Bernie Sanders ISIS retreat

You’ll be happy to learn that ISIS is apparently retreating from the reign of Islamic terror they have unleashed on the world. Bernie Sanders says so.

Here’s a snippet from his recent appearance on CNN:

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders says the United States needs to toughen its surveillance to stop Brussels-style ISIS attacks, adding that “we know who ISIS is.”

“It goes without saying that when you have attacks that take place, when 30 people get killed in Brussels, something went wrong … We have got to improve our efforts to make sure it does not happen again,” he told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union” Sunday when pressed for specifics.

Sanders credited President Barack Obama for his handling of the fight against ISIS, saying that the terrorist organization is “on the defensive. They are retreating.”

Sanders also made a claim that seems at odds with intelligence agencies’ concerns about ISIS-inspired attacks in Western countries.

“I think we know who ISIS is. We know those people who are planning attacks against our European allies and against ourselves,” he said.

Watch the video, his comments on the ISIS retreat are right at the beginning:

Does everyone feel safer now?


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  • iWildwood

    Alzheimer’s perhaps? Delusional, maybe?
    Or just replaying Clinton/Obama’s talking points to the masses of stupid Liberals and Commies?

    • SineWaveII

      More likely just plain old psychotic. He should be in a rubber room.

  • darrell_b8

    AND, if they keep retreating, they’ll be relegated to JV status……..

  • SineWaveII

    Where have we heard that before?

  • Abbie Luber

    wow that is stupid who do they think he is kidding ?

  • Jack Klompus

    Did Soros write the script himself?

  • Ray

    He is sort of right, Syria and Putin have them on the run in Palmyra.

  • dfw63

    “Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders says the United States needs to toughen its surveillance to stop Brussels-style ISIS attack….”
    Left or right, they all want to increase surveillance.

  • samiam

    yep, i knew that the pope was right and it is already working when he said to “shower the terrorist with weapons of love” the other day. At this rate, all ISIS members will be ready for fall enrollment in their tuition free college of choice.

  • The Thump

    The areas controlled by ISIS, that Busch created when he surrendered to Iraq by signing SOFA, has been reduced drastically.

    • Vae Victis

      Hiltlery voted for that war.

      You can pretend and plug your ears, but the progs had just as much a part in that war as the neocons did.

      And by the way, ISIS is running on some fronts, but expanding on others. They’ve just successfully attacked multiple cities across the world and caused thousands of causalties in the last few months…

      They’re not “on the run” by any means.

  • suibneg

    hey bernie….you go booooyeeeee…..fkn moron.

  • GoodNews

    Ah the 2 minutes hate.