VIDEO=> Senator Patty Murray Called Out On Supreme Court Partisan Hypocrisy



United states Senator Patty Murray gave a speech at a Planned Parenthood rally at the capitol in Olympia, where she dogged on the Republicans for holding up an Obama Supreme Court nominee, made fun of Ted Cruz, and said Republicans “Watch Mad Men and think it’s a how-to.”

After the speech, I had an opportunity to ask her about Senator Schumer’s similar tactic of wanting to hold up Bush Supreme Court nominations when he was nearing the end of his Presidency. Senator Murray’s staffers blocked me as they shuttled her into the get away car, and Senator Murray had no interest in answering the question about her own party’s hypocrisy.

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  • AndrewInterrupted

    I always knew Patty Murray was a mental midget.
    I didn’t realize she was an ACTUAL midget.

    Imagine that–a Lib calling the game for rain.


      Is she still wearing the same tennis shoes?

      • pgroup

        I’ve been calling her Senator WornOutShoes for years.

        • DON’T TRANS ME BRO

          She is a ghastly woman.

          • ljm4

            Disgusting is more like it! She’s one of the most anti American congresspeople we have had.

          • DON’T TRANS ME BRO

            Sure is.

    • Bettinacnickerson

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  • Lemonhead

    What a coward but thats what you expect out of liberals.

  • Mark Williams

    They are terrified of actually speaking with those who disagree with them! Total Cowards.


    “Senator Murray, killed any babies today?”

    • ljm4

      She’s got her 35K of taxpayer dollars from PP. Love that money cycle as it runs thru and back again thru the DEMs and their laundries…


        Blood money. Payday someday for these animals.

  • Charles Randall

    another idiot leftist partisan hack.

  • Gordon Fulks

    Dear Mike,

    Thanks for continuing to expose the very bad behavior of politicians in the Pacific Northwest. When they think that their audience is completely supportive, they show their true heavily partisan colors. Then when you confront their hypocrisy, they run. A responsible leader, and especially a US Senator, should stand and answer your questions, even if they are hostile. Of course, there is no way they can defend their bad behavior, so they try to get away.

    I remember the similar incident a few years ago with Representative Earl Blumenauer who literally ran from you. The truth really scares these people.


  • Fried Chicken

    Love how they run from the cameras. Like roraches.

  • HolgerAwakens

    That’s hilarious, those short little legs of hers walking as fast as they can. Every one of these decadents needs this treatment…their microphones and podiums will be silent forever.

  • Matelot1

    try getting an answer from ANY of these reprobates, regardless of party. They spout off in public, but always avoid talking with their constituents. They visit GE, and Goldman Sachs, but won’t have any public meetings with their constituents.

  • Alex

    Ugly midget. These filthy drats can’t answer any questions after their empty speeches, reporters have to ask them on the fly.

  • darrell_b8

    Hypocracy NEVER stopped a DEMOCRAT!!

  • jhnjdy

    If you ever ask her how far she can get her head up her ass she will never speak to you again. I know, I asked her 10 years ago and she has never responded to my questions again.

  • Brook River

    “C…” word.

  • politicallynaive


  • politicallynaive

    She is a real piece of work…

  • bifski

    dogged republicans for delaying a nominee that has yet to be named…preemptive strike? typical leftist hack

  • NT

    Ugly fat cow.

  • NT

    Tie her down and defecate on her ugly face.

  • Deserttrek

    they should all be called by their first names … drop the titles, none of them deserve them

  • AndrewInterrupted

    The caption over Murray’s head would read:

    “Umm–let’s park the get-away-car a little closer next time.

  • Rexford Tugwell

    So let me get this straight – some RWNJ sticks a phone in Senator Murray’s face, and she has been thusly “called out” for “SCOTUS hypocrisy?” The Democratic position is simple – hearings and a vote, the samme way it has been done with every other vacancy. Maybe the vote leads to confirmation, maybe not. But the path forward has been clear for centuries now. It is the GOP that is engaging in hypocrisy, wrapping themselves in “love of Constitution” when they would happily subvert it to gain political power.