Insane White Liberal Jogger Blames Innocent Accident On WHITE PRIVILEGE (VIDEO)

white privelege

In universities across the country, college students are lectured to about “white privilege” and it seems we are finally seeing the real life impact of phony-outrage-culture that liberals love so much.

As the Daily Caller’s Blake Neff reported, the video below shows a minute accident with a baby stroller turn into a bar-room brawl because of supposed “white privilege.”

The video shows two men in a ferocious argument on the streets of Brooklyn, which appears have have broken out after one of them collided with the other while pushing a stroller. Somehow, this minor altercation escalates into threats of violence.

“Don’t fucking come at me,” the jogger warns his stroller-pushing nemesis. “I’ll kill you with one punch. You’re messing with the wrong guy. I fight for a living.”

The jogger then suggests that he deserves greater respect because he was an urban Daniel Boone, a brave pioneer who made Brooklyn inhabitable for the white race.

“The only reason white people like you live here is because I settled this fucking neighborhood for you!” he screams, arousing laughter from bystanders.

After a woman accompanying the stroller-pusher calls the jogger a “sick fuck,” the jogger begins an abrupt attack on white privilege (despite being white himself).
“You’re a sick fuck!” he screams. “White privilege! White fucking privilege! You pushed your stroller right into me, and all I say was ‘excuse you,’ and then you said, ‘fuck you fuck you!’ Fuck you, you white trash!”

The video ends with the confrontation still ongoing, leaving its final outcome uncertain.

Pretty soon, liberals will begin blaming car accidents between a white and black person on white privilege. Though that might already be happening somewhere in California.

Progressive Writer Contends ‘Atheists Can’t Be Republicans’


Progressives like to portray themselves as champions of tolerance and diversity, and a few of them truly are.

But for most progressives, diversity and tolerance are only acceptable when they involve things like sexual behavior, gender identity or skin color. Their “I’m okay, you’re okay” philosophy does not extend to the realm of ideas and opinions; in those areas, leftists demand conformity.

Atheist writer CJ Werleman is a typical progressive, as the title of his just-published book, “Atheists Can’t Be Republicans,” makes clear.

The nub of Werleman’s argument goes something like this: Individuals become atheists because they refuse to believe in things that can’t be measured, tested, or proven. Therefore, since Republicans’ entire political platform is based on myths and debunked theories, rational-thinkers simply cannot belong to the Grand Old Party.

Werleman explains his, ahem, logic in a recent Alternet article:

Atheists can’t be Republicans because the economic and social policies of the Republican Party have been proven abjectly false and dangerous. Much in the same way religion is false and dangerous. In other words, atheists who cling onto modern U.S. conservative ideology are hanging onto ideas that have either been proven mythical at worse or remain unproven at best. If atheists applied the same litmus test to their political ideology as they do to theology, then clearly an atheist cannot be a Republican.

The Grand Old Party (GOP) is not only a theocratic sponsor, it’s a party that has been proven wrong on just about everything in the past three decades or more: from evolution to climate change, trickle-down economics, that the Iraqis would greet us as liberators, that the Bush tax cuts would lead to jobs. It didn’t. It added $3 trillion to the debt.

They were wrong when they said the stimulus would trigger inflation, that austerity stimulates an economy in recession and that universal healthcare is worse than slavery, and they continue to prescribe debunked policies. That is when they aren’t carrying out a reenactment of the American Civil War in the chambers of the U.S. Congress i.e. obstruction, nullification, and disruption.

(Obviously, Werleman likes to paint with a broad brush, and has little use for a serious analysis of the issues he lists in rapid-fire style.)
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Obama Owns Chaos in Iraq


George Bush’s Iraq war is now President Obama’s Iraq war.

And this time around, the president will be fighting on two fronts: against ISIS rebels that have reportedly seized much of the country over the last week, as well as progressives who represent Obama’s political base.

BuzzFeed reports “thousands have added their names to two progressive petitions warning the president against military action in Iraq, one from San Francisco-based progressive group CREDO and the other hosted by”

“If the president takes ownership of George W. Bush’s disastrous decision to invade Iraq by launching a new round of bombing strikes, Iraq will become Barack Obama’s war,” according to the CREDO petition cited by BuzzFeed.

Some believe it already is.

The Daily Beast’s Eli Lake put the problems in Iraq into proper perspective for MSNBC host Joy Reid earlier this week. Despite Reid’s attempt to goad Lake into blaming the current situation on “neoconservatives” who served under George Bush, Lake put the blame exactly where it belongs.

From the Daily Caller:

“’You should look at all of the history,’ Lake replied, ‘including the history before 2003. … I think the way Paul Bremer made a huge mistake disbanding the Iraqi military in the way that he did.

‘But I also think it was a huge mistake that the Obama administration never used any of his leverage with (Iraqi Prime Minister) Nouri al-Maliki to try to save Maliki from his own worst tendencies,’ Lake asserted, saying Obama’s decision to reward Maliki with F-16s and other ineffective support clearly backfired.

‘It’s a very easy thing to sort of say, ‘Oh, Iraq is a mess, remember the neocons,’ he accused. ‘So in that respect, I think that – you know, yeah, they’re in the commentary now. How really relevant is it? No one is proposing ANY kind of invasion. I think the whole country is against it.’”

Regardless, “to progressives, even a limited intervention in Iraq by Obama would be a betrayal of the base that helped get him to the White House six years ago,” BuzzFeed reports.
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With a National Debt Reaching $18 Trillion, Progressives Still Pine for Another Government ‘War on Poverty’

poverty war

Apparently progressives are not satisfied with a national debt that’s inching frighteningly close to $18 trillion. They’re still pining for another government “war on poverty,” based on the belief that individuals should not have to help themselves, because the almighty state has the money to take care of everyone’s needs.


The U.S. media is eager for war. And while its target is Iraq, activists have a golden opportunity to reframe this into a debate about spending priorities. On issue after issue—education, housing, health care, transportation, student debt—the American people are being shortchanged because Beltway wisdom says that the U.S. cannot “afford” solutions. Yet if we can send hundreds of millions of additional dollars to Iraq, the money is there for tackling poverty, inequality, and key domestic needs.

Is the United States still trapped in the mindset that led Lyndon Johnson to sacrifice his War on Poverty for a war in Vietnam that he knew could not be won?

That question is best answered with the following from

In 2012, the federal government spent $668 billion to fund 126 separate anti-poverty programs. State and local governments kicked in another $284 billion, bringing total anti-poverty spending to nearly $1 trillion. That amounts to $20,610 for every poor person in America, or $61,830 per poor family of three.

Over, the last 50 years, the government spent more than $16 trillion to fight poverty.   

Yet today, 15 percent of Americans still live in poverty. That’s scarcely better than the 19 percent living in poverty at the time of Johnson’s speech. Nearly 22 percent of children live in poverty today. In 1964, it was 23 percent.

How could we have spent so much and achieved so little?

The answer to that is easy – you don’t solve social problems with giveaway programs. Handouts are only effective until they run out, then those who accept the handouts simply want more handouts. No lessons are learned, no skills are acquired, no work ethic is established.

By the way, is it a coincidence that the total spent to fight poverty over the last 15 years is almost identical to the size of our massive national debt?

New Mexico Town Decides to Go Politically Correct by Finding a New Name for Kit Carson Park


The town council in Taos, New Mexico, the hometown of the great western explorer Kit Carson, recently voted to rename a park in town that had been named after Carson for as long as anyone remembers.

The action was reportedly taken because some Native Americans in the area resent Carson’s legacy and what they believe he stood for.

From Fox News:

Council member Fritz Hahn said one American Indian activist felt uncomfortable in the park, which is named after someone who egregiously hurt her people. “We have got to heal the wreckage of the past, and Kit Carson is part of that,” Hahn said.

Carson, who died in 1868, is buried in the cemetery at the park and his name is all over Taos. He largely is known as an explorer, trapper, soldier and American Indian agent.

Taos Pueblo tribal Secretary Ian Chisholm says the pueblo viewed the council’s actions as a gesture of “healing and reconciling the past.”

Progressives love to demonize great figures of American history because they did not live by today’s politically correct standards.

If they get any more aggressive in this effort, figures like Washington and Jefferson will have to be cleansed from the books because they were slave owners, and Lincoln should be cast aside because his original plan was to colonize freed slaves outside the U.S., the land of their birth.
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Media Refuses to Report that Many Immigration Opponents are Left-Wing Environmentalists

tree hugger

The media likes to portray critics of immigration reform as bigoted tea partyers who are afraid an influx of foreigners will ruin their white privileged-based country. That narrative is grossly unfair and simplistic, but it makes for titillating reporting.

What much of the media refuses to report is that many immigration opponents are left-wingers who want to limit (or “stabilize”) America’s population growth as a way of protecting the environment.

High Country News reports:

Today a number of population stabilization groups are as committed as ever to stopping comprehensive immigration reform. They oppose bills like the one that passed in the Senate last year that would provide amnesty to 12 million undocumented people in this country and streamline the path to citizenship.

Washington DC-based NumbersUSA – a pro-stabilization group that has 1.5 million people on its email list and almost 800,000 Facebook fans – blitzed senators with phone calls and faxes during President George W. Bush’s 2007 push for immigration reform, which failed. The group has been cited as a key player in grassroots campaigning during last year’s battles of immigration reform as well.

The left-wing nature of immigration opposition makes many progressives – including those in the media – ill at ease, partly because they value diversity and don’t want to run the risk of being portrayed as anti-minority.
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Soros-linked Group Plays in Tennessee Judge Elections


What kind of judges do progressives have in store for Tennesseans? reports:

Add billionaire George Soros’ name to the list of left-wing activists working to assist three Tennessee Supreme Court justices up for a retention vote this summer.

According to an advertisement, one of his reported organizations is actively looking for an experienced organizer to develop and implement strategies to help “advance or defend fair courts” in Tennessee, and three other states.

Earlier this month the same organization, Justice at Stake, put out a media release expressing concern about special interest forces targeting justices Gary Wade, Sharon Lee and Connie Clark.

They say this is happening even though pro-retention forces such as Nashville attorney Lew Conner still haven’t proven claims that big business and the Koch brothers are spending more than $1 million to oust them.

“Retention elections are designed to keep partisan politics out of the courts — not turn judges into politicians in black robes, pressured to raise money from parties who appear before them,” according to a Justice at Stake media release.

What kinds of judges do George Soros and other liberal progressive forces want for Tennessee?

The group wouldn’t tell Watchdog.

Pennsylvania Mom of 7 Dies in Jail Over Unpaid School-Related Fines


Americans of all political stripes are expressing outrage that a Pennsylvania mother of seven died in jail last weekend while serving a 48-hour sentence over unpaid, school truancy-related fines.

Progressives are calling it another example of how America mistreats its poorest citizens.

Libertarians, meanwhile, are denouncing the government’s heavy-handed approach to lawbreakers that turns minor offenses into major, life-changing problems for citizens.

From EAGnews:

Eileen DiNino, 55, was found dead last Saturday in her jail cell. Authorities don’t know the cause of death yet, they have ruled out suspicious behavior.

DiNino was being penalized because several of her children routinely missed school. According to the Associated Press, “She had racked up $2,000 in fines, fees and court costs since 1999 as the Reading School District tried to keep her children in class, most recently at a vocational high school.”

All told, DiNino “faced fines from nine active truancy cases, which spawned 55 citations,” the AP adds.

The fines related to school truancy are quite small – perhaps $20 – but it’s the court-related costs that are most expensive, sometimes reaching $150. Such costs add up quickly and make it nigh impossible for low-income parents to pay.

“In recent years, the government has found all sorts of interesting ways to extract money from people,” said Richard Guida, a lawyer who is experienced in handling truancy cases.

DiNino had no ability to pay her $2,000 fine. She was reportedly unemployed, on welfare, and completely overwhelmed by her children.

District Judge Dean Patton, who sentenced DiNino to jail, is deeply troubled by her death.

“This woman should not have died alone in prison,” Patton told the Reading Eagle. “Our ultimate goal is not to fine people or put them in jail, but that is the only tool the Legislature has given us when people can’t afford to pay.”

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Leftists say United Negro College Fund Made a Deal With ‘the Devil’ When It Accepted $25m from Koch Brothers

Koch brothers

“No good deed will go unpunished.”

That saying must have run through the minds of Charles and David Koch – “the Koch brothers” – after news of their $25 million gift to the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) was denounced by some progressives on Twitter as a deal with “the devil.”

Critics contend the money is tainted because the Kochs are libertarians who believe in limited government. If those beliefs are ever fully realized, left-wing critics say, they would destroy the government programs that African-Americans and other minorities rely on to get by in life.

One of those critics is University of Pennsylvania professor Marybeth Gasman. Gasman says that while many individual students will benefit from the scholarships, it is still “wrong” for UNCF leaders to take these funds.

Gasman tells that Koch organizations have been “deeply affiliated with the Tea Party,” which has repeatedly tried to undermine the interests and political activities of African- Americans and institutions that support them.

For evidence, Gasman and other critics point to the Kochs’ support of groups that have been involved in strengthening voter ID laws, action that leftists interpret as trying to prevent minorities from voting. The billionaire brothers contend the voter ID debate is not one of their pet issues.
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Global Warming Alarmists Plan to Push Their Agenda Through the Arts and Social Media

polar bear

America’s global warming alarmists have redoubled their effort this spring to fill the daily news cycle with dire warnings and “doom and gloom” prophecies that the world will come to a sweaty and sticky end unless Congress acts to cut dangerous greenhouse gas emissions.

Typically, these news stories are based on scientific reports filled with numbers and graphs that the average citizen will never read and probably couldn’t understand even if he or she tried.

Alarmists in the United Kingdom understand that scientific reports have limited public relations value, which is why they’re turning to the arts and social media to get their message out to their fellow citizens.

Julia Slingo, a scientist with the U.K’s national weather service, “has called for a radical overhaul of the way climate scientists go about their business, arguing that they need to make their reports less turgid and more engaging,” The Independent reports.

“We have to look increasingly at what society requires of us …,” Slingo said recently to a gathering of leading climate change scientists. “We increasingly recognize that to reach the general public we have to use all sorts of different channels of communication.

“And it’s not through tables and graphs. Sometimes it is through art, through music, through poetry, and storytelling and that is increasingly something we have to think about – how we communicate in a more humanist way.”

Slingo called for a groundswell of “citizen science” in which everyday people use social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to “document” what they see happening in the natural world around them.
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