College Professor’s Presentation: Imagine a World WITHOUT WHITENESS (VIDEO)

vlcsnap-2016-04-05-16h35m53s75In the continuing saga of “whiteness history month” at Portland Community College, history and humanities professor James Harrison gave a presentation entitled “Imagine A World Without Whiteness”.

Parts of his presentation included passages where he channeled John Lennon’s “Imagine” and said “Imagine everyone living together in peace, a world without conflict…It would be a world without whiteness”

He went on to say that even poor white people have PRIVILEGE. (Note that this guy is a professor at a public institution, probably hauling in a six figure salary, wearing nice suits, probably drives a BMW. Oh the oppression!)

And even though PCC officials have been stressing that these events have nothing to do with race, Professor Harrison goes on to start talking about racial demographics, and says “whiteness is on the retreat”.

And in typical modern academia fashion, he, of course, blames capitalism for “whiteness”.

So even though “whiteness” is supposedly a bad thing, he goes on to say that black folks shouldn’t mock other blacks who are “acting white”.

Yet we also need to “oppose” and “dismantle whiteness”, while promoting multiculturalism and anti-racism in the education system.

You can reach PCC president Sylvia Kelley at 971 722 4667.


  1. oldguy says

    Stand up there dressed like a white man and try to imagine yourself running around dressed in a loincloth with a bunch of feathers on your head fool!

  2. Kevin Dulong says

    Whiteout whiteness he’d still be in a loin cloth chasing gazelle and wildebeest for protein. Living in a mud hut or sleeping on the ground on a pile of sticks while some of his tribesmen watched for lions or leopards looking for an easy meal. The blacks would still be killing each other, except they’d be using pointed sticks instead of guns.
    That would be the world without whiteness.

  3. Pierced Hands + Feet Ps.22:16 says

    Electricity, Transportation, Communications
    ( TV, Radio, Internet ), Military, Space, Agriculture, Architecture, Printing, Industrialization,…etc, etc, etc._
    get real “brown” professor man, and please turn in all the things you use that were invented or improved upon, since after all, they came by ‘white’ man.

  4. Kirk says

    This is actual racism being accepted in a publicly (mostly white) funded college. Why is this allowed? If it weren’t for whites…he’d still be living in the jungle losing his head to the tribe nearby.

  5. ARTS2000 says

    well if there were no whites, I guess the Africans would have sold their ppl to other Africans and Chinese? and no whites.. lets see inventions? no electricity or light bulbs.. no flying, no medicial break thrus.. wow what a world.. and then you’d have blacks killing blacks.. oh wait.. that happens either way.

    • hmmathis says

      Well, most of the blacks who ended up as slaves in the Americas were captured and sold into slavery by fellow blacks or Arab slavers. BTW, that wonderful “religion of peace”, Islam, still advocates enslaving “infidels”, that’s you and me.

  6. FlamingLimousineLiberal says

    With a world without whiteness there’d be no one to blame for everything, no one to call racist, and no one to depend on for free stuff. Civilization would collapse.

  7. MicahStone says

    –College Professor’s Presentation: Imagine a World WITHOUT WHITENESS
    ….A world where CRAZY COMMIE Bernie has ***NO*** supporters !!!!!

  8. UtahYoda says

    “…..whiteness is on the retreat” …..
    Nope. Blacks are on the retreat. They are killing themselves in record numbers and aborting their babies in record numbers. Their are performing their own population control and it has NOTHING to do with whites.

  9. Zxer91 says

    This is the kind of speech that is reckless and dangerous. This man has the right to spew his venom, but there certainly can be consequences.
    I’d sure hate to see something happen to this cretin.

  10. redware says

    I think maybe it’s time for a White Power Movement. Not to put down other races,but to affirm that we matter too! And we won’t be intimidated or harassed without serious retaliation!

  11. tommy mc donnell says

    demonizing white people has been a tactic of the left for decades. it appeals to black racists like this guy but the real culprit is the white leftists that create and encourage these racist ideas. is Portland state a tax supported institution?

  12. Lisa Clark says

    It would be truly a scary world. You already have an answer if you look at the cities and towns that are occupied by mostly minorities. Can’t say I’m a minority as I am American Indian but you do have your answer.

  13. Al Fortis says

    Imagine a world where blacks actually take responsibility for their lives. Imagine a world where blacks stop blaming whites because they are criminals.
    Imagine a world where blacks stop using the slavery victim card. Imagine a world where blacks actually care about Black Lives Matter and stop killing each other then blaming whitey. Imagine a world where blacks can stop blaming whitey for their troubles. Imagine that!

  14. Jim Bills says

    How can anybody be called a “Professor” when PROFESSING racism and tribalism In a school ? Have to ask who would HIRE AND RETAIN anybody like this. Pretty sad stuff but expected In the race baiting age of Obama

  15. Paulette Gunn says

    If the white person never touched the boundaries of Africa, their libraries would be like totem poles, their hospitals would be run by superstition instead of science, their drinking water would still come from animal polluted streams killing children, their young adult population would be rampant with veneral disease if it was still living, children would still be walking around with bear buttocks playing with dried cow dung, their women would be doing the farming, cleaning, caring for kids AND mates and butchering the few animals that their lazy menfolk would hunt, and have no say in how they could live their lives. I think the black population owes the white people for bring civilization to their nation and bringing them over to America. Of course, they could have stayed in Africa and been cannabiized (sp) or killed by warrior tribes roaming the land.

  16. Rupert Bauer says

    So I read this a while ago, and I took some time to truly imagine a world without ‘Whiteness’, and I realized I didn’t need to imagine. My entire life I have heard about the poverty and issues of mostly Black areas, and how they keep following the same guidelines, but nothing improves. I have heard day after day how this is the ‘White’ mans fault. So, I extended that thought. I took it out of the American influence. My entire life I have heard about the poverty and starvation in mostly Black areas of the world. Let’s look at pats of Africa. The people that were starving when I was a child has had children that were starving that had children that was starving. American likes to focus on how the farms here grew on the backs of the Black slave. Not acknowledging that they were only a partial percentage of the slaves and never mentioning that it was the Black slave traders from other places that brought it here, there were many Black slave master, or that there were also White, Asian, Hispanic and other slaves as well – but we’ll leave that out of the equation. So I will digress. This shows that they (as humans) have the ability to create and raise farms/food. So why after 50 years, has there been no growth in this in those starving areas. Even after the people were given tractors, seed and training, nothing was done. People would go for over a year and come back to find their equipment had never moved and the seed wasn’t even eaten, it rotted. – Ok, let’s get off the farms, Let’s look at the violence. Many of these areas, without Whiteness, still have Black on Black violence, and slavery that we no longer even acknowledge. (Check out conflict Diamonds/areas) You may ‘Imagine’ a perfect world of no ‘Whiteness’, but the truth is this world includes slavery, violence, child rape, starvation, disease, poverty, etc. – The major point, in case you are missing it, is that these perfect ‘Whiteness’ free worlds, existed long before America.

    • princezzofthaking says

      Again (excuse if you are offended agnostic or athiest or otherwise just offended) Pastor said geographical problems are wherever bible is removed or something like that)

  17. totius says

    Die dom Box is so dom hy besef nie dat swart die probleem is nie. Hulle vorder net nie is altyd besig om te se ons is almal die selfde, die enigste van ons wat die selfde is ons is vlees en bloed . Thank god I was born White

  18. Jeff McClusky says

    what a retarded subhuman pos when they commit a crime against you shoot them in the head you will save your life,country and many more future victims

  19. Louis Byron says

    When I see that man (I refuse to call him a professor), I cringe. So sick of these Afro-Centrists blaming the White Man for all their dysfunction. I fear we are past the point of debate & arguments in this country. The postmodern lib’s and postmodern negroes really want to exterminate Whiteness as such…this gentleman said as much. So I guess…the War is On!

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