EXPOSED: Planned Parenthood Encourages Students to Experiment with Bondage and Violent Sex


Planned Parenthood is out for our children and they have a terrifying agenda. reports:

Live Action again exposes Planned Parenthood.  In a series of videos entitled SEXED that they started releasing this week they show Planned Parenthood counselors and nurses encourage the investigators who they believe are 15 or 16-years-old to try “pain with sex.”

They encourage domination, sadism, asphyxiation in detail.  They also educate the teens on how to be whipped, gagged and handcuffed.

The videos according to Live Action President, Lila Rose, shows a systemic, institutional problem in America’s largest abortion corporation. “It’s not a matter of ‘don’t judge,’ but rather explicit endorsement of violent and harmful sexual practices to boys and girls as young as fifteen years old,” Rose said.

Live Action complains: “Planned Parenthood consistently fights any law requiring parental consent or involvement for minors seeking sexual and reproductive health care, including abortions.  PP’s website encourages teens to circumvent their parents and the law.”

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