Gun Control Advocates Give Children Giant Dildos In New Ad (Video)

Posted by Pat Kane on Saturday, June 28th, 2014 at 9:32 am

Gun control activist group Evolve released an ad Thursday that pushes for ‘gun safety’ in a very outlandish way.

Titled “Playthings” the ad features two mothers watching in horror as their children swordfight with two large dildos.
dildos ad

Arguing, “if they find it, they’ll play with it,” the narrator implores parents to, “always lock up your guns.”

The ad’s creators claim that they created the video to be, “inspiring” and to help, “remove the stigma around talking about gun safety.”

“It presents it in a way thats humorous. It creates some levity for engaging someone in the conversation,” said Evolve co-founder Rebecca Bond. “When you start to talk about play things and how you secure those things…it’s an easier way into the conservation. You start to make people think.”

Kids with dildos… Really?

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