WHAT? Obama To Let THE UNITED NATIONS Decide Which Refugees Come To America

The Obama administration has apparently decided that the United Nations is qualified to decide who deserves to come to America under refugee status.

Investor’s Business Daily reports:

Should The UN Be Picking The Next Americans?

Immigration: The Obama administration has outsourced to the United Nations the selection of Central Americans who will be reclassified as refugees to this country. How many more ways can we lose control of our border?

As surreal as it sounds, the Obama administration really has employed the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to select and ship thousands of newly minted Central American “refugees” from its newly set up processing centers. These are the same people who, up until now, have been known as economic migrants.

Media reports have noted that it’s the administration’s attempt to staunch the latest border surge by offering refugee status as alternative to illegal migration. Thwarted on his amnesty initiatives, President Obama’s latest effort to import Central Americans simply involves changing their status from immigrant to refugee — with the aid of the UN.

As a result, as many as 80,000 would-be illegals from Central America may come in the next two years with legal status, skipping the hassle of legal or even illegal immigration and going to the very front of the line.

Don’t we pay taxes to support American agencies to handle this sort of thing?

November can’t come soon enough.

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  • 9eyedeel

    the United Nations is not a democratic institution since so many of its voting member states are vicious autocratic regimes…presumably the reason why Obama would rather not have Congress decide these questions is that Americans should also not be allowed to have their wishes be (more or less) enacted democratically

  • johnfembup

    “The Obama administration has apparently decided that the United Nations is qualified to decide who deserves to come to America under refugee status.”

    And I suppose that is because Obama wants to be named next Secretary-General, so is using all his considerable pandering skills to suck up the the General Assembly. (The General Assembly – “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.”)

  • Kris

    Makes sense if you think Obama has his eye on being the next Secretary General of the UN. Oddly enough, the tenure of the current Secretary General expires 20 days before Obama is due to leave the Presidency.

    • Bandit

      No – he wants to be an ISIS luv bride

    • Maxwell Jump

      The Secretary General can not be a citizen of a country that is a member of the Security Council, therefore, Obama is ineligible. However, as some have theorized, he may suddenly realize that “hey, I was born in Kenya after all” and use his newly recognized/admitted Kenyan birth to secure the position.

      • Cloward Piven Democrat

        That, and if Cruz gets the nomination, the Democrats will lose they mind over him being born in Canada. Oh, the irony.

  • mndasher

    The UN’s thugocrats will make sure the US gets the worst of the worst. Hey if Obama becomes the UN’s Sec General… a very good reason for the US to finally get out of the UN.

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  • Cloward Piven Democrat

    Part of the globalist takeover of America. The government/elite wages demographic warfare against us while the fifth column media incessantly bombards us anti-white anti-American agit-prop designed to keep us powerless. The old elite brought us here to work on their plantations and drive the tribal peoples from their land. The new elite brings brown people here to work in their factories and drive the white people from their land. The Marxist-Caucasophobic current administration enthusiastically backs the UN-socialist white dispossession program the way the previous one backed the Zionist-NATO Arab dispossession program.

  • JudyKWarner

    The UN has chosen our refugees for decades. From the highly informative Refugee Resettlement Watch: “In recent years up to 95% of the refugees coming to the U.S. were referred by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) or were the relatives of UN-picked refugees. Until the late 90’s the U.S. picked the large majority of refugees for resettlement in the U.S.”

    From https://refugeeresettlementwatch.wordpress.com/refugee-resettlement-fact-sheets/

  • Dave M.

    The RINO Congress will continue to lay down.