Labor Leaders Want a Rosy Picture of Labor History Taught in Public Schools

labor history

Instead of focusing limited school time on core subjects – like math, science, reading, and writing – union officials and their allies continue to try their best to squeeze labor history into an already crowded social studies curriculum, the Associated Press reports.

For the third consecutive year, legislation introduced in Connecticut to encourage labor history lessons recently failed to become law, “even after supporters agreed to a compromise to include lessons in the history of capitalism,” according to the news service.

“We’re losing a generation of workers who don’t have an understanding about the union movement,” Steve Kass, board member for the Greater New Haven Labor History Association, told the AP.

Ed Leavy, an official with the American Federation of Teachers Connecticut, tried to flip the unions’ obvious motivation to increase membership through glorified labor history lessons.

“It’s not that labor unions are demanding this so we can increase the ranks,” he said. “It’s people preventing this so we don’t.”

International tests show U.S. students are continuing to fall behind their peers in other developed countries, particularly in important subjects like math and science, yet unions view the lack of labor history instruction as major problem.

The fact is that American History classes have always included lessons about the labor movement and its role in American society in the early 20th century.
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ACORN, M.D.: Democrats Want Obamacare Exchanges to Register Patients to Vote


The Congressional Progressive Caucus wants to be sure nationalized health care – ie. Obamacare – reaches its real intended potential.

Several Progressive Caucus members sent a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell “about voter registration for millions of Americans through the federal exchanges created by” Obamacare.

“The National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) requires the federal government to provide Americans with the opportunity to register to vote when it delivers public assistance. Evidence from the recent ACA open enrollment indicates that the federal exchanges may not be in compliance with the NVRA,” the caucus’s press release states.

Their letter reads in part:

It has been brought to our attention that the health care enrollment process of the FFEs may not be providing adequate access to voter registration applications. The State of California has committed to making its Exchange fully compliant with NVRA; a voter registration mailing went to the almost 5 million people who applied for benefits since October 1, 2013. We hope that the federal exchanges can follow the example of California in reaching full compliance with NVRA.

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Latest California Obamacare Wrinkle: Your Health Care or Your House


President Obama says he’s committed to helping the poor, but his policies seem to be doing just the opposite.

The latest example of this comes from California where the new federal health law – Obamacare – is forcing some of the state’s poorest citizens to choose between signing up for health insurance coverage and leaving their children an inheritance when they die.

The problem stems from Obamacare’s goal of ensuring all Americans have health insurance.

A main way the feds are attempting to meet this goal is through the expansion of Medicaid – the government’s health care program for low-income citizens. Under Obamacare, millions of additional Americans now qualify for Medicaid.

Overlooking the fact that Medicaid provides the needy with really crappy health coverage, progressive Democrats and dim-witted Republicans have cheered the Medicaid expansion as a victory for the poor.

A number of California residents are learning it’s really just a Pyrrhic victory.
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No stunner: The best states for business take care of business, while the worst treat capitalists like criminals

best and worst

GREENWICH, Conn. – Chief Executive has published its 2014 list of the best and worst states to do business, based on a poll of private sector chief executive officers. The entire top 10 have Republican governors and conservative voter bases while 7 of the bottom 10 have Democratic governors, and all have powerful labor unions.

The top 10 are Texas, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Indiana, Arizona, Nevada, Louisiana and Georgia.

The bottom 10 are Maryland, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Connecticut, Michigan, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Illinois, New York and California. published several comments from CEOS regarding the states that tax and regulate business to death:

“California could hardly do more to discourage business if that was the goal.”

“Illinois is a horrendous state in which to do business. It is governed by a class of incompetent, corrupt politicians. It’s like doing business in the third world country.”

“New York does not appreciate small business. NY punishes well-run businesses and regards only very large and well-connected businesses. Businesses are punished for growing and hiring workers.”

In states where organized labor flourishes and carries a lot of weight, it’s somehow considered immoral to own a business and make a profit, even though that means the creation of more jobs for everyday workers, including union workers. The unions bash business owners, and their purchased politicians pass laws that squeeze companies to the breaking point. If their left-wing, socialist political philosophy is more important to them than jobs, so be it.


California’s economic demise a preview of what progressives are planning for the rest of us

CA Republic

LOS ANGELES – It’s been said that one can see what the United States will be like 20 years from now by studying what’s going on in California today.

That’s because the Golden State is considered by many to be the nation’s cultural and political trendsetter.

If that’s the case, then the U.S. is in for some very tough times.

Joel Kotkin, a professor at California’s Chapman University, has studied the Golden State’s current economic conditions and reports that various industries are disinvesting in the state due to excessive taxes and smothering environmental regulations.

The most recent example is “Toyota’s decision to pull its U.S. headquarters out of the Los Angeles region in favor of greater Dallas,” writes Kotkin in a May 2 column.

Toyota’s departure was preceded over the years by numerous fossil-fuel energy companies that shifted operations out of California, due to anti-business and pro-green policies.

Economic conditions are so prohibitive that even the left-wingers in Hollywood are trying to save money by filming in more business-friendly states.

Kotkin writes:

“Since 2010, California has managed to miss out on a considerable industrial boom that has boosted economies from the Rust Belt states to the Great Plains and the Southeast. Los Angeles and Orange counties, the epicenter of the state’s industrial economy, have actually lost jobs. Since 2000, one-third of the state’s industrial employment base – 600,000 jobs – has disappeared, a rate of loss 13 percent worse than the rest of the country.”
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California Democrats kill bill that would have banned selective-sex abortion


SACRAMENTO, Calif. – California Democrats have killed a bill that would have banned selective-sex abortion, but approved a resolution condemning the practice. From

The Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act ran into opposition by all of the Democrats on the committee, who saw the bill as a prelude to broader abortion restrictions, according to a report from”

Hey, choice is choice. If the folks on the left really believe babies growing in their mother’s wombs are not really people, and are just as disposable as used napkins, then there’s nothing wrong with this. If we have a choice to kill unborn babies for any reason, then having the undesired sex is a legitimate reason.

It’s bad enough that millions of women have been using abortion as a form of very late birth control. Now they’re using it as a way to selectively shop for their preferred type of baby. It’s not going to be a large baby with lots of future football potential? Kill it. It’s not going to be the little girl ballet dancer we dreamed of having? Kill it. It’s not going to be a boy who would be expected to help on the farm? Kill it.

This sort of thing is a natural outgrowth of an insane industry that disrespects, devalues and destroys the most vulnerable form of human life on a daily basis. But it’s legal, and choice is choice.

The Democratic resolution condemning selection abortion is not going to save one innocent life from the abortionist’s instruments. But maybe the resolution will somehow help the Dems sleep better at night – if that’s possible.

We can only hope God can find it in His heart to forgive us for this absolute madness.

Authored by Steve Gunn