Chaos As SJW Students CRASH “Students For Trump” Meeting

vlcsnap-2016-04-08-03h23m30s234It was utter chaos at Portland State University Thursday evening, as over 100 wackjob commie students crashed the forming meeting for Students For Trump. Fights nearly broke out, doxing and vandalism threats were issued to Trump supporters, Latino students were shoving the Trump students out of the way, another student encourages others to join anti capitalist groups, they shut down and silenced the pro Trump group, mocking their talking points, whined about TRUMP chalk on the sidewalk, and it ends with the socialist students gloating about shutting it down and promising to come back if Students For Trump holds another meeting.

Rumor has it that the organizer of the Students For Trump meeting called campus security after the fight nearly broke out, but security refused to act and never sent any officers.

More from the meeting—
The protesters asked the Trump supporters to raise their hand.


      • Erik11235813 says

        What would moussolini do? Exactly what the protestors did.
        Too bad. At some point free speech and freedom of assembly may have to fight for our right.
        Time to stop taking their crap

        • Moody says

          PC is the tool communists use to protect their hothouse experiments much like a moat protects a castle. Political correctness is their 1st line of defense against their pet projects like black people.It has protected their black project so well for 50 years that dependent blacks have become monstrous in the hothouse.

          • maddyswatch says

            Thank you, Moody, for pointing that out. Political Correctness has done more to destroy Western Civilization (from within) than all the last centuries wars put together. It is a mind warping method and preys upon the inherent goodness of people.

          • brianOO7 says

            Political correctness grew out of the failed cultural revolution of the ’60s. I say failed because most of its followers ended up following the career/family paths of their parents as the Third World adopted capitalism and grew (relatively) rich, excepting, of course, commie hellholes like Cuba and North Korea.

          • leocat99 says

            except for the leftists who couldn’t get real jobs in the real world. Now they brainwash young gullible minds as professors in marxist colleges.

          • coniljw says

            Bernie is a socialist & hates capitalism which equals no work, no jobs, no $$ for Anyone.
            Trump loves capitalism – lifting people OUT of poverty, allowing them to work for their OWN bread on their tables.
            Under dems/obummer 1/2 our nation is on food stamps, 94+million out of work, 60% on disability (their other fed $$ ran out), 1/2 our nation doesn’t even pay fed taxes. With 320 million people in the USA, many of those are UNDER 18 so with 94+million OUT of work that is an INCREDIBLE figure/fact if you think about it.

          • pattymoo says

            The words that nowadays defends these kids weren’t offensive till the libs. brainwashed society to think it is

          • College Dad says

            I wish the liberals scientifically modified dependent blacks would stay in their liberal hothouses, but they roam out at night and prey on college girls like Hukara Weiser and Eve Carson. It reminds me of the Morlocks in the Time Machine by HG Wells.

          • kappa_man_stew says

            What the “Great Society” did was to make African Americans LESS dependent.
            More African American became college graduates and entered the Middle and Upper Classes than at any other time in American History.
            I “roamed” on college campuses at night, classes you know.
            If you read the material concerning murders on College Campuses you will find the vast majority of them are committed by Caucasians…
            An African American University Graduate

          • AdVantageV12 says

            Unfortunately – he Progressives have led everyone aastry s far as “promises”.

          • Half_Centurian says

            Really Kappa man ;
            Then I guess these Blacks raping and murdering off campus are innocent children too ? Like the black men who beat a fellow Marine to death for being married to a Black Woman , yeah remember that ?
            How about the assassin that SHOT the Chinese , and Latino NYC Police Officers dead ? Yeah another true ” HERO ” from the Black Community.

            Kappa pack your bag of rainbow’s … No one is buying that crap anymore.

          • Spychiatrist says

            Check the rape stats bub.

            Think you’ll change your tune if you’re honest.

          • rangerider says

            ;This current crop of thugs are the same sort that ran wild in the sixties or nothing but commie thugs and minions 🙂 A white American University Graduate 🙂

          • Paul Little says

            I challenge you to look at the shootings/killings in any major city and see how many are done black on black vs white or black or white on white.
            Almost daily I see incidents reported in my local paper and it almost always is black on black and usually happens between midnite and sunrise although last week there was a shoot out in the middle of the day. Of course no one ever sees anything or has any idea who the shooters were

          • Gonzo says

            [ “Great Society” did was to make African Americans LESS dependent] it’s to bad the statistics don’t bare out your comment. poverty rates are almost unchanged. all it has been is a mulit-trillion $$$$ giveaway.

          • RevnantDream says

            What the “Great Society” did was create plantations of poor blacks as voter farms for Democrats. Stifled middle class black aspirations, turned the government into big daddy for black Women , so they don’t have to work while black men where released from the equation of any importance.
            60 Years of being Democratically run by Blacks, shows you where this leads in Detroit.
            Notice too most abortion clinics are in black communities. makes you wonder if this was not the plan. As for Hispanics , well blacks can kiss their butts goodbye a new voter fruit picker is being pushed in. Say goodbye to your dole. Theres a new kid on the block with bigger pockets. In fact soon Blacks won’t matter at all.

          • Rocketman says

            During the 2012/2013 period ( according to recent FBI Stats), blacks committed an average of 560,600 violent crimes against whites, whereas whites committed only 99,403 such crimes against blacks. This means blacks were the attackers in 84.9 percent of the violent crimes involving blacks and whites. This figure is consistent with reports from 2008, the last year DOJ released similar statistics. Perhaps not coincidentally, that was the year Mr. Obama was elected president.

            Interestingly, we find that violent interracial crime involving blacks and Hispanics occurs in almost exactly the same proportions as black/white crime: Blacks are the attackers 82.5 percent of the time, while Hispanics are attackers only 17.5 percent of the time.

            77% white ~225 million

            13% black ~40 million

            Whites committed 2,755 murders in 2013.

            Blacks committed 2,698 murder in 2013.

            So the black population of 13%(~40 million) commits almost as many murders as the white 77%(~225 million) of the population. That’s a 5-to-1 ratio.

        • porchhound says

          Time to stop SUPPORTING their crap! Unhook the boxcars on the GRAVY TRAIN and lets see how long these “students” stay in college on the taxpayer’s dime! Stop funding anti-American education institutions and watch those doors close and their “faculty’ line up for Walmart greeter positions.

          • Half_Centurian says

            I was a student at 51 after surviving Cancer , and then Bankruptcy caused by my Illness , and Obama’s GREAT ECONOMY … in 2010 …. .
            I went to College at Scagit Valley College in Mount Vernon , WA.
            That school is a hotbed of LEFT WING THUGGERY.

            NO Free thought there, Kneel to Caesar ( The LEFT ) .

          • diogenes says

            I believe it. I think it’s systemic to WA at least the western part. You must have heard the UW song “Bow Down to Washington”. The main plaza at UDub is called Red Square.

          • telman says

            Any place west of the Cascades in Washingtonis a Hot bed for Left Wing Thuggery. Glad you survived the cancer.

          • JamesDDean says

            The same applies to mid Atlantic states and the northeast states. They’re just expensive Marxist training academies.

          • AloneInACrowd says

            Ashamed to say I live in an area where my thoughts are met with such disdain. I live in constant fear as a conservative in Western Washington. My only hope is to continue hiding amongst the wolves, and pray not be identified, like freedom fighters around the world. What they don’t see they can’t oppress!

          • telman says

            I grew up in Seattle in the 50’s and 60’s it was a nice place to live. Then the influx of out of staters came and with them their left wing ideas. These ideas morphed into what the Seattle area is now. I left in the 90’s and only return if necessary for medicial or short stays for work. I keep my views to myself and split back to Central Washington as soon a my business wraps up there. Not all of the Washington area is repressive as Seattle area.

          • tcp53 says

            “Without Freedom of thought, there can be no such Thing as Wisdom; and no such thing as public Liberty, without Freedom of speech”
            – Benjamin Franklin

          • nightsong says

            Berkley in the SF Bay area. Flower children, hippies, pot, protesters and the emergence of a huge change in music. Women simply said “F##k housework”, pass the weed. Anyone in their twenties like myself who worked for a living was ridiculed and thought to be “square.” They protested Viet Nam, which I understand fully. They protested anything and everything they could get away with. It was a wild time of real change in America. Some good, some bad. It was also the time that beautiful SF became littered with homeless young people with long stringy hair. lol.

          • Atilla Thehun says

            I think the best part of living through it was watching self-described intellectuals as they looked down on the rest of us. Job? No need for a job. The commune will provide. And they’re still here. What’s worse – many males went into teaching because of the deferment. They didn’t want to teach; didn’t know how to teach. But their far left politics made it into the classroom. And they’re still here, too – demanding their “equal outcome” teacher retirement.

          • rui zhou says

            Then their elite parents threatened to cut them out of their wills. So they cleaned themselves up a little bit, went to Law School and became Shysters and moved on to politics and Washington DC. This is the typical story. Bill’s and Hillary’s story.

          • tommy mc donnell says

            yep, the first time a substantial percentage of the population went to college. I graduated high school in 1960, about 20% of grads went to college. by the end of the decade it was about 50%. it’s been downhill ever since.

          • Old Hickory says

            Chavez, Ortega and Mugabe acted the same way. The only difference between National Socialism and Marxist Socialism is that hate and violence are on the basis of nationality rather than class. They really are the same thing, only the excuses used to oppress dissent and gather power and wealth for the elite differ slightly.

          • tommy mc donnell says

            the economic system of communism is socialism. all the money ends up in the hands of the party leaders.

          • Yolandaebowers3 says

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          • Derbydoll says

            Actually, there’s plenty of differences, chief among these being fascism allows private property (as long as you use it to support the revolution).

          • Mark Talmont says

            That’s a critical point–see the Chinese system with one-party rule by the “Communist” party–it’s really the same model the Nazis used in Germany, with dramatically inconsistent property rights enforcement.

          • Old Hickory says

            That’s a distinction of form without much difference in substance. Old Adolf himself nationalized a lot of property but pointed out that they didn’t need to own it. They could control it all because they socialized PEOPLE, which gave them effective control of all property.

          • RobietheCat says

            Obuma said he would transform the US. He has. This students show it.

            Looks like Venezuela.

            If these leftist students care about the downtrodden so much, why don’t they figure out an inventive way to get loads of toilet paper down to the leftist paradise Venezuela as a summer project?

          • jimintexas says

            Nah – they used to be a breeding ground for budding communist thugs, then communism failed and the universities had to find something else…

          • NM156 says

            Don’t insult Brownshirt fascists. If you think universities just started breeding radicals, you haven’t been in America long either

          • nightsong says

            Oh the schools are getting rapidly worse each term. Too many socialist communist teachers for starters.

          • ManifestDestiny says

            It’s universal now – going on at so many colleges: “by afternoon today there were a half-dozen breaking stories across
            the nation, all of them as amazing as they were sad, as a panicked
            college-aged populace began to break down at the subconscious fear that
            The Donald was going to be in charge pretty soon”:


            The photos say it all. They are the oppressors and it’s up to us to stand up to them and fight it!

          • owl says

            Fire every teacher and administrator. Close them down.

            Do for the universities what Reagan did for the air comptrollers who went on strike……He said “your fired” and he never allowed one of them back. Trump 2016

          • Dane Ironfoote says

            The “you-know-what” for brains socialist kids are slicing their own throats. The tax rate will be at 50% by the time the reach 45, if they get their way. They are the event of their own destruction. Fools.

          • Mark Talmont says

            And the imbecilic profs and admins who presided over the communization of higher ed think they are going to get a nice pension–the next decade is going to be a fiscal Death March led by the Big Blue states and locales. In California, a grand total of ONE local government (Fresno muni) has properly accounted for the pension liabilities. Soon htey will always be where Chicago is, trying to raise taxes on a declining base; go back to the Clinton admin, we were promised all the immigrants were going to be paying inotthe tax base, they turned out to be bankrupting us. Most of these idiots think they can run to the feds for a bailout…guess again.

          • pattymoo says

            I like that idea send them over to Europe to roam the streets with all of the refugees, they will tuck there ass in tight come home crying

          • Waldo Bliendin says

            ID the families of these brats. Then list them in their ‘local’ media (papers, mags, facebook, etc). Show what a great job their parent(S) are doing!

          • Mac says

            thats why the uproar. There are so many of these groups that are realizing the freebies come from someplace other than what theyve been told. Let Soros fund them.

          • coniljw says

            Obama hinted today that he will NOT allow North Carolina to receive ANY federal funds due to their religious freedom law. Obama is a tyrant & has several more months to go on his tyrannical hate/fascist agenda. Hold on folks.
            White House comments line: 1-202-456-1111, M-F, 9-5. Be polite.

          • Carol Hadenough says

            Another thing to call the White House about: The Obama administration is reportedly ‘pressuring’ lenders to start approving “sub-prime” mortgages for people who can’t afford them. That’s what crashed our economy before! Remember 2007? It’s about to happen AGAIN because of the stupidity of the OBAMA Administration.

          • tcp53 says

            The Obama Administration pushed massive amounts of student loans to students (many of whom were not qualified for college) to hook them into government debt and to artificially prop up the lending institutions. Roughly 40% of student loans (after graduation/leaving school) are NOT being paid back. Just like the Wall St. collapse following the Democrat’s push for mortgages to be given to unqualified applicants 10 years ago, the TRILLION dollars of student debt is on the verge of causing it’s own collapse….

          • SumtingItink says

            I disagree. Go back and research Hiliiary Clinton, Bill Ayres, Barak Obama and Eric Holder. Etc,,, This is the exact thing they did in college now they run our lives. As sickening as is is it is the truth. All of these student will get state and federal government jobs and end up in excutive positions.

          • SumtingItink says

            Disagree , Hiliary Clinton, Bill Ayres, Barak Obama, Eric holder etc,,,, all conducted themselves exactly like these people when in college during thier youth. They went on to run our lives. These democrat will all go on to excutive level positions within state and federal government . It’s sickening but true.

          • Wary Independent says

            No. I don’t think so. Only because our economy is close to the breaking point. Even the Fed. has admitted it doesn’t have any tricks up its sleeve.

          • SumtingItink says

            Few years out . There is about 6 trillion dollars in the Americans individual 401k accounts. The government will by excutive order take these funds to run the country. When this happens only then these communist democrats need to be concerned about not being employed by state and federal government. When it happens SWHTF. . Prepare to defend yourself . These little democrats will not last a week.

          • porchhound says

            No problem…..happens to me every now and then (try at LEAST once a week!). You haven’t really screwedup until you respond to one of your own comments!!! Trust me….


          • rui zhou says

            I gots a PHDees in White Priveledge and Lesbians studies degree, Welcome to Wal-Mart.

          • The old man says

            Correct Wolf-my humble observations are that the Nazis rose up in Germany, because of tactics like used at this college(Bolshevik Commies in Berlin made life Hell on the German people). Its a math equation; commies arrive on the scene and nationalists will rise up even stronger to repel it. Yes, Nazis and commies in Berlin were both fascists, but the commies threw the 1st blows. If a hard hard right movement that is nasty ever happens in the US, History should record it as a self defense rebellion caused by the Obamas/Clintons/Sanders/Msnbc’s of this country that made it inevitable.

          • MarieD22 says

            Excuse me, but the German nationalists who had control were socialists. Socialist thinkers like Hitler and his ilk held the power in the name of their socialist brand of nationalism.

          • tommy mc donnell says

            do you still believe the myth taught by leftist college professors for over 75 yrs. that Nazism and communism are the opposite ends of the political spectrum? they are just two factions of the same totalitarian belief that fought for who was going to be in control.

        • Patrick Henry says

          Amen brother. Get a roll of quarters in each hand and knock some skulls. That’s what they all need. A good azz whipping and send them to their safe space.

          • Erik11235813 says

            Lol. I think we both know we always have that, and are ready to defend it ourselves.
            I don’t need anyone to “give” me a safe space.
            Bet u don’t either.

          • Erik11235813 says

            Not so sure. Deep down I think they are true Americans and instinctively understand what that really means. There are orders they wouldn’t obey.

          • Cyndi Rolla says

            I don’t know anymore. Once upon a time they’d have never gotten the police and the military to go as far as they go now.

            The govt has been working for at least 18 years weeding out those in the military who wouldn’t go against their fellow citizens.

            I’m thinking that sooner or later we’ll find out. Not looking forward to it, but would like it to be over and done with, and no longer have to deal with the gnawing suspense.

          • Erik11235813 says

            After Paul Ryan gets the nom?
            Ugh. November is going to suck. Was so excited about it 2 months ago…

      • hoya says

        Trump had been inciting hatred, name calling, bullying and yes-violence if he isn’t going to get what he wants…after all the law passed in 1860s should be changed just because THE DONALD-egomaniac wants it!!!
        YOU REAP what you SOW

          • hoya says

            And you wouldn’t know the difference between First amendment and filthy mouth , Clueless Drone.

          • DariusPicard says

            “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or
            prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of
            speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to
            assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

            Now exactly what part of that allows someone to go into a group of people peaceably assembled and disrupt it?

          • gabwin says

            Well, to be fair, the Constitution doesn’t stop individuals from disrupting assemblies, just the govt.

            Of course, the fascists broke the law by threatening the other supporters, and certainly some regulation or law that would be brought to bear on campus in a heartbeat if Pro-Lifers were disrupting an Abortion clinic.

            But, since the LAW is taking sides, we’re on our own to defend ourselves. I’m a bit of a radical, I know, but I suggest thinking in terms of, and preparing for, Self-Defense.

            Just sayin’.

          • DariusPicard says

            I’m already there, brother. And I do believe some conflict will occur. Of course you’re right about the Constitution; college students wouldn’t know that though.

          • Kyle Johnson says

            You don’t see conservatives showing up at liberal events and using force and intimidation to shut them down. This behavior is reckless, and it will eventually lead to exactly what you describe. The liberals are instigating dangerous physical confrontations – somebody is bound to cross a line somewhere and people will end up dead. This is not the way to conduct politics. Once violence is introduced into the political process, it can be very difficult to contain.

          • Dwayne Keith says

            That’s because it wouldn’t be safe to do so. It is safe for them to do it amongst conservatives. That alone should tell us all something.

          • jcill says

            While disrupting an assembly is not contrary to the first amendment, it is indeed disorderly conduct, and perhaps inciting violence. These protesters should be taken away in cuffs.

          • the_strickler says

            I agree.

            I believe in any other similar situation, the local police would step to arrest anyone disturbing the peace and/or making threatening comments. I think we all know what that didn’t happen here.

            My advise would be to go to a judge and get a restraining order against the individuals and groups involved in the protest and also to file a police report and ask for a prosecution.

            The next step would be a formal complaint with the university. My guess is that FIRE would be willing to help with the legal stuff.

          • Gonzo says

            [Well, to be fair, the Constitution doesn’t stop individuals from disrupting assemblies] They have the right to “peaceful” assembly. That was NOT peaceful. Intimidation with the threat of violence is not protected speech! There you learned something today.

          • Hammer says

            Hoya your hate of America is proof positive America needs to build the wall, higher, deeper, longer and wider.

          • lndependent says

            And shoot to kill any and all who come over, around, under or through it. It will only take a few dead ILLEGAL aliens and this crap will stop.

          • The Wicker Man (BWF) says

            Are you writing a novel? Taking forever to type that sentence. Must be using google. LOL

          • Juan Day says

            Originally, libwithIQ had “Your too ignorant”. He has since corrected it. Relax and take a deep breath. Now out. Repeat as necessary.

          • The Wicker Man (BWF) says

            Says the guy that was so bothered they had to reply. I’m enjoying wasting your time.

          • gabwin says

            Of course, Grammar Nazis are not at all annoying…
            (I are one sumtimz to, witch is how i no.)

          • maddyswatch says

            “You’re” ??? Kind of proves our point… there is no such thing as higher learning at our universities any more. They are just cess pools led by administrators who were SDS members when they were in college.

          • lspanker says

            You seem to be rather hypersensitive about your cherished belief system being criticized, child.

          • Keith NSA is watching says

            At least Donald speaks the truth 90 percent of the time. The remainder of DC is a 50 50 shot.

          • Keith NSA is watching says

            Tell me anything that isnt 50 50 in DC. Hussein is 50 50 approval. Voters are always 50 50. Supremes are almost 50 50. Everything is 50 50.

          • Huxtable Pippy says

            Keith – Well that all depends on who’s doing the talking. If it’s a Democrat you know it’s 150% butt-blather and chin-dribble. If it’s someone in the Gutless Old Party it’s 110% effluvium spray-painted and perfumed. If it’s voters it’s 35% socialist 45% capitalist 65% undecided 100% uncertain. Then there’s the 10-15% whateverrrrrr.

          • the_real_andy_amos says

            You have no right to crash political rallies unless you plan on getting hurt. You are progressive trash, the bottom of the dumpster juice you little f ag.

          • cgtstx says

            The saddest of all things is that you have no idea how stupid you really are. I don’t know if your kind of stupid can be fixed.

          • ed28 says

            Obvious that you have no clue either. You are just a sad, mad useful idiot.

            Sorry for you ignorance!

          • Michael Woods says

            In the immortal words of Steven Seagal from the film ‘Above The Law”…”Fuck you and die!” Pretty succinct, eh?! Now, THAT’S free speech!!

          • Huxtable Pippy says

            hoya – And neither do you. You have your pre-formed opinion and ideology, and all you do with hate and attack. “Racism” is whatever you say it is. “Bullying” is only done by people you don’t agree with. “Name calling?” That’s what you’re doing. And who introduced “violence” to the Trump campaign? You, and your neo-fascist commie buds.

          • Joe Voter (fedup) says

            I’d be willing to bet a good amount of money that OUR first amendment doesn’t apply to you being here illegally and all.

          • La'uther says

            like he be know anything. i is got 7 kids n they aint goin feed demselves. how am i sposed to eat if trump is elected?

          • hoya says

            It was illustrative from my original post and Trump’s qualification for nomination! If you are unaware of that and the entire debacle there is no point for me to explain. Only shows that you are blindly following Trump’s loud mouth and just as clueless of the laws as he is!

          • DariusPicard says

            Whoa, The second part follows the first part which is part of the part that referred to it in the first part. Great, got it.

          • amusing_myself says

            Hoya, there were many laws passed in the 1860s designed to punish the south as well as some well intended laws that have since been blown out of proportion by idiots and Supreme Court rulings.

            I could play like you and stick out my index finger and utter sentences that make no sense because they do not specifically give the reader a single shred of information to comment on….. but I won’t because I am not a Liberal and prefer not to confuse my audience with nonsensical BS.

          • The Wicker Man (BWF) says

            Your needlessly verbose response speaks to your inflated sense of self. Could you not say that YOU are blindly following an ideology you are convinced is morally correct, thereby giving you the validation you seek in your empty life? I don’t agree with either of these kooky parties, but you left wingers are a cult of 20 somethings that wish you could be part of some great 60s era social movement and end up perpetuating more bigotry in the process. You are a contradiction and a naive child.

          • maddyswatch says

            The “great 60s era social movement” you mention was, in great part, fomented by members of the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society, an oxymoron if there ever was one). These same SDS members were perpetual students, eventually earning their master and doctorates in education and are now the head administrators of this nations school systems, from K thru college. The chickens have come home to roost.

          • backagain2010 says

            Shhhh. He or she is a college student and really knows nothing of what the world is like. Give them some safe space to think it over,,,,

          • Rick Durkin says

            In my home the intruder is called dead! I protect my home and family and since Florida understands that as a right you get a free meat ride!!!

        • HLH says

          the only people inciting hatred are the liberal turds like yourself that come to the Trump rallies. Just leave them alone to their 1st amendment right you moron.

        • libwithIQ says

          It’s just so tolerant of you to use your Constitutional Rights to steal those same rights from others. Typical ignorant liberal response to anyone who doesn’t do their group think.

        • kinetiq says

          Think yourself lucky that Trump even came along or rodents like BLM and Occupy would be blood soaked corpses littering the sidewalk…Marxist filth.

          • vrooden says

            yes, and they HATE him for it. See? Inciting hatred.

            You gotta learn to think like a liberal.

        • Michael Dillon says

          What a stupid thing to say; all talk no supporting information. Rhetoric and talking points is all you know. You can’t stand the First Amendment, you commie.

        • Keith NSA is watching says

          Uh moron. Trump held gatherings. None of his people have crashed gatherings. Threatened or intimidated people at their free speech gatherings. If this happened in Texas the students would have been armed.

        • SaveOurNation says

          “If you tell liberal lies big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to disbelieve them. The liberal deceit can only be maintained for such time as oblamo can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lies. It thus becomes vitally important for the criminal oblamo administration to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the liberal lies, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the criminal liberal agendas, and the oblamo regime.”

          Nazi party: Joseph Goebbels
          Modified by me….

          • gabwin says

            That’s why Trump and the rising New (Alt) Right is so important in America! (And so terrifying to the Left).

            They are NOT AFRAID to shout in the face of Political Correctness. They are not intimidated by soap bubbles and snowflakes and their cry-bullying and safe-spaces.

            They are willing to be outrageous, truth tellers, and delight in offending the Left at every turn.

            It’s a beautiful thing. And a long damned time coming.

        • jtom says

          You think the left doesn’t incite the right? The difference is the right is civilized and doesn’t respond with violence. The left is just an inferior group of humanoids.

          • gabwin says

            The New Right will not be as kind and civilized as the Old Conservative Movement. We see what that got them.

            Fascists beware.

        • zxm says

          Who are the agressors? I don’t see Trump supporters invading rallies, yelling, screaming, agitating, attempting to shut up opposition through intimidation. There is a difference, you moron,

        • Tommy Tunez says

          hoya, please pack your bags and get a head start back to Turdschittastan where you came from. Take tour family, Obama, Bernie, Hillary and the rest of the scumbags at the Dimocrap Party. The RINOs too. Bye Bye turd.

        • RECO says

          If that was soooo true Post 1 video where hes says anything you claim and then take your proof and arrest him. You cant because your twisting all the facts. When you got no argument, all liberals do is scream shout call names and cry….go to your safe space.

        • Apothis says

          You are completely and totally wrong. It is the left that is inciting hatred, name-calling and violence when they go to his meetings. You might want to try looking at the news from the right instead of your exclusive left wing diet.

        • Robert Maxwell says

          I guess hatred/name calling/bullying means pointing out that our government is ignoring immigration laws. I guess hatred means holding politicians accountable. I guess hatred is debunking Ferguson and the hands up narrative. Wake up and grow up and stop projecting your unresolved anger because you apparently were shown no manners or respect for others. Since you have crossed the boundaries, let me opine in– I had to laugh at your need to label-others type of stupidity hoya just because I have a differing opinion of the direction of our country I am an “egomaniac”? Wait until you get into the real world and discover lots of people have differing opinions. But I am sure you will call them names and spew your child-like hatred and name calling.

        • Joe Voter (fedup) says

          Touch me at a Trump rally and your whole arm goes home with me. Trump supporters don’t start the fights, you wet-backs do that, but we WILL finish them.

        • lndependent says

          After all our immigration laws should be changed just because illegal aliens and those hiring them wants it. Do you see how asinine you are? Didn’t think so. You just can’t fix stupid.

        • pop8660 says

          The Trump supporters were meeting peaceably. They were interrupted physically by the intolerant leftist idiots at the university. This is proven by pictures and video.

          If you approve of this then you are of the enemies of freedom, who will be dealt with soon enough.

        • bannedbymotherjones says

          Obama had been inciting hatred, name calling, bullying and yes-violence if he isn’t going to get what he wants…after all the law passed in 1860s specifically the Second Amendment and Fourth Amendment should be changed just because THE OBAMA-egomaniac wants it!!!

          YOU REAP what you SOW

          There, I fixed it for you.

        • La'uther says

          and he aint even got no plan to gives us food n shit. he probably goin take this fone obama gave me away from me. how is i goingta live with a president who spends money on a wall instead of feedin us and giving us the shit we need to live

        • Dwayne Keith says

          He’s actually said very nice things about Latinos. He said we have to stop the flood of people crashing the southern border illegally. I haven’t heard him say anything against black folks. He did advocate punching people like this who show up amongst thousands of his supporters and attempt to do the same things these people did here. It is a testament to the class and self control of Trump supporters that hardly any acts of violence have occurred in such situations. Try going to a BLM rally holding a sign that says All Lives Matter and see what happens. BTW, I’m not a Trump supporter. Just an observation.

        • Peter Osenni says

          What a dumb copout. Donald incites these morons to act like Neanderthals. Normal people don’t riot when someone says something they don’t want to hear. Grow the fuk up. Funny how I don’t see protesters acting like asses at a Hillary or Bernie rally. Its simply a matter of allowing free speech and ideas. That’s what this country was built on, not intolerant assholes who cant stand a different opinion then theirs.

        • Cindi says

          Hoya – tell me what law from 1860 stated we should let in illegals and support them? Tell me what law passed that said non-whites would be treated better than anyone else and given special interest groups and special concessions in life?

      • Lillith70 says

        Oregon swiftly cut down the right wing Malthuer protestors who found that adding to a sentence for some ranchers who had already served one sentencing for a fire gone astray. The leftists then were demanding the blood of the Bubdy’s and Finicum who were not allowed to get to the sheriff who may have ended that protest peacefully.

        What kind of country do we want to create for our offspring to live in?


      • tcp53 says

        “Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.”
        – William F. Buckley

        • John Galt says

          Agreed. The leftists can only push peaceful people into a corner so far, until the time for talk and reasoning has expired. Whenever the backlash starts, I hope it is quick, forceful, and thorough.

      • Robert49 ✓Trump 2016 says

        Exactly because history records that’s exactly what the Nazi Brownshirts use to do. They would go place to place interrupting and agitating the political oppositions meetings.
        Guess those “Kids” are too dumb to crack open a history book and read that they are doing exactly as the Nazi Brownshirts did.
        But yet they stupidity scream Nazi Nazi Nazi to their political opposition while interrupting a assembly they were not invited to.

        • Seamus says

          Soon, the history books will enforce their behavior as they are being re-written to brand the white man as genocidal killers and slave owners.

          • Rich Shepard says

            Except for one minor details. Me and others like me 1) Won’t just idly stand by and take it. 2) We will point out the sins of others too. 3) I will not own the sins of my forefathers.

            Their shame/blame routine doesn’t work unless we let it.

          • CheezeNBiscuits says

            Except for another minor detail – people ARE just idly standing by and taking it. Everyone keeps saying “I won’t…” or “We won’t … or We’re not gonna …”, meaning if something like this happens again in the future, THEN we will do something, meaning “Ok, look, here’s ANOTHER line in the sand. You’d better not cross it or I WILL draw another one.”

            Point is, the reason these facists are winning, and they ARE winning, is that they experience no real push-back. They storm in here pushing, bullying, and threatening the Trump kids, but the Trump kids have been brainwashed and emasculated to act like pu$$ies and cower down and take it. Too scaredy to start a good ol’ American style a$$-whoopin’.

            Never in history has ANY important political question been settled without violence. These neo-prog-nazis are NOT going to shut up and go away if everyone else just treat them nice. They are winning because they are making a show of force & violence.

          • Hammer says

            Everyone should start carrying face masks and non wear nondescript clothing. The next time the agitators come and get violent just beat the agitators back and then disappear.

          • gabwin says

            We can start by TALKING TRUTH, refusing to obey their PC rules. That’s a good start.

            It will embolden our side.

            The rest will come as necessary.

          • Hammer says

            Sadly, the “we and me” is already standing by letting it happen. Otherwise the ethnic fascists would be too frightened to show their faces.

        • dankbubba says

          The brainwashed kids are stupid but they do not “stupidity scream Nazi Nazi Nazi to their political opposition”. The scream Nazi because it works. They do it stupidly because the have been programmed and don’t know reality, but those who program them are not stupid. Because it works. We need to keep up the counter arguments to try to regain some truth in the terms forced on us by the Leftists.

        • TomIron361 says

          I don’t think people should stereotype all NAZIS as being bad. There are many wonderful, loving, sweet NAZIS in this world. Throughout history NAZIS have been chased out of many countries just because of their beliefs. We should all welcome a NAZI into our homes and love them (especially the good looking female ones). That may help relations between the different religions of this world.

      • DD More says

        John & Robert – Exactly as I remember reading. A good short review.
        When Adolf Hitler was asked by President Hindenburg if he would support Papen as chancellor, he said yes. On June 4th, the Reichstag was dissolved and new elections were called for the end of July. On June 15, the ban on the SA and SS was lifted. The secret promises made to the Nazis by Schleicher had been fulfilled.

        Murder and violence soon erupted on a scale never before seen in Germany. Roaming groups of Nazi Brownshirts walked the streets singing Nazi songs and looking for fights.

        “Blut muss fliessen, Blut muss fliessen! Blut muss fliessen Knuppelhageldick! Haut’se doch zusammen, haut’se doch zusammen! Diese gotverdammte Juden Republik!” the Nazi storm troopers sang.

        Ttranslation: “Blood must flow, blood must flow! Blood must flow as cudgel thick as hail! Let’s smash it up, let’s smash it up! That goddamned Jewish republic!”

        The Nazis found many Communists in the streets wanting a fight and they began regularly shooting at each other. Hundreds of gun battles took place. On July 17, the Nazis under police escort brazenly marched into a Communist area near Hamburg in the state of Prussia. A big shoot-out occurred in which 19 people were killed and nearly 300 wounded. It came to be known as “Bloody Sunday.”

      • Murphy's Mom says

        Since it’s likely many of them are jobless twits living in mommy’s basement, they eventually will be wearing “brown shirts” because, you know, laundry is optional. better to spend their money on ipods and pot.

    • Fulcrum says

      Psychotic, delusional, hypocritical, intolerant, oppressive, abusive … there aren’t enough pejoratives in the dictionary to describe what these fascist punks are!

      • Fulcrum says

        I understand the sentiment. The problem is: that’s exactly what these punks are trying to provoke, and “who goes first” is who will be charged with assault and battery.

        • Matt says

          That’s exactly right. They’re waiting for the moment to say “See! they’re violent! they don’t like free speech!” it’s like arguing with a narcissist… there’s no use.

        • maxxjd says

          Unless you force the violent leftists to pay a price they will continue. There are only two things to do. First each student should sue the university and individual administrators and faculty for violating their rights by allowing this to occur and file criminal charges against the leftists and the administrators.

        • Texan1st says

          And therein lies the difference between their side and our side. Their side is willing to go to jail for their beliefs. Ours? Not so much. THAT is why we will be a communist country at some point in the future. They fought for their beliefs. We didn’t.

          • That escalated quickly says

            They may be willing to go to jail but let’s see how willing they are to bleed out the ears and nose
            That time is coming and I can’t wait

          • Texan1st says

            They won’t be bleeding out of the ears and nose because our side is too afraid of physical confrontation and going to jail, as several comments have alluded to. They crash Trump rallies. We do nothing. Code Pink crashes churches. We do nothing. They crash Tea Party rallies. We do nothing. They intimidate and beat up our kids. We do nothing. They play a sick game called Knockout King on our women and elderly. We do nothing. They destroy Ferguson and Baltimore and countless other cities. We do nothing. I see talk all the time about how THIS time we won’t stand for their bullying tactics. Yet when they do, our side rolls over on our backs and pees ourselves, coming up with every excuse in the book not to confront them. We might end up in jail, we have to work and pay the taxes, blah blah blah. Until I see a sustained effort to fight back against these brownshirts, I won’t hold my breath that they will be bleeding out of their ears and noses. And I sure won’t hold out hope that we will win the culture war by turning the other cheek.

          • wjss75606 says

            Not afraid of confrontation, but smart enough to know they would lose, not the battle, but the MSM reporting. They would be the ones hauled off to jail. The white house would throw their support and send reps to retaliate. (IRS, DOJ, DHS etc.)

          • gabwin says

            Agreed. But look at Trump. He’s the model. He didn’t let what the MSM said stop him, or intimidate him, or define him.

            And he just got more support.

            We don’t have to kick everyone’s ass all the time, but we can start by speaking the truth, OUR truth, fearlessly. And not letting the bullies EVER shut us up.

            And you ALWAYS let them shed FIRST BLOOD.

            But then, it’s on…

          • bargogx1 says

            Yep, best way to deal with a fight, Let the other guy start it, then you finish it.

          • mrca says

            Need to get those cell phones out and record every action of the intruders. Only strike them in self defense when reasonably believe it is necessary. Make sure that video gets to the non msm press and internet. Demand the university provide security to eject disrupters and if they decline, the results are on their heads.

          • bargogx1 says

            They’re all about one step away from violence anyway. Theyr’e so self-righteous they think they have the right to do anything. It wouldn’t take much to goad them into crossing the line into violence, and once you have them on video doing that, they’re sunk.

          • gabwin says

            Our “side” is the Old Conservatives. That’s the problem. They are very nice, and very law-abiding, and very civil, and very polite, and very American, and very Constitutional.

            And see how they’ve stemmed the tide of Leftist, and Fascism/Communism in America?

            We need to re-brand ourselves, and stop looking to the same old “Conservative” leaders for guidance.

            IT’S NOT WORKING!

            We need a new, young, masculine, dynamic, fearless and yes, dangerous when necessary, Right Wing brand.

          • Texan1st says

            It’s not a matter of “one man” going first. The deficiency on our side is lack of organization. Their side has a whole network of planning committees, lawyers working pro-bono, and hundreds if not thousands of people willing to go to jail. It’s not ONE person that needs to go first. We ALL must be prepared to “go first” together. They can deal with a lone wolf much easier than they can deal with a mob. That’s what they do and for the most part, they are successful.

          • gregps says

            Hearts and minds. Stand up to them with words. If you have to fight, subdue them. Protect them as much as yourselves. Why? They are still Americans. Also, the Left used to do this in the 1960s – start riots – and there was a huge backlash and they lost hearts and minds. So the when the USSR fell the CPUSA hatched a plan to infiltrate academia and the news media. They were laughed at, and here we are…

          • Yaspar says

            “They fought for their beliefs…” With the full support of all of society’s institutions, from the press to campus security. Hard to fight that.

        • Dan-in-IN says

          Yes, and you know exactly how the media will portray it, despite the evidence. The only thing you would hear is how a group of Trump supporters attacked other students.

          • YT says

            I believe that this was planned. To get it to escalate with in your face blatant leftist bigotry, until Whites finally wake the hell up. Phyops

      • Buck Naked says

        What’s funny, that’s my alma matter….nothing’s changed in 15 years. I had idiots on the left try to silence me and threaten me when I openly supported bush (don’t hold it against me) on campus in 2000 and made fun of gore leiberman.

        • Bill Logan says

          ARM UP, the second amendment is FOR protection from tyrants like these.
          Notice the cops refuse to come, bet some BIG sergeant of arms and smash these punk ass commies when they invade.

          • iisac bartender says

            Exactly film all this crap and start using their language against them goat them in to throwing a punch and then unleash on them in self defense of course.

          • backagain2010 says

            These students are not tyrants, it’s their masters that are the true enemies. These students are the classic ‘useful idiots’ of the russian revolution. Thank God our military does not need these students because the moment an actual real armed situation broke out, they will crap their pants.

        • Hisdoulos says

          It is to be expected. All of their parents in Portland have just supported a new law the state congress passed, partisan of course, that no power in the state of Oregon can come from coal fired generators in the near future.
          At the same time, the environmentalists are removing our hydro electric dams to save the fish!!

      • Artfuldgr says

        The mainstream press is using soviet terms as are the kids
        in the soviet union, the left opposition was trotsky
        the centrists were Lennin and Stalin
        and the right opposition was Buhkarin

      • iisac bartender says

        All roads that lead to oppression are leftist, In realm of political spectrum far Leftist is absolute power residing in the Government and the far right is no Government.
        So when they call fascism right it is only right when compared to full on communism however it is still left of center politically speaking.

    • Eric D says

      What’s also disturbing is how righteous and driven these SJWs are in their zeal to oppress free speech. Any word from the school yet or of a backlash against their stunt?

    • Tiredconserv says

      I see the brown shirts are still alive and well in our colleges. Hitler would be so proud of our students and Nikita Khrushchev said it best. “We will destroy America without wasting one bullet”. Just something for progressives to think about. God bless America. Those that can’t go back to where you will be happy. Please.

    • Tattooed says

      Nope. The communist left. Oswald Mosley the fascist warned what was going to happen to the west back in the 50’s. Go look up his speeches.

    • Gaijinman says

      Once fine institutions of higher learning are not open air insane asylum. The very existence of the few remaining sane students is a “triggering” “micro-aggresion.” Meanwhile, the lunatics have license to claw, scream, punch and kick as immediate reaction to the slightest expression that might contradict the delicate arrangement of absurd and self contradictory notions rattling about in their indoctrinated heads.

    • Lore says

      We need someone in the white house that will end all federal funding, including student loan dollars, to all universities and schools promoting WHITE RACISM.

    • PlainOldTruth says

      Mussolini was “left” from mid-teens through to his death. He had deep admiration for Marx. Called himself a socialist. Fascism was always “left.”

    • SaveOurNation says

      Would have been a stomp fest. No need for any “security” to show up. That is until afterwards to remove the unconscious bleeding bodies… Liberals like these need to have their guts stomped out.

    • Reginald Thornton says

      Video evidence of threats? Should have no difficulty filing charges with authorities. Awesome potential for damages on civil rights violations if local authorities refuse to act.

    • jerseydave says

      Any College that fails to protect freedom of speech on their campus from Fascist, Communist mobs should not get a single cent of Federal funding.

    • Rufus Shinra says

      It’s a sad day for America when students celebrate shutting down free speech…put founding fathers are just shaking their heads right now wishing they put a clause in the Constitution about communist. ..

    • HospitalJazz says

      “Fascist” isn’t an accurate term. Fascism was a reactionary movement against communism. The fascist writers believed in preserving history, culture and traditions as a means for stopping the rise of communism. It was an extreme reaction to perhaps the most extreme ideology the planet has ever seen, so it went to lengths that would make any American queasy. But always remember that true fascism was about strengthening traditional European society to fortify it against the rise of Soviet communism. I would describe these communist Trump disruptors as Maoists. That’s a much more accurate, descriptive term.

    • Adam Levinson says

      Psychological Projection is what animates progressives.
      They accuse everyone else of doing the same things they are guilty of.
      They are mentally ill.

    • thomas truthteller says

      Fine – we all get that….we can all see that. But just ‘naming/shaming’ is NOT going to do ANYTHING to these folk – they need to be STOPPED – COLD.

      I think a MULTI-PRONGED Counter-Attack needs to be undertaken – on one level LAW-FARE. The UNIVERSITY has to be sued for ALLOWING this transgression to happen. Also each of these Student Anti-Social Oppressors need to be SUED – AND THEIR PARENTS!!! They have violated your right to assemble, they have violated the terms of their student contracts with the school [ I’m sure there is a student handbook – get it, and USE IT – AGAINST THEM] – they have cause you harm, INCLUDING FINANCIAL HARM, because YOU contribute to FEES which are meant to be used for you to be able to meet, and you are being DENIED this.

      We need to CALL FOR THE EXPULSION of Each of these Students.

      I have some other thoughts as to what ‘should’ happen on other levels. Here’s one from my days dealing with crack addicts in our neighborhood – the neighborhood watch would gather EN MASSE, and ‘patrol’ for a few hours each night [ 11-1AM that kind of thing], and we all had whistles – and when a crack fiend would come onto the block, we’d all just get near/around them, and just follow along with them – sometimes we’d blow the whistles in concert, but really it was just our BEING THERE, EN MASSE that was EXTREMELY disturbing to the crackheads [can you IMAGINE the level of paranoia we set off in their addled brains!]

      So – I think each of these little Dictators needs to be ISOLATED – and HOUNDED/HUNTED. I’m thinking about 10-20 folk just waiting, following ( in public spaces only of course), just a CONSTANT, OPPRESSIVE, PRESENCE. Just THERE – just BEING THERE. Consider it a special type of ‘escort’ – just ‘escort’ them EVERYWHERE publicly accessible on the entire campus and outside of the campus. Don’t talk, just BE THERE – WITH THEM – CONSTANTLY.

      What’s their little slogan — ‘no justice, no peace’…..well, let them know what a loss of peace is on a very PERSONAL level. Strip them of their anonymity. Strip them of their ‘personal space’. They want ATTENTION – well GIVE THEM 24/7 ATTENTION.

    • thomas truthteller says

      I’m following up on my prior post , with some more thoughts here:

      DO NOT SEEK TO ‘TALK’ WITH THESE PEOPLE. Trying to talk to the Insane is an Exercise in Futility. You cannot TALK them into sanity. You cannot debate them into being reasonable. Take them at FACE VALUE – their ACTIONS are that of a SAVAGE – so you must DEAL with them on the level of a SAVAGE.

      • Fred says

        Best to call the police and let them handle the Fascist thugs. It does no good to try to discuss anything with socialist thugs – are they paid to create disorder.
        the Pro-trump should demand a safe place – away from the Brown Shirts.

    • RobietheCat says

      So glad I went to college over 30 years ago. It was a great experience, and a large part of that was an environment of academic freedom. Today it looks like going to college with a bunch of Hillary clones.

      Without that quest for answers and knowledge, intellectual curiousity, the life blood of academia is stifled. Today’s campuses instead of being a hotbed of new ideas simply devolves into hatreds and skirmishes of past, with Soviet and intolerant overtones. Can you say Spanish Inquisition?

      Let all speech and ideas see the bright light of day, not conspiratorial darkness. How sad for these blind leftist sheep.

      Today’s students, and Trump supporters will simply have to get more clever than the opposition. And they will.

    • D.W. Casto says

      These geeked aberrations of society are likely protesting against themselves. This a clear indication that not everyone should go to college. They hate themselves for what they are and blame others for their deficiencies.

    • Winston Smith says

      Let them make contact, avoid attacking them unless you have to. Get them charged with assault and kicked out of school. Get their info from the police reports. Publish it and make sure they never get a job again like they do to the right.

      • KilltheBank says

        Negative. The campus police are on their side and will do nothing to help. Get them to assault you and then beat them bloody. Thats the only language dogs understand-the fist and the boot.

      • rayward says

        Won’t happen. The cops didn’t even show up when called. Get a lot of jocks to show up with baseball bats and eject the thugs from the meeting. Conscious or not.

      • Robert49 ✓Trump 2016 says

        Someone runs up and screams and lays hands on me they will get decked and still charged with assault as they were the instigators.
        Sorry but one can disagree with me as much as they want but if they break my security zone and start the screaming and laying hands on or chest bumping me they will get decked!

  1. R3dstone says

    Too bad. Portland used to be such a pleasant city. Now it’s over-run by fascist RATS. There are only government “jobs” in Oregon. They are quickly draining the wealth of the state. There are few jobs and illegals pray on neighborhoods breaking windows and slashing tires. Crime is way up and liberals have been in control just like Detroit. Soon, after the businesses have all fled and the fascists have chased away all reform minded people, the system will implode by lack of any more “rich people” to plunder.

    Left there 5 years ago for Texas and I’m only going there for weddings, funerals, and visits. I keep a tight grip on my wallet every time. These A$$holes are full on socialist and fascism is their method. All of it taught at Portland State University.

  2. edbo says


  3. Winston Smith says

    I liked the sign that said “Indigenous Resisistance” at 4:33. How dumb do you have to be to make a sign with only two words and still mess up on spelling

  4. David Power says

    SJWs are the Hitler Youth of the Left

    Today it’s the political left above all, that stifles the battle for truth. A battle that has been played out many times in history. From the academic world of cultural Marxist professors, to the media world of leftist hacks, to the political world of radical feminist politicians, the left, brain-washes and intimidates the masses into conforming to their ideology, while masking it’s left wing agenda behind euphemisms and Orwellian language.

    That is why, no matter how truthful you are, leftists will not only ignore your arguments, but will try to attack you for daring to contradict their own beliefs, as well as try to undermine truth in any way possible.

    At the same time the left is quick to identify its enemies as traditionalists, conservatives, capitalists and other labels that put them on the right. Pejoratives such as xenophobe, racist, homophobe and other slanderous accusations are then associated with such values, so that anyone that disagrees with them is made into a social pariah.

    Leftists believe that every issue is the fault of society and that it is societies responsibility to fix. The left has deconstructed the manner in which people interpret truth, using pseudo philosophy to destroy evidence based reasoning.

    At the same time the left endlessly criticises society. Teaching people that group consciousness is the only way to be free of oppression. People are then taught they are oppressed by Capitalism, Christian values, the nuclear family and a western way of life.

    Once everything that people believe in is torn down, they are reprogrammed to believe that only socialism can save them. What makes this entire process so insidious is that rarely will you hear the word socialism actually mentioned.

    What you will hear is a great deal about capitalism hogemany, Christian bigotry, the oppressive bueagoirsee and other socialist rhetoric that you could only spot if you took the time to study this ideology in detail.

    This subtle brain-washing is no different than the techniques that cults take advantage of. The individual’s self worth is eroded so much that they stop thinking for themselves. Leftists do this by constantly attacking the individual’s ability to think critically and stand up for themselves.

    Sometimes this occurs through trauma-bonding group therapy. Sometimes it occurs through educational indoctrination in schools and universities. But in many instances leftists attack those that disagree with them so viciously that they are too afraid to do it again.

    Another similarity to a cult, is the fact that most people aren’t aware of being brain washed. This is why the majority of leftist in society are ignorant patsies. And why so much denial and hostility is the result of their views being scrutinised.

    However, in a minority of cases, those that support leftist ideologies are true believers and will do anything for their ideology to succeed. Others are simply opportunists that see leftist ideology as a means to an end.

    That’s why being attacked by a leftist is always the result of disagreeing with them. Since years of social pressure and indoctrination has completely distorted their interpretation of reality. They rarely challenge their own beliefs and become very hostile if they are pressured to do so.

    It doesn’t matter how amicable you are when you disagree with a leftist’s political beliefs, any disagreement will quickly become a confrontation where any contradiction of leftist beliefs is taken personally.

    Leftists take everything personally and will attack you personally for daring to disagree with them. This results in ad homonyms and other logical fallacies that derail any constructive exchange.

    Leftists have been trained by intellectual eleats to behave this way. They have been trained to actively block out reality. Replacing it with group think where emotion drives interaction.

    • FarOutlier says

      Yep, your right. Its always that way. The leftists are so very sure of themselves that they simply cannot conceive of rational disagreement. At their core they are violent thugs. They never change. From the 20’s to today the brownshirts are always ready to gear up and follow the party line.

    • says

      Tuition-paying parents who disagree with the leftist agenda could end this overnight by simply not paying tuition. Most graduates won’t acquire jobs through this path anyway, except leftists entering government “service.”

    • vinceglortho says

      Wow! That is such an accurate description of interactions with ideological socialist mentality. Rationality always degrades into personal attacks and attempts to divert discussions off topic, especially when valid points of truth contradict their preconceived notions of reality. We must concede that they are lost in the paradigm of dividing humanity. Unfortunately time is running short so we need not waste time arguing with lost souls…

    • Enough says

      Blah,blah, blah. Now that you understand it, what are you doing about it. We’re going to all end up under house arrest in front of our keyboards. No action, all talk. Then when someone acts, we label them an unstable kook, and say “good” Patriots would never resort to violence????

    • Trish Zeinert says

      We can thank the feminist movement for making victimhood a celebrated status. An individual or group merely needs to claim the status, provided they fit the correct political profile, and immediately are held without reproach. If one were to question their “grievance(s)” or motive(s) it is then conveyed as undeniable proof of their victimhood status. Hate thought and speech applies only to those that threaten to import logic into a situation or an argument.

  5. Judy Mothers says

    College students 2016. The non contributors to a free society. I am very grateful I am 72 yrs old and have only a few yrs left. I will die in peace knowing these idiots will regret they never learned to think for themselves.

    • Mil-Dot says

      I guarantee you, if you make note of them, find them when they are alone, wear masks or balaclavas and beat them to within an inch of their life. Once the other commies see them in a coma they’ll think twice about it in the future. Make and example out of a couple of them.

  6. MH27610 says

    Scary that school security wouldn’t even respond. Call the real police, and file assault charges against the people shoving. Then sue the school for completely ignoring a situation that could have gotten out of hand.

  7. says

    Every time SJWs do this a new young fascist is born. I really have to thank the rabid left because try as I might I could never recruit for a cause like ours as effectively as psychotic leftists in action for everyone to see. We’ve started calling colleges fascist factories because this environment radicalizes young whites who don’t sufficiently hate themselves or harbor enough weakness to swallow the SJW, Marxist, self-hatred crap. Sites like The Daily Stormer and get upwards of 5 million unique visitors a week and we’re all under 30.

    Strap in. The cuckolded boomer gatekeepers of the current right wing don’t have much time left and when they’re gone its going to get exciting.

  8. Gallen Dugall says

    SJWs? By their own self description they work to “shame and degrade” (aka bully) people into conforming into their grossly intolerant narrow view of what is acceptable. They’re sadistic bullies who rationalize being sadistic bullies by sticking to targets that are approved. They assert that it’s good to be a sadistic monster if the target has been properly demonized first. Oh and they’ll eagerly manufacture and spread lies about a group in order to circular rationalize their sadistic bullying. All non-Democrats are on this list of approved targets so they bully anyone who identifies as anything other than liberal Democrat. They’re modern day Brown Shirts.

    • vrooden says

      The other day, I read the following from a Bernie supporter…

      “Well, we know Hillary is a republican, because she lies all the time…”

      You really cant make this stuff up.

  9. says

    I’ve never seen so many misuses of the term fascist in my life. Do you really want to allow these SJW freaks to do this? Is this “freedom” so wonderful? I have no interest in hearing them out or giving them a safe space or allowing them to protest. They belong in a ditch buried by other degenerates like them.

  10. Wyrdless says

    Trump Supporters should go to their events and chant Trump at every single meeting the have.

    Give them an idea how annoying they are.

    Invade their safe space and occupy it

  11. JolyRon says

    Your country is going down the toilet. Since when is it okay to stop a peaceful gathering? Why does the media not report the truth that free speech is dead in America?
    Why is it that Trump supporters never try to stifle free speech? If they did it would be a CNN MSNBC FOX Headline 24/7

  12. Robert49 ✓Trump 2016 says

    Wonder how many times Trump supporters would run in to a meeting of anti-Trump supporters interrupting their meeting? Any takers?

    • The_REAL_Voice_of_Reason says

      That’s what is so ludicrous about the whole Trump fostering violence among his supporters meme.

      If Trump people are soooo violent then…….

      Why can’t I find a single report, a second of news footage, a blerb on some blog even about how a gang of violent Trump lovers marched (goosestepped is likely how it would portrayed I’m sure) in a Bernie rally and started screaming at people, pushing people around, stopping then from walking into the event, cussing at them and their children, generally making a major nuisance of themselves.

      • Robert49 ✓Trump 2016 says

        Yep if we were sooooo violent as they make us out to be then all those loud mouth punks would have already gotten their asses whipped.

          • Robert49 ✓Trump 2016 says

            Thus why I stray away from political protests, because I am too big in stature, with too much of a hidden mean streak for transgressors.
            I was raised by my parents that there are certain things you just don’t do unless you are willing to pay the consequences of a ass whipping.

          • The_REAL_Voice_of_Reason says

            My folks taught me “actions” and “consequences”. You can generally choose one or the other but rarely if ever, both. Be man enough to deal with either.

  13. taxx says

    These are the same idiot socialist that want everything for free. These are the same leftists idiots that want the rest of us to accept everyone from transgender to tax payer abortions. These are the lefties that want us to understand and accept what they want but they will not offer the same consideration for others. The only free speech they agree with is if you agree with them otherwise they want you shut down. What in the hell happened to this once great country> The left has taken over and ruined what was the greatest, the richest, the strongest and the most benevolent natuion in the history of the world. What a shame!

  14. TwoThumbs says

    PSU has now set their standard…interesting to see if they can live with it. Any protest and disruption to a BLM, DEM-event, or “inclusion” event is acceptable and not protected by “safe place” coddle policies.

  15. algonquinmatt says

    If they held a La Raza meeting at the same spot, and Trump supporters crashed their meeting, you know damn well that when security was called, they would run.

    • vovik says

      No, just act calm, rational, and have everyone video tape it all then send copies to Trump. He will be able to use it as ammunition during his campaign far more effectively than anything a college brawl would accomplish.

  16. NotSarcasticAtAll says

    Facts and laws are the enemy of these liberal students. I would love to be in that room. I would be calling them Na zis and ra cists just to get a rise out of them. I’d be yelling wacky stuff like “Obama kills babies!” I would love to watch their reaction to that. When a group of people leaves reasonable behavior at the door, they invite everyone to leave reasonable behavior at the door.

  17. pfnw says

    Wow, I just love seeing my tax dollars wasted on this bastion of free thought. I wonder what would have happened if these Trump supporters tried to shut down their BLM meetings? Would security have responded then?

  18. vovik says

    Sit down and shut up, regressives. The backlash is here to stay. Trump’s supporters are everywhere and growing fast. Get ready for a new kind of America where leftist fascism, racism towards white Europeans, persecution of Christians, destruction of free speech, and gun bans will not be tolerated. Get triggered all you want. your stupid little safe spaces won’t save you from reality.

  19. joseph durkin says

    Very scary how they claim to be victims while aggressively organizing to shut down opposition. Yes! They are similiar to the brown shirts in germany.

  20. daldo says

    This is the way these progressives negotiate shut down the people that disagree with them!! This is disgusting I will tell you what these thugs continue there is going to be blood in the streets the silent majority has had about enough!!!!!!!

  21. Jim Shorts says

    We need the States to control education. Maybe we can get some ‘real’ schools who do not preach PC, liberal socialist values. Do not preach at all. We need future waves of college students grounded in the reality of why the USA exists.

  22. David says

    Call the real cops I guess. This was a violation of Students for Trump constitutional rights.

    Notice the guy saying “every Trump supporter has a full legal name …” that is a threat.

    Congrats to Trump students for not being provoked here.

  23. Al Fortis says

    These anti idiots make me want to vote for Trump. I haven’t made up my mind but no lousy, non working idiots like these idiots is going to tell me how to vote.
    The greatest country on this rock is being dismantled by leftist who think they know best for everyone. Our country is now run by Black Lives Matter who care less about black on black crime and the LGBT nation. It is time to take back our country. Let decent people once again bring us back from this stupidity that the Left think we need. Keep it up Leftist and one day the decent people will revolt and send you to Africa where you will appreciate how good we have it here. Morons!

  24. Orbiter says

    “Security refused to act.” They should all be fired. The head of the school and everyone else who takes money from the students should all be held accountable.

  25. NH Native says

    What is going to happen when Bernie doesn’t get the nomination, looks like a violent summer ahead. Also, one of the female protesters grabbed the arm of one of the Trump supporters, that is assult, and its on film. That kid should file charges. No one should be grabbing anyone.

  26. King Leonidas says

    Well……Now we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Donald Trump is the man we need as President.It is becoming evident more and more each day.

    • Fulcrum says

      Definitely. If only the media reported on Trump truthfully instead of spewing their obvious liberal-progressive bias in every article on him, Trump might have a shot at getting his message through to the electorate (those who are capable of rational thought, anyway).

  27. Remmie says

    Sooner or later, in all fights against fascists or communists it turns bloody. Both try to suppress free speech and if they gain power they always round up dissenters and send them to the showers or shoot them in the back of the head while they are on their knees, positioned so they fall into a mass grave. Sooner or later all who believe in the Constitution and American values will have to physically defend themselves. Just a fact of history. Do we leave enemies alive to shoot us in the back?

  28. Pahlavan says

    These thugs are part of the same group that becomes emotionally shattered by “Trump chalkings” on the sidewalk with demands for “Safe Spaces” to allow them to recover from “Micro-aggressions” – but actually engage in actual aggressions.

  29. rdsouza says

    On his recent fundraising trip to Hollywood, Obama assured everyone there that Mr Trump will not win. Now we have this story where the commies disrupt a Mr Trump rally. Can one conclude that the progressives have unleashed the army of the proletartiat (the lax borders situation is simply a way to bolster the ranks!) on an unsuspecting America?

  30. Jose Ortega says

    Dumb anti-Trump bullwinkles. One gal made it very clear that she is in favor of scrapping the Stars and Stripes for the Hammer and Sickle. The two colored gals who were in charge of disrupting the Trump student rally are functional illiterates who are totally unemployable due to their lack of a basic education.

  31. Femghazi says

    When will the Right realise that we have to go underground and ferment revolution there. Until the time is right?

    The Alt Right is already leagues ahead.

  32. Jon Fye says

    gotta love the intolerant fascist commie leftists. Too bad we can’t trade them off 1 for 1 in exchange for all the immigrants we are taking in.

  33. wmsteoopaaffwc says

    Do these racist anti-White liberals ever wonder why 50 million White Men buy thousands of rounds of ammo every year but only kill 3 or 4 deer?
    They will soon find out if they keep poking the bear. There will be a lot of sad black faces when the pendulum swings back.

    • odys says

      Almost all blacks are not the problem. These are the university educated ones who now realize their useless degrees in black studies or women’s studies makes them eligible to work at McDonald’s. They are trying to make it necessary to hire lots of black advisers to tell the faculty what to teach.

  34. Artfuldgr says

    WHen hitler rose to power, the socialists shut down others… they were forever labeled brown shirts, but the communists did similar… sadly, once again, socialists shut down others speaking because they have no actual selling point other than dictatorship, of which most of these kids have no idea what its like to live under, work under, or even subsist under…

    sadly, whether its this election or some in the future, they will find out.

    and without the US protesting for freedom, morals, and humanity, they will also find out, as the young students in tianeman square did, how socialists/communists handle dissent once they are in power. if America falls to this, then there will be no protests from the other states as to how americas leadership decides to clean up messes. with constitutional rights, the protesters yell and scream, but under socialist full power, they are exterminated. what will they do when their own side shoots them down for protesting? protest more?

    “When I am the weaker, I ask you for my freedom, because that is your principle; but when I am the stronger, I take away your freedom, because that is my principle” Louis Veuillot

    [it is well known that post revolution, when they see what they did, they are the main target of the state, because they will be the most vociferous in trying to reverse their course, and know the most, and so, once the scaffolding is not needed to build up the state, the state tears down the scaffolding so that the state cant be dismantled]

    • odys says

      There is no difference worth mentioning between fascists and socialists and communists. All believe the state should be supreme and be able to run roughshod over private property and the individual.

  35. David says

    Does Portland State have a law school? If so they probably have a free legal clinic that provides services to the needy. Well you’re needy of legal help here. Try to get free legal advice from them.

  36. Sam says

    The irony of the far extremists slogan of “Stop The Hate” while they themselves crash a peaceful gathering and threaten violence…
    TRUMP 2016 ! ! !

  37. Jose Ortega says

    The big revolution is coming. I’m going to dust off my red beret, and with a little luck I will be appointed as Commissar of my block.

  38. TroyGale says

    There has been entirely too much civility from the right.
    There should have been a butt kicking contest.
    As a Vet, I didn’t serve to have a group of people shut down the discourse of ANY American political group. We are American because we allow this discourse. I’d have another meeting and hand out fish billies to my Trump supporters prior to announcing the time and location.
    Sorry, but in this type of instance, violence is the solution, not the problem

  39. Jack Sprat says

    Disgusting but typical behavior from the leftists. They even admit they are anti-capitalist so why are they living here?…how about they go live in Cuba, Venezuela or China?…the USSR is dead.
    As for blacks?…they have been handed more money to “help them move up in the world” and they are dead last in everything, education, careers financial etc….they’re takers and will never improve as evidenced by the affirmative action black thugs in this group.

  40. Enough says

    Progressive Democracy at work. Threats and shutting down free speech. Even the cops are in on it. Why didn’t they respond? Assaults undoubtedly took place. Obie in charge and at large of his hope and change. No hope, too much change to lawlessness. .

  41. VetMike says

    The Kampus Kops never showed and the PSU administration will do nothing. Typical. Of course, bust up a Bernie or Hillary meeting or a meeting of the Young Gim E Dats and you’ll wake up so far back in the jail they’ll be piping daylight to you.

    • odys says

      What did Bill Buckley say?

      The left is always willing to discuss other points of view and then they are astounded that there are other points of view.

  42. abby says

    I blame the school administration for allowing these agitators to disrupt this meeting. Like the kid said – go to an anti-Trump meeting. This could have escalated into real violence. These chalk-threatened snowflakes need a dose of manners and respect even if they don’t agree with the subject matter. Can’t stand people who think they have to be in your face all the time if you believe differently. They have no right to shut down differing opinions.

  43. CLAYCE says

    With these anti-Trump kids freedoms dissolve for everyone, except themselves. The bitter fruit of dominant communist professors is bearing toxic fruit. The USA has been handed a gift from God in the form of Donald J. Trump!

  44. Silvertone says

    Ahhh…Regressives Today! Showing the world your brain-washed, authoritarian mentality to the whole world.
    So this is what being on the ‘right side of history’ looks like. PATHETIC!

  45. DILIGAF says

    But I thought that just the appearance of the name “Trump” written in chalk on the sidewalk had such a paralyzing and fear inducing effect on these precious snowFLAKES, that they were forced to retreat to their ‘safe spaces’. So what gives with them becoming all belligerent and aggressive? Shouldn’t they be curled up in some dark corner in fear of their lives?

  46. undergraduate says

    I wonder what the media would have reported had one or more Students for Trump stood up and pushed back. “More violence at Trump Rallies” would most certainly have been the headline.

  47. bannedbymotherjones says

    It’s the liberal way – crash a meeting they oppose, offer violence and threats, brag about shutting it down then whine and cry about how violent and racist Trump supporters and conservatives in general are.

  48. NealWV says

    Figures that the security didn’t protect their right to assemble with their beliefs. But the left will get over protected in their teddy bear rooms and everything else.

    • That escalated quickly says

      Security is worthless. They aren’t paid enough to break up fights.
      I like to think these leftist turds would have gotten their @ $$ 3$ handed to them but the winner of the fight usually wears a pair of silver bracelets

  49. SouthofCincy says

    Woah. Got to this site via the GP’s Facebook page and saw “Progressives Today”. Then started reading article. Kept looking back at the title of the site, then reading the story, thinking…..wait a minute…..Then went to the “About” section. Whew! :c)

  50. Profess0 says

    If it had been a leftist meeting interrupted by conservatives, campus police would have showed up immediately. The school needs to be investigated for not responding to the leftist harassment. The left does not understand either, the more they show their a$$, the more support individuals like Trump will get. The average person in the real world is becoming fed up with their antics.

  51. Jose Ortega says

    The white guys who join the Red Power movement in Portland are only in it so they can sleep with the girls who support the Red Power movement.

  52. Artfuldgr says

    There is a famous word for these students: Sturmabteilung

    Their primary purposes were providing protection for Nazi rallies and assemblies, disrupting the meetings of opposing parties, fighting against the opposing parties

    The SA have been known in contemporary times as “Brownshirts” (Braunhemden) from the color of their uniform shirts, similar to Benito Mussolini’s blackshirts. The SA developed pseudo-military titles for its members. The SA ranks were adopted by several other Nazi Party groups, chief amongst them the Schutzstaffel (SS), which originated as a branch of the SA before being separated

    But dont worry, just as Stalin thanked the Latvian Rifle corps that made the soviet union for lenin while he was in germany and became heroes of the people… (stalin exterminated them)

    The SA became disempowered after Adolf Hitler ordered the “blood purge” of 1934. This event became known as the Night of the Long Knives (die Nacht der langen Messer). The SA was effectively superseded by the SS, although it was not formally dissolved until after the Third Reich’s final capitulation to the Allied powers in 1945

  53. Joe_E_in_the_IE says

    Yes, yes, by all means, be good little obedient robots and do as your billionaire backers and “social justice” overlords demand from the safety of their gated guarded estates. Meanwhile, President Obama along with his partners in crime in both parties, in big business and in big labor are leading an invasion force of foreign workers on H-1B visas to take the jobs you’ve been rendered unfit to fill. And don’t count on Hillary or Bernie to do anything about it if either should win the White House.

    It’s all by design and you’re playing right into their hands.

  54. 4321realist says

    They’re EXACTLY like Mao’s Red Guard.

    And….please….don’t call them Brown Shirts or Nazis. They’re far worse than that.

    They’re more like ISIS supporters of evil.

    They all need a good ass-kicking. I’d like to get each one alone for about thirty-minutes.

  55. Seamus says

    Soon, the concealed carry folks will be putting an end to these kind of attacks on freedom-loving Americans. The anarchists / leftists can no longer get away with their violent behavior. They represent the ObamARMY of America haters. 17756.

  56. JJnTX says

    “Social Justice” is just their code word for “more free stuff”. Tell them “no” and you’re a racist, lol.

    Stupid scumbag liberals.

  57. rs1123 says

    If you’re not on the Left, the current administration will not protect your right of free speech, but they will force you to bake a cake. I’ll bet they’re having quite a laugh at Obama’s fundamental transformation of America.

  58. The Hoosier Buckeye says

    Good God, what a bunch of America hating, facist, turds.

    If the Trump supporters invaded and disrupted their gathering, they’d all be crying about free speech and wanting a “safe space”.

    Well fortunately the there are only two questions I’ll ever have to answer for these little twits.

    Do I want lemon in my water?
    Do I want to super size my meal?

  59. MOSFET says

    The fascists take over another groups assembly and then get onto tables and expect everyone to listen to their idiotic commie zombie blathering. These little spoiled brats are unemployable. These acts of incivility will be the high point of their lives. It’s all down hill and into the gutter after college for these slobs.

  60. Joe_E_in_the_IE says

    I know how to get rid of them.

    Hey, everybody! Over there in the school library! Someone’s silently reading a bound copy of The Constitution of the United States of America! Quick! Disperse to your safe spaces and shelter in place while we call the ACLU and scream bloody murder!

  61. Albert8184 says

    The globalists laugh as their puppets claw at each others throats. All of them supporting the same oligarchs, and thinking each other guilty of it.

  62. tompro97 says

    The “mini-HItlers” are trying to stifle all opposition to their comunist swill by such antics as this. Georgie Soros is getting his money’s worth but it will back fire on him eventually. This is the only way Demoncrats can try to make their illegitimate points by shouting down their opposites.

  63. TakeMeToYourLeader says

    This is the 1st Amendment being trashed by Leftist Communist Liberal Democrats. Please believe this is all being funded and organized by the usual suspects in the White House and of course Commrade Soros. Will these same zealots be attacking voters at the polling places in November? Making death threats if you support a Republican for president? This is part of the new Face of America Obama promised us.

  64. TAG says

    Portland is the City of Bridges but there’s a lot of water that’s not capable of being crossed (safely)

    Watch this leftist idiots usher in martial law and be proud of their accomplishments….just watch.

  65. JJnTX says

    Start handing these liberal wackos job applications and watch them scatter like cockroaches. The only forms they want to fill out are discrimination grievances and entitlement program applications.

  66. rickmcinnis says

    These students should realize that what they are attending has little to do with education and find a better way to improve themselves. They are wasting their money and their time.

    If enough folks came to their senses and quit the “university” scheme, things might change. Good time to remember that UNIVERSITY used to be a term for a school with a school of divinity. But it sounds so important that every cow college in the US decided, “we should call ourselves a university”. Like here in Atlanta instead of improving (policing) an area where a major road runs through they change the name of the road like that is going to change things.

    The Left is relentless. In their actions and stupidity.

  67. JJnTX says

    I see a future where the prison population explodes. None of these protesters are going to have meaningful jobs, other than turning big rocks into smaller rocks or making license plates.

  68. Look says

    Notice the open-borders useful-idiot children holding ‘stop the hate’ signs and a MEChA banner, which has an eagle holding a stick of dynamite and a sword..

    MEChA chapters are peppered with pictures of Che Guevara, the masked figurehead of Mexico’s Marxist Zapatista guerillas.

    The Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán (MEChA), translates as “Chicano Student Movement,”

    The term “Aztlán” refers to the territory in the Southwestern United States ,..California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, as well as parts of Nevada,
    Utah, and Colorado—that Mexico legally ceded to the United States in
    1848 via the Treaty of Guadalupe de Hidalgo.

    Mexican separatists consider this region to be part of a mythical Aztec homeland that was stolen form the people of Mexico.,…a popular slogan that surfaces at many MEChA rallies is: “We didn’t cross the border. The border crossed us.”

    MEChA condemns as “race traitors” those Latinos who fail to adhere to its ideological platform.

    In 1995, for example, the official publication of San Diego’s MEChA chapter, ran an editorial excoriating a recently deceased Latino INS [Immigration and Naturalization Service] agent as one such traitor. The piece stated that “all the migra [a pejorative term for the INS] pigs should be killed, every single one.”

    MEChA supports open borders, government benefits (including the right to vote) for non-citizens, state recognition of Spanish as an official language of
    the U.S., racial preferences and set-asides for Hispanics in education and corporate hiring, taxpayer-funded welfare outlays and public education for illegal aliens, and ultimately amnesty.

    etc etc

  69. bridgette says

    Do these people not believe in freedom of speech? What if their freedom of speech were shut down? How can anyone gloat or be proud of denying anyone freedom???

    • JJnTX says

      They only believe in freedom of speech when it’s speech they agree with.
      They’re only “tolerant” of people with the same viewpoint as themselves.

  70. Guest says

    Have any of these students ever learned to fight? When I was going to school if anyone, regardless of their argument, got that close to your face… they never did it again. C’mon Trump supporters, have some f_cking backbone. These protesters have never had their butt handed to them, and I promise if you will just stand up to them, they will either back down or chimp out, either way your point will actually mean something. dafuq

  71. Rich Shepard says

    In the old days, the police/security would come out and arrest or detain these jerks. Most liberal campus administration = eunichs and police = hands tied.

  72. TheTruth Hurts says

    SMH, these kids disrupting a meeting of like minded people just goes to show this “me” generation is going to be tough to deal with. I mean it’s like dealing with a pack of brain dead zombies i.e. the walking dead. Entitled, spoiled, jaded all because the left promises them things without them having to work for anything. Like everything is a right. They don’t understand you have to fight for your rights and tearing down the 1st amendment is counter productive. I think the patriots of this country will use the FEMA camps to re-educate these types of pathetic trash!

  73. Bill Smith says

    I wasn’t even there but I want to wipe that smug mocking smile off the face of the twit holding the camera in face of the Trump supporter.

  74. Brad Bilbo says

    What the hell is wrong with the Hispanic crowed. If you’re a citizen there is no issue at all…never has been. So what is the problem? Why is it they think Trump is going to deport anyone that is here legally? What a misguided bunch of people.

    • Miagogo says

      These are our best and brightest college kids. A perfect example in the news yesterday was a firestorm over a KKK member in full garb, carrying a whip on a college campus. But no, of course, he was a priest.

  75. I-RIGHT-I says

    That re-education camp thing coupled with a little sensitivity training for the US Constitution is starting to sound pretty good right now. It’s funny but I can see how that might go hand in hand. Uh oh.

  76. Miagogo says

    And the left calls the right the violent ones because some old white guy punched a “protester”.

    Sucker punch tally:
    White guys: 1
    Black guys: 1,000

  77. Mr. Spetsnaz says

    Being an ex-soviet citizen, this is nothing new to me. Those on the extreme left generally prefer to take the moral high ground and convince themselves that whatever actions they take are necessary and are for the greater good. They don’t care about winning the argument, they only care about suppressing the argument, as demonstrated in this video. It’s not about logic with them, it’s about feelings and acting on impulse. It is very difficult to reason with this type of individual, because they have no ability to self reflect on their actions. At times like these, I am glad that everyone has a video recording device in their pocket and people all around the world can see how intolerant are those who preach tolerance.

  78. rogerthatokay says

    Lock and load. There is no other option with fascists like we see here. Hate is all they know:

    -“They Bring a Knife…We Bring a Gun”
    -“Get in Their Faces!”
    -“Hit Back Twice As Hard”
    -”We talk to these folks… so I know whose *** to kick.”
    -“hand to hand combat”
    -“Punish your enemies.”
    -“I’m itching for a fight.”
    -“We don’t mind the Republicans joining us. They can come for a ride, but they gotta sit in back.”
    (To verify the above Obama quotes Google search the quote itself; most are on video)

    Obama referred to Tea Party protesters as “tea-baggers” (… “A man who squats on top of a woman’s face and lowers his xxxxxxx into her mouth, known as teabagging”)… “The Klan quickly became a terrorist organization in service of the Democratic Party and white supremacy. Between 1869 and 1871 its goal was to destroy Congressional Reconstruction by murdering blacks — and some whites — who were either active in Republican politics or educating black children.”

    1/1/14… In the U. S. 84% of felons who are allowed to vote favor Democrats.

    3/30/14 Democrats express anger by using profanity over four times more than Republicans.… Terrorism by Group Class: Right Wing 85; Left Wing 130.

  79. docdave88 says

    Just a message that you demonstrators really REALLY need to hear.

    I’m 68 years old.

    My days of a “fair fight” are way past me if they ever really existed at all.

    So be advised.

    If you assault me while I’m about my lawful pursuits I will shoot you. Likely dead.

    Fair enough?

    If you want to be perfectly safe around me all you have to do is leave me alone.

    But if you open the door to violence you have absolutely no moral or ethical standing if I kick that door right off of the hinges.

    y’all have a nice riot now, y’hear

  80. says

    I have always argued that the communists and the fascists are one and the same. For all their alleged difference in philosophy or rhetoric what the do with power once obtained is always the same. Violent suppression of any who dare to disagree with them. This incident is but just one more ecample of just how ignorant the left is.

  81. Brad Bilbo says

    The left always uses the “Shout Down” tactic to push others that they oppose. No one crys and yells louder than a lib. Finally after one of these creeps gets right in someones face…like the pic above….someone is bound to shove them back….and then it’s “look how violent they are…they are bad”. I think it’s time to include shout downs like the example above and lump it in with all other types of assault and start arresting the attackers.

  82. Big Whiskey says

    Shocking! The fascist-left and their house slaves do not tolerate dissent. Who would have thought that “students” on the left’s dystopian campuses with their Orwellian “speech codes” and “blacklists”, would shout down, threaten violence, assault and disrupt a peaceful gathering of students with a contrary point of view? Truly hard to believe. Pathetic thugs.

  83. faye dolan says

    What mental lightweights these underachievers are. They hate Mr. Trump because that means they’ll finally have to grow up and have to work for a living, and that thought is like waving a big old crucifix in front of Count Dracula.

  84. WhereDidMyLibertyGo? says

    If I were on the jury, I would never vote to convict a “Student for Trump” if they were charged with using lethal force to defend themselves.



  85. John Wayne says

    I wonder what would happen if these “social warrior” were to distrupt a BLM, La Raza or Muslim brotherhood meeting? These morons are wimps, imbeciles, cowards and just plain stuuuuupppiidd!

  86. SR 71 says

    Why are we funding these Indoctrination centers called Collages? Down with the NTA Common Core and lawless BS coming out of these leftist institutions. Stop the funding now. Student loans are a wealth transfer device from the taxpayer to the Marxist.

  87. JTR says

    As I understand it, the cops that refused to respond can be brought up on civil rights charges. Political speech is protected, any governmental agency that willingly allows the suppression of said speech is in violation of the first amendment.

  88. mail33006 says

    Perfect example of the need for weapons on campus. Leftist thugs only understand force, and their riddled bodies should be left on the floor.

  89. Low-Rents says

    Remember the last time one of those “Social Justice Warriors” started static at a Trump Rally in Tucson, AZ by parading around with a Woman in a KKK Robe and Hood, and got in the Faces of Trump Supporters???… Yeah… He got a small beat-down on his ass; You little “SJW” Punks better be prepared for more of the same if you think you’re going to get away with this intimidation $#!+ through November.

    • Mick O'Kelley says

      Ironically, the naked pictures we see of young Ann were taken by Davis in
      December 1960 when she was five weeks pregnant with Barack Obama.

      It is a small step from young Ann Dunham sneaking out of high school to
      Frank’s house to listen to jazz, to take pornographic pictures, have forbidden
      conversations and to engage in orgies where the fruit of one of those sordid
      affairs was to be a future president of the United States. But who would elect
      a “red diaper baby” (i.e., the child of a communist)? That’s why Obama’s
      grandfather, Stanley Dunham Sr., and Obama’s mother conspired together to
      formulate the Kenyan student plot – to get Barack Obama Sr., a recent Kenyan
      national on a temporary student visa recruited by Stanley Dunham Sr., a CIA
      spy, to become a future CIA operative when he returned back to Africa – one of
      many Cold War programs fighting world Soviet hegemony.

  90. Mick O'Kelley says

    Ironically, the naked pictures we see of young Ann were taken by Davis in
    December 1960 when she was five weeks pregnant with Barack Obama.

    It is a small step from young Ann Dunham sneaking out of high school to
    Frank’s house to listen to jazz, to take pornographic pictures, have forbidden
    conversations and to engage in orgies where the fruit of one of those sordid
    affairs was to be a future president of the United States. But who would elect
    a “red diaper baby” (i.e., the child of a communist)? That’s why Obama’s
    grandfather, Stanley Dunham Sr., and Obama’s mother conspired together to
    formulate the Kenyan student plot – to get Barack Obama Sr., a recent Kenyan
    national on a temporary student visa recruited by Stanley Dunham Sr., a CIA
    spy, to become a future CIA operative when he returned back to Africa – one of
    many Cold War programs fighting world Soviet hegemony.

  91. Sean says

    F*ck those liberal p*ssies. Those intolerant little pricks need to grow up, get a life, and plan their own freaking events! I think they are a pathetic joke, and most other adults do as well.

  92. trigon500 says

    The intolerant leftwing raise their ugly heads…
    It isn’t Blacks that makes Americans buy guns in record numbers, it’s the leftwing.
    You see, if the leftwing ever get their way & rule over us, we’ll be living under a tyranny.

  93. DavStp says

    Usually, when a group’s 1st amendment rights are violated, the media gets it’s cameras all erect and dripping. I guess, it’s only certain groups tho. If arrests aren’t made and the authorities don’t put their foot down hard on these anarchists, expect a very loud entourage of bikers to make an appearance.

  94. trigon500 says

    It’s good that these encounters by the rabid & violent leftwing are broadcasted since more guns & ammo will be bought by the rational among us.

  95. Ronin71b says

    The sad thing is that while the anti trump supporters feel they can come in and shut down a group. When they are get shut down they are the first ones to pull the free speech card.
    They need to be careful what they ask for.

  96. Scott Brewer says

    How to tell a leftist: 1) they accuse others of what they do or are about to do (projection – mental disorder), 2) they insist on subsidized speech (NPR) and not free speech, 3) They answer any question of substance with a question of hypothetical, 4) They claim to hate religion (e.g. only Christians) and bow at the altar of rationalism (what seems right in their own minds), 5) They claim to be financial conservatives (only with their money) and liberal with social norms (again, only with satisfying themselves with the lives of others)

  97. Jake Pannell says

    Liberal are a violent bunch….so when will they begin the mass shootings like they always do when they can’t have their way. Nothing but terrorists.

  98. djbaluta says

    These Lefties should go to CUBA now that they can…that’s NIRVANA for ALL
    They can help to replace the THOUSANDS of Cubans who are fleeing their NIRVANA!

  99. Ornot Gortworm III says

    We are all supposed to have freedom of association, freedom of speech, freedom of thought. These lefty, loony, liberal losers subscribe to those freedoms only when they agree with what is being said, thought, etc. These tactics of the left, the attempt to deny peaceful people of their 1st Amendment rights, serve only to help recreate the type of environment that brought about the 1st Amendment in the first place.

  100. richard bergman says

    Trump blew it open
    Youth waking up to the Leftist enemy!
    This is priceless for the coming Anti Communist Revolution!
    Europe is awake, next USA!
    Proud of these young Trump supporters
    Trump 2016

    • Artfuldgr says

      The counter revolution is actually made up of the same people your complaining about now, which is why they end up dead. once your done building, you remove the scaffolding that created the structure, that way, the structure cant be undone
      [there is also the notable fact that converts tend to be zealots and fight harder once they wake up. with over 100 years of such experience, they are not going to do much different once their is no more opposition to their power]

  101. MajorDamage says

    dear readers, I suggest a full review of the events leading up to the 1917 Bolsheviks along with the 1930-33 key events as I firmly believe that we are witness to a repeat of history.

  102. moderatethis says

    One day they will push too far and it will be all over after that.The anger is slowly coming to a boil on the other side and these kids beter watch out. If you pick a fight be ready to fight.