SURPRISE! Bernie Sanders’ Latino Spokeswoman IS AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT (VIDEO)

Erika Andiola

Here’s something you probably haven’t heard about in any of the media coverage of the 2016 election. The Latino press secretary and spokeswoman for Bernie Sanders is an “undocumented” immigrant.

Fusion reported back in October:

Bernie Sanders hires undocumented woman who had home raided by immigration officials

The Bernie Sanders presidential campaign has hired a woman who is undocumented and intimately familiar with how U.S. immigration laws can separate families to assist with outreach to Latinos, a hugely important demographic in the 2016 election.

A spokesperson for Sanders confirmed to Fusion on Saturday that Erika Andiola is joining the campaign as a “Latino Outreach Strategist for the Southwestern Region.” She starts Monday.

“We are excited to have Erika Andiola on the team,” Arturo Carmona, the Latino outreach director for the Sanders campaign, said.

Erika Andiola was in the news this week because she said Bernie will stop the deportation of illegals.

MRCTV reported:

Sanders Will Stop Deportations, Says His ‘Proud Undocumented’ Press Secretary

ERIKA ANDIOLA, HISPANIC PRESS SECRETARY, BERNIE 2016: Arriving to the presidency, he’s not only going to focus on immigration reform in Congress. He’s going to focus on stopping deportations, stopping the raids.

This video is in Spanish but has English subtitles:

So all the “free stuff” is going to be for illegal immigrants too, huh?

Of course it is.


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  • runsinquicksand

    He is probably also paying her minimum wage. LOL She should be deported. NOW!

  • chatmandu7451

    No jobs, No government assistance, No healthcare, No education, No amnesty, No birthright citizenship and the illegals will leave.

  • chatmandu7451

    Add this sentence to every bill until passed. “No birthright citizenship will be afforded to children born to non-permanent resident(s).” This will solve the under “jurisdiction” of the 14th amendment.

  • RJ Chesnut Jr.

    Good enough for a Meme : )

  • Random

    all the “free stuff” is going to be for illegal immigrants

  • MicahStone

    Does that make Commie Bernie on par with Shrillary?

  • MicahStone

    It’s a first !!!!

    • ShihTzuHappens~


  • Cloward Piven Democrat

    There’s our senile Democrat socialist playing politics with national security so MS-13 can move in next door.

  • Pat Warden

    Thought it was against the law to hire illegal aliens. Oh wait, democrat. I forget, laws don’t apply to democrats.

  • Victoria Martinez

    Get the hell out of my country bitch! There are people that have waited a long time to get here legally! I PERSONALLY have been to several citizenship ceremonies at staples center, and understand the importance and pride they have becoming an AMERICAN CITIZEN! They have worked hard and sacrificed for it! GET THE PHUCH OUT!

  • John

    This is insanity. The woman is illegal, deport her for Christ Sake.

  • John

    MMMM So the fact that Bernie Sanders is committing a felony means nothing here? I just want to be sure on this count.

  • David

    Now we know why he gets all those contributions averaging $27.00 that he’s so proud of. In fact it would make sense to audit him to make sure that is materially accurate regarding where his money is coming from.

  • Marius