Writer Claims All White People Are Racists BECAUSE SCIENCE!

We’ve come to the point where progressives are trying to use science to prove that all white people are racists.

A writer named Jenny Morber published this column at Quartz:

If you’re white, science says you’re probably a racist. Now what?

If you are a white person who grew up in the United States, you are very likely racist. This does not mean that you are a bad person, or that you treat people of color badly, or even that you believe, consciously, you are better than dark-skinned people. You are probably a lovely person. You probably donate to charity and bring food to sick neighbors and adopt puppies.

But from an explosion of research beginning in the 1990s, we now know that the human brain uses stereotypes without our awareness or consent. Our brains want to ascertain, as quickly as possible, whether new individuals are “safe” or “like me” or “in my tribe.” It uses stereotypes as a kind of shortcut. We are all susceptible to these judgments, and because they are so fast, a learned stereotype is very difficult to avoid.

The majority of white people who take the implicit association test (IAT) for racial bias do demonstrate biases against dark-skinned people. In a 2007 study of over 2.5 million IAT responses, University of Virginia psychology professor Brian Nosek and colleagues reported that 68% of participants demonstrated negative implicit attitudes toward black people, dark skin, and black children. A 2010 follow-up study headed by Nosek revealed that despite the US election of its first black president, little had changed.

The entire column must be read to be believed.


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  • Aitch748

    And if you’re so sick of hearing the word “racism” that you stop listening altogether when the word is used, presumably scientific research says you’re a racist. But I’m past caring at this point. People who use the R-word don’t deserve my time.

    • Tyrannocankles rex

      Ironic how much other science she will ignore.

  • Seamus

    Balack Insane Obeyme said that racism is in white people’s DNA. If he said it, I believe it because Barry ain’t no liar and he’s the smartest man (?) on the planet. So I must be a racist. But I have a different level of racism for him. It’s called, ‘hate the American-hater” racism. It’s really because of his goal of “f^ckta-mental transmogrification”, but can be applied to any number of people and groups.

    • Judi

      But he is 1/2 white. Remember? So his mother’s side of the family was racist?

      • asnowrose

        Making him racist since he’s 1/2 white. That would make his daughters racist also.

      • Seamus

        Excellent point. No wonder he had such a hard time “finding himself”. Somewhere within himself is hatred of his “other” self.

  • gildersleeve

    Jenny, you are a POS and not worthy of contempt. Nothing you write is of substance and factless. What a POS you are.

  • Dan

    I’m pretty sure that strictly scientifically speaking, everything I do is because of science. My atoms follow the laws of physics. I don’t really have any choice in the matter. It’s not my fault. Any suggestion otherwise would seem to imply some religious perspective on the matter. Ironic that your scientific atoms would pattern religious views.

  • Tyrannocankles rex

    The idea of racism, like PC, is mind control.

  • FlamingLimousineLiberal

    I’m sure Jenny Morber excludes herself and Democrats from being labeled as racist.

    The mentality these days is that if you buy into stereotypes, then you are racist. However, the reason why stereotypes exist is because of one simple reason: generally they are true.

    Acknowledging the truth instantly makes you a raging racist.


      than the stereotype that picture white people as ice gold , racist , gold diggers and genocidal machine is true too ,

      • FlamingLimousineLiberal

        You are racist!

  • alvin691

    All meaning her.

  • kyleyoder

    communists sell racism like shysters used to sell snake oil

  • Judi

    I don’t believe everything I read.

  • hank

    I just went to the website and took the “test” that determines RRacism. What a load of crap.

  • randian

    “Our brains want to ascertain, as quickly as possible, whether new individuals are “safe””

    Who do you think most satisfies this criterion, one who is black or one who is white?

  • throttler

    They don’t even give a similar test to black people. If they did, I’m sure it would show they are super racist. Leftists don’t want white people to know this.

    • greatwhite

      doesnt suit the narrative, the focus must be on whites and whites only. Ever heard of read of a non white being referred to as a racist? ever heard of the media reporting on black hate crimes? ever heard of a non white being charged with a hate crime? Not even Farrakhan who has publicly called for the genocide of whites is being called a racist. Nope, only whites are racist apparently.

  • JohnG911

    Some headshrinker claims intangible results from her pseudoscience is evidence that all white people are racist. Yet she blatantly ignores TANGIBLE evidence like the fact that whites elected a black president or the fact that blacks overwhelmingly and consistently vote for black candidates who they believe hate whites the most. How about the TANGIBLE evidence that blacks commit over 25 times as many violent crimes against whites than the reverse. If all whites are racist, then why are so few of them committing crimes against other races? Did this phony scientist give blacks the same test? It’s just a hunch but I’ll bet she’s one of those “scientist” who supports Global Warming and votes democrat.


      they elect black president because he was running against a woman .

  • Dennis Hackman

    Blacks are more racist than whites. That’s my scientific conclusion.

  • BC

    Go ahead and call me a racist..I just don’t care anymore

  • Dan Howe

    Stupid race baiting skank. Actually ALL people are racist. Racism is a natural condition of man. We grew up as a species, in a tribal society, mistrusting the tribe in the next valley over.

    All of us deal with racism differently, accommodating it, compensating for it, overcompensating for it, maybe all three at once. It is called being human. Live with it.

  • injunjoe

    Great! Now I don’t have to be offended when someone calls me racist! (As if I ever was!). I’m racist, it’s just a WHITE thang!

  • oldguy

    Of course , all people are racist. So what. As a matter of fact white girl, you just proved you are racist as well with your statement.

  • Esmae

    Utter shite. I for one have had enough of being engineered by science, got to hell woman.

  • Jim

    If “all white people are racists” – then that includes Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. We can add Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton to the list later.

  • Republican Rocker

    In other news, a “scientific study” determined that every single Democrat and Liberal need to be tossed into a live volcano.

  • PoeticJustice

    What’s so hard to believe? People hold biases and judge others based on stereotypes about race, gender, age, weight and other physical characteristics. You don’t have to be a scientist to know that’s true.

    • greatwhite

      so had she stated ‘All Black People Are Racists BECAUSE SCIENCE!’ you would have been cool with that?

      Her focus is on whites and whites only, not cool.

  • tommy mc donnell

    everything she says about white people is also true of non-white people. why doesn’t she call them racist? the most racist people in use to be black people but white liberals hatred of white people has surpassed all other forms of racism in this country.

  • Richard Vandiamondsworth


  • whataboutme2


  • Freddie Sykes

    Wait… psychology? I thought her argument was supposed to be based on science.

  • greatwhite


  • Nick Folkes

    No doubt this stupid woman had an agenda being white.

  • Jesse Schoedel

    I was once accused of racism (after complaining that people are too quick to cry “racism” when a film or TV show has an all-white cast – long story), yet this test indicates that I have a slight preference for African Americans compared to European Americans. Interesting.

    • Jesse Schoedel

      And for the record, I’m pretty sure my accuser cited this study as proof that I must be. Swing and a miss for them.