Bernie Sanders Campaign Now Being Investigated FOR ILLEGAL CONTRIBUTIONS

Remember back in 2008 and 2012 when the Obama campaign accepted illegal campaign contributions? Bernie Sanders is following in his footsteps but for some reason, the Federal Election Commission is actually looking into it.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

Feds Flag Thousands of Illegal Bernie Sanders Contributions

Thousands of contributions to Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ campaign in January violated federal campaign finance laws, election regulators said on Thursday.

The Federal Election Commission sent a letter to the Democratic presidential candidate’s campaign committee on Thursday with a 90-page spreadsheet listing 3,457 “excessive, prohibited, and impermissible contributions.”

The campaign’s January financial disclosure filing listed contributions from foreign nationals and unregistered political committees, the FEC said. Other contributions came from donors who exceeded the $2,700 per-election limit.

“Although the Commission may take further legal action concerning the acceptance of [excessive or prohibited] contributions, your prompt action to refund the prohibited amount will be taken into consideration,” the FEC told the campaign.

And this is a guy who claims to be running against a corrupt campaign finance system.

Anyone surprised?

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Progressives Today

  • This is likely part of Valerie Jarrett’s grand plan to first have Hillary indicted to allow her and Obama to replace Hillary with Biden and Warren. But they need to discredit Sanders’ supporters so that they won’t be so upset about giving their vote to Biden. They will rationalize that it was Bernie who screwed up and vote more energetically for Biden and the Indian (NOT).

  • Eric Anderson

    This happens in every campaign. the fact that 5 million individual contributions makes it almost impossible for this not to happen.

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  • John Michael Crofford

    I am an American living in South Korea and some of my American friends here have donated. The wording in USA Today seems to be saying that the FEC flagged all donations coming from foreign sources and not just foreign nationals.

  • John Michael Crofford

    USA Today notes that this is such a common thing that there is a protocol in place to allow campaigns to return money within 60 days of being given notice.