University Bans Energy Drinks Because They COULD LEAD TO HIGH RISK SEX

energy drinks

Universities across the country are pushing statistics that claim female students are being raped at unprecedented levels. The problem is that the stats are untrue. Still, the phony figures are leading to things like this:

Weasel Zippers reports via NBC News:

Say goodbye to the caffeine-fueled all-nighter: Middlebury College in Vermont has banned campus sales of popular energy drinks such as Red Bull and 5-Hour ENERGY.

College officials blame the drinks for contributing to “problematic behavior,” such as alcohol abuse and “high-risk sexual activity,” and say they don’t contribute to the dining service’s mission to “nourish” its students.

A prominent flyer in the college’s Wilson Cafe states: “Energy drink consumption facilitates unhealthy work habits such as prolonged periods of sleeplessness, contributing to a campus culture of stress and unsustainable study habits.”

The college also links these drinks with increasing likelihood that students will drive drunk and use other “intoxicating” substances.

Seriously? How dumb can these liberals get?

What about alcohol?

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  1. Well Done says

    The academic/bureaucratic/politician culture is just a mess.
    They have strayed far from the values that built Western Civilization.
    This is not by accident. The hard left have been working at this for generations.
    Sound wacky? Well, it’s the easiest explanation for what that culture is doing.
    I don’t think they’re so dumb they don’t see the mess they’re making.

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  2. the_strickler says

    Doesn’t this policy have a disparate impact on people who define themselves by their sexual behavior such as some bi, gay, and trans people? Therefore, isn’t this policy homophobic?


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