black, he is Islamic! and the Late great Martin Luther King is rolling over in his grave because Obama is undoing all of his great work!

  11. Fred says

    If you find every day, that it is someone else’s fault because you are doing nothing with your life you are a victim and likely racist. There’re are some who can’t do forth ensembles. They should be helped, nurtured and cared for. But for the rest of the 80-85% of the people you should be subsidized for a period of time and then taken off. Also, You should be drug tested from dollar subsidy 1, if on drugs/ alcoholic you will be forced to go to drug treatment and kids taken away if any abuse or neglect demonstrated.

    If you find every day that you are a victim of racisim or some other “ism”, you are not a victim of any ism likely, but the cause.

    Everyday when the world is not fair, every day, but we live in the best albeit vastly deminished world because of the disgrace BARACK OBAMA, you have rights provided by Govt. people should respect those rights and more, regardless of color, creed, sexual orientation LBGT! However,

    The world is tough, every parent will laugh at you if you say life is unfair and expect respect. All peoples reaction except the dregs of the earth is first civility, love and kindness / unselfishness.

    But truth is there are just as many Black racists as white racists but no one calls it what it is. No one accepts this, black haters hate because of slavery Sonmany years ago, STFU. I did not do it and that is a fact. Get an education if you don’t have one, stop blaming me and everyone else for everything, because it ain’t so. It is you that is the issue if you blame others daily. If we are to blame, “WE THE PEOPLE” can help, but for a limited time if you can help yourselves.

    Everyone is not a racist, sexist, bigot or any of the other things you blame themselves. If you had a real friend, they would tell this to you. Friends tell you the truth, don’t blame others, America is for the strong and brave and doers, not Mille nail know it nothing’s that want SOCIALISM, Bernie or to have the world handed to them. That is Russia, Europe, socialist countries. They are all failing because these people, these countries, these freebie states that take away your pride so you don’t have a sense of accomplishment, are failing, in massive debt, and humanity.

    Go ahead point your finger because your plan fell through, but you have three more fingers pointing back at you. Stop being a blamed, racist, finger pointer and victim. You are not, you are just pathetic. Because we are not any of those, we being the people, we are simply adults that are telling you petulant children and lifetime victims to shut up, grow up, and take control of your life. The world owes you nothing. Zero, nada. No we don’t, not a thing. But we do help you, which is likely more than your sorry ass deserves.

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