Leftists Upset That Obama’s Supreme Court Pick IS AN OLD WHITE GUY

Merrick Garland

Progressives are rallying around an old white guy for president but that doesn’t count for some strange reason.

For the left, there always has to be something to be outraged about and when it comes to Obama’s pick for the supreme court, he’s just too old and white.

This is from the liberal journal The New Republic:

Why Would Obama Nominate an Old White Guy to the Supreme Court?

President Barack Obama’s decision to nominate Merrick Garland, a 63-year-old white moderate and perennial short-lister, to the Supreme Court, has political junkies and lawyers scratching their heads.

Speculation had swirled for weeks that Obama would select a young, qualified, liberal ethnic minority to fill Antonin Scalia’s vacancy—a decision that would’ve turned the GOP’s promise to obstruct any nominee into a racially fraught proposition, and possibly elicit the same kind of ugly, racially tinged attacks that Justice Sonia Sotomayor faced seven years ago, but this time in an election year.

A conventional wisdom is already forming that Obama chose Garland to wrongfoot Republican senators, who were expecting a more liberal nominee.

Merrick is a liberal nominee, by the way. He has a horrible record on the 2nd Amendment.

The fact that the left doesn’t view him as a liberal is more evidence of how extreme they’ve become.


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  • nodhimmi

    even the fact that this guy hates guns they’re po’d because he’s White! Nothing satisfies these babies which is why so many of us are Trumpers! Racist morons!

  • tommy mc donnell

    another example of the racism of the white-hating left.

  • Jim

    I wonder if the “pick” has read the Constitution? Just asking.

  • Areyoukiddingme

    Yes they’d rather have an affirmative action pick so they can justify themselves

  • The Concerned Conservative

    Maybe the lefties would like someone like themselves as the nominee for the SCOTUS. A shining example of what BLM and its Soros-funded rioters is pictured below. (Hint BLM – he and millions like him are the reason an old white guy gets the nomination.)

  • RS

    This was a token white guy. Thrown out there because he knew it was going nowhere. I can guarantee that if and when a liberal get another chance to nominate again it will either be a black, Hispanic, or a LGBT activist.

  • Old King Cole

    You mean an old JOO white guy. If he’s put on that will mean 5 of the 9 justices will be jew or cyrpto-jew(soty’s mom was jewish). It looks like the Tribe can’t keep their grubby hands off anything until they ruin it and then scream “HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN?” all the while dancing with glee(like those isrealis arrested on 911)
    How is it that such a small minority of persons (JOOS) can sew up all the key positions of gov’t… hmmm… and ya can’t bomb the out either. Looks like we really are a ZOG (zionist owned government)
    No wonder Hitler could take over so easily in weimar germany.
    I DO NOT advocated for such a thing…just sayin’

    Just like we will, the germans figured out who wrecked their society and took all their money.And the first guy to promise them such took over.(And now the JOOs scream “NEVER AGAIN” But what I think they really mean is”Once we have a society totally under our control ‘never again’ will we let it slip through our fingers,like germany

  • darrell_b8

    The operative word is “OLD”, but NOT OLD ENUF!! About 85 would be better…