Accused War Criminal

CNN has found an alleged war criminal from Somalia now working in the United States as an airport security guard.

Yusuf Abdi Ali was a commander during the Somali Civil War during the 1980s and has been accused of ordering the torture and executions of civilians in what has been called a genocide.

When CNN found out that he was living and working in the United States, they sent a crew to his workplace, Dulles International Airport in Northern Virginia, just minutes from Washington, D.C. The film crew found a man matching Ali’s description working security and began asking him questions.

“What’s your name?” a CNN producer asked.


How did Yusuf Abdi Ali get into the United States in the first place, let alone, get a high security job at a D.C. airport?

November 2016 election can not come soon enough.

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  • N0 0ne

    Good thing we took in all these “refugees,” eh?

    • Amerikztan

      Yes. I hate to be late for work without trained terorists p_ss_ng in my McCafe, picking their noses to wipe on my Bacon and Egg McBiscuit, and adding their DNA to the secret sauce on my Big Mac.
      You deserve sharia today, we are cheap for minimum wage, at MG13-Donalds !

  • Guest

    All the terrorists work as security guards for the government!

  • FlamingLimousineLiberal

    We have criminals in high positions of government and people don’t mind. What’s the problem here?


  • Stuck_in_Ca

    Who knew war criminal was experience required to be an airport security guard?

    • Kook of the East

      You haven’t been accosted by the TSA recently based on that comment!

      • Cornbread_Noah

        YEah I think they’ve added “serial molester” to the requirements

    • Cornbread_Noah

      I wonder where El Heffe and El Chapo are working? I bet chiang kai shek is still alive and cleaning toilets in Denver.

    • Amerikztan


  • NoLibZone

    This is common. Look at any airport and you will see Somali’s and Muslims working there. How may were NOT vetted?

    • Cornbread_Noah

      You couldn’t force me onto a plane in Detroit, Minneapolis, Chicago, San Diego or ANYWHERE on the East Coast.

      Government mutts.

    • Verk

      Because vetting a muzz, a black or, heaven forbid, a Muslim black (talk about a double whammy) is “wwwwacist” and/or islamophobic. Better to let a few hundred innocent people die than have a middle manager be called the ‘r’ word, eh?

      • Amerikztan

        Works in the USPS…

  • Cornbread_Noah

    “Homeland Insecurity, Bringing you death and destruction since 1787”

    And people wonder why the country is full of illegals in death gangs.

  • FriendOfJohnnyM

    Why is this news- isn’t EVERYONE in D.C. a criminal?

  • JY1

    In a sea of high-school-dropouts and police-force-psych-evaluation-failure-rejects, he was probably the only one with work experience in a related field and glowing job references.

  • El Conquistador

    Who GAF? HRC can let people die and take money for influence…. No problem…. Lois Lerner can suppress free speech…. No problem…. What’s wrong with a little war crime here and there?

  • GracieZG

    Maybe they are going on the principle that it takes one to know one.

  • 0hiojoe

    He probably got on the slick willie job program and then got a pardon from obungle!

  • Shinku

    If he’s changed his ways. May the victim’s families forgive him. But to the people that vetted and allowed him to attain a security job. Hang them by the neck.

  • Johnboy70

    Could have been obamas brother.