Pro-Immigration Filmmakers Visit Refugee Camp AND GET ROBBED (VIDEO)

filmmakers robbed by refugees

This happened in France and it’s as sad as it sounds. Liberal pro-immigration filmmakers entered a refugee camp and were promptly attacked and robbed.

The Daily Caller reported:

Pro-Immigration Filmmakers Go To Refugee Camp, Get Robbed

Two Dutch, pro-immigration filmmakers published a video Saturday of themselves getting brutally robbed at a refugee camp in Calais, France, known as “The Jungle.”

Journalist Maaike Engels and photographer Teun Voeten were attacked at knife point while obtaining footage for their documentary “Calais: Welcome to “The Jungle.” The video shows Voeten getting tackled down by three masked men, before one man threatens Engels with a knife.

Watch the video:

File this story under useful idiots.


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  • Wulf2000

    They are the nominees for the Moron Award.

    • gingersnap_

      id say they nailed it

  • Aaron1960

    Making a documentary: In Search of The Noble Savage. Still looking I guess.

  • Spychiatrist

    Love it! Stupid liberals get mugged by diversity.

    They’re damned fortunate they didn’t get killed.

  • spunknik

    She’s lucky she wasn’t in Cologne, I suppose.

  • Phud Ogg

    Notice how the beta males ran off and left the woman to fend for herself with the 3 muggers.

  • Brett Favre


  • DesertDawg

    They weren’t mugged by refugees… they were mugged by reality.

    Enjoy your leftist diversity.

  • Steampunk99

    They’re not pro-immigration. At this point, they’re pro-jihad.

  • Ever thus to traitors.

  • olddog

    you mean Mudslimers don’t honor “Safe Spaces”???..Well I’ll be Aloha Snackbar FLOORED..How Macro-Offensive of the little goatfkers…

  • Arclight

    There are all just there in a camp conveniently waiting for expulsion from the country, yet the authorities do nothing.

  • John Tyler

    Can the attack be defined as a micro-aggression?
    I think so, because the so-called victims were white (white privilege !) and European (oppressors, colonialists), and the so-called perpetrators were dark skin, non-European muslims (i.e., an anointed class of savages that, as a result of oppression by whites, do not know the difference betwixt right and wrong, and if they do, because of the oppression of white Europeans, they have a RIGHT to steal and harm white Europeans.)
    Clearly, these reporters DESERVED to be robbed for their aggressive behaviour, whereby the aggression committed was placing themselves within sight of the innocent savages and forcing said savages to defend themselves from the aggression of the white, European, imperialistic oppressors.

  • Six Cents

    How do you say “Schadenfreude” in French?!

    Hahahahahahaha COEXIST hahahahahahahaha!

  • borderraven

    Next time get a few drones over that.

  • Bobby Ponder

    Very moderate.

  • Misanthrope

    HAHAHAHA!!! That made my day!!

    Too bad they got off so lightly.

    I can also guarantee those nitwits learned absolutely nothing from the experience.

  • I’m an American

    They were “that close” to winning the Darwin Award. Maybe another day?

  • Dingus chopper

    LOL dummies they get what they asked for

  • justisinus

    Europe hasn’t awakened from its failed Muslim integration policy.
    After 4 decades of Muslims failure or refusal to assimilate into European societies and brain dead liberal European leaders continue to allow hundreds of thousands of Islamist invaders into their countries b

    Dumb ass hypocrites
    Glutens for punishment.
    Muslim savages reaping their way across Europe even assaulting and gang raping children.

    European men must wake us and take matters into their own hands God knows governments have failed miserably in protecting their citizens.
    They instead cover up Muslim barbarians committing crimes for fear of Muslim invader backlash.
    They are not refugees. ! Muslims savages are barbarians on a death march to destroy Europe.

  • Tim

    And those filmmakers STILL support unrestrained immigration.

  • Christian Christian

    They weren’t robbed. It was an attempted robbery.

    But it’s historically unprecedented that people with money would be robbed by people with nothing.I hope that people in poor parts of cities won’t see this and get ideas.