MEDIA LIES: ABC News Now Says Hillary Clinton PREDICTED Trump Would Be Used In ISIS Videos

Hillary predicted

At the last Democrat debate, Hillary Clinton claimed that Donald Trump was being used in recruitment videos for ISIS. Not only was that statement proven false, it blew up in Hillary’s face when her own husband Bill Clinton was shown in an ISIS recruitment video.

Bill Clinton ISIS video

Just to be clear, Hillary didn’t predict that Trump would be used in ISIS videos, she said he already was.

This weekend, almost as if by magic, Trump was featured in an Al-Shabaab video and now the liberal media is rewriting history by suggesting Hillary Clinton ‘predicted’ that this would happen.

MRCTV caught the obvious lie:

ABC News: Hillary ‘Predicted’ ISIS Would Use Trump in Video

If I claimed it was currently raining when it was not, but two weeks later it does rain, does that make my original statement a prediction, that was “right?” No, if you’re honest about it. But maybe yes if you’re ABC News, and instead of me talking about rain, it was Hillary Clinton talking about Donald Trump in ISIS recruitment videos.

On today’s Good Morning America, co-host Dan Harris suggested Hillary Clinton “may actually have been right” about Donald Trump turning up in ISIS videos. And during the subsequent segment, reporter Mary Bruce said Hillary “predicted” Trump “would” be used in ISIS videos. There’s only one hitch: Hillary hadn’t “predicted” what ISIS “would” do. On December 19th, during a Dem debate, Hillary claimed that ISIS was already using Trump in recruitment videos.

Watch the video below:

Our media is completely corrupt and in the tank for Democrats.

They will lie to our faces to keep a Republican from beating Hillary Clinton in 2016.

UPDATE: An earlier version of this post failed to specify that the video in question was for the terror group Al-Shabaab and not ISIS. We regret the error. Obviously, this detail doesn’t change the media bias of ABC News which is the main point of this story.


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  • EnoughIsEnough

    “Predicted” or sanctioned?

    • Boyd

      Maybe “suggested”?

      • EnoughIsEnough


  • Farblesid

    Another hypothesis: The Crone Clinton commissioned the video, and her friends got it out later than planned.

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  • VoteOutIncumbents

    The MSM have no shame. None.

  • EnoughIsEnough

    “My name is Hillary Clinton, and I approve of this message”.

  • MisterBuddwing

    “This weekend, almost as if by magic, Trump was featured in an ISIS video…”

    It wasn’t ISIS.

  • dale

    ABC the about Clinton network. DO you expect ABC to be honest. Another think it show ISIS is supporting Mrs. Clinton for President

  • another_engineer

    One big problem with that video.. Anwar
    al-Awlaki (April 21, 1971 – September 30, 2011) was
    killed by Obama’s drone in Yemen on September 30, 2011,
    and this video (released late 2015 early 2016) shows
    Al-Awlaki supposedly refuting trump.This is a
    made up video by either the GOP or the

  • Didaskalos

    The Sheik in the video has been dead since 2011. He looks good. The video is not the quality of their other videos. I say fake.

  • RetiredGoat

    If I am not mistaken I read that Hillary is being used in the ISIS video too. If so, then she has no point to make against Trump.