Individual Market Health Premiums Rose Average of 49% in 2014 Thanks to Obamacare


Obamacare is working precisely as planned – and it’s obvious the medicine is going to be painful to swallow.

Via Forbes:

There are hundreds of aspects of Obamacare that people argue over. But there’s one question that matters above all others: does the Affordable Care Act live up to its name? Does it make health insurance less expensive? Last November, our team at the Manhattan Institute published a study indicating that Obamacare had increased the underlying cost of individually-purchased health insurance in the average state by 41 percent in 2014, relative to 2013. We’ve now redone the study on a county-by-county basis, complete with a brand-new interactive map. Depending on where you live, the results may surprise you.

Our new county-by-county analysis was led by Yegeniy Feyman, who compiled the county-based data for 27-year-olds, 40-year-olds, and 64-year-olds, segregated by gender. We were able to obtain data for 3,137 of the United States’ 3,144 counties.

Among men, the county with the greatest increase in insurance prices from 2013 to 2014 was Buchanan County, Missouri, about 45 miles north of Kansas City: 271 percent. Among women, the “winner” was Goodhue County, Minnesota, about an hour southwest of Minneapolis: 200 percent. Overall, the counties of Nevada, North Carolina, Minnesota, and Arkansas haven experienced the largest rate hikes under the law.

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Study: Obamacare Hammering Businesses

Dr Obama

Obamacare is turning out to be the snake oil most people predicted it would be.


If the hope is for real, sustained recovery, the still-healing U.S. economy can’t afford the Affordable Care Act, according to a new analysis.

The costs imposed by the ACA, perhaps better known as Obamacare, on small business will hurt hiring, employee compensation and business growth, according to the report by National Center for Policy Analysis Senior Fellow Devon Herrick.

NCPA is a nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy research organization based in Dallas.

“The Affordable Care Act contains sweeping changes to the employer-sponsored health insurance market,” Herrick said. “Though it was promoted as a way to lessen the problems small businesses experience in providing health coverage, many business owners report that the law is increasing their burdens.”

Herrick’s analysis finds employers are passing increased health care costs on to workers, raising co-payments, boosting the costs of dependent coverage, delaying hiring and reducing work hours.

That’s a big hit to business at large. Nearly two-thirds of Americans with health coverage have employer-sponsored health insurance, which means much of the burden of complying with the ACA falls on the shoulders of business.

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ACORN, M.D.: Democrats Want Obamacare Exchanges to Register Patients to Vote


The Congressional Progressive Caucus wants to be sure nationalized health care – ie. Obamacare – reaches its real intended potential.

Several Progressive Caucus members sent a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell “about voter registration for millions of Americans through the federal exchanges created by” Obamacare.

“The National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) requires the federal government to provide Americans with the opportunity to register to vote when it delivers public assistance. Evidence from the recent ACA open enrollment indicates that the federal exchanges may not be in compliance with the NVRA,” the caucus’s press release states.

Their letter reads in part:

It has been brought to our attention that the health care enrollment process of the FFEs may not be providing adequate access to voter registration applications. The State of California has committed to making its Exchange fully compliant with NVRA; a voter registration mailing went to the almost 5 million people who applied for benefits since October 1, 2013. We hope that the federal exchanges can follow the example of California in reaching full compliance with NVRA.

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Latest California Obamacare Wrinkle: Your Health Care or Your House


President Obama says he’s committed to helping the poor, but his policies seem to be doing just the opposite.

The latest example of this comes from California where the new federal health law – Obamacare – is forcing some of the state’s poorest citizens to choose between signing up for health insurance coverage and leaving their children an inheritance when they die.

The problem stems from Obamacare’s goal of ensuring all Americans have health insurance.

A main way the feds are attempting to meet this goal is through the expansion of Medicaid – the government’s health care program for low-income citizens. Under Obamacare, millions of additional Americans now qualify for Medicaid.

Overlooking the fact that Medicaid provides the needy with really crappy health coverage, progressive Democrats and dim-witted Republicans have cheered the Medicaid expansion as a victory for the poor.

A number of California residents are learning it’s really just a Pyrrhic victory.
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EXCLUSIVE: Bronze Star Vet Survived Vietnam But the St. Louis VA Nearly Killed Him


Public outrage over revelations of abuse and neglect within the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs continues to produce first-hand accounts of the deplorable conditions and indifferent service many of our nation’s heroes are forced to endure.

St. Louis area resident Stephen Medford – whose father nearly died from infected bedsores at the Jefferson Barracks VA facility – said he contacted Progressives Today to substantiate earlier reports of patient neglect and to warn others about what healthcare could soon look like under Obamacare.

Medford said his father, Allen Medford, an Air Force veteran who earned a bronze star for his bravery in Viet Nam, was taken to Jefferson Barracks in May 2009 for a minor cut on his foot. The routine trip, however, devolved into a four-month, life-threatening ordeal because the facility’s detached staff neglected their basic duties.

“He was admitted with a small wound on his foot due to being constrained to a wheel chair,” Medford said. “It should have been minor, and we should have been in and out.”

“The wound got progressively better because of … IVs and antibiotics they were giving him,” Medford said, but nurses at the hospital did not move his father as required to prevent bed sores, and several soon developed.

“The nurses and doctors sort of shluffed it off and didn’t do much about it. The bedsores became infected, his blood pressure spiked and he went into shock,” Medford said.

“I thought he was going to die. He couldn’t speak. It was bad,” he added.

Allen Medford was taken to the John Cochran VA hospital, also in St. Louis, where he underwent plastic surgery to remove scar tissue and infected tissue.

“After that, they sent him back to Jefferson Barracks for recovery, but we got him out of there,” Medford said.

In total, Medford was at St. Louis’ VA facilities for roughly four months – from May through August – for a small foot wound.

Stephen Medford said his father has since moved to South Carolina in hopes of finding a better VA hospital.

He also said Progressives Today exclusive reports about the filth, feces, urine and trash described by other patients is completely accurate, though it’s the attitude of some VA staffers that’s the most frustrating.

“Some of the doctors have been fairly decent, but the nursing support staff has been extremely disappointing,” Medford said. “The main thing is they are aloof to any people’s real problems or complaints.”

Most often, nurses spend their time “sitting round the nursing station … joking,” he said.

“There was multiple times food was late or food was early. It wasn’t on time,” Medford said as another example of the nonchalant attitude from support staff.

“My father almost died from that” same type of dereliction of duty when he wasn’t properly moved to prevent the bed sores, Medford said. “So it was a difficult thing for me to deal with.”

“It was completely preventable,” he said.

Medford believes his father’s story, and the numerous reports about similar and more egregious abuse in other places, says a lot about what Americans have to look forward to under the new federal healthcare system.

“The more that comes out, you start to realize there’s very little accountability,” Medford said. “They are basing the entire (Obamacare) system on this system.

“When you see this great success of the VA system is a bold-faced lie, you start to question the system they are trying to place upon us.”

Colorado Obamacare Clients Hit With a Tax Increase to Make Up For a Budget Deficit

obama taxes

We thought Obamacare was designed to help financially struggling people afford health insurance.

Now we learn that the Connect for Health Colorado Board of Directors voted yesterday to increase taxes by $13 million on those insured under the exchange, “to help the exchange make up for a budget deficit.”

We all know Obamacare has been a poorly managed boondoggle, so the resulting deficits are no surprise. But if the idea was to help poor people, how in the world can they turn around and tax those same people?

U.S. Rep. Cory Gardner (R-Colorado) responded to the tax with an angry letter to CEO Patty Fontneau.


“Hardworking Coloradans are already paying too much for insurance under the President’s healthcare law,” Gardner wrote. “And yet, they are now feeling the pain of another cost increase from Connect for Health Colorado due to a budget shortage. It is absolutely unacceptable that the state exchange is choosing to place more hardships on those who simply want to provide health insurance for their families rather than looking for cost-saving measures within their $66 million budget. Colorado deserves a fiscally responsible, self-sustaining healthcare system. Unfortunately, Connect for Health Colorado is neither of those.”

The vote to raise costs on Coloradans took place just weeks after Fontneau received a $14,000 bonus for 2013 in addition to a 2.5 percent raise from her previous annual salary of $195,300.

Democrat Lawmaker Announces Plan to Tax Sugary Sodas

Get ready to pay a special “sugar tax” on your favorite soft drinks, America.

In an address to attendees of the Soda Summit 2014, U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro announced yesterday she was preparing legislation “to tax sugar-sweetened drinks like sodas in a way that reflects the serious damage they are doing to our health.”

The Democrat lawmaker cited sugar as a major contributor to “the obesity and diabetes epidemics afflicting our country,” and alleged that the poor suffer the most from America’s easy-sugar ways.

“Added sugar is pervasive and almost inescapable at the supermarket,” DeLauro said. “And of course, many times it is the sugary foods and drinks that are easiest for families living on the edge of poverty to afford. When a 2-liter of cola is 99 cents and blueberries are over three dollars, something has gone very wrong.”

The 12-term congresswoman expects her sugar tax bill will be introduced “in a matter of weeks.”

While DeLauro’s bill likely stands no chance of passing the GOP-controlled House of Representatives, it gives Americans a hint of what the future holds now that the federal government has become so actively involved in the nation’s health care system.

Through Medicare, Medicaid and Obamacare-related health insurance subsidies, the feds have a vested financial interest in keeping you healthy – and that means regulating what you eat and drink.
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Hillary Fans are Forgetting One Problem – She’ll Have to Run on the Obama Record


The media has been acting as though Hillary Clinton is some fresh face on the political scene, riding in to rescue our nation from its long list of foolish blunders in recent years.

The media doesn’t seem to understand – or care – that Clinton, if nominated, will face the same problems that John McCain faced in 2008: Having to run on the record of an extremely unpopular president.

In fact, McCain may have been slightly better off, because he was not a member of the Bush administration. Secretary Clinton cannot make such a claim about the Obama administration.

She was part of the mess, and many voters will hold her responsible, even for the mistakes and misdeeds that were not her fault.

That’s the way it works in partisan politics. Just ask Sen. McCain, who wanted to be president just as much as Hillary does.
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Louisiana lawmakers pass bill to bar Planned Parenthood from state’s classrooms


Louisiana’s classrooms will soon be off-limits to representatives from Planned Parenthood and other organizations that financially profit from abortion.

On Tuesday, the Louisiana Senate gave final approval to a bill that prohibits individuals linked to groups with a financial incentive to promote abortion from distributing health information in schools, the Associated Press reports.

The measure passed both chambers of the Louisiana State Legislature by a combined vote of 122-11, and is expected to be officially signed into law by Gov. Bobby Jindal in the coming days, reports.

While the legislation does not identify Planned Parenthood by name, it’s widely understood lawmakers had that group in mind when they wrote the bill – and for good reason.

The Planned Parenthood Federation of America has amassed a stunning fortune – with reported assets of more than $1.6 billion – in large part by killing unborn children. A recent report reveals Planned Parenthood aborted 327,166 babies in the year ending Sept. 30, 2012.

Some hardcore progressives are upset that Planned Parenthood won’t be allowed to disperse its propaganda and troll for clients in Louisiana’s schools anymore.
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Pelosi’s Fix for Obamacare is VA-style Health Care

Nancy Pelosi

If you love the VA scandal, you’ll love Nancy Pelosi’s solution to fix Obamacare.

Townhall’s Guy Benson reports:

Democrats find themselves torn between two O-Care narratives, which exist in tension with one another.  Safe liberals like Pelosi can cheerfully indulge the delusion of Obamacare’s glittering success, while more vulnerable members and candidates seek refuge in the “fix it, don’t nix it” camp.  In a nod to reality, Pelosi acknowledges there may be some elements to “improve upon”…

PELOSI: I had some of my own suggestions that I couldn’t get through in the first round

KLEIN: How would you like to see it improved?

PELOSI: Well of course I wanted single-payer, and I wanted a public option. But that not being in the mix, uh, you have to prioritize what it is you want to get over the finish line.  And now let’s refine and improve — and some of that relates to how it is implemented, so you see how it is implemented.

The phrase “first round” is telling. Obamacare has never been the end game for elite lefties, and they haven’t been especially shy about saying so — even though they occasionally squeal about “smears” if you read back their own verbatim quotes. Pelosi understands that a full-blown government system isn’t “in the mix” at the moment, so she concedes that settling for Statist incrementalism is the only viable path forward.

Here’s Pelosi’s comment from an exchange with Ezra Klein:

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