Vermont Democrat Patrick Leahy Defends Iran For CAPTURING U.S. SAILORS (VIDEO)


Democrats sure seem to like sticking up for Iran no matter what they do. The latest example comes from Vermont’s Democrat senator Pat Leahy.

Via the Washington Free Beacon:

Leahy Defends Iran Capturing U.S. Sailors

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D., Vt.) laid out a defense for Iran capturing U.S. Navy sailors during a Senate hearing Wednesday with Secretary of State John Kerry.

During the hearing for the State Department’s budget, Leahy asked Kerry what would have happened if the tables had been reversed in January.

“If we had an Iranian boat, warship, military, either boat or ship, armed Iranians on it, say it came, uh, along the coastal and pick a place within our waters, say South Carolina, and was well within the U.S. borders, perhaps had the engines stopped, but armed Iranians, would we not at least hold them until we found out what they were doing?” Leahy asked.

“Well, of course we would have taken them into custody. You know, I don’t believe under any circumstances we would have put them on display the way they were put on display,” Kerry said referencing the photos and videos the Iranians took of the American sailors.

“I understand that, but we would have at least—” Leahy said.

“They clearly would have been taken into custody and we would have dealt with them straightforwardly under any circumstances. I am convinced of that. Upholding all international law and all standards of decency,” Kerry said.

Watch the video:



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  • mg4us

    I thought our troops were in International waters? What a liar DEMONcRATs are.

    need TRUMP to rid the DC zoo of RATs and RINOs

  • Baby Sissy

    Didn’t Dick Cheney tell this guy to F off back when 43 was President? Yes.I believe he did and it was classic!! The question remains is what would the Green Mountain Boys think of Leahy and Sanders? Bet they’re spinning!!!

    • Ellenbchew2

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  • Gary Jones

    Another shit head lifer in Congress. Fire this POS and send him home without a pension.

  • humpy Berg

    just another American apologetic sell out. apologies for this pos the tax payers have made him a rich man while he is screwing us just another disgrace/excuse for a human being