Hillary and Trump

Based on recent polls, it’s looking like the race for 2016 could come down to Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump.

This excellent cartoon by A.F. Branco of Legal Insurrection points out the difference between the two of them perfectly.

Branco Trump and Hillary


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  • Yvonne Marie

    Hillary may want to change her gender at any point in time. Then she will be a he and all the fools who voted for a woman will be SOL.

    • DefJ123

      LOL that’s awesome!

    • GS

      but then she would not have her… er, anatomy… to hide behind in the hope that no rivals would reach for her there.

  • countryboy

    We support Trump around here

  • fritz keller

    Nailed it.

  • A_Nobody

    Exactly…the criminal witch has felt that way her whole life. Implies bad parenting to me.

  • pelam

    No one owes that Scummy Bitch anything except a trip to prison with that raunchy husband

  • MicahStone

    AND, her best reason of all – SHE GOT SCHLONGED !!!!!!!

    • Jacob Greenwood


      For more laughs, watch this “WOW” – Preview Satire Fairytale – South Park meets Disney –and Donald schlongs Hillary who schlongs herself.

  • anoesis

    It’s a pity we can’t pay her the way she paid Vince Foster for his loyalty.

  • Nik Schumacher

    Yeah, up here Too!…………..HA!

  • John Hyde

    I’m not voting for genitals….

  • StarTripper

    Yeah, that cartoon pretty much sums up the themes of the two campaigns.