Hilarious Video Spoofs THE SUPER DELEGATES Who Are Rescuing Hillary’s Campaign


Have you noticed that no matter what the outcomes are for Democratic primaries, Hillary always seems to beat Bernie Sanders in the delegate count where it really matters?

People who are old enough to remember the Super Friends cartoon series will really love this.

The folks at Reason TV have outdone themselves:

Super Delegates…to the Rescue (of Hillary Clinton)!

In the Great Hall of Democracy, there are assembled the Democratic Party’s greatest heroes, created from the establishment elite.

Party leaders! Fundraisers! Lobbyists! And…Jimmy Carter!?!?

They are the Super Delegates, 700 electors chosen by party leaders who can vote at the national convention for whichever Democratic candidate they choose, regardless of whom primary and caucus voters actually selected.

Their mission? To fight grassroots candidates that might represent the party’s base, to right that which is wrong (according to privileged insiders), and to serve all mankind! Well, no, just Hillary Clinton in the current election season, OK?

Currently, Clinton has 467 superdelegates pledged to her, while Bernie Sanders has just 26 on his side. Carter, whose disastrous presidency and loss in 1980 helped give rise to the current system, remains uncommitted, although last year he called Clinton the “inevitable” candidate for his party and said he’d “be glad to support her when she gets the nomination.”

Watch the video:



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  • Seamus

    She better be beating commieSand. She’s a ‘womban’ and he’s an old white guy, and we know about old white guys.

  • MicahStone

    “THE SUPER DELEGATES Who Are Rescuing Hillary’s Campaign”
    —think of them as HELPERS for the HANDICAPPED !

    • SAR2012

      Your image certainly reflects the *real,* inner shrillary we all know to our nauseous discomfort!


    Now I know why the Leftist Thugs are Rioting…and Using Trump as a Scaprgoat “TO” Riot…
    The left (Hilliary) is really stealing their candidate (Bernie) by “declairing” herself Victor through nonsense… a coin toss? really?