Socialist Paradise of Sweden Reportedly Moving TO PRIVATE HEALTHCARE

Swedish flag

Leftists love to cite Sweden when it comes to the argument for providing government based healthcare. If that’s true, why are they now moving towards private healthcare?

The Libertarian Republic reports:

Sweden Is Upgrading to Private Healthcare

When leftists fantasize about Northern Europe, the first thing they think of is the region’s enormous public spending and its overly generous welfare state. However, as with all dreams, the time is coming to wake up. Along with several other social services, Sweden’s iconic “free” healthcare system’s days are numbered.

Sweden’s insurance trade industry organization, Svensk Försäkring reports:

The number of private health care insurance policies has increased in recent years. In 2011 about 440,000 people had private health care insurance. Most of these people have their policy paid by their employer.

Additionally, The Local recently reported that nearly “One in ten Swedes now has private health insurance,” with rising policy demand extending to half a million Swedes and growing throughout the 9.5 million living in the country.

From The Local:

“It’s quicker to get a colleague back to work if you have an operation in two weeks’ time rather than having to wait for a year,” privately insured Anna Norlander told Sveriges Radio on Friday. “It’s terrible that I, as a young person, don’t feel I can trust the health care system to take care of me.”

The Local also reminds us that the Achilles heel of all socialist systems plagues the Swedish medical system, stating:

“Visitors are sometimes surprised to learn about year-long waiting times for cancer patients.”

This is an unfortunate reality in an industry where suppliers cannot predict market prices for a service and therefore must ration, causing poor service and over-inflated demand. The only logical conclusion that one could derive from this situation is that demand for supplemental private insurance skyrockets because of the inadequate government healthcare system.

Has anyone alerted Bernie Sanders?


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  • Wulf2000

    And Bernie Sanders wants US to be like Sweden. Apparently, he does not read the events in Sweden or he is clueless like most American politicians.

  • taxpayer22

    Government run healthcare is the worst thing since slavery.

    • Sheree

      As a Canadian 72 yrs old & having Govt. Healthcare for 50 yrs I have absolutely no complaints. I have a great Physician-4 walk-in clinics within 20 mins of my door if I can’t get in the Doctor. As a senior all my medications are completely covered as well as eye care…. I believe everyone is entitled to health care even though I am a staunch Conservative! As far as the waiting times… I am also covered in the US by my American husband….I need to see a Neurologist & I can’t get an appt with this Specialist until June 6th, which by that time I will be back in Canada. People need to look after themselves better, no smoking, eating properly, exercise & stop running to the Doctor for the least little thing.

      • taxpayer22

        Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams traveled to the United States to undergo heart surgery. He went where he would get the best treatment and where he would not have to wait. .. He is not alone in his preference .. Belinda Stronach came to America for treatment when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Robert Bourassa, twice former Premier of Quebec, when he was diagnosed with multiple melanoma, came to the United States as well.

      • olddog

        yea..well EVERY Med center in Seattle is FULL of Canadians…SPEAKS VOLUMES…45 years in the Petroleum Ind.. ALL the Canadians I EVER worked with came to the USA for their medical care.

      • chiefpontiac

        You didn’t mention the tax rates that are needed to pay for the “free” healthcare…There is a whole cottage industry that has been built in the states that border Canada that serves many Canucks who want better and quicker healthcare.

    • Vivianbwilliams2

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  • FlamingLimousineLiberal

    We must stay on the path to socialism! Free stuff for all and the evil rich (anyone earning more than minimum wage) will pay for it!

    It’s working gloriously in Europe and it will here too!

    • olddog

      fo sho, fo sho…

      • Old King Cole

        Yes. Just ask the Magic KneeGrow in the black house. He’ll tell you it’s all true.(as he lies like a roug) And then there’s Mr. B.S. His initials say it all. And then there’s the man who thinks she’s a woman in a pantsuit. And can’t even keep her lies straight anymore.
        Pretty soon they too will run out of other people’ s money to spend and say “On my gosh, we didn’t know THIS would happen. “

  • JY1

    Where are all those people who sing a chorus of:
    “That’s the way they do it over there, we should do it like that over here, because they are so much more enlightened and smart than we are, and we are all just a bunch of backward idiots who have been on the verge of collapse for the last 250 years…”

  • another_engineer

    The f’d up socialist system “sort of works” with a smaller homogeneous population, now that sweden is inundated with tons of 3rd world drek it is bound to fail.

    • olddog

      The entire EU=PU is toast..without BACON..

  • olddog

    So that Single Payer Suicide (D)eath Care isn’t the UTOPIAN thingy you expected???..well imagine that Comrade (D)[email protected] some more Mudslimers and their (D)iseased STANKY @ZZs. Nothing like a couple of million Goatfkers running loose everywhere..