LA Syrian Refugee

Liberals continue to tell us the “vetting process” for refugees is under control and the federal government is monitoring everyone once they’re in the country, but that’s a total fallacy.

Take a look at what just happened in Louisiana.

The Hayride reports:

At least one Syrian refugee that was in the process of resettling in the Baton Rouge area has already gone missing,according to a report by WBRZ.

Here’s what WBRZ posted to Facebook today:

wbrz syrian refugees

As reported earlier by the Hayride, there are another 7 Syrian refugees in Kenner and 6 more in the New Orleans area.

The news may seem alarming that neither state government nor the federal government track newly-arrived refugees who have just entered the country, but it is actually not uncommon at all.

Thanks, Democrats!

UPDATE: Read an update on this story at The Gateway Pundit.

Image: (The Hayride)

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  • Guest

    If I find him no one will…Obama will receive a piece of him…,from time to time…

    • spyseoflife

      I hope you find him…if you need help let us know

  • John Howard

    Surprise, surprise, surprise SGT Carter!

  • Benji0804

    This is one of the many reason’s I can’t fucking stand Catholics. What sort of moronic religion helps Muslims
    who hate and despise anyone who is not a Muslim?

    • aj

      What does Catholics have to do with it.

      • Sandy Pfaff

        Catholics beg the government to bring them here. thats what…because they get MONEY…..

      • Benji0804

        It’s a catholic charity that brought them here.

    • Pat Warden

      That would be democrats, not any particular religion!

      • Kelly Lerille Meaux

        It’s the Catholic Diocese receiving funds to help them out. There are 3 in Louisiana. Read up on it!

    • Jarrod Rossi

      so you hate Catholics and Muslims? And if Muslims hate everyone who is not a Muslim, why do they kill Muslims in terror attacks in the Middle east?

      • randian


  • Brenda C Plourde

    if they want to control them but them in camps, like we did in ww2 with china,

    • Reich

      … and put that camp in the White House Rose Garden. (Just tell Malia and Sasha to dress more conservatively so they don’t make the Muslim boys go all horndog.)

    • dajenous

      It was Japan – not Cina

  • Bill Hodson

    Go Gators.

  • Texas Jack

    Obama’s way of saying Allah u Akbar to all of his sheeple supporters.

  • Debbie

    He likely is meeting up with some “refugee” friends to plan our demise. Thanks for that Obama!

  • Phillip Carp

    Have they checked the swamps?

  • Pat Warden

    Have they checked all the democrat hangouts, welfare offices, crack houses, ghettos…?

    • Focused

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      • Pat Warden

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  • kathy kalb

    They had 3000 missing from camps in the UK!

  • Clever Boy

    Who could be behind this?

  • Sandy Pfaff

    picture please.

  • Richard Foster

    I saw at the Bottom of this Article ” THANKS DEMOCRATS” The only Democrat That I feel isn’t Worried about Receiving these Refugees is Barack H. Obama. But Remember You Elected This Muslim Loving Bastard even after you learned what he was up to after during the First 4 years. Now the only person you can Blame is YOURSELF.

    • Phillip Carp

      I still can’t believe he was re elected

  • Focused

    If you really want to blame someone you Republican rejects. Blame your foster dad Bush Jr. His bs war in Iraq caused all of this and had freaking nothing to do 9/11! Now digest that bs and I’ll give you ignorant individuals another helping if actual truth and knowledge.

  • Bill Czaplewski Kruczynski

    It Begins….LOL. What the author fails to report is that the refugee was moved to another state by a Catholic charity. But no, they prefer to spread fear and hate. I choose to be afraid of some wack-a-doodle American going into a Sandy Hook Elementary School and killing 20+ kindergarten kids or another going into a church and executing 9 people in a Bible study. I will be more afraid of gun carrying Americans before I will be afraid of a Syrian refugee, who most likely saw family members and friends executed and barely escaped with their own life.