White Student Confronted by Black Student Over Cultural Appropriation (VIDEO)

Assault at SFSU

A white student at San Francisco State University with a dreadlock hairstyle was recently confronted by a black university student on camera over cultural appropriation.

See bottom of post for update.

Conservative Outfitters has the story:

Video: White Student Assaulted For “Cultural Appropriation” Caught on Camera

CALIFORNIA – A video has surfaced online alleging a San Francisco State University employee assaulted a white student for “cultural appropriation”. The woman in the video claimed the white student should not wear dreadlocks because of his culture. It should be noted that dreadlocks originated from ancient Greece.

Watch the video:

In the video, you can clearly hear the student saying that he wants to be left alone and that he should be allowed the freedom to wear his hair any way he wants.

Not according to the left, kid.

Young people are going to learn the hard way that the left doesn’t hold the key to freedom.

When progressives rule, you will be told what to do.

UPDATE: According to the Washington Free Beacon, the young woman in the video is a student, not a university employee.

Also, the incident is now under investigation.


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  • Scott R.

    They both look like they haven’t washed they hair in 20 years. No doubt they’re both have a bad case of lice!

  • TxPoor

    Hopefully the employee will be terminated and arrested for assault. Personal appearance is personal but her assault on him is a crime and the video proves it beyond reasonable doubt.

    • IamBetter ThanYou

      she’s a student, not an employee. His civil rights have no been violated; however he has been harassed and assaulted, which was racially motivated.

      He has chosen to file a police incident report, but not press charges. The university is set to have a hearing with her and the disciplinary advisory committee which may result in a suspension or expulsion for “conduct unbecoming”.

      Try to know something about a topic prior to making a fool out of yourself.

      • madprofessor

        Hi Bonita

        • IamBetter ThanYou

          you’re a fucking idiot. you obviously arent bright enough to keep up with the tender.

          • madprofessor

            too bad your lexicon is so limited “fucking idiot” was your retort.

            you have proven yourself a mental midget

          • IamBetter ThanYou

            awww… is little insecure, jealous cunt stain all crying?
            when you graduate magna cum laude with a master’s from one of the top ranked Universities, not just in the US, but the world, making 6 figures, let me know…
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            are you not capable? or are you just that emotionally and mentally unstable that you can’t have any self control?
            fucking trailer trash loser…

  • toheckwithyou

    He should have told her that she couldn’t wear “white clothes”. That she must wear African clothes like a grass skirt and no top

  • vomit “O”

    Yet she is Speaking English. If she was Not a Htpocrite she would learn something Bantu and speak that exclusively.
    Ad, why hasn’t she been Fired for assaulting and acousting students? Why hasn’t she been arrested.

  • Dongald Trumpenis

    Has anyone ever noticed that conservatives are complete pussies?

    • zaugg


    • sickofthebs

      LOL, it’s not conservatives who talk about “triggers” and “micro aggressions” and the need for “safe spaces”. It’s ok for you to project though, whatever makes ya feel good snowflake! 🙂

    • So one one hand conservatives at Trump rallies are “too violent” but at the same time conservatives are “complete pussies”?

      • Dongald Trumpenis

        They act tough, like Drumpf the bully, but actually ARE pussies.

        • Mark

          so in other words, you’re the actual pussy that was cucked by his wife and a drumpf supporter?

        • MrSmarty

          What make you any different? Tell us the political position you have. Do you consider yourself some kind of “badasssss”?

          • SickNtired

            The poster is the epitome of a pussy. They are a internet troll that would coward in the fetal position gripping their keyboard if confronted.

    • And what would happened if he pushed her away (as he should have)? Mainstream media headlines: Violent White Supremacist Attacks Peaceful Black Student.

    • SickNtired

      You honestly believe that kid is conservative? I’m more conservative then not and if a man pulled that stunt on me he would have his nose put through the top of his skull. Some may call that the response of a pussy.

      • Dongald Trumpenis

        Just talking about conservatives in general.

        • alwaysright21

          ……………… [email protected] ^

    • bcmugger

      What makes you say that?

  • Done With It

    Tell her he’ll listen to her when she stops listening to black men rhyming in English.

  • sickofthebs

    nappy headed ho

    • #Fingersinmybooty

      lets not sink down to her racist level.

  • Jack Klompus


  • hank

    I wonder how much His folks are paying for his wonderful College Education ?

  • FlamingLimousineLiberal

    Who cares? The Caucasian kid is a rabid Democrat/liberal/progressive/socialist/communist. He is getting what he deserves.

  • amy

    She needs to be fired, immediately.

  • Katrina Alexandrovna

    and yet if a white person did it, the news would be talking about how its a hate crime. this is bullshit.

    • madprofessor

      it IS a hate crime

  • whooosh

    This black woman is an employee and an agent of the school. The student should sue the university for harassment and civil rights violation.
    Take the school for everything he can get.

    • IamBetter ThanYou

      she’s a student, not an employee… and the University is not liable. His civil rights have no been violated; however he has been harassed and assaulted, which was racially motivated.
      He has chosen to file a police incident report, but not press charges. The university is set to have a hearing with her and the disciplinary advisory committee which may result in a suspension or expulsion for “conduct unbecoming”.
      You really should know more about what your’e talking about it prior to shooting off your mouth about suing and getting all you can get… you sound like a typical, redneck, conservative free loading lazy cunt.

      • whooosh

        Boy…the 3rd grade must have been a bad episode for you. You certainly didn’t learn reading comprehension. At the top of the article it says, this woman was a university EMPLOYEE.

        • IamBetter ThanYou

          Why don’t you try READING PERIOD you illiterate fucking cunt.

          Furthermore, I don’t know what kind of shit education you received but reading began in Kindergarten dumbass.

          oh… btw, let me know when you graduate magna cum laude with a master’s degree from the #1 ranked University in the US and was making 6 figures the first year out.

          And still, how was this man’s civil rights violated? And how is the University responsible?
          You obviously do not work in any profession that requires a college degree… however, on social media, you think you’re a legal eagle. LOL

          (rolls eyes… some people are just so fucking dimwitted… no wonder they live paycheck to paycheck and are buried in debt).

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          • 9eyedeel

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          • IamBetter ThanYou

            I couldnt even make it through the third sentence … you lack fundamental English grammar and communication skills. Your irrational, irrelevant, illogical collage of contradictory rants don’t make any sense nor contribute to the discussion. No wonder NO ONE READ IT OR PAYS ATTENTION TO YOU…
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          • Takiwa

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          • 9eyedeel

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          • Takiwa

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            We’re supposed to believe this repetitive crap?

          • 9eyedeel

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          • whooosh

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          • vomit “O”

            Actually you’re correct. The Racist Moron is not a School Employee. However at the time of the incident she was. She had already resigned, or rather quit her Student Job by the time the story got traction. You may not be aware of this but Schools have programs where they actually hire Students part time. Some Schools even go as far to allow students who work for them to receive free tuition which makes the nothing equivelent salaries they pay worth it.

          • Ellie Shubargo

            https://www.reference.com/history/invented-hair-braiding-410aaff71a3c8184. Not only is she not a employee she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. read my link and share it…

      • Arturo

        She is student yes. How do you know about the hearing, etc? No one at the University will talk. For the safety of everyone (well, not everyone if you know what I mean) on campus we need to know if she is on the loose or not.

  • bifski

    liberals eating their own…always happens bc it’s never good enough

  • keke

    ‘Her culture’

    What a bunch of BS.

  • caligula

    blacks think they own dreadlocks? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    they never invented anything. why do they think they invented dreadlocks? some white guy invented it and they took the look because they liked it.

    • SWohio

      They are learning from the Muslims – always being victimized and they will hurt you to prove it.

      Getting sick and tired of these sub humans.

    • Edward Wallace

      the truth is whites did not invent dreads in biblical time hebrew israelites wore dreads or loc the ancient israelites were a dark skin people , no white dude invented dread far before a european came along

    • You are so wrong! YES they did. Who else would have thought of putting dung and mud into their lovely hair?

  • caligula

    i would have slapped the shit out of that idiot bitch if she touched me.

    i support gender equality and all.

  • that_prick

    Yet another case of some moron falsely claiming cultural appropriation and assaulting somebody in the process – The Celts (who were white) wore their hair in dreadlocks and braids as far back as 750BC – This bitch doesn’t know what she’s talking about – Can’t we all just dress and wear our hair however the fuck we want regardless of our race or background? – Tired of this shit, there’s real racism out there which needs tackled, why make up shit on top of it?

  • alwaysright21

    I think I’ll just leave this here
    Let the chimping commence…

  • bcmugger

    Why didnt he tell her she couldnt drive cars, turn lights on, wear underwear, go to school….all those are appropriated from whites.

    • Edward Wallace

      moron people were doing those things far before whites accept drive cars under clothes, fire , go to school , those were not white inventions, the worlds oldest university is in africa the egyptians were riding in two wheel chariots thousands of years before some europeans

  • Kevin R.

    Humanity only has one culture, it’s called the civilized world. That woman like so many on the Left needs to discover civilization.

  • Stephen Frost

    Of course this is utter stupidity, but let’s not pretend the illogical and authoritarian PC fringe of the extreme left is representative of all progressives. Plenty of us call this sort of stupid shit out on a regular basis. If we wish to pretend extremes are the norm, can you imagine much more freedom under the Tea Party? The far right can be just as big on censorship and restricting personal freedoms. It’s those of us on the more sensible middle ground who need to attempt to find commonalities, to work together for a rational and pragmatic way forward, instead of making demonising generalisations and just bitching at each other.

    • 9eyedeel

      there are only two political parties, they are seen IN ALL HUMAN POPULATIONS worldwide…One party sees politics as an invention which can be used to resolve conflicts-of-interest WITHOUT HAVING TO JUST KILL PEOPLE to get a little peace-and-quiet in the area…the other party views politics as a method of killing people and an excuse for killing people and a quick-first-sort selecting for the question “who should be killed first?”

      for example, between you and I, it seems clear that you are in the first-mentioned less-murderous political style council…whereas even the idea of AVOIDING DEMONIZING GENERALIZATIONS makes my radiator leak, causing me to spew a whole new subset of demonizing generalizations…the “sensible middle ground” is worse ground than the PET SEMATARY,,,et cetera…

      (I expect these basic valences are fairly hard-wired genetically, too…waste of time to proselytize much between members of the two well-assorted groups, probably)

  • ihatefacebook121

    Okay, y’all gettin’ too crazy wid dis PC s***! From now on, y’all
    wanna talk to dis white girl, she gon’ be talkin’ back to ya in jive!
    Yo, ya feel me?!

  • darrell_b8

    TNB….a she boon who thinks she ‘owns’ what ever she wants because she is BLACK…..get a job….

  • garlick

    So who is calling out the trannies on gender appropriation?

  • Osodeltoro

    LOL this woman doesn’t represent the left or progressives, she’s just one random crazy person

  • Roy Tyler

    This is a small, but annoying subset of the left. Most of us believe America is the Great Melting pot, and that mixing cultures – music, food, art, stories, styles, etc – is a good thing. “Cultural appropriation” is not a bad thing. Except that thing of wearing pants halfway down your boxers. That’s a bad thing. But otherwise….

  • BenFranklin

    Was she afraid that by wearing that dreadlocks the white dude would suck all of the black out of her?

  • #Fingersinmybooty

    okay sanctuary liberal city, do the right thing and charge her with a hate crime, if roles where reversed all the hypocritical liberals would put this on full blast.

  • Bad As Can

    I would hit that
    Angry black girls are sexy
    She would be walking sore all the way home

  • Josh

    If anyone doesn’t think this is ridiculous, simply switch the roles. Imagine a white man telling a young black girl with straight hair that she shouldn’t have her hair like that because that belongs to “his culture”. Then when she tries to move past him to get away from such a ridiculous argument he blocks her way.

  • cnnnn

    I’d like to know the name of the guy who is in the background with her. There are women on SF GATE sharing that he harassed them online and at a local park because they were carrying bags from Central America. From SFGate: “I would like to draw your attention to the friend of the woman in the
    video in the white trench coat. I guarantee you 1. this video is REAL
    and 2. this guy had a hand in this incident. A few weeks ago he accosted
    me at Dolores Park for being a white female with bags from Central
    America, and lectured me about cultural appropriation. He stood over me
    and my friend for nearly 20 minutes verbally abusing us and refusing to
    leave after we asked several times. He then found me on social media and
    continued his assaults there. I won’t post his name here for his sake,
    although he probably deserves it. He appears to be on somewhat of a
    “cultural appropriation” rampage. I was not surprised to see him in this

  • J.D. Crenshaw

    Never been racist a day in my life. Saw this…. joined the Klan.

  • This is not the behavior of the left. This is the behavior of the Third Way. Third Way types have worked very hard to make the country believe they are the new face of the left. They’re actual Nazis. Nazis are people who think the poor should bail out the rich and thought should be policed. People like Hillary Clinton and, honestly, a LOT of Democrats, are not the slightest bit progressive. THAT is the cultural appropriation we need to talk about in this country.

    It’s probably very similar to the way a lot of people on the right, feel about the Tea Party and the Westboro Baptist types. We on the actual left fight our asses off against this garbage. People like Hillary are trying to destroy real left culture with this divide and conquer nonsense. Blacks and women have legit reasons to be angry, but being angry is only productive up to a point. When you start acting like this bitch in this video, you aren’t a leftist, you’re a narcissistic egomaniac.

    If people would stop getting so excited about every opportunity to label-smear traditionally-mainstream fellow Americans (decent people who like potholes to be fixed and who don’t want to see their neighbors dead or in prison) we might unfuck what Ron and George and Bill and George and Barack have done to our country. And the CIA. And fucking AIPAC. And motherfucking Fox News and CNN. And that shitbreath motherfucker LBJ.

    Feel the Bern, y’all.

  • Benji0804

    Does this mean I can trash her car since it’s white appropriation?

  • Edward Wallace

    he got it wrong , ancient egyptians wore braids not dreads ,and egypt is in africa not San Francisco he can wear what he wants ,but get the history right hebrew Israelites wore dreads

  • BrokenArrow

    Took all the right idiot blogs a while to get to the truth. Employee, uh, NOT.

  • IamBetter ThanYou

    the left in this video is represented by the white kid wearing dreadlocks dumbasses!
    its the history of right wing to enforce rules and law…
    like voter ID laws
    gay marriage
    religious freedom
    etc. etc.
    now who all stands on the authoritative and controlling side of those issues?
    _drops microphone_
    another dimwitted conservative’s ass whipped (just like I would face to face)

  • Tony

    I have many Egyptians friends who look nothing like her. When I visited Egypt, I saw a black people occasionally, but not as many as I see here. Most slaves who were shipped to North America in the 18th and 19th centuries were from Angola, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Senegal, Namibia, and West African countries in general Slaves were shipped to British America, Brazil, Portugal, Caribbean, and many Arab countries including Egypt. I think she needs to be proud of her own background and not try to recreate history. If she googles Egyptian Actors, Egyptian Dancers, Egyptian national team, she will see that she has NOTHING to do with Egypt

  • Me

    She is lucky to be walking. I would have smacked the shit out of her until she stopped moving.

  • shucky

    It was a hate crime and the woman should be expelled, sued and criminally prosecuted. Just don’t expect Obama, Hillary, Bernie or any other Democrat or leftist to come to the defense of the young man.

  • Barbara Spectre-Kalergi

    Create a petition on change.org to have the university address her racial intolerance and post the link here.

  • Barbara Spectre-Kalergi

    She needs punished for being a caucasophobic bigot. He needs punished for being a weak little Phish phreak.

  • Ogre Magi

    The guy in the video wearing a trench coat is Davia Spain. I heard that at the SF newspaper online a woman said he accosted her in Dolores Park for being white and carrying Central America bags. Lectured her about appropriation of their culture, then found her online and attacked her again.

    Did this happen?

    Does anyone have any documentation of this?

  • Ellie Shubargo

    https://www.reference.com/history/invented-hair-braiding-410aaff71a3c8184. White people didn’t steal anything from black people we never needed to. The black girl had no idea what she was talking about read my link