“Non Binary” Student Named “PROM QUEEN”

2-photos40Feminists at New York’s La Guarida High School are now put in the awkward position. While they support trans students, and, in this case, a “non binary” student, which means they don’t identify as either male or female, they are now getting beaten by them.

Matthew Crisson was born male, but no longer accepts that gender identity. Yet s/he has been named PROM QUEEN at the school, beating several actual females.

The New York Post reports:

Some girls at La Guardia HS of Music & Art and Performing Arts were not amused that a boy stole their stiletto-heeled thunder and became this year’s prom queen — and their claws have come out on social ­media.

“I know I go to LaGuardia because a boy won prom queen,” snarked Asia Pierre in a Facebook post that attracted 500 homophobic comments and 100 shares before it was removed.

“It just sucks that men win everything and we thought we at least deserve that,” wrote a classmate under the name Taj Mahal.

Matthew Crisson, an 18-year-old Staten Islander who self-identifies as “non-binary” (meaning neither male nor female), was awarded the tiara at the “Fame” school last weekend.

“It was a big deal for me to reach out to everyone and run,” Crisson told The Post.

Mona Davids, a LaGuardia parent who saw the negative Facebook post and coments, notifying the school and the Department of Education’s new LGBTQ community ­liaison.

“They were very catty and negative comments about something so wonderful and positive,” Davids said. “It was very alarming to me, considering what happened in Orlando and how these things can get out of hand.”

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  • FlamingLimousineLiberal

    Politically correct hypocrisy at its finest.

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    Prom King looks thrilled.

  • erectus-maximus

    this could be a poster for the mentally ill to go seek help…

    • SNuss

      Liberalism IS a mental disease. This is just one of the more obvious symptoms.

      • Richard Falk

        It’s not liberalism, lets call it for what it is, Neo-Bolshevik Trotskyism.

        • salg

          in the united states liberalism is Marxism.

  • JY1

    Wouldn’t (or rather shouldn’t) a “non binary” person be offended by receiving a title of “queen”, which indicates a person of the female sex?

    Seems they would be demanding the titles be revised to something like “undetermined sexual orientation ruler”.

    Also, since the “non binary” person technically qualifies to run for either king or queen, and in fact both at the same time, does that not make the contest unfair for the students who have only one sexual orientation? In fairness to everyone else, they would have to declare one way or the other, and political correctness prohibits that, and demands that everyone else not choose either for themselves.

    So, clearly, the solution is to do away with crowning any king or queen of the prom because doing so is sexist-racist-homophobic-bigoted.

    • Amerikztan

      As long as he wasn’t chosen ‘king’ is self-gratifying enough. Looks like the king wasn’t as thrilled.

  • Andy Nash

    Shouldn’t it be non bone-ary?

  • NoLibZone

    Another liberal NYC school turning out the finest of morons.

  • Cathy Gendron

    At this point, why are they bothering to have prom king or queen, if they truly believe what they are saying then their should be one “prom person” period. Either poop or get off the pot as they say. You can’t have it both ways.

    • SNuss

      Only if you are a Leftist Democrat.

    • Christine Alford

      Good poin

    • Cornbread_Noah

      A Prom Thing.

  • HIS parents must be so proud!

    • nodhimmi

      They may be hiding!

  • Amerikztan

    be one of us! be one of us ! be one of us !

  • RightSideUp

    Ha, serves the idiots right

  • W.A. Jones

    That last sentence was the kicker: These angry girls might shoot up a gay nightclub.

  • Rooby Doo

    If he identifies as neither male nor female, why would he run for an position that uses the female honorific “queen”? If he’s neither, why not “king” or even both? Another example of a full blown loser looking for 15 minutes of internet fame.

    • Vae Victis

      “non-gender specific Monarch”

  • nodhimmi

    Sorry but as a Real woman, I can tell by his face he is still a freakin, dude in drag!

    • TrumpDeusVult

      It’s not even drag- drag queens would beat him up. Nope, that’s just an ugly boy in a bad dress and horrible fashion sense.

  • Ghost

    look how The Left destroys everything, even the simple joys of life!

    WOMEN: you scream about everything else, where the hell are you when this crap drowns you out?!

  • Tatiana Covington

    Oh well, in the year 27,000 when Polaris is the pole star (again) (think axial precession), who’ll remember or care? Assuming that the human race still recognizably exists.

  • Cornbread_Noah

    Prom thing
    You make my gut churn
    You make everything pukey
    Prom thing you bowel move me

    Prom thing, I think I barfed you
    But I wanna know for sure
    So come on and hold me tight
    I puke you

  • salg

    they can’t read of write but they know their genders.

    • Vae Victis

      Yep. Pretty much this.

      40% of NYC students drop out before graduating, but at least we feeeeeel good about this non-binary student standing up to “oppression”

  • Buster000

    socks with ankle-strapped open toed pumps? Only a man would dare ….. Blërg 😀

  • FriendOfJohnnyM

    Sick. The world has gone completely, irrevocably SICK.

  • TrumpDeusVult

    Oh look, schlitzie the pinhead finally won prom queen!

  • Peter Tsim

    You can see in the first pic where xhe has xher hand out and the prom king is looking down saying ‘get that fugging hand away from me!’….lol

  • jimbo3298

    Non-binary? He looks like he’s trying to be girl, pretty clear with anyone with eyes.

  • drattastic

    White “non binary” privilege.

  • Ruben Pleebes

    The queen better hope the king isn’t from Somalia

  • Aarpy2

    This is totally sick……..

  • another_engineer

    “non binary” .. is that the new code word for F a g ?

  • Lost Cannon

    I’m confused? Did the Prom King bring his own hat? This “Binary” should not have won just for the fact that “it” wore gray socks with wedges,

  • firedup49

    I just can’t keep up with all these new words on who is who…..

  • Coldshatter

    Awww…a parent, Mona Davids, informed the new LGBTQ community liaison of some negative facebook posts because it was alarming how people could be upset and opposed to something so wonder and positive. It’s parents like this that created the participation award because their kids couldn’t hack the competition and in doing so, have created the millennials we have today.

  • SecludedCompound

    I’ll bet this just makes you mad enough to, you know, shoot someone, doesn;t it? Have fun in court you fucking idiot!

  • More retarded social engineering.

  • Pauly_Pants

    How beautiful that liberals could have two of their pets up there. Too bad they couldn’t squeeze a muslim in there as well.

  • John27

    A psychotic faggot is their prom queen? Lol, these people are crazy.

  • vinagaroon

    What a pretty thing! Hahahahahahaha

  • TimUSMC

    So regressive.

  • mary

    Isnt it racist to begin with? “king” and “queen”? , I mean sexist? Or is it homophobic? transphobic? Why were muslims excluded? Why were non-binarys of color excluded? I have more questions. Whoever was in charge of this exclusionary, racist fiasco should be fired immediately!

  • Johnboy70

    I bet the normal kids are glad to get out of there. Lil Kim this is your target no one will care.

  • TheCajunRaven

    Someday they are going to look back at this episode and wonder if there was something in the water.