College’s Reparations Event Blasts Whites, Capitalism

WHM_poster_17x11_with_OEIlogo_FINAL.inddOne of the many events taking place as part of Portland Community College’s “whiteness history month” centered around white people paying reparations to others. The speaker at the event ranted on about capitalism, Euro-centrism, and reaches the conclusion that whites owe more than $20 Trillion in reparations.

According the speaker, a “study last year published by social science quarterly, that the estimated amount of reparations owed to African people in the U.S. is $14.2 trillion. White people owe reparations but not only for the enslavement of Africans, they owe reparations for the ongoing colonization of Africans in the United States. And YES magazine published this really good story last year called ’40 Acres and A Mule’, and would be at least 6.4 Trillion today, in addition to the $14.2 Trillion for enslavementIt’s not enough for whites to say ‘we agree with or support reparations’, we could say today ‘yeah this sounds good, let’s put some pressure on the government to pay’. What are we doing to change the material relationship that we have to oppressed Africans in the United States? How are we acting today in material and measurable ways? So when we pay reparations right now, this goes to the struggle of Africans people for power, so that they can get that $14.2 Trillion check, but also so that they can build a dual contending power. So that they can have programs that benefit African people who have been prevented, by the existed system, for gaining access to the resources that are necessary for life… White people in the U.S. are European colonizers on stolen indigenous land, that the entire European nation of white identity lives off the stolen labor and resources of colonized Africans and all other oppressed peoples of the world, who are the majority of humanity. White people are actually the minority. As well as other animals and the planet itself, it’s also an environmental (???). All white people sit on a pedestal of the oppression of African people. All white people have benefited from the accumulated value of the slave trade. All white people benefited from the European colonization of Africa. We all benefited from the European genocide against the indigenous people of the Americas and in effect, their land. All white people have a different relationship with the police than the black community. And all white people have a responsible to end our complicity with this social system that murders and oppresses in our name. All white people have the responsibility to stand in solidarity with the African liberation. Now this is not ‘white guilt’. The call for reparations is based on a material understanding of history. It’s a scientific eval system of white Europe and white people have wealth and power, and it’s on account of this dialectal parasitic relationship with Africa that all African people, in all other nations colonized by white power. By parasitic, once again, we’re talking about the dialectic of the host and the parasite. The parasite lives off of the host, to the detriment of the host.”

She/he also goes on a rant about “parasitic, European, imperialist capitalism, which supports and sustains all white people” and claims that all colonized people are Africans, are “all people whose lives, resources, and labor are stolen by Europeans” and also says “The wealth and power of (???) are based on the theft and murder of Africa” and “We’re on indigenous land, right, and so the resources of this land are going to sustain white people, primarily. So white people sit on a pedestal of stolen labor, resources, and lives”

She/he (?) continues on by saying “Race Was Invented As An Instrument To Promote Racism” and “When we’re talking about ‘whiteness’, we’re really talking about a political category, we’re not talking about biological. Whiteness and capitalism and the European identity were born out of Europe’s attack on Africa and the Americas over 5 centuries ago, and that attack is still going on today.”

And also says that racism is the foundation of capitalism.

PCC president Sylvia Kelley can be reached by phone at 971 722 4365.


  1. JY1 says

    I’d like to talk about reparations…

    …from the Africans, for releasing Ebloa, AIDS, and numerous other plagues upon the world, and killed countless people around the world.

    …from the Native Americans, for introducing tobacco and marijuana, and releasing syphilis upon the world, and killing countless people around the world.

    …from the Latin Americans, for introducing cocaine upon the world, and killing countless people around the world.

    …from the Asians, for introducing heroine and opium, and releasing SARS and influenza upon the world, and killing countless people around the world.

    As soon as I receive my settlement check for all of these atrocities committed by everyone else’s ancestors, we can talk about reparations for whatever my ancestors might or might not have done.

  2. Cee53147 says

    I wonder how many Americans would choose to return to the countries of their ancestors. Individuals whose roots are in Africa and South Asia are especially wanting to immigrate to the USA. It sure seems like the lucky ones are those American citizens whose ancestors came to the New World.

    By the way, whites came as slaves as well. We have documentation that an ancestor was kidnapped off the streets of London and brought as a white slave to the colonies.

  3. Havin Nunavit says

    Has that dumb broad ever been to Africa? Africa is an upside down backwards mess and that’s with all of the help we have given them. Sans that help, it would be worse if that’s even possible.

  4. says

    So. You’re a student trying to get an AA in order to get a job or go on to a four year school. You enroll in this class, quite possibly a required class; you pay tuition; your grade is going onto your permanent transcript.

    Do you stand up and object to this psychotic tirade? Or do you remain silent, hoping to go unnoticed by the racist nut job shrieking at you from the front of the classroom. The racist nut job has the power to destroy your GPA if you so much as raise your hand and politely disagree with one sentence of this full-throated hate-filled assault.

    And what do you do when you walk out of the classroom? Do you make eye contact with the nice black guy you met at orientation? Does he make eye contact with you? Even if the two of you laugh it off, your previously cordial interactions have now been permanently scarred by the shared experience of being categorized as oppressor and oppressed, no matter what you or he may think of this woman.

    This is a job for the state legislature to tackle. Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done. Once they wade into any classroom content, people with bad intentions will use that as an excuse to wade into classroom content with all sorts of social engineering ambitions.

    Do you wait it out and hope you’ve left such madness at school? Wait until you get your first corporate job — whether as a cook at McDonalds or in an office. Corporations all subject their employees to one for or another of this hate-filled re-education — in part to preen that they’re doing the right thing and in part so they can point to such programs when they are threatened with frivolous discrimination lawsuits.

    Do you feel comfortable putting a bumper sticker on your car for a certain presidential candidate? Do you feel safe supporting your candidate on facebook? Do you think you’ll get a job in the tech industry if you write a letter to the editor objecting to illegal immigration?

    Do you think you can keep quiet for long enough to be employable?

    It’s not coming: it’s here.

  5. seventensandnine says

    Without whites, natives and blacks would still be living in tee pees and mud huts. Or, due to diseases, possibly even non-existent (thank you, modern medicine).

    I think we’re even.

    Also, let’s not forget where the word “slave” comes from.

    • Victoriasparks says

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  6. Casey Hill says

    There has been master and slave, elites and the workers in every nation since time began. Whites owned whites and black, and it is fact that Black has owned blacks and yes, even whites. Truth hurts folks ( She is obviously a denier of world history. Moreover, the Africans have been known for their harsh slavery, cannabilism, dumping their babies, etc by the Muslim, European and Asian historians. Point is nature and man has been cruel and kind. First define Justice then we can talk. One Native American conquering another is not injustice and the one group does not owe the other group unless you are stupid. The dumb wench doesn’t even know that the World Elite have built this narrative to enslave people. Cant believe how effective it is actually. Good work lefties, throw back monarchs or whatever you want to call them.

  7. Casey Hill says

    This garbage is all a part of the Extravagant Elite and the narratives wont stop until they are stopped. They create every narrow, one dimensional narrative to gain power. Pure and simple…divide and conquer. There will always be idiots like this to advance the agenda.

  8. drattastic says

    So if they could have their wish tomorrow and all White people were killed ,who would next fill the roll of oppressor ? Because those who hate will always need someone to blame for their not being able to compete on a level playing field.

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