Muslim Migrants In Sweden Slaughter GAY MAN After He Offers To Give Them Food And Clothes

muslim migrants gay man

The mainstream media is entirely ignoring what is actually taking place with the resettlement of Muslim migrants all over Europe and how gays and women, specifically, are the targets of most crimes and attacks.

Jihad Watch reports:

TWO migrants have been charged after allegedly beating a gay man to death before dressing him in women’s clothing and wrapping a snake around his neck.

The alleged attackers are 16-year-old and 19-year-old refugees from Morocco, where homosexuality is illegal.

They are accused of attacking the man in Sweden over his sexuality after he offered to give them clothes and food.

The two migrants then allegedly went back to the gay man’s apartment where they claim he tried to have sex with them.

But police found a video on the 16-year-old’s phone showing the victim beaten up and bound on the apartment’s floor.

The teenager can be heard abusing the man over his sexuality in the clip, according to police.

The pair claim the victim was dressed as a woman when they met him – but the man’s partner has denied this.

Progressives keep pretending to care about gay people, but they’re totally silent on how the Islamic faith treats anyone who is not a straight, Muslim male.

Image: (Jihad Watch)

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  • ArmyAviator

    Well after all, those two Moroccans weren’t Muslims! Islam is a religion of love, peace, learning, tolerance and understanding! Just axe President 0bama! He’ll tell you! They were right-wing Christians, intolerant of Gay people. Everyone knows that all Christians are bigots and homophobes, while Muslims are loving and peaceful!

    • anoesis

      And there are some people stupid enough to take what you just wrote literally and BELIEVE it instead of seeing it for the biting sarcasm it IS. Moroccans are muslimes if they are anything. I don’t see how our ‘president’ thinks he’s going to be allowed to remain among the living with his head intact AND be a muslime.

    • anyone

      islam a peace religion go fuck yaself and ya fuckin lies you asshole

  • Michael Harlow

    The mainstream media thinks they hide the news from us but we find out anyway. We also find out just how stupid, ignorant and useless the mainstream media is to us.

    • John Gordon

      Like the dumbest of the dumb.

  • Charles Randall

    i quit calling the msm years ago, I call them the ex-msm.

    • Leah Keever

      They are the enemedia.

  • Truth hurts

    Muslims are truly the scum of the earth. But, homosexuality is immoral itself and is bound to end in this kind of depravity. Either a perpetrator or a culpable victim.

  • WhereDidMyLibertyGo?

    This is flipping hilarious. The idiotic Left has finally come to the Full Stalin, where it turns on itself having exhausted all other victims.

    To complete the picture, consider the “campus rape culture”: the asinine, reactionary requirements of feminists to obtain essentially witnessed consent etc sounds suspiciously like … MATRIMONY.

    Now, their newest pets, the Moslems, have a morality that exceeds anything the Mayflower Pilgrims could possibly be slandered about: literal Old Testament justice.

    Gotta love it. Folks, it doesn’t get any better than this and it means the end is near. A movement always eats its own just before destroying itself through its own insane, immutable logic.

  • treeman

    Send all these muslim scumbags back to their shit holes,close the borders to Islam. Muslims are subjumans.

  • anyone

    islam is full of pedophiles

  • anyone

    Lets all hate muslims that’s what the fuckin enemy want

  • jbtutor

    There’s so much fail wrapped up in that one little story, I don’t even know where to start.

  • victor v

    He probably thought they were Afghani dancing boys, who are really girls of course, only with non-conforming female appendages